I should fit into here about the “Spirits Liberation Movement” that in 1992 had led into the 1993-to-now Armageddon Show/Program/-making.

It also relates to this attempt to figure out the publishing industry in that I’d spent 1992 trying to write down both “communication-transmissions” from the guy I now refer to as the SFClown and from alleged spirit-people, where now I realize the whole thing was not only a hoax on gullible me but had likely been connected to “Mr. LaVey’s group” as I call the satanists. At one point they’d had me take dictation on what had seemed an important communication-attempt and when I got to a room and got a used computer (in Coney Island in 1992,) I’d taken a deep breath and sat down to try to type up and make presentable the material and I started transcribing it and it turned out to be nearly intact, with every comma already in place, from what had seemed like a mixed-up garble as I’d copied down the words earlier that year, but it hadn’t required any editing to speak of, was all there, “The Spririts Liberation Movement Manifesto,” on one easy page.

The Armageddon point of it I guess was that the underworld was going to war by “spearing” normal people, spear-it’s liberation.

Then I’d added some background as though in a short story about “The Making of the Spirits’ Liberation Movement” or “… Movement’s Manifesto” to where it was like a five or seven page short story with the last page as that 1-page declaration. The story had the spirit-character named “David” saying that they loved me and it turned out that “David” was/is the super-psychoto-psychopath, like the “hatchery-partner” to the Melquiades-type, where the 2 types of males get ejaculate for fertilizing the ovae they get for the people-manufacturing that’s everywhere. David came up in multiple guises as “communicating spirits” till I caught on finally and forbid first David and eventually any of these noises, etc., that I’ll be trying to fill-in about. This period would go from that 1992 to the 1993-now time period, more or less, as I try to fill these things in for easiest comprehension. — The David-character, v&v, had said that it/he felt that the word “movement” is embarrassing.