Fraud-family explication for P&G

The only way it could have gotten onto there is if someone had purposely typed that in and then I look over and the guy at the next terminal here is one of those fraud-parent-faced stereotypes, which generally terrifies me but then the situation was to give me the impression that it was one of those who follows all my computer work and had typed that in. (Of course it could always be a mind game by some “Babar” or other stereotype to cause me to suspect those, etc.) I doubt I could make the “Twilight Zone” or “Alfred Hitchcock Show” science-fiction horror of that onto real life situation clear to too much of anyone, that it’s the worst or one of the worst kinds of violated feelings and is in addition to all the other ones, that those things skulk all around underneath wherever I am all the time, etc. This subject goes on and on and the system seems to have added a bunch of new characters or some such in addition to all the years of this horror and this horror isn’t actually the Armageddon that I’m talking about, it’s nearly a coincidental example of what the system is doing all over the place, that this could be happening to a person without it’s also being the book of the Revelation’s Armageddon-gimmick, spinning off of me, where these system-“magicians” are always trying to “explode” off of what they’re doing to me onto the larger world, extrapolate from this microcosm to their macrocosm. I’ll be trying to continue to improve this blogsite so that whenever anyone from your company, from one day to a next, looks at the site it might be slightly better each time, and I’d be happy to take suggestions, perhaps even through the Comments section that could be done because the big company would be some safety-cover for that.

Then I’ll have to try to describe this additional difficulty of the fraud-family: and also all of the “French Connection” material, that in 1962 as a 6-year old I’d been indirectly involved in that, which was really a Brooklyn and Bronx scam, etc., about the brain-serum trafficking industry.