PG Letter

(old) P&G letter practice, 41 pages

Kathleen Foshay, (unsafe mailing address deleted here) Washington, DC 20005 (mail only, please!) because of the LURE, gmail address here

PG Co., 1 Procter & Gamble Plaza, P.O. Box 599, Cincinnati, OH 45202-0599, phone number and an email I’d tried once; April 7, 2017 (page 1 of 41.)Dear Procter & Gamble,

I’d likely only heard about the “Revelation” prophecies because of some to-do over your logo in 1979-80 new stories but I’ve wound up at the bottom of how it’s gotten sneaked-through and realize it’s bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and am unable to find any way to get out of this situation but if I could it could conceivably rescue the universe from gratuitous unending loss and sadism-misery and regain eternity for us humans.

After decades of this sneaky “Armageddon Program” invisible-warfare off of tiny me the unprovable underworld-system had me tricked out to Maryland where I got hit by a car, the alleged driver’s insurance company being Cincinnati Insurance, and I’m writing in hope that your company would request that that company would get some restitution to me because I’m the only one in the position to be trying to prevent the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and I could quietly go to the library at Smith College to read and explain the papers of my predecessor as the “Armageddon Program” victim. Please review my whole blogsite at [You might skip these to page 4.]

p. 2 of 41; I left this black to be filled in when the whole letter was about finished but I’m still working on the letter. The top picture was another mock-up like your logo and the bottom one from the Encyclopedia Britannica’s macro-article on the brain, me figuring that that large scar-looking “Sylvian fissure” (a.k.a. left lateral suculus) where it looks as though there’s a mitten-like fold in the brain, is from the Prehistory accident-set I keep trying to explicate that the global/underworld-system’s inventors’ must have had and that there’s alot of damage behind that scar; like, our whole vocal-linguistics set, and what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with dependence on hallucinogens, that would get written up on this 2nd page, being a little too complicating to be about on the first page, because then I have to describe that the Autism-psychopathy had caused the extinction of the dinosaurs meant for this planet and our food and transportation requirements.p.3 of 41; Sylvian fissure Encyc. Britannica article enlargement. (To be filled in with the p.2 material.)

p.4 of 41; on of 2 registered letters I’d received from the Cincinnati Insurance Co., then my jotted notes from phone calls on this. 

Bad photography close-up of trying to show that those are 5 different company names on the letterhead, so that I’d felt this was a reliable business contacting me. The Cincinnati Insurance Company – The Cincinnati Indemnity Company – The Cincinnati Casualty Company – The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company – The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

p.5 of 41; In the same batch of mail I’d received this subpoena to appear in court, about 2 months hence by the time I’d received it.

p.6 of 41; State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Crash Report, p.1 of 5, received by me a year and a half after this car-hit of November 19, 2015 from Mr. (Joseph) Andress of the Cincinnati Insurance Company’s home office. [I was hit and laying one block south of there, that they must have staged that accident to cover up where I’d been hit.]

p.7 of 41; p.2 of the police report.

p.8 of 41; P.3 of 5 of the police report, with the information about me on it. forget this previous blurb: I think this is the 3rd page of the police report or the 4th, I don’t know why the other two weren’t put into this pdf except that they’re written on both sides and maybe I’d only had the one disorganized chance to make the pdf. This one I think is the Witnesses to the incident page, and they must have witnessed some other girl’s getting hit the one block north big intersection by the volunteer fire house. — That’s just a page about that I was the one hit. I can find the others.

p. 9 of 41; Computer print-out the homeless shelter receptionist had given me in July 2015 of the area and how to get to a bus.

p.10 of 41; And she gave me a print-out on how to walk to the library, very nearby.

p.11 of 41; This was in the same mail-batch that she’d brought to me in February 2016, a print-out on the hospital bill through Dec. 2015, me not discharged until February 10, 2016 to the skilled nursing facility near the car-hit site and homeless shelter.

p.12 of 41; In May I’d wound up back in Washington and this Washington Legal Clinic made a weekly trip to the homeless day-shelter but they never did anything to speak of to assist me in any way. I’ll have to pause to take a close look to transcribe that first pro-bono volunteer’s writing to transcribe the little notes.

