Huachuca, SV, AZ

Homeless female, Kathy Foshay, trying to get inconspicuously to the big fort near you.

Nov. 16, 2019; Dear Ms. C********, I have the worst situation in the world. I was hoping to bring it to Sierra Vista before winter started but I didn’t make it, 64-year old transient now stranded in Houston. In a best-case scenario I could get to SV in the spring but I’d arrive near-penniless — toting these oxygen tanks and nowhere to bring them. I feel I have to go to SV because the global-system comes from insane people gladly taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as long as they can stay high in the meantime and if I could sort out my difficulties while working on equipment in the CW2 Nason library it might simultaneously work toward disentangling the extinction-directed global-situation. In preparation toward being of assistance I’d appreciate it if you’d look into my attempt to describe all this in a blog I was able to start 4 years ago, If you wanted to do me a spy-research type favor I’d like to find out where in the Bronx, NY Sidney Gottlieb was from, most of my own difficulties’ stemming from having been born in the Bronx, not far from the big zoo. Also a little difficulty with that I’ve hesitated to try to communicate with you because the extinction-difficulty is so overwhelmingly huge that I worry that your name is like a planted lie-code that Kathy (Foshay) collaborates and that is as far from reality as you could get but it’s how the system operates, by lying like water, so to try to describe. Also, I’ve got a horrific multi-part difficulty with this “fraud-family” I’d grown up in in the Bronx and it seems continued by death wishes and some new trick now through the social media that I can’t look into because of this always all-alone situation from the large-world situation, that I don’t have anyone with [when m]* to discuss this or to inquire on my behalf about the peculiar behavior.

  • that was, with whom and I guess the spell-check turned it to that, I have to keep an eye for changed typing like that all the time and miss it sometimes.

— Nov. 18, I’m having “security” difficulties with trying to send the gmail/email to you, and in general lately it’s been getting worse. I hope you can set aside a little time this winter to look into all what I’m trying to explicate, that insane people had set up this system and don’t care about eternity as long as they can stay high for now, etc., etc. I feel like I have to send this off to somehow reach you before the Monday workday is over….

November 22, now my cellphone had said that this was “Queued” but when I call the cellphone’s gmail up on this big screen it says it was sent. They’ve been storing all the things I try to send to the blog here, photographs of illustrations mostly, and these gmail-notes I write to myself when I’m stranded alone and the horrors are too-piling up. But here’s what I just tried to send to follow-up on the one from last week which had wound up being one of these blog-mails or wordpressblog-emails, and one time a person said that they hadn’t looked at it because they’d assumed it was spam so I don’t know if anyone ever looks at these, but it’s a little reassuring that it now looks like the gmail today was sent, and I’d requested please some acknowledgment:

