Mitch Snyder/John L. Young Homeless shelter for women years, 2005-15…..

2nd and D Sts., NW’s, John L. Young shelter for women where I was from 2005-15; the mural is recently done, depicting Snyder in the yellow in the middle. (try to find a copy of the 1999 wall painting.)

That’s the Mitch Snyder Art & Education Center for the Homeless; it seems to have closed or been closed down after I’d gotten there, that I was there one time and it was a weird experience and then the place was closed all those years I was next door. In the “Ghent Altarpiece” Pill-grim boy detail below I was thinking the figure looking over the boy’s head might be an ancestor of Snyder’s and Hermann Oberth’s.



mitch snyder arts and education center painting by qin xi lin 1999