I just got this as a Message on the cellphone, 1/6/20; SafeLink: The day is approaching! To avoid loss of service, send you missing documents by xx/xx/xxxx. For further details, click: STOP to End

then I sent that to me at gmail and it’s this but I can’t get anywhere with this, it’s always the same circles, that I’m simply not an approved recipient anyway so they aren’t going to be mailing me anything and they couldn’t care less — they still have that horrifying Washington mailing address, one of Alexander Graham Bell’s old stomping areas with descendants still working it all around this Armageddon Program, and etc:

This is from something I was trying to send to them but I couldn’t pull it together in time:

from Bell’s notebook

I think this illustration if from Kendall F. Haven’s 2003 “Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor and Visionary” but my files have to be searched through and even then maybe I didn’t note where he got this illustration from, from Bell’s notebook.


I’m having a big difficulty where my LifeLine cellphone service might be about to disappear out from under me and I never get far with these companies or over the telephone ones especially, that I was told to give them a try again today as though it was a requirement but I already know it isn’t going to be anything but what I’ve already been coming to the go-nowhere non-response about. I wrote to them, but I can’t explain about my Armageddon reality situation and its LURE to anyone, hence this blog-attempt has become mostly about trying to explain this horrific mess. For me to try to do anything today the top of my list is this business of trying the SafeLink Wireless website again but I’ve already done this and you wind up having to telephone them so I did that and they said to then try to website again today, so that’s what I’ll do but it’s “pointless” and will end in the same situation so that the best I can do is try to write a letter describing that I’m homeless — and then they don’t want you, you have to have an address to get a Lifeline phone and so I’d gotten this mailing address but it seems like a LURE set up so I’ve only given it to the few necessary places like social security and the library and I think I’d sent it last year to the SafeLink people but I can’t find my paperwork on them anywhere, etc., for these types of the difficulties I’ve always sneak-Armageddon got, etc. (Dec. 12, 2019)

I got a different screen this try but they must have the Enrollment ID# and I haven’t been able to find that and can’t imagine what I could have done with it because it’s so important and I’ve looked numerous times through all my papers big and small, and yet it has to be in them somewhere, it isn’t anything I’d toss. Uhhoh; I do keep some “purgatory” area where I toss old papers without throwing the bag of them out, and can picture I’d now have to leaf through that mess too as I’ve tried all the places the SafeLink page would be. That’s all I can do for today on it, having checked back I guess and the program requiring the Enrollment number, where sometimes just the telephone number’s okay and they check your file I guess. These are where you call and it seems like the phone-answering kids are raised to think that they’re robots, like the Trak-fone and I don’t know what other places’ workers are like, but their talking and my talking have little in common so it’s always difficult and these computerized places, like the pharmacy I have to go to each month here, the clerk calls up my screen and it’s like an attitude-change and it’s like these Lifeline phone workers are that same sort of call my information up and then go to playing some difficulties up onto me, like pranks, but to me it isn’t pranks it’s always all life and death on my end.


Safelink Wireless® Service Update

We are sorry
Our records indicate that you are not yet required to complete your Annual Verification at this time because you either already completed your Annual Verification and it has been accepted, or you have been enrolled in the benefit for less than 8 months. You will be notified 4 months before your benefit’s expiration date, to complete your annual verification. Once you’ve been notified, please come back to complete your Annual Verification.

My Safelink Service

1,000 FREE monthly minutes & unlimited texts with 3GB/month of FREE data.

— SafeLink is provided by TracFone Wireless Inc.

— below federal Poverty Guidelines, or the various programs, none of which I’m specifically in, but am at or below 135 percent of the federal PGs I’m sure.

Okay, it sounds like they have the recert — but let me go double-check, try to. They call it reverification. — Check, they have that 1333 N St. as Service Address. I’d sent the mailing address last year, finally finding the material this morning. When I tried re-certifying now this is calling it too, it came up that you can get the search-engine/internet on lifeline also, but that they want to physical address for that, so I figure not a mailing address and then I’d gone into this about this round and around thing I’m in now, where I’m terrified the phone might quit working. Last year I’d written them that it had quit working two times, and I don’t even recall how that had happened, just that it had gone on while I was at this motel here, Yellowspring Blvd or such Dollar Inn, one of the times the phone had simply ceased was there at least I vaguely recall only because I’d written to them about that. Now I’ve been getting that they’re waiting on documentation from me and I’m not sure which documentation. In fact I’m simply unapproved, which is what had occurred in June 2017 and really hasn’t changed — it’s to do with this Armageddon blockade against me is all, just a mysterious anything to cause difficulties. They’d said that 1333 N st had to have some apartment number or another in order for me to get a phone and I’d said it was just a mailing address and after reading about getting the lifeline internet specifically has to have a physical address where you would be getting the service, not a mailing address, then maybe it’s this same thing, where mailing address isn’t approved but they don’t like to come right out and say so or what I’m not sure, there just was a big not any approval then and it’s still unapproved. I’m waiting for the annual notice from social security about the cost of living increase to send that to the SafeLink, but, — I have to do that too, just finding my paperwork on how to call up the ss account number this morning while looking for the SafeLink paperwork, and I’d felt it was too much to get done today, because the invisible-torture is like crazy on me, and in fact I’m even having to leave here now but there was one other detail, the enrollement id number 2 that I’d somehow also gotten as those lovely girls worked to get this safelink for me in 2017. — That second application is still there. I’d written to them to cancel that but they have the 2 identical accounts open on me. I give up on this for right now, for today, have to leave here momentarily but have to look up a couple of things because the system comes from insaneoes (taking us to total extinction.)