The Time of Your Life

There was some oddity shortly before I’d left San Francisco for Washington, DC, as I couldn’t afford to go to NY on the little I’d managed to save for getting off of the west coast, but I’ll have to check my memory first for if “The Time of Your Life” is even the title of a play by Wm. Saroyan first and I’ll try to go do that now.

— I can’t find specifically what I’m looking for and this looks like just background on the play itself. I don’t know anything about Saroyan except that I’d long ago thought this was the best play I’d ever read, but it isn’t anything to do with having to open a file in order to mention the very odd occurrence, I don’t have time for right now, will get back to this:

Click to access The%20Time%20of%20Your%20Life%20Words%20on%20Plays%20(2004).pdf