p.13 of 41; P.1 of a first 5-page letter to Maryland’s local State Attorney in Rockville, August 2016. Basically it says, State Attorney’s Office, I was hit by a car in Kensington on 11/19/15 and received 2 letters from the Cincinnati Insurance Companies and a subpoena to be at 191 East Jefferson Street District Court on 4/25/16 for State vs. Bartley but the State Prosecutor Ms. Jennifer Harrison and her Asst. Iten Naguid said that the wording in the charge had to be changed from stop to yield, for a pedestrian, me being the pedestrian, and to call them to find out the new court date but on 7/20 Ms. Harrison left a message saying she was no longer with the District Court and to just send a letter to the 5th floor regarding (this and) my request for a Witness Protection. I hope you will send me something/anything by return mail.
  I have the worst situation; the system lifetime-using me as an unawares LURE-bait for what is bringing gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I’m finally realizing that Columbia and Colombia are mixed up in this District, that had tricked me out to Maryland. 

p.14 of 41; p.2 of 5 of my first letter to the Maryland State Attorney’s office, this page an enlargement of the photo I’d found in a 1969 book-account of the 1969 narcotics bust-set in Brooklyn in the Bronx that was used to make the 1970-71 film “The French Connection,” where finding the book in 2014 I’d noticed that that person marked figure #6 on the far right was actually what I came to call my “fraud-parent,” the photo taken in the Bronx near where I’d grown up, was 6 years old at the time and had been used for playing with those suitcases as though that had put some lucky charm on them to disguise that “the Brooklyn and Bronx-French Connection” was really about hiding the trafficking of brain-serum behind and camouflaged by the conspicuous white-powder “heroin” the incident is claimed to have been about, where really it was far worse than as though only the heroin part of that same industry, the brain-serum and its trafficking, that I’m always trying to get assistance about while it’s still using me as a “good luck charm” for its global self. Etc. (The photo doesn’t have a specific attribution for who the photographer was; the whole incident was a ritual for expanding the brain-serum trafficking industry to what it is today. I wrote to the publisher and my use of the material falls under the general Fair Use. provisions.)

On the page I’m trying to point out that the bust, at 1171 Bryant Avenue in the Bronx (now transformed to some development I think,) photograph says that figure #6 on the far right is N.Y. narcotics agent Ben Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald was a Federal Bureau of Narcotics employee and this is just a trick-photograph where my fraud-parent had been made up to look like Fitzgerald or vice-versa, me finally locating a photo of Fitzgerald in a 2004 book on the narcotics back then subject, (The Strength of the Wolf, by David Valentine. I think it was published on account of that I’d visited that area of the Bronx in April 2004.) On this page I wrote that, I used to play with those (3) “French Connection” suitcases; they’re likely still in public storage. Figure #6 is my double-life “fraud-parent” and figure #1 has the high-functioning Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy I’ve written hundreds of letters explaining is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, like Lenny Bruce. Then an arrow to that quote alleged to be by Lenny Bruce, in a 2006 book, “Divine Madness,” by Jeffrey Kotter: “We are living in a degenerate, debauched society,” the comedian announced to begin the show… “And I’m one of the huge cornerstones in the second tower of Babel that we of Satan’s growing army are building.” Kotter’s book attributes the quote to a book by Bruce’s daughter Kitty Bruce but I looked all through that book/magazine and couldn’t find it anywhere. I think that he probably had said that and probably alot worse also but the system “1984”-style seems to change whatever they feel like having covered up about, stealthily but routinely.

p.15 of 41; p.3 of the letter to the State Attorney: Collage I tried to make about the connection between phonied-up psychiatry and the “charity character” of the Mother Teresa figure. I really think that the figures are from the same genetic family as Lenny Bruce, born 1925 on Long Island, then was, and that, like him, most of the time it was a male actually under the long garb, and that the identity had been taken from a lady/sister that had been of the stereotype of like the child on the left in the juvenile book cover drawn and or painted illustration. I was staying at a Mother Teresa charity facility after the hospital and then the skilled nursing facility after the car-hit. I left because I had to go to the court date in Rockville and it became obvious nobody was going to help me to get there and I felt like an escapee and started looking for a regular shelter but I’m only used as this LURE wherever I go and that’s what’d happened, till early 2018 I’d been able to get started on retirement-social security and have been in 5 different states this year but still looking for any sort of assistance, etc.

