Suburban “car-hit” Hospital 2015-16

Photo of Joe Fuca in 1962.–  He was the parent of Patsy (Pasquale) Fuca of the Brooklyn part of the “French Connection” “heroin” scam and Tony Fuca of the Bronx part of the French Connection scam that had used the suitcases I’d been set up as a child to have been playing little games seemingly by myself with, with these same “Jomon ‘magicians'” crawling all over me back then  as have been increasingly using me for this “Revelation” Armageddon fulfillment. I just got to straighten out the rest of my notes from the car-hit’s hospitalization enough that they’re at least in order:

Suburban Hospital part 1 , pages 1 to 46, which looks like this I typed and photographed here below, because then the pdf has a bunch of out-of-place pages:

(p.46,) I found a picture of my fraud-cousin [“fraud-cousine” now] on the web/internet and would have liked to introduce them to each other but this girl appeared to have no idea what I was talking about and it seemed like she might have been directed to play a scam on me for asking for a picture of herself that I could show/send to my fraud-relative, as this LURE under wherever I go seems always to have involved pornography, so much of it that no one could care what I try to say or do for my own purposes, they’re just inundated by this “Hidden Candid Camera” disgustingness “show” the underground’s been doing since around 1964.I’d thought that my fraud-cousin looks like a Bardot-ova crossed with the Dalai Lama with that big smile of his, but then maybe he and Ms. Bardot’s father are similar types.

This is all I can do for now, that it’s very late for a hospital and this emergency’s schedule, is 11pm.                                                                                                                   46

The next 4 pages are missing, pp. 47-50, Dec. 23, 2015 a.m. I’ll keep looking for them.

Suburban Hospital part 2 = 51 to 99, 49 pages

Suburban Hospital part 3, pages 100-149; the first page is blank, some note to myself.

Suburban Hospital part 4 150-199 but the first page is missing; it says, “… same Suburban Hospital, but no recollection of how I…

got out of here. There was some dream-like sequence about some different hospital or medical care, and then that only when I got back to the shelter after missing a day away, an overnight, the Katrina-staff was on a telephone and just waved me away from the sign-in sheet and any explanation for my absence, and now I couldn’t guess when that had been, maybe 2-1/2 weeks or less before November 19th. Then this 2nd accident I think was at that Howard Ave. corner and it felt less bad than the 1st time and I didn’t want to give the ambulance-people my purse but they insisted and said they’d put it between my feet or legs after I was in the ambulance, and then I woke up here about 11/26 in the ICU with everyone watching about some shoot-out in San Bernardino, and my skull seems to have been having “staples” in it because somehow it had been, and seems to be healing only slowly, that monster-world had purposely cracked it after the accident sometime during that week. And my legs brought the curse from Edna Johnson or her son to mind. The distended belly hasn’t gone away, if …” (repeat copied here from that above first page:) Suburban Hospital part 4 151-199

Suburban Hospital part 5 200-250

Suburban Hospital part 6 251-300

Suburban Hospital part 7– 301-350

Suburban Hospital part 8 351-409, 59 pages and then page 60 is just a note I’d written to myself the following month as I was trying to learn to scan.

Suburban Hospital part 9  29 pages, 410-424 and then 425-451 are missing and it goes to from page 452 to 464.

Suburban Hospital part 10 465-536, 72 pages — near the end one page is upside down; it says, page 534: 2/1/16, Monday, 5pm

And Benedict [Benedetto] Sestini the Autist-Astronomer is on that Brumidi painting, had architected that “St. Aloysius” church attached to Gonzaga school. — And this note has been hanging around for a month now to try to fit it in because this “Fr. Sestini” [1816, Ferrara – 1890, Frederick, MD I think,] was a huge Autist and all over the place and alot of years at Georgetown University, like a big Astronomer-expert, that I suspect is connected to that “Einstein Tower” in that big place outside of Berlin, where Kaiser Wilhelm II lived, with the daughter Viktoria or is a or the “Julie” type, the belle of Hitler’s time but a newlywed during WWI also.

I suspected while later researching that that later chancellor or president-type of W. Germany, Adenaur, maybe Kurt Adenauer, was the, assignment to have sex with before getting married, the first, and then she married what I was calling the “St. Bavo” stereotyped guy that’s pretty common but a little difficult to describe, — like Steve Jobs’ father, and (I think) the guy who’d actually authored, the partner, the book about Tuva and Richard Feynman, and many others, and the “hybrid” of that type that was the store manager where I’d, accidentally, worked and met this “Julie-type” that I’m thinking now was descended from John D. Rockefeller. They’re in the hard-to-find Rubens’ set on St. Bavo, in the hood on the balcony looking around right to the officiator, the priest I guess. I guess-think that that’s what the first rich Mr. Pritzker of the Hyatt-fortune was from, and, Roland Garros, he was that stereotyped type, all the early pilots in a crew coming here from 1910 to 1911 or so that looked alike, and it’s, therefore according to my thinking, very similar to the slightly darker-seeming Hermann Oberth, the father behind the …

[Check, Brokers of Culture: Italian Jesuits In the American West, 1848-1919 by Gerald McKevitt, (pp. 261-620 at least,) and his old Woodstock Library room ceiling. Georgetown’s website says he drew a scheme of the Copernican solar system and, in their correct positions, all of the stars visible to the naked eye, and they have a copy of it, at:

Suburban Hospital 11 537+, it says that there are 42 pages here (=-579, but the order gets murky.

Suburban Hospital, 1 out of place page I can’t see the # on – 1p, Longfellow Avenue. It’s probably in the above pdf’s somewhere but I can’t locate it yet, around page 300-something maybe.