MI library

3 August 2019, I sent Ms. Blaylock an email yesterday so I’m setting this up real quick as a dummy file till I get a chance to start filling it, having in the meantime also found some local contact-possibility, because I have got to get out of this filthy LURE. LUREs are subhuman to think of to do to other people, insane people had begun what I guess is considered to be some “system” of feeding themselves nowadays but it’s subhuman and heading the planet Earth for extinction, it is not ordinary or acceptable to be pulling, it is sick strategy, etc., and it’s just too disgusting for little me and I have to do something to get out of this filth situation as soon as I can, but in the meantime I’m always stranded always having to find additional “evidence” that these Autist-descendants are taking us to total planet extinction and I have all these other things to do, trying to clear this up right now so that I can get outside for a little break from this cold air conditioning. I have to leave this rented room in Houston because it’s too disgusting to live through this, that, every day, this horrible situation of me having not any human contact, just a bunch of silent “plants” only always the only ones around me, me just shuttling back and forth between a bed and a library, and I have to stay warm, I’m 64 years old and this invisible filth torture or invisible torture filth, the bums, the crime bums of garbage creating, this “Allen Ginsberg-type,” genotype, I have to get rid of this filth of themselves, and they and their global-system of part-players crank up the torture if it gets below sixty degrees, which means I can’t go to Arizona to be near maybe some responsibly-behaving person unless I have some sort of a contact on that end for me to go to because otherwise this torture will make me too ill to survive in a few months when the temperature drops there, which leaves me with only Florida that I could head toward and that’s looking like Miami would be the only place, things on its west coast not sounding too uncomplicated for me to try to get by in, like everywhere is a managed place anymore and they wouldn’t know what to make of my just-appearing where they live, so it looks like I’d be forced to go to Miami and be trying to get to Puerto Rico from there, either Sierra Vista or San Juan for the winter and I can barely walk or breathe through this torture when they feel like torturing me more, for their brain-eaters LURE. I’ll just leave this here for now in case anyone got me email and checks — now I recall I’d wanted to type what I’d first regular-mailed to Ms. Remus at the MIPB:

July 3, 2019, Dear Ms. Remus,

Please acknowledge receipt of this note.

I want to go to Sierra Vista because I’m all alone with how the system, which comes from insane people, is killing everything eventually.

It must have had a big entrenchment in the Bronx, NY, and followed me out when I’d joined the Army in 1973, then making a LURE-gimmick of hidden-camera pornography of me disguised under the Abscam scandal that I’m guessing now got mixed up into the Carter Administration’s Emergy crises, getting some sort of presidential approval so that I’m left in a ghost-prisonership like this all these decades, not any contact with anyone normal or useful to reality, the insane system heading us for TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION eventually out of all this. Please don’t make my situation worse but contact to assist me with this. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay (hand-copy with the envelope page (explaining that my envelopes are cursed, along with anything else that I try to do.))

When I got to Houston last year I’d brought this to the head librarian’s building’s front desk:

Oct. 2, 2018, Dear Dr. Lawson,

I’m the most-unfortunate person that’s ever lived and I recently moved to Houston and am library-dependent for computers and book-use. I’ve been trying to start and keep a blog: UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.wordpress.com. It’s describing that I’ve been lifetime-used by serotonin-dependents/addicts toward fulfilling those book of Revelation threats and that they came from an obscure people with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence and it appears to my findings that people like Mrs. Baldwin-Allen* and Jesse H. Jones are descendants of that Alpha & Omega Revelation book, it being odd like it is because of the excess hallucinogen. I’m positive that this global-system they’ve rigged for themselves is bringing us to (eventual) TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. I finally noticed the “Limitless/The Dark Fields” book and television show and will be trying to explain the system-problem through use of it.

I’m writing to you because they use me like a foil and wreck anywhere I go. I’m homeless and arranging for a mailing address tomorrow. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay (202) 459-8618, universerescue.attempt@gmail.com

*= 1805-1895, founder of Houston. Then they have a portrait in the library lobby that has donor Jesse H. Jones looking all different than he looks in biography photographs I noticed later. I’m unable to get a picture of that portrait though, feel it would be too conspicuous for me to take a cellphone photo because wherever I go this “Allen Ginsberg-type” or “Jomon” I’ve been calling them, throws Armageddon Program porno-entertainment off of my unawares self, that it’s all unprovable but has been going on so many decades now that it’s been obvious for a long time, and now I’ve noticed this 1996 “Infinite Jest” big novel has been part of the joke onto me, it’s central theme being allusion to the filth-pornography this Armageddon-Revelation has been being snuck-through by, etc.

