Privacy/social security

2 November and all I can do is wait and find out what happens between soon and next week about whether it’s true that i’ll actually be being bailed out a little from this longtime destitution. This afternoon I’ll give it one last try on if the thing (check; fear of saying curse-connected for me words like money or need,) might have, which I doubt, arrived at the mail-place. Expecting that it hasn’t then I’ll nevertheless try to proceed with the alternative and next step in this procedure and be unable then to follow-up to the new ss office till, and I don’t like to bother anyone of Mondays, so probably not until next Tuesday could i actually find out if there’ll be any arrangement for myself, just the same old same old every day, can’t believe the extent of the difference in my little life that a little “l’argent” would make, like a voila-“magic” act difference between this horrifying situation and being able to make any plans or do much of anything, etc.a navigation bar as separatorThis is my new “separator” between time-times.

— I just read that there are ways statistics or what are gathered from our viewing-sites on these computers and that is a big problem in that while I couldn’t care less who spends what time reading this site I have the global-system living off of using me as a LURE by which “the” normal people have been being “disappeared” and replaced by the underworld-beings, mass-reproduced wrongfully peoples, and those are almost surely somehow enabled to see who is reading this blogsite and that’s how the population’s been being “Armageddoned,” so please please be careful, and I’ll be trying to learn more about this “privacy” business of learning about who calls up what but from what I can figure so far this is real real bad and I perhaps only got to get onto computer again for a little while like this specifically so the goons could HUNT PEOPLE off of who calls up my blogsite so really please try to stay safe and don’t even read this site unless you’re somehow safe from these, really, “brain-eating,” brain-grabbing and using for drugs and sales to brain-eaters’ industry, etc., smiling and other types of the “monsters,” please. Here’s what I wrote before I just started learning about this privacy “difficulty” lately, and I have so many difficulties that I’m afraid to use the regular word for it, the “P-word” of “problem” because maybe these goons take that as a signal to go after such. Etc:
I have to do a little cover-over of my social security # but otherwise I might as well start a file on this (also, from in general,) because the night before I went there there was some big House Meeting talk about Privacy issues from some of the local homelessness groups and “with my luck,” the way that this sneak-Armageddon is rigged the talk was for the purpose of doing some ritual or another, that this hallucino-done global-underworld-system runs on these rituals in place of reality because this “Autism” or “psychopathy” from the “invisible” prehistory-aged brain injury is so difficult to figure or prove in all the past centuries before the planet was covered by these thousands and thousands of hospitals and their thousands and thousands of similar medical-assistance places and 25000+ colleges and universities to support all those hospitals and their legal agencies that enable good pay for all those employed by all those institutions, and also the big Privacy discussion mandatory meeting business comes at a time when I’m starting to have all kinds of little things going wrong with my blogsite here as though the system or blogsite-company or the original Steve Jobs or the spooks from that fraud-family that’s been mass-reproduced to being everywhere around me have been “shadow” doing my blogsite their way, 4 specific changes and then I saw something new again, these at the bottom of the footer that I’m trying to work up,  that what I’d put there had been changed and then some spooky picture-set had flashed up at me for a bit and oddities like that seem to also be what that big ritual might have been about, in conjunction with me signing-up with any new sort of contact system-tricks had been being instituted to start pulling on me additionally next.