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The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2001-02 “Chandra & Levy” phase of this “Armageddon Show,” and, The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2003-04 Bath Beach, Brooklyn LURE off of me scam — And now reprising the 2005-2015 shelter-to-library shuttled “Armageddon Program”…

August 2019, they’ve been sliding in some of the tricks from that May 2001-2002 time, but now when I look up to see to try to find an illustration for the chronology I’m trying to make on the sidebar it … Continue reading

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Universe Rescue attempt — I’m trying to put the blog backwards but thereby into chronological order, so it’ll be even a little more disorganized seeming than usual for this short bit till I figure out how to do this for new readers to this TPE (TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION) situation.

Most of these “spam” Comments I’ve been getting have been on this Old Siam post that had just happened to wind up in the first-post area when I’d condensed these materials at some point and had never gotten back here … Continue reading

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Revelation copy; PD

This is from the Project Gutenberg and I’ll have to try to figure out what they wrote about at the bottom, or else there’s another copy of the King James version somewhere in the mishmashed posts from before I got … Continue reading

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The Prehistoric Origins of Our System’s Problems

This is the basis of everything I’m trying to explain but I can’t get to it yet, trying to explain that in the early walking days of man the sun must have appeared to come up off of the ground … Continue reading

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Old Siam Pieces

Old Siam, Rama VI Vajiravudh, et al: Vajiravudh (check also John Philip Sousa to Siam?) Rose Blumkin pics. 1/17/19, I don’t know how anyone’s been seeing this obscure file I haven’t yet worked on till I just cleaned it up a … Continue reading

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42 misc. illustration pages pdf

misc. pages .pdf, There’s some sort of a huge identity prolem with Jack Horner that I’d noticed shortly before the 2015 accident, getting onto computer-use time and getting around to looking him up, now it was some whole different professor … Continue reading

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Help me get to Arizona for exorcism, & witness protection

This was supposed to be that Earth photo… I’ll try to figure something out for this place where all the spam-bloggers seem to go; I don’t know why they land here…. — Okay, I’m going to try moving the current … Continue reading

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