1/8/15, thurs

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1/8/15, thurs., 2 p.m., jessica, monique, puss, dr. kojo, griffin l. davis md

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2/26/15, thurs, 4 p.m., ck ellenton, fl, feld’s other names, warren buffet viz pt barnum

ck ps. 16 by david, i shall not be moved

older lady seeks easy babysitting

6/22/16, wed., spiritual literacy, reading the sacred in everyday life

mc richards, wm blake-type face, the water met its master and blushed = lord byron=christ’s turning water into winemargery zoet, bankson, this is my body, normany ellis, dreams of isis quote on evelyn nesbitt, an ecology of cultures, we should develop tt the whole family of human kind- jean huston, memorial for a peacemaker

ck cherniack, david- written and directed by

1005 am, after and in the depression/for/pastor keen’s activity there was a stormville vc siren and timms stuck her head in and did a foot stamp and back out, sanctuary song, i’ll be a living sanctuary for you

7916 saturday 905 emrergency problem, b’s, tt girl tt lks like cd be an offspring-descendant of my fraud-uncle from syracuse, ny, just walked out of the church in like all-shiny nightvlub garb and a was like shocked at the blatant sight as this goes on w her and blurted, you must be selling drugs, to be dressed tt way here, etc)) and she got nasty and said to call the police and they’ll take me away in a strait jacket and as she walked into the doorway i shouted, parasite! across this litle flowerbed, that it’s obvious now that she’s here for doing this “Armageddon” problem i’ve got.