Global Gov’t Relations “Receptionist”

I did this wrong, forgot to mail it to you till too late on Thursday, 3/21. I hope you’d have some interest in this real Universe rescue business.

6 February 2019

Dear Receptionist,

Nearly two years ago I’d called your office and explained that I think it would be good if P&G sponsored my blog but I’m just a tiny person and can’t go through alot of paperwork and complexity, I have a unique situation, and you’d said you could look into passing it along to Cincinnati if I emailed it to you and it’s taken me all this time to get close to having things pulled together that much. In all that time I still can’t find anyone to discuss what they see when I try to send them a copy of the blog or an email with the URL, and sometimes I just mail the URL; meaning that I’m not sure if you’ll be seeing what I think I’m sending, if it will be a good enough or full enough or even a real view of the blogsite, but nor do I want you personally to get involved in this, I’d mentioned that it’s controversial/dangerous material and isn’t really safe for an individual to be reading, that that’s why I’m looking to a corporation’s assistance, and then P&G occurs to mind because that’s how I’d first heard of all the peculiarities of the Revelation and underworld with itself, back circa 1980.

Please see if you can forward this for me, maybe to the Public Relations department:


Kathleen Foshay

(202) 459-8618,

March 21, 2019, I just sent a gmail trying to explain all this.

I don’t think anyone’s listening anywhere let alone at P&G but after you’d said I could try sending a copy of the blog to you P&G had had that “Vote Blue” controversy and when I was ready to try to send you a copy of the blog I’d search-engined to see what “Vote Blue” was about and learning that it was about a person from Brooklyn made me feel worried that that was connected to this Armageddon-horror being perpetrated off of me and so I went back to trying to improve this, and I’ll go back to it again now. I hadn’t realized you were from the Global Government Relations department, are a lobbyist, I’d thought the telephone-answerer was a receptionist. Please excuse. Also, I’m so desperate that it would be simple for me to go to Cincinnati this summer if the company would like to get a look at me.