Crime Victim Services, I’m going to put the Dog-bite incident here, ~~ ~~ the dog-bite ~~ ~~ Incident#1153582-19,) going to try to do that in a minute or so, and move along to that the area I’m renting a boarding house room in appears to be running, no doubt up from the underground and probably with little or not any comprehension that the global-system’s been using me for making its world-takeover, my “Armageddon Program” situation, a continuation except with a human boy representing that dog that had bit me, where there was some contrived scene yesterday, Dec. 2nd (2019) where there were 2 police and a constable’s car parked outside the bungalow I’m in while then my regular oxygen tank-refill delivery arrived and had to do that while all these people were standing around discussing that contrived incident, which really seems a cover-story for the contrived harassment of myself by the main character then, and then with some follow-up of 2 inter-related little incidents before I left the place this morning. It’s alot of complicated cover-up for that this is how the global-underworld is bringing the planet and human species to eventual total extinction, so I should try to get someone by you to start trying to follow this because like the dog had eventually bit me and then my medicine got stolen while I was in the hospital and that led to a near-death 2nd hospitalization this past September, it looks certain that this is just the beginning of a “winter’s play-story” that’s going to be being run off of my being stranded in that room, not any other place I can afford to go to because I have this “Armageddon Program” living off of me. They ruin any contacts I try to make and twist everything to their brain-eaters’ purposes, as I try to warn not to get too interested in all this because that’s the gimmick whereby the brain-eaters have been sneak-disappearing the country’s normal males off of my victimization to way back in the early 1960s, and replacing the disappeared people with underworld-mass-reproductions of their brain-eater selves. Currently I’ve just noticed that the Victorian-age writers Thackeray and Charles Dickens were right in the thick of how England’s normal males had been so “disappeared” and replaced, and I’m going to be trying to get some assistance from people who know of Thackeray and his work, the first one I’m reading being his 800-page “Vanity Fair” novel, and I don’t have any connection to whatever trouble is being made around me while I’m trying to get the usual assistance from like anyone to myself, and then to get me to Arizona when winter’s over being about all I can have on my mind, trying to get to that Communications and Intelligence fort they have there, bring all my normalcy and research-findings to try to get this global-takeover by primitive brain-eaters’ descendants defused. I’ll be trying to use this area for updates on this continuation of the dog-bite scam because it looks like there’s going to be retarded-level harassment of me as there had just been again then this morning, etc., a big about-nothing that’s assisting to take down the whole Earth.

— I sent this now to you, and will be trying to straighten out those earlier emails:

(Subject line:) Incident#1153582-19, September 4, dog-bite to Kathy Foshay

3 December, 2019; Dear Victim Services, I’d had a dog-bite in early September and had sent you about 4 of these emails on that situation. It looks like there’s being a big continuation of the situation not only with a couple of dogs but worse with a boy who’s more or less neglected like that dog who’d bit me, the smallest-sized of a pack of 4. Really it’s the larger picture of the area’s underworld but then nobody really comprehends this inexplicable specific situation that I’ve long been in, this “Armageddon Program” whereby the global-system has been getting its takeover done for itself, me then trying to explain that it only comes from primitive-type brain-eaters, etc., that they seem to have to global-populace mind-controlled via their narcotics industries off of the brain-eating addiction, — and teeny nobody Kathy Foshay is always all alone with and trying to contact safe assistance to try to get me and the whole planet out of this horror set-up, etc. I set up this file on my blog for trying to fill-in the inane “tricks” that are the continuation of this dog-bite incident. Please try to get someone to monitor the situation:

— 12/31; This 12/14 piece is all incorrect because I found those panties yesterday when it was time for the oxygen-refill again and I’d tidied up and found them merely placed somewhere to dry where they wouldn’t be too conspicuous while the guy was there, is all:

12/14/19, Peculiar and sorry to mention this but the evening before that call to the police, Sunday Dec. 1 I guess it was, I’d rinsed out a pair of panties in the bungalow restroom and had put them in a little bag that I’d hung on the knob of a below-the-sink cabinet and forgotten them there and didn’t realize I’d left the wet pair sitting there till late Monday morning, and then I guess the day had gone to waiting for the oxygen delivery and then that the police had arrived and somehow I didn’t connect the “vanished” bag with the panties in it to the police because Monday is also the trash pick-up day and I’d figured the bag had been thrown into the trash and that that was that, it was gone, as additionally someone had been cleaning the bathroom that day. In retrospect it’s difficult to believe that all those little things were going on and then this brawl where the 2 guys had fallen against my room door too, all that trouble, going on all in the course of that one morning. The Armageddon thing is though that this invisible-torture on me makes a big deal about any anything that I do and so for me to wash out a pair of panties becomes like an invisible world big deal, and then to forget them and leave them sitting there and the Armageddon “Program” couldn’t just leave anything I forgot sitting around, and maybe that that thrown away item became the real reason for the calling of the police, and not the business on that Saturday which I’d thought at the time. It’s inane and like this all of the time. It’s indescribable and if I try to describe what this “book of Revelation” Armageddon business is like I sound loony. That the missing panties might have been the real reason for calling the police somehow hadn’t occurred to me till just this morning, as I want to rinse a pair out again today and figured better to do that in the evening than in the morning when it might seem less disgusting to this which tortures me invisibly, and that’s how it occurred to me that maybe the police-scene was really because of the “appropriated” item, — etc.

— 12/31 again, but this is why I couldn’t get excited that I couldn’t find the medicine when I’d gotten out of the hospital in September, that I’d really thought it was likely that I’d merely misplaced it somewhere and then that maybe the other items had been “lifted” in order to trick me into claiming that the medicine had been stolen, but whichever way things had gone it was stolen by this “magic” invisible horror all over and under me, these parasites, the underground there is full of them and they’re way out of control with doing this LURE off of me now as the parasites, the global-system has had over a year for setting this up while I can’t get any assistance. Likely that that “Melquiades” I’ve now learned about translates to Melt-who-aids, gives any aid to others, any friendly etc. normal people.