In looking into this about that I’d lived on a Schieffelin Place in 1963 and your nearby Tombstone had been founded by a Schieffelin I noticed last night that their papers at Yale mention their mining interests in Montana (National Gold Mining Company/National Mining and Exploring Company, Scratch-Gravel Mining District, Sam Gaty Lode), and then that “Allen Ginsberg-type” paleontologist in the post 42 misc. illustration pages pdf, and looks somewhat like this early “alienist” psychiatrist,

Heinrich Schule younger.

is from and works in Montana. I can’t really find anything unusual about any of the Schieffelins’ work or finances but they worked for the British in the so-called revolution time and I’m trying to work up a description of how these people, like Schule on the left there, have “sucked up” and away spirit people, that that’s the catch about space, that spirits were living there but had to stay Earth-bound because of all this murder, then the sadism was all depressing and then these “Jomon” learned to make suction-vacuums and I believe that with those they’ve been sucking-up spirits into canisters like that, but, there’s a likelihood that they’d then “distilled” spirits into the alcohol drinks, and that’s the business that the Schieffelins seem to have wound up with but I don’t know how much underground-building they were ever into off of all that mining activity. Tombstone’s founder’s father had moved to Oregon. It seems likely that they were such system-plants that they’d gone to Oregon to “sew up” this continent from one end to the other by being spread out like that, most of the family in Pennsylvania, up toward the Finger Lakes, and the druggists in lower Manhattan, who then became the wines and spirits business of late.

August 4, 2019, 09:08 — This wasn’t supposed to Send but they’re all over me with the Armageddon Program and the button “somehow” got hit but only that beginning of the file I keep when there isn’t any other recourse had arrived at this blog, I’ll have to try to type the rest when I can get to a terminal again, etc:

4/7/19, get off of my private parts, get off of me.

4/14, Sunday, the torture’s beyond my control, all the underground tricks, screaming filthy siren when I took out this cellphone. I think it’s the set filthy phrase from last night or this morning, to make me hysterical, that the LURE business are all living off of me as the gimmick. It’s the “high holocaust” level of the nonstop intensity, vicious s”””-cap animals, vicious jew in general. maybe — I’ve seen one, sneaky terrorizing me w the tricks. — a horror of the frauds

11:30pm nonstop horror bombardment the anonymous torture is doing, all encrusted sickeningly and sucking — feces.

4/15, Mon. … I say to me that it isn’t the frauds faults that there are millions of them, as the torture is making a big production off of the oxygen-tank exchange, any gimmick. — That’s done and I’m still sitting outside, playing with cellphone and rubbed an eye before going back in and in the black of the rubbed eye instead of spark or star-looking lights or whatever when one is tired and does that there were/are these graffiti-looking bubble-type letter designs, real scary since it isn’t me doing that. A curse was my first thought but it’s probably also bodily invasion, some invader’s eyesight designed-curses for/to me. It seemed an Asian-style graffiti of English letters, playing with them idly maybe to form curses subliminally maybe onto whatever I was doing here. They were like 4 letters stacked in a cursive script together, like g,b,f, and j as one design and over there then some other random group floating. Then while I’m hunt and pecking tt there was one semiotic and a new character doing a scene as though a fraud-type.

4/16, midnight; monster filth attacking me.

4/27, 10:30p, this is the worst the parasites have ever been, it doesn’t look like they’ll let me eat or sleep, running maybe this horror petroleum LURE for this week about now.

4/28, 6:30p, the Jew’s running this illness and now I saw the general slaughter LURE “sign” as I’m orchestrated into the shower corner.

4/29 11pm, the insane jew is LURE-abusing me to death and the sleep-deprivation “narcolepsy” -type syndrome.

