MI library2

I’ll be trying to start this file soon….

All these things mentioned on this blog are all always going on at the same time, anything I’ve been able to get mentioned.

Today “the Jomon” monsters seem to be trying to make me feel hysterical. It’s a Friday, meaning that they’re working on their standard weekend LURE off of me. I don’t like to mention details like about the little place I’m renting because it only encourages the monsters to get mentioned more but there were “tricks” all day to make my nerves bad and then when I get here they sent the character that burps all the time to sit opposite me because that’s a big nerve-frayer. I changed my seat to next to instead of across from him and am afraid to look see who they’ve got on my other side now, so often that it’s one of the fraud-parent things, like I think one of plants at the bus stop was, etc., for that this has been 26 years of nonstop horror-bombardment.

I’m starting to suspect that I’d been “made from” maybe that Frank Olson guy that had allegedly died in 1953, that that’s why these brain-eaters as I call the brain-chemical ingesters, get away with just torturing me like this no matter what, that they’re also the suppliers for the government so it gets quietly okayed to keep doing this nonstop made-up filth to little nobody me, that maybe Olson had given his MK-Ultra employee okay to one of his’ also being used in the quest for the “Limitless” always being able to stay high off of the nonstop drug-supply for the future, but this all comes from what I’m trying to explain are “doo-doo heads,” the Jomon island-evolved developmentally disabled primitives run amok after they’d gotten “discovered” by the roving Autist invaders from prehistoric forcing their way over Beringia in futile quest to reach the sun, to touch it.

The animals are molesting me while I’m trying to type, with their brain-eating “Limitless!” intelligence, they know how to do that. They’re forcing us to extinction, nature can’t create for the sadists to exterminate more victims out of it.

I have to have a human to assist me with things like checking into that about Frank Olson’s possibly being the reason that this torture’s allowed to keep all contacts with any human away from me. I don’t know what they’re doing with that fraud-sibling I’ve got. I haven’t seen the “girl,” over sixty like I am, since 1990 but she’d seemed reasonable in saying last December that the fraud-parent had passed  and I’d asked her for a photo of myself that’s from either 1959 or 1960, — back when the fraud-parent had done this bit of telling me about the Edsel cars, me figuring that Edsel Ford and Frank Olson were genetically-linked and now this torture from/for the brain-eaters just goes on without any even hope for reasons I can’t figure, that this fraud-sister fraud-sibling hasn’t sent the copy of the little photo-set of me like she’d said she would and there’s been not any word from her, it’s this torture “directing” that she not reply to my letters asking why she hasn’t sent the photo, etc. I have to sign off for the day, left alone with this feces-torture crawling all over me, horror for not any natural anything, not any connection to reality for me to be bothered at all let alone like this all these decades. The system is parasites bringing the end of everything for “not any” reason, because I don’t like to use their lingo-words, etc.