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SH HEALTH INFO MGMT_JMORGA69_FOSHAY_KATHLEEN JOAN_FOSHAY_KATHLEEN JOAN_23548644-2_01_04_18_1113 This is the file from the car-hit’s 11-week time in Suburban Hospital, me finally getting it now, Jan. 2018.

11/26/17, Sunday, the word/appellation “devil” is constantly on my mind and therefore my tongue this past week or 2 and I have to ventilate about some of this somewhere so I thought I’d try to find a file for “censored” off of public-thinking area, try to make one. It’s too much for little me, this “Jew” live-sucking on my head all these years/back to 1959 and then I’ve got these scars under my chin from this same “being owned secretly” belief-set these insane monsters have got, the animal sitting on my head right now like this is important to view for instance instead of learning to mind their own business, etc., etc. The word devil and now today planeticide has started, that these animals are like purposely strangling the planet to death for their fun of doing that or whatever, that if that’s the price of their having their fun that’s just the price for others, not for themselves, sucking and sucking the world to death through my little skull. I’ll see if i can use this space for that sort of the new “filthy Jew” this, filthy Jew that, devil-boy get off of me, horror i’m going through. Yesterday i put in the pdf of that glass case-photo from the rabbi schneerson biography, and that has me worrying what the jimmy carter connection really is, if they, he and the current executive, come from that kind james line, and then the whole thing with their being “faggots” for the Autists like george stephanopoulos, that i get tortured because it pleases their autist boyfriend-partners to have me tortured, etc. I’d like to put a photo of the glass-case picture up here so i could discuss it with myself; i’ve hardly been able to have energy to do anything. they played all kinds of computer-sabotage “boys tricks” on me today, and each step of my days it’s like “practical joke haha” with their thousands of the “excess-manufactured” orcs all available and these love to give orders so they’re always giving directions to the excess-people hanging around for tricks to play on me is all that’s been going on from one thing i have to do to the next. it’s been a horrible 2 weeks of that phony illness and nothing i can do can get me caught up with all my losses.

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