“The SFClown” — Satanism

I have to quick-fill in both these subjects real soon because everything’s so bad.

Owen and Huxley. Check T.H. Huxley ‘s (1825-1895) excreta with growth hormones’ leading to his grandson Aldous.


The “SFClown” is what I call the 29-year old San Francisco “boy” that had told me these “Armageddon Show” scripted lines about that he had information and would try to s*** the world (for real-God) only he couldn’t find anyone to assist him and I’d volunteered to assist, and this is still the same scripted business except that circa 1991-92 they’d added a female character where the claim is that I’m jealous of her over that guy or any other guys, and they’re still doing this script to me also is what’s jangling loose that alot of this sadism-exhibition going onto me seems to come from that satanism church that had been started in San Francisco in 1966 by that Mr. LaVey and that the guy’s parents had likely been members of that belief-group and I got plagued by the family then and their whole church is like still living off of me out of this as then in 1993 this “Armageddon Show” had mushroomed into this visions and voices singing and dancing in my head about world-saving this and that and the boy’s parents had had like cameo roles or some such in those first three singing and dancing days but then, having described the same things I’m still trying to get across these decades later, the time for the singing and dancing was over but these bums are still only doing that and the jealousy script and all this about the “God” business where apparently the boy had meant about s**ing the world for their satanism or whoever god, not for any god that I know anything about, obvious linguistics-trick the system is always tricking people by. So I”ll be trying to separate these 2 subjects but have to get them written down about because it seems that all that had spilled over into Arizona, which is where I think I should take this disaster-set and try to get these things exorcised off of me. One other point is that while this satanism-sadism all over me unrelentingly all these decades is bad I’d already gone to San Francisco in 1978 with this full “French Connection” of the brain-eaters’ following me out of the Bronx for a foil for their brain-procurement and that that sadism is still over the sadism that I guess I’d picked up from being a naive newgoer to San Francisco and then had also picked up….

Dec. 9, I recall, (not about the demitasse bit yet though…,) I’d brought a cup over to the SFClown’s apartment for when I had coffee and it had one of those decorations on it and read, Life is a joy to be lived, not a mystery to be solved, as reflecting what I thought was important if you have to have a cup that has to have something written on it, that I’d favored that saying, and the system just keeps slathering me with all this “mystery,” makes the whole world be like that.