p.16 of 41; p.4 of the 5-page letter to the State Attorney office. The note in the inset on the right of the figure’s head says, Bishop Thomas Shahan, d. 1932, rector of Catholic University and founder of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and Catholic Charities co-founder. (I since found out he was the founder of Catholic Charities, born 1857. I’ve been collected material on this stereotype and it seems they’d authored that book of “Revelation” and everything’s just been a big scam onto the earth since.) Then I wrote the page: My fraud-parent must have been a skull-cracker all along and that “French Connection” incident a ritual to disguise trafficking of “LSD” brain-serum behind the conspicuous powders. The underground generational-slave system used reproductive matter from all different people in that Bronx birth-family I’m from but especially from that fraud-parent, that creates like a “faux-population” front out here, covering up what reality is like. In Kensington those “offspring-descendants” or “real children” of the fraud-parent virtual stranger were as running around with similar people from (this) Bishop Shahan and one of the “tricks” played on me was a ritual that led to the car-hit and I’ve been “like incarcerated” since: 1st — that skips the accident part, that I have no one to talk to in all this time. There are alot of parallels to that 1987 scandal about the NY girl named Tawana Brawley, — and then Ms. Harrison and Ms. Naguib in court looked like 2 of the people that worked down the street from that area, near where the fraud-parent is(,too). I went from a light “tap” that only caused me to fall down on 11/19/15 to waking on 11/26 all beat up and only thankful my mental faculties seemed intact, or okay. I spent 11 weeks in Suburban Hospital, a month in Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and then 6 weeks with “Mother” Teresa’s group here, (continued next page,)

p.17 of 41; p.5 of 5 to the State Attorney: (continued,) and now I’m stranded in a shelter also run by Catholic Charities, which had also run for 5 years the (2nd and D Sts., NW,) shelter I was stuck in from 2005-2015, till running it was transferred to some other peculiar group as this “Armageddon Show” has been running off of me behind my back my whole unawares life. I’ve run out of time for finishing this letter properly and I can’t really afford to mail it yet either. I put this illustration on this page because Mr. Bartley’s Cincinnati’s Insurance Companies had sent me some mail early on and it’s possible the car-hit came from a letter I’d sent some bill-collector in Cincinnati and maybe Procter & Gamble was trying to find some way to look into what I’m trying to get across in the hundreds of letters I’ve written to people about this Prehistoric-descended Autism’s bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I can only try to get a more specific address or name of a person to address this business to from Ms. Harrison for right now! Sincerely, Kathy Foshay and email/gmail address.

p.18 of 41; Later I was able to put a photo of the Bishop (Archbishop later I think) Shahan and “666” Aleister Crowley together. (Bishop Shahan 1857-1932; Aleister Crowley “666” 1875- 1947) is underneath their photos. I don’t think there would actually be any public domain photos of Bishop Shahan now that I think of it, the system always guarding all its secrets carefully. This spate of phony hospitalizations I’m still in had started in 2014 and a Recreational Therapist had gotten me the photos off of the internet which I’d about never been allowed on. It isn’t actually safe for me not to have any responsible adult around and be having to send off letters like these, it might be an excuse-ploy by the system for taking computer use away from all the “normal” people as the system just sits on and watches anything I do and uses me for the “Armageddon LURE” by which they’re in so much power now, etc. Their alleged birth and death dates are on the page and maybe the bishop had “fathered” the 666 and it’s also looking like the first picture of this ancestry might have been the 1432 “Ghent Altarpiece” in Belgium, what I call the “Pill-grim boy,” then down on through the centuries the stereotype self-mass-reproducers from disembodied ovaries have been doing alot of the artwork and the face is lots of places and especially here in Houston where I’ve wound up in 2018 so far. Saw one in the rooming house next to me and one on the bus the other day….

