Ms. Gray

for March 8, 2019

Dear Ms. Gray,

I’m always disorganized. Did you get a mention that I’m a “ghost-prisoner,” so that I’m generally elated to hear from anyone, but these system-people seem intent on forcing the planet to extinction rather than their not owning it, and I’m collecting extensive evidence that they’re only always under the effects of “other people’s” serotonin, that over the centuries that has given them this “exponentially Limitless” self-love that doesn’t have any connection to reality except that they’re bringing reality to extinction, and always my explications go that, “and they’re doing it off of me,” off of longtime victimizing me. They’re so serious about their world-takeover that generally the only contacts that get through to me are people they figure they can use for their own purposes, and they mostly get their “magic drug” supply I guess from their petroleum-system obsession, me noticing that you aren’t too far from Gettysburg, if you realize that alot of the petroleum comes from decomposed people, the carbon going underground, and then I don’t know how much work YGS does for the Bonnier Group, that it must take alot for the Scandanavians to have been keeping themselves warm these centuries, me noticing that their founder had come from Bohemia, etc., for all the things I have to try to be careful of. I don’t give this URL to hardly anyone, really I’m looking to organize it for medical people, people in neurology, where the whole medical field and everything else is mostly with this system-lie world we’re in. The link to what I’d only gotten around to so far with the Popular Science, March 1939 World’s Fair article is:

Everything we have is part of this big crime by obscure Prehistory people and that 1939 NY World’s Fair has alot of evidence around what all the system was doing then that we’re getting to this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION situation that then I’m alone in still being trying to get assistance away from that’s happening, as they seem to just disappear people like water. My point is that they were totally incorrect about their space race business and that should have them slowing down for a re-assessment of what all their secrecy is doing, but honestly nothing has gotten through to anyone but the gone victims. These people I’m trying to show the Stereotypes business on the footer about keep everything covered up by force but it’s extremely delicate work as you can’t just call people criminals. I already got hit by a car once and have been hospitalized many times for this phony “COPD” inability to breathe, but I’ve got these modern-day stereotypes that are keeping me and the Prehistory and the Astronomy-business all covered up and think they’re going to inherit the earth for their efforts. Etc., sorry to burden you but obviously any notice of my business seems better than sitting in this “ghost-prisoner” silence that I’m in, except I don’t want hardly anyone to hear about this, don’t want the URL given out, don’t want any sudden publicity or phony mass-rush in any direction or another as that’s mainly the system modus operandi, LURING people like to mass-game-drives off of cliffs, into great pits, etc. I will try to work on those 6 pages of the pdf on the article but right now I really hardly am sure if I’m coming or going. Thanks. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay