Ms. Y.

This was an attempt to re-create that “magic-” vanished email. It’s so difficult to get all of this into a nice form and I’d gone to make one trivial correction and the invisible parasite world pounced and must have juggled my fingers around or what they did but it vanished just like that it was gone, so last night I only got this far in trying to figure how I’d gotten all this the history of the world and my own little business into one concise paragraph. The first is the email’s subject line:

I don’t recall what I’d put here, Kathy Foshay would like to get to Sierra Vista it is now —

16 August, Dear Ms. Y., I’m the most unfortunate person in the world and have begun trying to write to the fort and learn about the area and noticed SV got its name because Ms. (Nola) Walker (in 1956) had lied about the vote (for a name) result, effecting to link the town to today’s computer industry capital, Mountain View, CA — Sierra Vista, AZ, like sister-cities, formed on the basis of a lie, and that’s endemic to the entire system, it’s founded on lies, lies and “#2.” This isn’t much like the nice, concise email that vanished this morning.
I’d gotten from computers that they’d stemmed from the work of Alex. G. Bell and families’ work but then that I think he was descended from (self-mass-reproducing psychoto-pschopath) Michelangelo in conspiracy with Raphael and da Vinci, maybe Perugino and a few others that had stereotyped successfully.
I don’t recall yet how I’d bridged from the subject of the lying modus operandi to the cover up of extinction of the dinosaurs by egg-smashing.
I’d mentioned that I think MI had moved (in 1971) to there because the space venture and moon landing results showed that the system was completely incorrect and they wanted to cover up and hide out.
I’d somehow gotten the history of the world and main points of my situation into just one paragraph that was probably under 350 words, wasn’t that long, keeping it short for an inconspicuous-type email, Sorry for the length; kf or Kathy Foshay probably I’d closed. The blog URL and that I’d put a link at the bottom of the second post were in there.
There’s a big/ huge new subject off of Fort Holabird but I didn’t take up space by alluding to it. I’ll jot it quick now because the LURE-torture is so horror-dangerous tonight: I’d read tt JD Salinger had been stationed there and in another research it came up in my reading that 2 or 3 assassins had had copies of Salinger’s novel Catcher In the Rye in their possession. Looking into Salinger it’s just one interconnected subject if how this system was built after another, especially that he looks like “son of Theodore Herzl,” the main force in establishing modern Israel — and we’re now in their “New Jerusalem,” particularly off of these 6 decades of all this “Armageddon” to and off of me tt I’m trying to write to get Huachuca’s assistance for getting out of this total extinction direction about.
I’d fitted in my age in the first sentence or so and that I’m homeless and nominally a veteran toward the end.
gg over this Salinger business it’s somehow come up about ergot and I’m thinking the system had grown it for murder-poison use and that led to all those measles and chicken pox occurrences from our evolution’s being in our brain and getting tapped to recall the past-lives experiences, with maybe poison ivy’s being added like a salve into the erypsilis sp. from the ergotism “measles.”

Aug. 17, Ergot came up because it’s the “Catcher in the Rye” novel and then author subject that’s new here. I have to get up from this library seat now somehow and go get it off of the shelf. Something “always” goes wrong if I leave my seat for any length of time….

Theodore Herzl, 1860-1904 allegedly –









— This is all messed up, that the wordprocessing program works differently sometimes and I can’t add the link to this, it already has or had had something.

I’m trying to put PD photos of Herzl and Salinger together but the link on this Herzl photo isn’t working, to show the citation that the Wiki/Creative Commons people put together and in the future anything I might be able to get worked up on these different link-files, etc.

19 August, I was trying to make a file on Pierre Salinger and the terminals all turned off and I haven’t anyone to mention that to, anywhere. (4:40pm.) — 20 August, these monsters are doing all kinds of pre-curses against my any good thing in Arizona.

I have to shrug it off and do my own work when I finally get to a terminal, and will go try to get some work on the blog done now. 5pm, now they turned off the terminal for not any other reason than a filthy trick I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

22 August, I don’t seem to be getting much done for myself so I’m going to experiment with trying to start a file here, but it’s unlikely to work, come to try to get started….

