It says: (2017) Dear Procter and Gamble, I’d likely only heard about the “Revelation” prophecies because of some to-do over your logo in 1979-80 news stories but I’ve wound up at the bottom of how it’s gotten sneaked-through and realize it’s bringing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and am unable to find any way to get out of this situation 

… and so am trying to get your company to sponsor my blog. I got stuck with the lengthy title:

It’s real about the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, because the global-system is based on parasitisms; I think we could explain our way out of this and hope that the cleanliness-company could get interested in that effort.

Enclosed please find these links to my earlier efforts to describe this to your company: and

I think P&G’s assisting my blog a bit is a good idea considering the “sun, moon and stars” theme, because it’s turned out to be me that got stuck with that “role” from the Revelation Chapter 12. P&G’s assisting us all out of that “Armageddon/New Jerusalem” would enable it to use any space theme wanted in their logo or anything else. It’s a one time only opportunity to get out of this Plan but I’ve been kept unable to find assistance all these years so far, as how it’s really been accomplished, “Moonbeamers.” I could make a little ad to sit discreetly at the top of the sidebar or in a corner of the footer like this:

Here’s a typical but personally spooky example, at the bottom of here:

polaroid 2019 02 06 20 43 44 bollocks

I don’t have any idea where that bottom line came from, “bollocks,” but I looked up the definition just now. When I took this image in my room, with low-quality camera off of a package of the Tide pods last night, I’d had to email it to the blog and then I came to the library computer and looked the next day and it has this additional bottom line to it, that — polaroid 2019… bollocks, writing.

There’s also a small aspect that during that circa-1980 time when I’d heard about the oddities of the Revelation book and related radio news I’d been a big fan of one of the soap operas, when the characters were trying to save the world from something called the “Ice Princess” and that situation of me watching some soap and being told scam world-saving stories in San Francisco could be purposely connected to hearing the P&G news, in set-up for the millennium time.

Then when I was trying to send a copy of this blogsite to P&G around 2 years ago there was that big “Vote Blue!” stockholders business going on and I briefly glanced at what that might be about and the person trying to get onto the board was from Brooklyn, and so is this “Armageddon Show” and then Program and then -making, Armageddon-making, off of me, the “Show” largely having started in Coney Island in Brooklyn in 1992 and then 1993, so I hadn’t wanted to have any part of getting this pseudo-reality and that “Think Blue” stock business getting mixed together and this to me is so difficult to explain that I could never defend myself if that Brooklyn person really did/does have any connection to that and this whole end-of-the-planet off of this what’s been being “show” off of my unawares self all these decades, back at least since 1962 for instance, plus all the ancestral historical goings-on that I can barely take guesses about.

When I finish the critique in the footer of the Blogsite, on the novel “Limitless,” about serotonin-based “smart pills,” I’m trying to go over the book of Revelation in the same detailed way for probably also then the footer of the blogsite. I’m doing the “Limitless” critique because it seems to be from the same underworld-loonies’ source as the Revelation and rampant secret “narcotics” industry, as with the whole “French Connection” difficulty that goes to all this that’s going on in real life and I’m sure is heading the planet for having to be “garbage-canned” because everything is so parasitic and unnatural, goes in the opposite direction of nature, etc. I’ll be working on trying to improve the site and these notes some little bit or another each day that I hope you will have someone stay tuned-in for further progress, etc. Thanks. Kathy Foshay,

Here’s another example, 3/2/19.