that against medical advicce

Briefly, before they would let me out on the 2nd phonied-up forced ambulance to hospital “trick” torture, 9 days of force-keeping me,  they had me sign an against medical advice form, commenting: we believe that you need oxygen therapy and think that being discharged from the hospital without oxygen could be dangerous to your health. low oxygen levels could cause you to become short of breath, dizzy, fall, loose (sic) consciousness, have organ failure or possibly die.

under, Additional Comments i penned in: I read the doctor and nurse the statement: My health is pretty good. I’ll try it without a tank and if there were problems I would try to get an oxygen tank. I think the problems come artificially from the underground-system.

my vital signs were 111/60, 80 and 95 oxygen, and that was may 3rd 2014

i thought of somewhere to look for that pdf and could type it better there but i have to throw away these papers and feel it’s important to note how they were terrorizing me that i must have an oxygen tank attached to myself. That went on and was still a big problem when that Spiriva forced-presciption placebo for the underground had run out while i was too busy with this ssfund early last month, then they made me real ill as day after day went by for one difficulty or another that i’ve got. that little drawing of the car is connected to all this and i haven’t gotten a chance to mention it anywhere yet, part of the Baychester Project in the Bronx part of the set ups on me.

img 20170712 1615211

img 20170711 171840

img 20170622 101031

I’ll put this one to substitute and the other two are for other things but because of the special phony “holiday” time of my torture the animals have got me all encrusted and i get horrified that the jews-animals are ritualing “wishes” onto my life and this is every year where the next phony part of this holiday-set is then next week, this 12/22 and they do this holiday and then next week it’s the 2nd part of it and that’s even worse then than this one is, this with the hallucino- “gifts” of total strangers’ thinking onto my life and then god knows the jew is worse with any “beginning” of anything curses for that then onto me so i look around and realize there’s all — there, that’s a little better, i asked this girl and she doesn’t appear to be one of the fraud-family but yes that is her thing sitting there like some fetish and she’s already somehow picked up from the computer and taken it and gone just like that, i never know what these people are ever doing around me. This file here is similar to that I guess, where I’ve been trying to type this thing for a long time, pull the pdf and the photo and the typing onto one page were in 2014 they’d started forcing me into ambulances on phonied-up excuses from curses from these fraud-family-types and all the other, “all of the evil in the world” quote i’m trying to look up to see where that comes from too now, types. it isn’t anyone’s fault i’ve been saying since this “Armangeddon Show” started back in 1993, that we just got born into this, etc.