Mr. Kinzer

1/4/20; Dear Mr. Kinzer, I’ll be trying to contact you on account of your familiarity with that with Dr. Gottlieb. “Poisoner in Chief” is checked out of the libraries right now. I’d looked at it to try to find out where in the Bronx Dr. Gottlieb had lived and Boynton Avenue turns out to be just across the Bronx River from where I’d lived on Longfellow Avenue from birth in 1955 to Nov. 1963. In Feb. 1962 there’d been that “French Connection” that had actually taken place in Brooklyn and then finished up in the Bronx. In Robin Moore’s 1969 account of the incident I’d found this photo:

“French Connection” photo from the 1969 Robin Moore account.

This photocopy isn’t very clear but the figure here <- on the far-left is the person that I call my fraud-parent, involved in that “French Connection” business and now that I see that Dr. Gottlieb had grown up nearby and possibly still had relatives to be visited around there and knew some of the “LSD” enthusiasts that I’ve long seemed to be plagued by, I figure that this FC business was inter-connected with Dr. Gottlieb’s undertakings, is how I’ve always been in horror-situation, like right now. (The photo was taken at 1171 Bryant Avenue. Leon Trotsky had also lived nearby during 1918, for 3 months. Also Thomas A. Watson had been around, A.G. Bell telephone-inventor.)

I have alot of evidence that the global-system makers were what I call “brain-eaters” and that their system is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and doing so alot off of including little me into all this brain-trafficking that it does, where if nothing else the 1969 moon-landing showed that they have little or not any touch with reality, just enjoy being high and genociding and covering up everything. If you could get anyone interested in assisting me to look into this business through Dr. Gottlieb’s work please get them to telephone me, cellphone #202) 459-8618 but calls seem all to be intercepted, where it’s alot of verbiage for me to try to describe that the system has been pulling off its “Armageddon” off of making a filthy clown “program” off of me especially these past 3 decades.

Also I’d like to use the piece from Mrs. Gottlieb’s autobiographical essay as I typed here: Sidney Gottlieb, 1918 Bronx – 1999 VA, and then also I’d like to find out where you’d gotten that school-photo of young Mr. Gottlieb.

I’ll be waiting for the book to get returned to this branch library that I’m usually in so I can see what it says about Dr. Gottlieb’s 1961-62 activities. I’d appreciate any assistance you could give me with his contacts with the Bronx. I’m generally always haunted by this “affect” that’s like Allen Ginsberg, since late 1998 that had started and then I recall one around my high school circa 1971, and a terrible incident in 1983, people that look like that Ginsberg, and then he’d been colleague with Lenny Bruce and that looks like Bruce or a very similar person on the far-right of that photo from Moore’s “French Connection” account, 1969, Little, Brown. The group of 6 mostly narcotics agent-types are standing around 3 suitcases of alleged heroin and I’d recognized those suitcases as looking like ones I’d played with at age 6 and then I’d looked more closely and noticed the guy on the far-right was the person I’d been raised to believe was my normal parent but we live in this farce-world as I guess you’d be even more aware of than I’ve just been slowly catching onto.

Also there’s a little bit in your book about Nicaragua that I think might be connected to the global-trafficking of brain serum, and I just read the 1967 story “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and that’s a whole new learning about how Latin America had been set up by this global-system that comes from brain-eaters without reality-connection that are taking us to total planet extinction and doing so off of 60 years of plaguing me. I didn’t finish about the 3 suitcases, that I’d been led to play with them and think that they would be like the matryoshka dolls and should fit into one another and that led me to say over them that they don’t make sense, “sense” being one of the system’s slangs for brain. I could use any assistance I could get but not to have this blog’s address given to anyone except responsibly-behaving individuals, not to “authorities” or people that would try to make phony-excitement, as is the system’s long-time scam off of me, telling unawares people that super-torture victim me is out here “saving the world” when that’s a cover story for that the system’s parasiting me to death, sic. Then they collect unawares normals and try to run-push them into abysses that turn the victims to carbon, to petroleum, oil, etc. I’m going to try to send this to you. I could send you a mailing address but it is another sabotage and so I’d have to have previous contact before giving it to anyone. I don’t ever hear from anyone to speak of though UniverseRescue.Attempt at gmail dot com. My cellphone’s gmail is PixiSafe at gmail dot com but I don’t hear from anyone through there either. This is how the system has been doing it’s global-takeover, since its takeover from Mars or the moon hadn’t worked out after all. I guess they’d hooked up their mkultrA (murder culture A, to be replaced by themselves then,) and its “French Connection” to then the “Watergate” whole business based off of a Bathgate Avenue Market that had been in the Bronx through the 1930s, that I could also use some assistance in trying to get further details on since it seems to be then all globally-interconnected maybe through Nixon’s trip to asia. I’m in Houston, here because I can’t stand cold weather anymore and also I thought I’d be able to visit the space center and try to get some interest in getting the system exposed from there but the system knows how to keep me on this limited income where there isn’t even enough for the entry fee to its tourist site, thirty dollars, then bus fare is a little higher and you’d have to buy lunch there because of the various strictures, I would. I’m practically crippled by all these internal tortures that the system sneak-does to me and have to use supplemental oxygen and can’t move quickly or let anything get me excited because that works as a cover for the system’s invisible-tortures.