I’m putting this here as a place-holder because I’ll have to be getting to this subject and all its Army-links soon and because there was that double-shooting at the SV transit center and the name had come up there also then. Really this is only supposed to be the one first level of the navigation-bar topics but then that Planet Trillaphon is so important to all this also that I’d wanted to bring attention to it and then there are all these topics I haven’t had time yet to get to. Normand was the first name of a boyfriend I’d had when I left the Army and then transitioned out to living in San Francisco and then breaking up with, that it’s a big subject with the Army business around my business then, lots of lies and doo-doo as I’d been system-set up all along that I’ll have to be trying to fill in I guess after the upcoming 4-day “holiday” with all the libraries closed so I can’t get any of this done, etc.

3 December 2019, I think I now recall the name of a friend of his, that it was Jim Ferris and not Jim Whalen like I’d been thinking it was but haven’t written down about anywhere yet because it’s such an odd obscure thing, but in retrospect I’m thinking that Jim might have been of this “Shahan-666-Pill-grim” Autist type. He worked for the Behavioral/Mental Health department at the Baumholder dispensary I went to in 1975. Besides all the other topics that could come up with the subject of Norm, I’m having some especial difficulty with this 666-type and it is seeming to go back to 1975 so this guy Jim’s been increasingly on my mind. With his wife, a Korean lady, the 4 of us had driven, in separate cars, to Colmar for a lunch one day, me mentioning it because Colmar is in Burgundy, which is or was like a core-area for the system, Alsace-Lorraine right there between France and Germany and part of that northern Flanders area. Then Norm had once brought up that maybe what was called some “swinging” might be some idea and I’d had an immediate veto for that. Today I had one of those “666’s” I call them being conspicuous as I made my way to use the library’s computer terminal today, and it’s really a situation that’s getting worse and worse for my requiring some witness-assistance to my search-engine research-attempts on the subject as it’s tying-into more and more of this lately.