Kathleen Foshay (073-48-4061; Regular Army, 23 Oct. 1973-22 Oct. 1976, Hon. disch.)
Michael E. DeBakey VAMC, 2002 Holcombe Blvd., Rm. 2A-112, Houston, TX 77030-4298

Texas Veterans Commission, Executive Director Thomas P. Palladino
P.O. Box 12277, Austin, TX 78711-2277
January 2/7, 2019; Re: Re-typing of my note to you last week:

Dear Mr. Palladino,

I’m the most unfortunate person that’s ever lived, stranded homeless in Houston now and social services gave me this TVC address to use as a mailing address, about 2 months ago.

My misfortune is that the system runs a LURE-scam off of me that is destined to bring a real-life end of the real world and I’ve been unable to find any responsibly-behaving adult to assist me, and therefore maybe the planet, out of this situation. I’m writing to request that you send me the name of a responsible TVC contact-person in Houston that I can write to to report when I notice suspicious-seeming LURE-type activities around my little, old self, as just occurred in late December.

It is a complex situation, involving everything. Recently I’d kept seeing helicopters overhead as I walked toward the local library branch so I can use their computers for keeping my blog-attempt to reach responsibly-behaving people and then I looked up TVC and see that in Houston you work out at the heliport at the DeBakey VAMC. Then I noticed that the CEO of the nearby Space Center looks similar to 2 or 3 of the suspicious-seeming types around me at the little local library and I’m always without any real-life adult type around. I put down what I can but it’s alot; http://www.

The system twists my attempt to collect and organize my research-on-all-this findings to its own “Armageddon” purposes, — making me the most unfortunate person that’s ever lived, really. One contact person for me in Houston might make all the difference. In the hand-written note I’d forgotten the part where I generally offer 10% of future-profit from this Universe rescue-attempt to any person or group that assists me, yourselves included. Also I’m enclosing copies of my recent letter to the Post Office’s Advocate, and it mentions an example-letter copy I’d sent them so I’m enclosing a copy of that for you also.  My email is, or I could be texted at (202) 459-8618, and of course  Ms. Eveline in Houston would call me if your office responded by mail.

Sincerely yours, Kathy Foshay