Other shelters

I’m going to put 2 short files from the pre-car-hit days to here and then sometime soon type the letter I’d given the volunteer file dept that was right in front of that homeless shelter for women and next to the car-hit spot. Here’s that Halloween or thereabouts, 10/30/15;

in fact you’ve got me afraid to call anything up to edit it anymore in that everything i worked on the other day turned to trash when i saved it and went back to look at it, everything was missing. This is so bizarre that it’s what I mean about the TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, like everything that’s ever happened had never happened it will be unless I can get someone to make real-time contact with me, alone out here amongst arranged-for bizarre characters, like “playing” my time away on this computer when I’m really trying to load on and arrange all this evidence I’ve got for trying to get some assistance out of this lifetime-torture hole I’ve always been in but didn’t realize it until this past year or so, that I was/am in a weirdo family, weirdo-dangerous and weirdo-sadistic, that the guy might be the worst thing since Caligula for real and he’s got thousands of science fiction-like offspring running all circles around me out here by myself, etc.,  them in the underworld “shadow” -world hallucinogen-sewing up my innards like a trussed turkey last winter when I couldn’t move or scream or anything because of being in a shelter and no one’s around that’s of any usefulness to my purposes, and now I can barely walk but if someone would real-life step out of this paradigm all over me this hallucinogen-pain trick could evaporate in no time, but nothing ever changes for me and all of a sudden they’ve let me be using the computer for their LURE-purposes I guess and it’s my only way I might be able to make some communication-contact, and I’ve been trying everything all these years and all of it together’s come to nothing and nobody’s doing anything except these underground cannibals are all thrilled that winter’s coming when the weather does their killing-people or driving them into the underground for warmth and food murder modi operandi for them.

11/7/15, trying to see if I can match a page to this subject, that’s really my nickname for this homeless shelter I’m in in Montgomery County, starting an unexpected new job in 2 days and then I’m supposed to find a 1-bedroom apt. in Washington right after the job’s over and move there.

(That was the old Halloween and then Amityville Horror file-pages.)

On Friday night/Saturday morning at 1 a.m., May 28th, they woke us with going from room to room yelling to take your most-valuables and get out of here because there was some fire or some such and then there were about 10 fire engines outside the shelter with all their engines going and the lights all over the place, like Apocalypse Now except Armageddon-making Program off of Kathy Foshay. I’m jotting about this because I’m afraid it was a bigger trick than I realize in that as I was following along with the evacuees to get across the way to safety the walk was arranged that we had to walk in front of a line of those fire trucks all facing us, and one of those “invisible warfare tricks” was played on me but so sneaky-like that there’s nothing one can do about it, where I thought I detected a sound like the fraud-parent’s voice saying something to the effect that I was doing a great job, that that’s the way to evacuate a building or some such, but in thinking about it now it seems like it might have been a set-up for fooling all those fire department others that there is any form of any sort of any working-together between that line of entities and my trapped-prisoner little world’s most-tortured person self, the scene staged largely to give that false impression of a “teamwork” in this horror-LURE holocaust-abuse of myself under all this crap all these years, so I thought I’d better jot at least that there is never any form of partnership with me all alone out here like this all these years like this and anybody else, I’m just like a ghost-prisoner to all this invisible- or spy-world or underworld goings-on, global-system system.

7/30/17, Sunday, they’d just done about the same thing this past Wednesday, the 26th of June. Maybe it’s some regular drill they use merely the old morgue for. The new city morgue is practically a skyscraper, some enormous new building, in a peculiar location….

10/3/17, it’s a regular thing with these fire engines at that former-morgue homeless shelter at the ends of the months, it’s been real bad, invented excuses for emergency vehicles there all the time lately.