p.19 of 41

On this page 19 I’d written: I found this in a 1980s Anger-management hand-out set, where an unawares wife tells her husband to make a complaint for her, but he’s stuck with the secret underground where complaints aren’t taken, so he feels like an imbecile for trying. (That’s also how my letters have all been being used! 4/3/17- KFoshay) — Now I’m calling the threatening figure the “Shahan-666-Pill-grim boy” -type, but also I’m starting to realize that there was a neighbor who’d been of the sort depicted back during the 1962 “French Connection” time, the spouse of an equally peculiar lady, that the pair must have been a big Armageddon-curse onto probably the whole birth-family I was in, not just me. Below now I tried to describe this “fraud-parent and fraud-family” horror birth-situation:

p.20 of 41Above, the first 3 figures represent fraud-family I’d grown up with and now have all kinds of Armageddon-difficulties from, and the 4 figure is what I figure “the Autists” mostly are, taken from an original, circa 1939, book cover from John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” the George and Lenny duo, Lenny, on the left there, the big guy, like a fraud-uncle type.

p.21 of 41Above if this little ^ photo from “WITSEC,” a 2002 account by Pete Earley on the Federal Witness Protection Program, me trying to describe that it had been infiltrated by these “Armageddon-stereotypes” including like the fraud-parent I’d gotten, and the larger illustration is a typical example of the mass-reproducing of the fraud-parent that the system has been doing all these decades and centuries on back, with these 2 examples both looking like the fraud-parent and the nurse/doctor being from some other big mass-reproduced type that’s likely also in this “Armageddon Program” off of me.p.22 of 41Here the guy in the middle, the “DMC” of Run-DMC rap group, looks also to likely have actually been a bio-product, excuse me for having to mention living people all the time as I’m constantly “pressed” to have to do these “emergency” note-makings, but the guy in the middle might really be from the fraud-parent, then the guy on the right was assassinated right when I’d left Washington, DC and had had to go to their neighborhood because that’s where my bank’s branch happened to be, there was a big funeral that twice I’d gotten a little mixed-in with, a total stranger to the area, but then also I’d recently folded the page to see how I might be able to reduce the amount of paper I have to carry around homeless with me and I noticed that both Run, the pastor on the left, and Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell, d. October 2002, look alike, when that photo discludes the middle figure those 2 look alike, had surprised me. Their neighborhood is right in walking distance from the new president’s old neighborhood, in Queens.p.23 of 41And then I suspect that the “fraud-parent” I’d gotten’s lineage might have come from this Siamese Rama VI, Vajiravudh, d. 1925 (allegedly.) I’d started trying to look into this phonied-up royalty but this Armageddon invisible-torture doesn’t let me look into much, I’m just used as its gimmick and couldn’t get too far with this but all of the Rama kings seem to have been mass-reproduced for big people then all over the place. Rama V was one of these “Jomon” I call the main perpetrators that “champion” the Autists, Rama V being named Chulalongkorn, maybe the major figure in Siamese history and the father of Siamese photography from the 19th-20th century, him in the picture second from the left. His contemporaries were like Nicholas II of Russia and Leonard Huxley the parent of then that geneticist named Leonard and the phony Aldous “Brave New World,” 1932, Huxley.p.24 of 41This is my hand-drawn map of the neighborhood we’d moved to November 1, 1963 from the “French Connection” first neighborhood I’d lived in in the Bronx. I’m trying to describe that there was likely an early version of this LURE going on all along there, that the neighborhood had just had that big Cardinal Spellman (Roman Catholic private) High School built, still during Francis Cardinal Spellman’s lifetime, and then that 11-building project just above the boy on the left’s head, that I’m trying to point out there, that that is the building I’d then lived in till I joined the Army in 1973. The photo of the 2 guys is from a biography on the circa 2000 assassinated Afghanistani named Massoud and is from his friend on our right named Kahlil Massood, me having not any other way to describe that my “given” first boyfriend had looked like Massoud a little and he’d had a relative that looked a little like Kahlil and that they were, in retrospect it’s obvious now, some part of the set-up onto me and likely for the whole Armageddon or some big part of it but definitely for the LURE because the boyfriend with who I actually didn’t have anything in common, he rarely said anything, his name was/is Cesar Romero and I believe the system uses that syllable-set to hallucino-mean “Seize her Romeo” as the LURE works that way, attracts unsuspecting normal guys to an underground “episode” of this Armageddon business and gets them worked up until they are cornered and disappeared and then also there was a new fast-food hamburgers place that had opened on the other side of Cesar and Kahlil’s house, the LURE say tricking people from the older housing project on the left past that school where the girls all wore fancy “belle-like” pastel dresses and past the housing project I was in and Cesar’s house and then down to Boston Post Road where the new hamburger-place was that I’d then gotten my (cursed) first job at.p.25 of 41I’d have to look at the pdf to be able to read the print on these photos of the pages but my point here is that “the director” of this “Armageddon/-Show/-Program” and likely the -making of itself seems to come from this type depicted in our National Gallery of Art in Washington, on the Mall, in gallery 48, the “Man In Oriental Costume” or “The Turk” as it had been titled when Andrew Mellon had the NGA built and this one of the installed pieces, that when, in 2006,  a Catholic Charities social worker asked me what this Armageddon Show seemed to come from I’d recently seen this portrait and went back and checked it and decided that that’s as close as I’ve seen a picture of the “director” type as I could find, where you can’t just go and get a too-contemporary photo of a religious figure or anyone to show around as being what it looks like that this “Armageddon Show” all over me invisibly comes from, that is the closest I can find or give an example of it as being like, still is. Then I trace it back to the 1432 “Ghent Altarpiece’s” St. Christopher figure that’s in black and white only 3 pages below but has a big red cloak on and I’ll put an example of that also soon, but then I trace the type as much as I can and am stressing that they’re running the world like one of their hybrids of themselves, James A. Bailey, had been running the circus, and Bailey had bought property in Mt. Vernon just above the Bronx so he was always commuting through the Bronx on his way to Madison Square Garden, as an example of how this global-system had built this situation that I’ve wound up in and at the bottom of. Similar is this below WPA photo of the Bronx’s Bathgate Avenue Market, that this fraud-family that I was born into had lived on Bathgate Avenue through the 1930s and I’m sure it’s all connected up into this near-the-Bronx-Zoo circus situation that this Armageddon-making is or was like, that it’s like nothing except all toilet-level mentality really, like gutter-circus off of me all these years of this.p.26 of 41, I’ll try to improve the quality of that a little and maybe also with this contemporary picture, that this “Everyman” or “Everyman With a Briefcase” was just recently installed at the corner of 7th and G Streets, NW in Washington, DC, outside the National Portrait Gallery, which seems such a peculiar place that I never tried to look inside of it, it only opening or re-opening not that long ago, maybe 2009, and then this 26′ statue installed maybe in 2016, clearly looking like a Hasidic Jew to me, as with that above market. I think I’ll try to put in a color example of this, but this was the first copy of it I was able to get.