Kathleen J. Foshay; text or voicemail to (202) 459-8618

22 August 2019, Thursday

Dear M.,

So sorry to hear you haven’t sent those easy photos yet. I was thinking that maybe it has some connection to that Longfellow Avenue nightmare about a SpaghettiMan boogie-man you’d mentioned you used to have, similar to how my life has been plagued by these that I think had started there and followed me out of the Bronx that I’ve sent alot of copies of this portrait-photo of:

Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk, NGA, by either Flinck and-or Rembrandt, bought from the Hermitage by Andrew Mellon and donated to here circa 1934.

But now this has been so long that I’ve thought what the difficulty could be and recall that you’d worked for what Alexander Graham Bell had started and I’m in this planeticidists’ LURE-situation where I’ve found that he and his many self-mass-reproductions had been insane and descended from Michelangelo who’d descended from the general type on the left here. Here’s from Bell’s notebook:

from Bell’s notebook

Then he and his father-in-law had gone on also to found the National Geographic magazine and I’m uncovering that they’d been working for their own world-ownership, all those computers for instance coming from their families’ work projects, and also that his father-in-law and he and his partner Watson were descended from Michelangelo, Raphael and daVinci and that they’d used to get high on

from AG Bell’s notebook on the first successful transmission, him yelling for Watson.

(Alexander) Graham Bell (1847 Edinburgh – 1922 Nova Scotia,) circa 1879, 29 years old.

the off-limits material of other people’s brains, that “Limitless” theme I’m trying to explain that that being high made them feel but that after they’d gotten everybody to work on getting them to space and they see that there isn’t anything to get rich off of they didn’t quit this “Limitless” world-takeover self-importance and unnatural people-reproduction off of themselves, their “book of life” etc., Armageddon business-heads.

23 August, Ms. Y., I’m so sorry for having not anyone else I can try to communicate with, and I’m being bombarded by these sneaky devil-tricks right now in particular, always adding to the real-life unreal horror of what they’re doing to the planet after they’ve finished with what they’re doing to this human species. I just mailed a second gmail to say that I was mailing this and then I mailed this and now am putting this note, hoping it isn’t overloading total-stranger you. I’ll go back to trying to straighten out other things now, and will be trying to improve these pieces above here, this letter I’m being forced to have to explain all this to this fraud-sibling because this “devil” of the global-system is just rampaging all over me, apparently they’d always had “trending” type plans of causing dichotomy between me and those others of this fraud-family from the Bronx that the system had planned to use for “Armageddon” -making and it’s all absurd, indescribably dumb and nonexistant but it’s how the system always operates, the system’s modus operandi. The latest thing I’m learning is that that “Catcher In the Rye” author J.D. Salinger had been with “milint” but before that had been in Vienna and he and Theodore Herzl of the founding of that middle east state must have been closely-related and some duo in this phony “magic” that the system runs off of, etc., had done the world wars off of with that Adolf character, — and it’s too much to explain to strangers so I’ve started to try to reach “milint” there by you but time is running out for me because I’m all invisibly-tortured and can’t stand cold weather and it’s too cold for me alone like this in Houston, I have to go somewhere and it’s getting close while this “devil-magic” is sneak-battering me all around, and it’s Friday so I’ll be alone without any contact hopes for the weekend if I didn’t try to get something off to you and then them again or what today. I hope you manage to find this material and might send me a reply that you did at least find it. I nearly never hear from anyone unless it’s trouble-making for myself — so I’m always hoping to hear a human-type contact and haven’t so far, and that’s one of the points about that the system-core really is going to keep parasiting till the whole planet’s obliterated, with eternity then stuck like that, smithereened Earth and nothing much positive ever again.

