~~ — ~~ — ~~ — ~~ the dog-bite

picture of the puddle of my blood taken last night.

I was trying to get one of the dogs then lapping at that but they kept getting scared away. It horrified me.


dogbite again


The reason this is a big deal is that it’s also tied to my account with the Bank of America, this is the Armageddon being manufactured off of me all my life and increasingly and I hadn’t wanted to have to sign up with such a big bank but in retrospect there really wasn’t any other as useful, however, anything about me the system’s been targeting, which is why Ms. Shepherd could use a watch over herself since I’m thinking about her as could be such an assistance with reality here, etc.

The dog-bite seems connected to my buying (pre-cooked) hamburgers at the supermarket the other night and the supermarket is next to the bank, first I get the money and then go shopping is usually the pattern. The system, the “Allen Ginsberg-Jurassic Park noises bum-type” was all over me growling to the traffic vehicle noises in that busy area and then the ATM said it wasn’t working, for the first time there. I went inside and did some new “mobile-banking” ATM they had but then they wouldn’t give me a receipt and I couldn’t get the machine to accept the way I tried to submit the email address to itself, and it never did come to the email, I’ll have to wait till next transaction to find that everything is status quo with what it’s supposed to be, makes me a little uneasy in the meantime. I went from there to the Kroger store and when I’d decided on the fully cooked hamburgers and went back for them the main stockperson did some little routine of reaching down to touch his ankle as though significantly and it’s the same place I was then bitten by this dog last night, as though the dog-attack was curse for buying hamburger. It sounds inane but that’s how the insane system’s been pulling off this planet-takeover, with these little “garbage-‘magic'” tricks, I call them, garbage-level all the time, everywhere around the world. They’re also doing some sort of a theme where Hispanics all seem to be made at me, as like the owners of that grown- now litter of dogs, and the cleaning lady while I was trying to do that mobile-banking machine, that that branch had long ago put out a dead pigeon that I had to walk by after making a transaction, it was just left in some spot where I’d notice it was still there, and all kinds of negativity here at the library too, all this negativity accumulating, is why I figured I’d better open a file on this as I can see at least a couple of problems ahead, that they’d had a fire truck and ambulance and then police out there and who’s going to pay any bills from all that while I’m kept indigent like this, but worse, if I don’t move, even if somehow the dog-situation was made manageable enough for me, I know what these Armageddon-bums are planning to advance to, they’re planning to advance to a — I don’t even want to say the word, but one of these Allen Ginsberg-types had done that to me in 1983. It’s possible they’d even set the whole thing up in advance by renting a little island and paying people to buy party liquor and such and invite me to a party which I hadn’t, transient that I only ever am, hadn’t realized was on an island or I might have thought better of going to one with strangers, but out of nowhere this Allen Ginsberg-looking face had gone into a tent I was laying down alone to go to sleep in and did that and wasn’t around the next day, just that methodical doing that to me and now these filthy bums are casually like lifetime-sucking attachments on me, that I hadn’t especially noticed through all the different types of this invisible-torture set till I’d gotten to Florida last year and it’s just this daily filth on me ever since, making those “howls” to traffic noises most of the time that you could hear them even when I’m sitting inside here like now, outside noises like the devil waiting for me out there sometimes it is, etc., and there appears to be this looking forward to my going to Arizona for toward their Armageddon affect I’m sensing off of this methodical-type dog-attack last night, the way it was all set up like a little more each day all this summer and before that, that now I’m in the situation where I have to leave there, as there was then an additional “scene” this morning before I left there to where it’s like my weekly rent wasn’t even wanted, overheard phone conversation where I’m personna non grata there, mentioning that I walk around talking to myself, where I don’t have anyone to talk to and that’s been a growing problem as this situation’s been being arranged, but now these Armageddon-bums seem really looking forward to taking this circus and unpacking over by Fort Huachuca, where I’m hoping I could use the Communications-Intelligence branchs’ library, as civilians are allowed to and they’ve got really nice all-day and evening hours and resources there. Why would I want this end of the world making to be happy to be going there, and that’s the situation I’m in, trying to reach people around that area for being contacts but I’ve tried all these things before and these parasites just get “revved up” to defeat any little thing I try to do, the Gingsberg-blob all excited over that victory over me last night for instance. Then if I could figure any way of coping with the pack of dogs that overheard phone call practically stuck in my face as the rent-clerk gave me the receipt back quashes any thought of that, some female on the other end was saying that I just have to go, me and my talking to myself and whatever all else was going on in that long conversation that I’d been trying to ignore but he came over with the rent receipt right as I was leaving and I could hear her real clearly. That makes it clear that even if I could cope I’m wanted out of there, and I’m no match for all sides coming against me at the same time like this, so I’ve sent off 2 email-inquiries about a shelter space and I’ll be going to the emergency room tonight to find out what about this wound now.