Everyman #3,###,###, “Man with Briefcase,” 1987-88, Cor-Ten steel, by Jonathan Borofsky, (1942-,) Amithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Thelma and Melvin Lenkin and Julie Walters and Sam Rose in honor of Elizabeth Broun, Director from 1989 to 2016, 2016.48

p.27 of 41; I’m trying to point out that all these guys are of the same multi-mass-stereotyped “Jomon” type of people who somehow do most of this Armageddon, me figuring they do it for “the people with the Autism” but maybe they are the Autism more than any others anymore. The father of petroleum here, Edwin Drake, is a big example of how we got into this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION by the Autists’ petroleum-obsession, that all their transportation and plastics come from the petroleum’s decomposing of us, and that’s handled for them mainly by this nuts kind I’m calling the islander “Jomon” primitives.p.28 of 41; In the above collage the little “Autist” boy is the unbearded one^ above, about the 3rd in from the right right there, a color version to be included. Below: a drawing allegedly by the Siamese Rama VI Vajiravudh of what I’m saying is one of the “Jomon” types that do most of the hallucino-thinking up of how to run the system for the Autists, Vajiravudh being like a Frankenstein-made strong-arm for the Autists, like I also figure the fraud-parent is, this drawing being of how the Jomon run the transport systems for the Autist-system. — I can only try to include the book and photo credits as I take closer looks at the notes later.p.29 of 41, Also there’s the small picture of early psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler, towards phony psychiatry’s part into all of this extinction-directed course we’re on (to my findings.)

