Nov. 2018 letter to the P.O.

— I moved the set of Letters I’ve Written over to the bottom of the Subjects category on the Navigation bar here, just to get them out of my way, and recent ones I’m still working on are here right now still:

Kathy Foshay (about new address; change of address card copy enclosed.)

Office of the Consumer Advocate, USPS, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC 20260
November 20, 2018

Dear USPS Office of the Consumer Advocate,

I am the most unfortunate person that’s ever lived. From 2005-2017 I distributed hundreds of letters all over Washington about this but I’m totally ignored.

The global-system underworld has been lifetime-using me, now 63, for how it’s accomplished the “Revelation” promise-threats.

I’m writing to you because there hasn’t been any safety for people who read about my situation and would like to contact to assist me.

I just got this new mailing address as I’d left Washington in February and arrived, homeless as usual, to here in Houston and the mailing address is one of the homeless veterans benefits, (me in the Army from 1973-76.)

However, this Armageddon-curse on me is all-encompassing from the underworld and I can’t yet distribute the address because people who’d want to assist me are “disappeared” as how the Revelation threat-promises have largely been being fulfilled, it isn’t safe to write to me and let the system see your address, methodology.

In 2015 I was able to start a blog: and I’m barely able to survive any longer and will soon be forced, with warnings, to give this new address as a way for people to be able to try to get some assistance through to me.

I would like to be able to get something started with your office so that people would be able to get through to me safely. It is a complicated situation.

I’ve been putting postal-related material on the sidebar, if someone could (please) take a look to see what I’m trying to do.

(page 2) I’m working on trying to explain that there’s a link between the late Michael E. DeBakey and the “Limitless” system-obsession for brain chemicals and when I get that material researched and posted I’ll be at the point of having to, with the warnings, post this new address for myself and probably have to begin distributing the URL in hope of getting attention to this system-problem of its secret addiction and obsession for more and more. I hope you’ll at least acknowledge this note. Sincerely,

Kathy Foshay, (202) 459-****, (voicemail,) UniverseRescue.*******;

Enc: Copy of the handwritten note to you, copy of my change of address card, and a copy of the first page of my first letter to DC’s  Inspector General to give you an idea of what these letters I’d distributed all over Washington looked like with that sort of a letterhead and usually some illustration-picture to try to get interest on the first page, usually about 5 pages on account of the 1-ounce postage. The rest of the pages to that letter can probably be found on the blog somewhere and then I’d followed up with at least 2 further letters to that IG of explications on all this but I virtually never receive responses even when providing an SASE: DC IG, 717 14th St., NW, fifth floor, WDC 20005, etc., August 27, 2016

Dear Inspector General (DW Lucas,) I don’t want to make my or the situation worse than it is but I’m writing to ask about protective custody for myself. I’ve been homeless here since 2005 and am at the shelter near the jail on the DC General Health Campus so maybe it would only be a move up this little valley.

Since 2005 I’ve been trying to explain by letters that I’m used in a LURE for fulfilling the book of Revelation prophecies and doing that will end in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as they were authored by someone/s with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains due to an accident-set of ancestors’ having forced their way across Beringia in futile quest to possess the sun and then accidentally extincting the dinosaurs that were meant for the future’s food and transportation by smashing the baby-eggs in over-zealous competition for the hallucinogen-laced baby-food mash that the adults brought back to the nests, where the travel-battered humans had found to camp (but wouldn’t leave when recovered). I’ve put this together from the many years that this “Armageddon Show” LURE has been being sneak-run off of myself, trying to figure where the problems are coming from, tracing them to that. (continued to 4 or 5 pages from there and then 2 follow-up letters to not any reply per the usual syndrome of this invisible and unprovable Armageddon done off of me.)