May 11, Sat., 10a.m., it seems to be doing a rain-enabled feces-type LURE off of me right now. The rain wasn’t forecasted to start till 1pm but it started as I got ready to leave and now it’s like a deepening moat around the bungalow after a couple of the typical-peculiar type unprovable bits, and then also a call from someone named Julia at the VA where I can’t hear her call-back number and there’s not a dept. or reason for the call; another LURE “sign” obviously. The voicemail says it came in at 10:20 when it must have been 9:20, and its call-back number is just the main switchboard. I’d noticed I was rained-in with the couple of odd “signs” and then the invisible-molestation torture started so I took the cellphone out to the porch, hoping to get the LURE “Jomon” to turn the rain back off sooner. Now the forecast has it that it’s likely to rain till 7pm. I finally figured how to get an interlibrary loan for that Roy Thomas the Iliad and didn’t go because of the short hours yesterday so I doubly want to get tt done today, plus get me out of this LURE-trap as much as possible, poor little me, so I’ll have to get ready for doing this “tortoise-walk” through the rain, where it takes me around an hour to make it to the bus stop, 3-4 blocks from here, an hour in the rain to do that little bit.

May 13, Mon. 2a.m., the petroleum LURE-murderers are crawling all over me, molesting me awake till I had to hope they would quit if I got up to pee but they haven’t. Friday night there was a scene semiotic of the “girl,” female, Rene that works for the oxygen company and this morning there was this regular “tricks” of that someone must be knocking a smoking pipe it looks like against the toilet rim, a whole blob like black coffee grounds and ashes there that has to be wiped off, and then flushed, before I can sit down to pee, are the only 2 obvious-type signs. The torture generally always does this Sunday night pattern. I can’t figure the point of disturbing my sleep except that maybe they’re simultaneously “showing” pornography, so molest me as an add-on to that. All I do is wish they were dead whatever very they are doing this to me, but then this has become like a microcosm or small wheel within the larger wheel of waking up wishing they were dead and thinking tt to tt effect all day long every day anymore, i wish you were dead, “Jomon,” i wish you were dead. Die, “Jomon,” for the sake of everything, die. — it ws Sat. evening, not on Friday, the scenette with the Rene-type. The VA unknowable call from Julia on Saturday morning, the Rene-trick Saturday night and then the Sunday-Monday molesting plus things I don’t want encouraged by being mentioned, and now, Tuesday night may 14 it’s like as though the petroleum and “ice” brain-serum LURE has been police sanctioned, as though to complain would be self-damaging, dangerous to the little outdoors freedom I’ve got, this filthy jomon-devil worse and worse, molestation started when I tried to start sleeping now.

2a.m., these feces-monsters won’t let me sleep, molesting me awake is becoming constant. “All I do” is wish they were dead.

May 17, Fri., 5:30pm, seems like a Ginsberg-type doing anything to make a LURE.

3 June, 3a.m., I’m afraid the filths won’t let me back to sleep after the force-molesting me awake. Everything’s been terrible.

June 8, the animals driving me off of the bed, the feces-criminals molesting my exhausted self. — that sick loud industrial singsong from down magnolia street was really bad, then some new thing with an outdoor party crowd and the vicious dog barking at me as usual over that crowd, real surrealistically ill incident, then a huge roach at the doorway now this filth crime LURE pornography crime to me. all do i wish the jew and consortium were dead, the turbaned “jew.”

June 9, sat-sun midnight Shahan-666 and fraud-parent bumblobs ritualizing doodoo ecstasy off of this jew-terror Arma-extravaganza and then this time tomorrow night is when they systematically perpetrate bigkill off of this anus-LURE.

2:45a, the animals woke me thinking about the Signifying Rappers book, force-wrestled my pee out of me and are trying to scare me into taking a loratadine by giving me a sniffle in conjunction with that girl at the library and the big roaches all over that bathroom.

June 10, Monday 6:30p–Malicious infestation of them

1:45, dogdick hole mouth get off of me

— i guess this horror, I just got to sleep, is connected to a scene today on a scam being pulled. The alarm is set for 7a.m.

4:15, the vicious garbage crew won’t let me sleep.

6:15pm, typical Armageddon “Program” at the library, all the “in on its,” the others seeming to be in some underground play and murder laughter arena that i don’t know anything about but that they pretend that I do and am involved in whatever it is that they’re doing. Just vicious, organized viciousness with selected “players” and me all alone trying to figure how to get assistance and stuck with this “evidence gathering” and proving the obvious, etc., and these vicious things are killing me right now, more errands to run, to and paper towels.