p.30 of 41

The subject of the Rockefellers’ petroleum business and then that JD Rockefeller3, d. July 1978, that photo just above here taken in San Francisco’s Fine Arts Museum shortly after I’d moved to there after the Army discharge, this from the large book on his donation of art being press released about there with Deputy Mayor Dianne Feinstein on the left here and on the far right is pictured Mayor Moscone but then he was assassinated that November, followed by the Jonestown Massacre of many San Franciscans in Guyana. I believe there’s some complete connection between me moving to San Francisco early that January and then this large donation and then the 2 multi-tragedies, as this Jomon-system underworld gimmicks then off of my having escaped from the fraud-family in the Bronx, that they extemporize this “Armageddon (Art) Show” off of me, because they are devoid of actual basis beyond their persistence in doing this world-takeover. I’ll fill in the citations on the 2 pictures, the 1890 cartoon inferring that Rockefeller’s oil business was controlling Washington already back then. Then I’m inferring that the 2 tragedies came from persistence in trying to control everything for the world-takeover that is actually baseless, hasn’t any connection to reality, that they’re just brain-eating addicted developmentally disabled peoples, a consortium of those types, are only criminals anymore. — Below I’m trying to describe that I guess at that Washington DC’s “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry might likely have been descended from John Carroll, and that Carroll’s type has never seemed like anything but a captive-victim to me except that some of the more contemporary “bio-descendants” seem as Autist anymore as the Autists. [Carroll’s picture is too dark here.]— This Obadiah B. Brown on the bottom right is one of the biggest figures, that I think came from Carroll, for disseminating then the Baptist belief-set, starting from in Wash., DC. p.31 of 41.

p.32 of 41; I drew this map while in the hospital after the car-hit to try to describe that I think the world’s difficulties and total planet extinction all come only from that first errant forcing their way over Beringia, that all bad things derive from that act of “free will” despite all nature’s attempts to keep the early people back. I’m run out of time for today right now so I’ll have to close-up trying to fill all this in for today. Below then is a photo of Robert Gates when he was Secy. of Defense, there in Afghanistan, there I guess because I’m worried where he was leading people; I’d written to him as one of the first I’d tried to reach when I’d gotten stranded in Washington and started researching.

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Page 34 of 41 here I’d included for an example on dislike of normal spirit-life that the Autists have; from an autobiographical memoir by film director Josef von Sternberg, 1965; it says: “The Orientals believe that the air, like a cave full of bats, overflows with a swarm of demons and evil spirits who swoop down on humans to plague them, and entire complex systems of theologies are based on trying to open some spiritual umbrella to keep from being pelted.”p.34 of 41

Page 35 of 41, below. I put the quote from Revelation 19:11 about the Rider on the White Horse because to me that just turned out to be like the circus performers, they feel good being stars on fancy horses, feel powerful, their Armageddon. Below that is an example from maybe anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon’s photographs of the Yanomani in his account, “Yanomamo: The Fierce People,” 1968, but I’d have to try to check my notes, see what if anything is still on the back of my copy of this illustration, me feeling that the Yanomamo are a typical “tribe” of Autist people and they’ve been planted to grow and claim about everywhere. My writing on the page taken out of its specific original letter says: The system is really as simplistic as that, mostly has holding children hostage as its terra firma basis, works off of that but for thousands of years of the repeated same few sneaky patterns like that.

