Witness Protection Program subject

Gerald Shur photo from WITSEC by Pete Earley

allegedly Gerald Shur of the Witness Protection/Security Program but looks like my fraud-parent, but I have seen 1 or 2 people here who, in different sizes, look the same as that picture, from Pete Early/Earley’s 2002 “WITSEC” account of the program.

From Pete Earley’s 2002 “WITSEC” on the Federal Witness Security/Protection program, this photo looks like my fraud-parent and I think they come from the figure at the top of the Matejko staircase that gets cut off in this color version but is in the black and white: — Previously written, to be edited: allegedly Gerald Shur of the Witness Protection/Security Program but looks like my fraud-parent, but I have seen 1 or 2 people here who, in different sizes, look the same as that picture, from Pete Early/Earleys 2002 “WITSEC” account of the program.

I couldn’t find this or any of the Jadwiga copies in the media file back here and just copied this from the widget-copy. Here’s the text to that one also: The fraud-parent type is right at the top of the staircase, drinking from a stein, they’re like a cousin to the #1 type on the bottom left with his hands together.

Margueritte Oswald

2nd photo of Mr. Shur in the WITSEC 2002 account of the witness protection program

Both of those people can’t be Gerald Shur and it seems that the 2002 book was published in order to show that the system has this abuse of me covered, that no one’s going to get caught, there won’t be any witnesses because their protection program has the fraud-parent of mine on its side, a line coming from that Siamese Vajiuravude and/or John Philip Sousa or whever exactly the details, and originating from the Frankenstein-like experiments of old Krakow’s King Casimir III the Great, as I just got mentioned onto the sidebar on the blogsite. More about this later I guess but it’s why and how I can’t get any assistance for myself, the system had that covered.

Before finding it I’d mentioned: I have to fit in somewhere about this and just ran across this only copy of this illustration in my Media library here so am grabbing it and plopping it here for the time being and will fill this in as soon as I can, that both him and the other guy are said to be the same person, that had helped start up that program, but that, — I’ll go find that other photo soon, the one that’s likely an offspring-descendant or close other blood to the fraud-parent, etc., that that’s why I can’t get any assistance from the government, these “operatives,” this one looking like Albert Anastasia/-o of the Murder, Inc., group that was said to have been assassinated in 1959, that these guys sabotaged the Justice Department and the Witness Protection was actually finding out who wanted to tell the truth and get out of the underworld business, etc., and disappear those normal-type males so the system could get strong like it is right now.

— 3/1//19, Monday, I have to get this straightened out, where I’ve got a couple of started files on this subject but of course all my materials were lost in 2014 so I’m missing one+ very important piece, the photo of Albert Anastasia’s 1959 assassination announcement or story, account, in the newspaper, the NY Times, then, that that Albert Anastasia doesn’t look much like anything like the ones that come up on the search-engine, where they used to be mixed pictures what you’d get but I was going by the 1959 assassination story photo and I don’t have a copy of it anymore, but in the meantime the photos are all morphing, as regards this book that I’d found this photo that looks like some one of the “copies” of my fraud-parent, sort of the real mish-mash everything is in nowadays. (2019)

What I mean is that Mr. Shur has these articles and photos alot on the search-engine now, where I hadn’t seen much of anything before, and I hadn’t even been able to pin down that he’d been the founder of the WITSEC program before; thought I had seen it that way once and then it was that he was only an early employee so I changed the way I was wording this as I wrote to all over Washington these letters of mine about this business, and now I looked up to check where in Texas he might still be around in and it’s as though there’s alot of “morphing” going on to make a liar out of me about this particular 2002 book photo. At first I’d thought it was my fraud-parent, back when I’d first seen the book around or in 2008, but he’d denied that and later I’d seen 2 or 3 people who looked like the person in the photo, me figuring then that they were “offspring-descendants” from him. Now I looked up Mr. Shur and they’ve got photos where he’s looking alot like this first of the 2 photos of Mr. Shur in the 2002 book by he and Mr. Earley. I’m going to try to find what’s left of the 2nd picture in that book, that I should be able to find a copy of now:

Not a single copy can I find, but I believe I’d seen a photo back there somewhere last week, and I might have something I’m still carrying around because it occurred to me that I didn’t know where a safe copy actually was. When/if I find it, it looks just like the Murder, Inc. then-boss Albert Anastasia to me to where I’d thought Mr. Shur was related and then as I was learning more about the system tricks I’d even begun to believe that the guy in the photo, with AG Janet Reno and her deputy JoAnn Harris giving a plaque to Mr. Shur, that it’s a regular govt photo, I’d seen that just last week and can’t find the copy today, from that, I’d started to believe that, with the system’s “magic” of youth-chemicals and special treatments, that it could be the same Albert Anastasia, who’d actually been assassinated at not that old an age in 1959 and could have surfaced around 1963-64 or so to replace Mr. Shur in the then-established WITSEC program, and now all of a sudden I’m seeing photos of Texas’ regular resident Mr. Shur as though he’d been the poser for that first photo in the 2002 book, me stressing 2002 because one of the write-ups I’d seen yesterday had said the book was published in 2003. I’ll keep trying to look for that one 2nd photo of the Mr. Shur but I don’t think I’ll have any access to NY Times microfilms or however to find their photo of Mr. Anastasia again for comparison between those 2 photos. — Okay, the assassination was in 1957, when he was 55 years old, (me just checking the Wikipedia now, forget their photo of him, that I see that sometimes but alot of the criminal photos are mix and match.) So I was saying that at age 55 in 1957 he could have “dropped out” and gotten special treatments in the underground and re-surfaced at age 62 or so to replace “the real” Mr. Shur at times at work in Washington, that “normals” wouldn’t have noticed the difference as these system-people sneak around like that all the time, in their own paradigm even it is, and particularly back then before normals were “catching on” even this much, that the brain-eaters’ self-belief in their superior-thinking back before the moon landing proved them to have been incorrect all along was worse probably by far even than it is now, so I have to work on this because this looks pretty dangerous, like the system is doing all this work to make little me look incorrect. I wish I could even know about to explain what they’re doing nowadays with this inane stranger “fraud-parent” business all over me, doing anything to twist reality from what it is to this invented-garbage paradigm they’ve constructed.