I went back to try to find out what their interview hours are and the search-engine had this as the first entry:

Women & Family Development Center
at Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community®

Additional Intake Information

Thank you for your interest in The Women & Family Development Center at Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community®.

We are located at 2575 Reed Road Houston, TX 77051.

We are designed to accommodate:

  • Single Women
  • Families

Our Accommodations are as follows:

  • Singles (4 per room)
  • Single (Man w/ children 1 per room)
  • Single (Woman w/ children 1 per room)
  • Single (Woman w/ 1 child shares room with another Single Woman w/ 1 child (gender of children to be considered)

The Women & Family Development Center offers up to 12 months of programming for Residents, depending on the program the individual is in. Due to space restrictions, we ask that each person bring in no more than one bag of personal items. Residents are not permitted to bring food into the shelter unless medical documentation is provided.

Star of Hope Provides Three Meals Daily: for all residents.

Intake hours are: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

We look forward to serving you.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

— So the answer to my question is that they aren’t open over the weekend to find out if I could get a space, and this about one bag of belongings doesn’t sound good for the oxygen tanks.

The oxygen-business is unreal. They have this horrible machine that I can’t stand and I’m not sure if it’s any helpful for me anymore, I’d tried it a little last month and it was awful. What I’ve been able to be doing is using fourteen tanks a month, four of them little ones and ten of them medium-sized. They don’t take up much room but one bag of belongings they aren’t. Then there’s the spooky aspect of all that’s being ready for me on the computer, thanks for your interest additional information, then the quote from the Jeremiah, me thinking that Jeremiah and Zechariah/Zacharias are about the same thing, from that Ghent Altarpiece, that this Armageddon world-takeover might could be called the Ghent Altarpiece Conspiracy, that it mostly seems to come from their work, though they have their further “boss” back way behind Russia under Siberia. I figure that what Boss Shepherd had done in Washington DC with any all underground/underworld he’d then brought out of that area of Mexico south of where the intelligence-area all is, and then he and the system would have been likely to plan for over here to be similar to their set up under Siber-Mongol area, their longtime and main headquarter I’ve long figured.

Oct. 3rd, it’s real bad, trying to recuperate. On the oxygen scam though I’ve been thinking that when I started getting eyeglasses stuck onto my face around age 6 that the weight of those on the bridge of my nose has always been cutting down my breathing ability, and maybe that’s really how the low-level of the O2 had started being gotten used to by my system so that then they sprang (sic) this discovery of it on my in 2014 like a sarcastic joke-hoax, that it’s long been that way because of all this lifetime of the system’s sabotages. It’s like I just thought I’d mention that here because it’s only 4:30 pm and I hate to have to quit for the day but I’ve got all this illness-recuperation and trauma over getting back to that bungalow area before it gets dark out, which is at 7:30 pm and so for me to get there at a reasonable time I really walk slow and have to get started getting back to there around now, especially if there’s any shopping-errand that’d have to get done which today I’m skipping. Then tomorrow’s the short hours at the library unless I try to go to the downtown one to do the little work I wasn’t able to get done today, but the “Armageddon Show” would still be rehearsed for packing up and being there under me with their porno-HinduHeeHaw thing they seem to be doing. I don’t have the time and strength to start any project on here but I don’t like having to quit so early every day like this. I should — try writing some letters but I couldn’t copy the papers for the writing of them onto with me today because of having tried that Star of the Hope place again and I guess it’d have to be for the last time, have to find some other way of getting some sort of assistance and I’ve tried-tried everything, there’s just nothing but the same old “stranded” situation and not any contacts with any normal human chemistry ever. — Now I notice that I’d mentioned the star-place above here between the hospital “visits.” That means I could try to describe that in sitting in their waiting room I kept seeing a little more of this video documentary that they’ve got of themselves but isn’t or doesn’t seem to be on the You Tube like many of their others, this one being all about the new place, but their past and present chairmen of the board look like the Samuel brothers, Marcus and Samuel Samuel….