The “Rider on the White Horse” in Rev. 19:11+ was likely the author of the book of Revelation, and that book attracted the gospels and the rest of those books, all geared to this Autists’ takeover that I’ve wound up at the bottom of, but their system has been in the making for thousands of years and it’s fixed that they appear to be only relatively-innocent bystanders, like these Amazonian headhunters pictured below. The system-base is under Siber-Mongolia and they took rivers to the Arctic seas and invaded Europe from the north down, sneak-infiltrating and grabbing and decapitating everyone and we can’t argue with (insane) Autist decapitators so we’ve wound up with this complex-seeming civilization, and I’m alone in trying to get us out of the predictable end of sadistic-parasitism, which I call TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, and got tricked out to a shelter in Maryland and (lightly)

— I wish a human adult could experience this feces they’re doing to my skull as I’m trying to type this old business, virtually the same thing any day it is and they’ve got these “Perils of Pauline” suckers all over my head as though a railroad train is headed for me before I can finish typing this and the place I’m sitting in has got foreign language voices suddenly talking excited-seeming when it’s just their normal way but to my ears sitting here being sucked the system is fake-creating like this is some sort of an abnormal emergency when I’ve been living this way every day for over 25 years now, every day b.s., they’re sucking my head as though that could somehow materialize PG to run over to this library and scoop me up or throw some money-funds at me to get me out of this today right now before the train hits me. I never can guess what if anything the undergrounds where I am are LURE-perpetrating but this place is nearly empty as usual wherever I go as though the people all go underground to some audience-area somehow or what, and this is the sneak-way they’ve been doing that Revelation-Armageddon off of me since 1992-93 and back to the early ’60s or what, the brain-eating “mind readers” have been doing this all along to me. Get off of me.

— and (lightly) hit by a car and woke up in a hospital with all kinds of damages and no change in being used as a LURE-gimmick for those headhunters-genes’ Armageddon world-takeover, which is going to leave eternity alone forever, the Earth to garbage.p.35 of 41

Page 36 of the 41 has 2 photos from when Marion Barry had first been running for and been elected to Mayor of DC, but I’m trying to point out the small-sized guy, right here with a gray jacket on in the back of the room:p.36 of 41 — and here on the far right of this photo. Whoever that person is had some big hold or influence over Marion Barry, more or less thereby running the DC of Washington, DC. I wasn’t able to do anything about looking into the one little “clue” I’d found as to who he might be but then I’d run into the similar-type husband of singer Pearl Bailey whose family was longtime from Washington. But I can’t find anyone to go over these diffused materials with me and it all borders on legal or worse difficulties to try to discuss them by myself like this.

p.37 of 41 —  I can’t trace whose illustration this is. I’ve finally got a little bit of time on computer to be able to try to look it up and somehow I can’t pinpoint which issue of The Atlantic magazine I’d found this in. I’d thought it was a cover story and that that would make it easy to trace but I haven’t found it in going through all their cover stories from 2012-2015 and even in 2016 I think I’d been able to call up and look them over. Then I’d tacked this little map of what the trek over Prehistoric Beringia would have been like to the bottom of this “Energy” -obsession illustration, fast, fast, fast, speed, speed, speed because the 14,000 mile walk from one nice climate to nice climate on the other side of the trek would have taken around a lifetime for all the getting-lost that people must have been doing, is where I figure this “frozen Autism” for decapitating people had been developed from, off of the obsession for making the trip more and more quickly, wanting the petroleum for speed, but they’ve been everywhere now and they have to get over the Autism or they’ll extinct us.

Page 38 of 41 below is a circa 1933 portrait of the laboratory crew of Florence Sabin’s at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. I am still trying to research this subject. Here I’d written along the side and underneath, I want to use the settlement fund for going up to Smith College to read Florence Sabin’s old letters to her sister and that might help toward getting all of life’s difficulties quietly straightened out. (photo from Judith Kronstadt’s biography, on Sabin.) All these “magic show” tricks that are played on me previously had been worked-out by pulling them on Dr. Sabin and are all tied-into this Armageddon by a people with unrecognized Prehistoric-descended Autism and addiction-abuse that’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.p.38 of 41 It took me to turn 62 and get retirement-social security going and then, more or less 3 hospitalizations and 30 days in a rest home just to be able to spend 2 days with Sabin’s papers and I’m still working on getting copies for better looks at them and it led to 2 hospitalizations in Denver to try to follow-up on a “lead” I’d gotten for more of the Sabin materials, and then I’ve wound up down in Houston trying to stay with following-up on this business and on the surface there isn’t really anything but that was 5 hospitalizations between me and a tiny peek at some of the materials, that it might be way worse than imaginable as back circa 1930 and before the system had had alot of self-confidence that they’d soon be ruling everyone from space, were maybe more virulent than we realize and maybe the letters I’ve been able to look at were before some system identity-replacement, maybe not.