6/22 Sat., LURE swine are killing me.

wed, 6/26/19, the LURE-Ginsberg is way out of control and it’s only Wednesday so i figure it’s because I wanted to look at and go over the “Revelation” text a bit, and they’re LURE-sucking just off of that as being a big gimmick for gathering (and killing/disappearing) people, so they’re tearing me up to get their “show” started, probably plan on molesting me “all” night. it’s seeming like they launder alot of petroleum profits by their publishing (like) just anything to give income to their “book of life” stereotype types. It seems like these garbage-books in mass quantity are the system’s way of “replacing” the destruction of the materials in old Alexandria, Egypt, similar to how I suspect (Sophia) Smith College was to make up for the theft of Aga/Aya Sofia/old Troy. The insane logic seems to go and stay that way.

6/27-28 midnight Thurs-Fri forcing me awake filth.

7/1, Monday 9:30a.m., the animal- “Jomon” destroying by having some new act-plant putting water all over the bathroom floor in the guise of washed it, infinite murder-ritual jest onto my month because while that isn’t going to dry for hours yet I’d wanted to shower in readiness for the O2 delivery ordeal plus use the toilet.

5 July 9:30am, the filthy jew and company all over me so I realize that paleontologist jackhorner got away with tt identity-replacement hoax because that wife with the long dark or black hair is connected biologically/genetically to that girl from p.s. 111, Anne marie bonasera!

11a.m., high-feces special effects.

7/7, Sunday 9a.m., the swine have done 3 bathroom scenes already and I’m trapped with this s***show all over my skull, can’t go out….

7/11 Thurs., 11a.m., big invisible and unprovable ambush w incessant s*** the world and new torture forever phrase, me waking late and trying to function…

July 14 12:30a.m., Sunday, the scum rape-waking me as usual but I can’t switch to the floor

7/24, Wed., horrors….

Aug. 3 midnight, every night the swine are worse.

8:30a.m., one big wishing the Allen Ginsberg leaders this gratuitous sadism were all dead, will be.

Aug. 4, Sunday, somehow — new Hindu-type installed next door — my finger hit the send-button on that one I haven’t felt safe to try sending…, as I had to try updating it that the jew-devil is doing the bathroom-choreography Armageddon Program and surrounding me with these strange males is getting worse, to pollute the day ahead, start the fecesing.

11p.m,, the swine are all over me, molest-forced me awake and I know they’re going to continue the molestation, and are all over the cellphone attempt to type, that something horrible was learned today, that that “milent” place has got the Armageddon Program/Infinite Jest monopolizing astronomy and the dinosaur subject by an “offspring-descendant” of the SF-Clown and one of his sisters and nearby a homeless advocate with a name that hallucino-sounds like Kathy (Foshay) collaborates-with-us, the SF-Clown being the source of this Armageddon-Revelation phony script about s***ing the world from a war against God, only those underworld/brain-eaters have those sneak- or hidden- or hallucino-meanings onto the word-label “God,” of course, which I’d gotten suckered or conned by, agreeing to assist against the war against God — unless decapitation was involved, that that I couldn’t be involved with, it’s an insanity beyond my ability to be involved, had luckily come up in the little scam-scene onto nobody me in 1979, there just to be away from the fraud-family, etc. They do this molestation to me, it seems, with the same Kathy-collaborates disconnection from reality, as though it doesn’t exist, as they’ve been lie-alluding to about this LURE, at least since 1996, there, where the milint had moved to from (Johns Hopkins’) Baltimore in 1971, in reaction I’m sure, to the unexpected results of the space venture, not riches, not aliens for either friends or enemies, and they went into hiding in the Brave New World’s savages’ area, the SF-Clown being I think an “offspring-descendant” of the phony Aldous Huxley author and “Limitless” LSD-advocate without telling the truth that it comes from brain of other people. Etc., etc.