Nov. 22, I hope you got the message last week. I’m noticing security difficulty on my gmail and so last-minute switched to the blog-email. I virtually never get a reply, never anything useful, so don’t know what if anything ever reaches anyone, and with winter lock-in by weather looming I’m in terrible shape, all parasite locked-in, ghost-prisoner to the invisible global-system directorship, never any normal human contact and so super-dependent on some contact through this attempt. I found another piece of evidence for how this has befallen me but then I always have to try to gather illustrations and write-ups these updates, etc., and nobody is listening, just the system sucking my brain to sabotage whatever I do, nonstop syndrome. I hadn’t realized Houston is the “energy capital of the world” and the largest city in Texas or I likely wouldn’t have come here for fear if getting quagmire-stuck stranded like this where there isn’t any way out of this situation for me. My worst and best-case scenario is that I’d make it through to spring approximately like I am now and could take the monthly social security check to buy a train ticket to either Benson or Tucson and wind up arriving with only about four hundred dollars and not knowing a soul, which is very very dangerous as the system then seems to run a pattern of getting me hospitalized so the new place can surreptitiously examine the new person, that’s happening each place I’ve gone in the 2 years since the retirement SS started, me longtime unofficial ghost-prisoner in WDC before that, most of this millennium. Without knowing a soul I’d then not have a way from Benson to Sierra Vista except an $80 taxi fare! Yet the brain-eaters’ system is so indelibly permeated onto everything that I feel there isn’t any way to get the human race out of this except if I go to the Communications and Intelligence area to work on and try to explain through my blog the brain-eating situation WHILE its directorship is always busy sabotaging me for its own purposes, which is why I’m really (and always also) desperate for any assistance, am desperate for your assistance with this bug and unbelievable personal situation. The global-system* system of drug-addicts is just scratching and clawing me to death in order to stay parasiting on me for strengthening their system, tiny, nobody me. I’ll be trying to arrange these various communications attempts under the file “SV, AZ,” last on the navigation bar. Most of my researches only get so far and then get cut off, are incomplete. One such, for example, is on the historical person “Boss” Shepherd or Shepard, who’d settled south of you after leaving WDC. He serves as one example of the type of person I figure had turned out to be that prophesied “666” type from the end of chapter 13 of that Revelation book, “666” only referring to the goal of making that number if people off of one ovary, for instance. Then the immigrant-boy who’d assassinated McKinley looks to have been “made from” the Boss Shepard, was an unleashed wrongfully-made orphan for tearing apart this part if the world for the brain-eaters’ global-system, etc., etc. This Boss Shepard-666 business is a huge part of this ghost-prisonership of myself that I have to find someone I can speak in confidence with about. Similar and even moreso is my situation with this Bronx fraud-family I was raised in, that that’s another current victimization of me I should have assistance for getting out of, have to find someone I can speak with about. — Please let me find out if my messages are at least received. I could use assistance with social media, too. Again, it’s UniverseRescueKathyFoshay-etc.

  • I straightened out a couple of typos there, difficult for me to do the one-finger typing.

Here I’ll try to put links to the previous notes I’ve been trying to get through to anyone at or around the fort that’d be useful. I can’t put them in order right now plus I didn’t include the 2 I just saw on the Schieffelin business, Ed Schieffelin of Tombstone but I’d lived on a Schieffelin Avenue in the Bronx and then I see that they were one of the first purchasers when Edwin Drake drilled for oil in Pennsylvania, starting the whole petroleum age off, so the name Schieffelin is connected to all today’s inferno-age direction toward extinction as far as this all over me indicated, and this is a rough idea of what I’ve been trying to send to Arizona. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to finding a specific book that I’d then be hoping might be a conversation-piece with or for the SV local library:

Ms. Remus

MI library

MI library2


CW2 Nason2

Ms. Y.


SVTC Sabo shooting = this I haven’t found much on yet, just that the guy’s name was Romo I think, and that she’d passed.

— I just got some sort of a “note” from a guy named Paul that might have read the email/gmail #2. I am totally alone with the end of biology’s being made out to be like it’s a joke by the parasitic system as it’s doing all this horror-horror to me 24/7/365, if anyone would be safe to drop me a line of human-communication at any time.

27 November, 2:21pm, sent a note to that local library. What Paul’s note seems to be saying is to quit sending to that email address, but he didn’t encourage to send to his email address. It just says to remove that email, and I think he’d sent it on the 22nd but things may or may not eventually show up on my cellphone. In fact I have to write again to the SafeLink people and try to describe to them that I have this LURE situation and therefore can’t give an actual street address for myself, where last year I’d given them this address that the VA hospital’s veterans group had given to me but then it seemed like they’d really given the address for the LURE, nothing to do with me, so I’ve only given the address then when I’d gotten this library card, but I’m drowning in these stereotypes and particularly that big “666” stereotype that I generally call the Shahan-666-Pill-grim-boy type, that those appear to be hybrid-spreading out to the Marcus Samuel type now and then that Samuel had likely come from this William IV that had been king before the Victorian age started, which is when then Thackeray and Dickens and the Brontes and all the other many-pages now writing and publishing had started. I suppose I could — put this in just my daily notes….