Below here is a small bus map from a DC transit company, DC Circulator. I wrote, On this small bus map I marked the 3 places I’m stranded in plus #4 is the 2nd and D Sts., NW, shelter-complex I was in from 2005-15, walking to #1, the main library at 9th and G Streets, NW, virtually each day.p.39 of 41 Continued; #2 = 14th and N Streets, NW, women’s day-shelter, #3 the shelter at DC General, Massachusetts Avenue, SE. I have to get myself and this “Armageddon Show” out of this triangle of LURE-sites! Please try to get a battered women’s shelter space okayed for me.Page 40 of 41, substitute for the black and white copy, with credits filed under: illustration from Wade Pickren’s 2014 “The Psychology Book;” the little-print caption reads, on the left, (PD) photo of Dr. Leo Kanner, and above, The autism awareness ribbon dislays colored puzzle pieces, reflecting the complexity of the autism spectrum disorder. Then my caption reads, Black hair from anger and confusion at being longlost in Paleo-America is Autism’s main sign and symptom, so conspicuous that the world’s been turned upside-down to keep that covered-up. Dr. Kanner was Jewish from Autist-enslaved Berlin set-up. Then I just found this now, its little credits so far under that same Kanner file link: Image result for dr. leo kanner

p.41 of 41; I’d left this page blank for closing remarks.

2/13/19, Wednesday

Besides that I’m going to be trying to improve anything, including maybe this letter-set, on the blogsite so that if P&G isn’t satisfied with it yet I’m likely still requiring assistance in six months or any time down the course of events and hope someone would be checking back to see if the blog’s improved enough for you yet, and also, because I “wear” this sabotage on my head and brain however that’s machinery-been worked up, but it’s all with this “Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg” type of a devil solely looking for excuses to criticize me by, taking pieces out of context and deriding me and all of my “kind” which is anyone that’s of any normal-people’s sentience, that sabotage-set is likely to make some twisted big deal out of that I’m about simultaneously mailing a note to the lady who’d written the 1993 book about the company, that this negativity-being would twist that into some sort of a sabotage that I am or would be looking for difficulties for the company, and I’m never involved in any of these convoluted things, I’m only talking about reality. In reality I’m just a tiny little old lady by myself and she’s another female and nearly anyone could be of use to me and-or this real attempt for reality, it doesn’t have anything to do with petty thinking, just that she might be able to relate to some of this terrorism I’m always under. After I send this, try to get it sent and actually received by the person who’d said it would be okay nearly 2 years ago, then I’ll be trying to make a post or a file on this example of the typical sabotages that happen to me, one that has just occurred. And these post/files I’ve only been able to do so far this year are this conglomeration of whatever’s going on, they’re mishmash instead of organized writing on some particular subject or another, more a chronological journal that I’m calling “emergency-style” of writing, where I can’t pause to focus on anything in particular except what I’d set down to try to get done each day, and that could be improved by just anyone’s assistance for myself. All along, until 2008, it had been that any 14-year old kid with a decent allowance could have assisted me but then in 2008 I’d realized about the disembodied ovaries “method” of “growing” people as though we’re agriculture for brain-harvesting and that would have required assistance from an adult, to work on all this in general with me, and then in 2014 I’d put together about this close involvement with the “skull crackers” for that brain-harvesting and so it’s stayed where a kid couldn’t assist me but nearly any adult could or should be able to be of assistance with this situation because of its eventual end of TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION over nothing but some child-era errors in the course of human development. In my note to that lady I’d mentioned that I’m interested in material on Harley Procter and I’m trying to collect a stereotype-file on his stereotype, me thinking they’ve descended from wherever the Renaissance-character Bicci de Medici had come from, that that is a project I’m trying to work on now but I’m trying to work on all different aspects of all this dead-end course and nothing personal is meant toward P&G.