Sept. 4, I’d guess you were back to office and missed the email and attempt to send the post that I’d done. I never know if anything’s ever reached anyone or what they think, if they see what I’m typing here or they get a system-dummied-up version. I’m trying to get somewhere with this letter to that fraud-sister because I still have to try to get a copy of the young photo of me, but I’m scared of this “Armageddon-director’s” hold on the 60-year old “girl,” fraud-sister, that this devil seems to control her thoughts to make them “ill” toward me, really, that I might die from trying to have contact with her because when I try to wind up sick then and it’s beyond the coincidence-range. Last Thursday night I was at a bus stop that’s at the smaller airport here, the local one, and a “girl” that looked like a “fraud-family type” sort of fixed on me and determinedly started walking like right into me if I didn’t move so I’d stepped aside and she looked like a “combo-bombo” — that the subject of this is even too disgusting for me to be able to write down about to a stranger, and I guess I recognized that she was some combo-bombo and she reached the bus stop sign where I had moved slightly away from and she just stood about three feet away and parallel with me just looking where the buses arrive from and it was so odd and hostile-affect, not any receptivity, just that determination as though I’m some negative force to be contended with, and there wasn’t any point to standing parallel without speaking or looking at each other, just like 2 statues or lions or what and I moved a few feet away again to lean against a railing and her bus came and she left, that was all, but there was that pre-informed about me sort of recognition and negativity toward me. I didn’t know if she really worked out at the airport and it was a coincidence or if she’d just been dropped off from a car to do that “scene.” Last Thursday, today’s Wednesday the 4th, Saturday was the 31 of August so it was the 29th of August, and it was pretty late, it was a horror-evening I’d just been through, around 10:30 by then. Nobody knows these “eerie” and freaky horrors go on all the time for me. The point is though that on Tuesday I’d been feeling really coming-down-with-something ill, had been scared I’d be getting sick and it was looking like I’d be okay after all when there was that sighting but it was still dependent, as with even right now today too it’s still like a touch-and-go sort of a trying to fend off the system’s determination to make me ill, that if I got sloppy and didn’t eat or sleep or bathe or keep my spirits up well enough the system might ambush-attack with illness-making that they do, are like sitting all around my holograph-image in their underground merely waiting for signs of vulnerability for them being able to get away with making me ill, but it does seem like it’s nearly totally gone again, — but, again, the point is that I’d heard from the fraud-sibling somewhat before the illness signs and worries had started up, she’d sent an email on the evening of my birthday so that I hadn’t seen it till the next day or 2 later, would have been I’d seen it on about the 15th of August, then maybe the following week I thought I was going to be being made sick, — I’d made some notes on it in the CW2 Nason2 file because I really thought I wouldn’t be able to get to the library, was going to be out sick for like a week it had seemed but I’d pulled out of it by about the 29th, but I’m still doing that coughing-up 2 or 3 times a day maybe, don’t feel like I’m free of that yet. Again, the point being that I’m not casual anymore about writing to that girl, she’s like some weirdo and scary total stranger that the system lets curse me, where the system I think does it in this bizarre phony “guardian angel” belief that Crowley had described as “Aiwass” as his guardian angel in 1904, all these excess mass-manufactured illicitly people being given made-up things to do, they have those watching the thoughts and acting upon their interpretation of unawares people like say that fraud-sibling. It was a big problem for me with the fraud-parent to where I’d had to write-beg for him not to have any negative thoughts about me because that seemed to be affecting me out here, I don’t offhand recall if it was the same illness or with the invisible-torture or its LURE in general or what but it got — it was about that he’d send me a little money and when it arrived in the mail as a money order for say fifty dollars I’d be beset by all kinds of horrors all over me, that that might have been part of it but that went with the territory, wasn’t the same thing as the “bad luck” that was sometimes following hearing from him, but now it seems like that’s the same thing as what’s happening with the fraud-sister so that I’m going to have to write-beg to her the same way to please not think negatively about myself because the underground picks up on it and sends — ill health, bad wishes, my way, so that I don’t even want to write to her but I honestly require to try to have that simple thing of my own to be able to show here, that there wasn’t anything wrong with me that the system then beset all over me, that picture being like a tandem with this “Kindergarten” photo of me I’d found in an encyclopedia, that’s credited to a Hebrew organization somehow, the whole thing just a horror. And this turns out to be how the system’s making what’s resulting in the end of the planet, they won’t update to modern findings that their thinking about the nature of things has been incorrect, — please quit turning people into petroleum, eating our brains made from ovaries stolen from us, all this horror that the earth really is in. The little photo would I think possibly make that a little easier to get across, that out of nowhere the system just latched onto my life as a front-gimmick for getting their Armageddon done, me just some unfortunate ordinary birth, etc. A normal kid though, and then their Armageddon-abuses started with that second photo, the Kindergarten one the few days after the one I’m trying to get hold of. I haven’t any idea why the girl has to behave abnormally to me. I’m so afraid of getting sick again and I don’t have any witnesses to that this “ridiculous” situation is being perpetrated. She’s an ostensibly normal little nobody citizen even better than I, because I’m only marginally any citizen, since I don’t have any money for tax-paying, and have this Jew riding my head every moment of my life that makes sure I get treated like the garbage of the earth and ignored, etc. I’m trying to gear-up for starting back in on trying to do that letter and will likely have to start fresh but with what’s above here as the notes I’ve got so far.