5 Angust, 7p.m., Monday. — About the above; first, I try to take notes when there isn’t anything else I can do to try to get the invisible-torture lessened but then my emails to get the notes to here don’t get through so it had gotten piled up and then I couldn’t even take notes because the file had gotten to be too long and then I’d gone to add to it the other day or yesterday and these invisible underworld parasites knocked my finger against the Send button probably but now I just finished typing the part that wasn’t transmitted and should still go over it and put it into a chronological file here somewhere, but then after that, when I went to the library to retrieve the files yesterday, while there I’d search-engined for this or that about how I might be able to get assistance in getting to Fort Huachuca for assistance with all this real unsustainability of this insane-bums’ system and found that the guy who’d tricked me into this “Armageddon” business has got some — I call the illicitly-made people, even like myself for instance of that it’s all of us anymore, — “offspring-descendant” because they aren’t recognized offspring, etc., he’s got one of them right there in Sierra Vista that’s an expert in both the astronomy and dinosaur fields that this whole end of the planet is largely about, are the 2 main subjects that I’m trying to get across about for the purpose of trying to get the planet out of this necessitated demise by parasitism the system has it in.

I.e., this Armageddon -doing is parked right outside of Fort Huachuca and living it up like being the bigshot there. Let’s say the expert’s name is Tom K.

Then there’s also a character right outside the fort there that is probably hallucino-representation that doing this LURE off of me is okay, by me.

I went to sleep and this invisible torture woke me like it generally always does on Sunday nights for its LURE-kill and there wasn’t anything I could do so I tried to type out about this Tom K. and Kathy-collaborates scam of this Armageddon scam.

When I saw about this Tom K. the thought occurred to me that that is like the Twilight Zone and the resemblance between Rod Serling and the most-famous Marine of the 1980s occurred to me as being where that Marine had “come from”….

There’s been a correlation of my trying to get assistance from that person’s “Freedom Alliance” group and me getting hospitalized so I don’t like ever to use his name but I would guess there are alot of “offspring-descendants” of him on Fort Huachuca, maybe 5-12 of them, maybe more. In fact there are alot of people who look like Rod Serling now that I’ve started to think of it, with also resemblance to the Prague writer Kafka, that very dark hair type of Serling’s. Serling was always nearby that Auburn Prison on the Finger Lakes where I think this system had made a big base for themselves, and then the Rockefellers had come from just the next lake over from where Serling had spent summers on or at Lake Cayuga. Then also there’s some Welsh writer, John Powys that I keep thinking must fit into this Armageddon in some big way, that that group is likely all inter-related. Powys had done alot of traveling through the Chautaqua circuit up in that western NY area. What I’m trying to do is use the story “Limitless,” that had become a film and tv show, to show that the Limitless! and superior feelings go away when the serotonin runs out and “nature” is stranded with these brain-eaters as parasites destroying everything and the 1969 moon landing findings show that they aren’t intelligent in reality, that they just feel good and superior because they are high on brain, but they come from developmentally disabled prehistorics who’d destroyed everything including the drug plants that had been growing all over the place, as well as the 5-ton dinosaur meat. I’m being parasited on so it’s become difficult to think. The people around me have been hostile all day, the system “Armageddon Show/Program/-making” always doing horrible things. But then also there’s the point that this “Tom K.” had likely been raised largely off of the illicit pornography made off of me with the male sire’s work on that, which had come from the Abscam-inventing “Allen Ginsberg-type” that had followed me out of the Bronx when I’d joined the Army and that parasitism had started when I was only 4, them using me in that “French Connection” scam that had fronted for the brain-trafficking, and that “magician” or vizier developmentally disabled type had started in on these sabotages even before that, around 1959-1960, that I’m waiting on an email from my “fraud-sibling” that had been born around that time to send me a copy of the photos taken when these sabotages had first started and it’s been 4 months and I don’t know why she won’t send them, but, “the stupid crosseyed girl” as these bums consider me to be, has a birthday coming up and maybe the “girl” will send them to me then and it would, to my recollection but who knows now what’s going on with this unreal-like delay, make my trying to describe all this a little more simple, for strangers who are raised with these lies like that I’m somehow collaborating with any of all this horror both to myself and to everyone else, except the really high-on-extra-serotonin types, etc. I have to leave the library here for right now, live through the evening to hope for some contact from any of you, and living now in all this Armageddon-hostility from those around me is horrifying. Etc.