[Dec. 9, 2019, Lance, I’m going to have to move this file off the navigation bar to somewhere as soon as I can figure out where since I haven’t heard from you at all. I haven’t looked up your site lately either and will likely do that first but it’s been to such no avail that I’ll have to forget trying to get in touch with you. All that good writing you’d done, I really can’t figure this, why everything seems such a waste.]

It took me awhile to find that quick reply with this 781 address, late at night now so maybe I won’t send till tomorrow. I don’t know anything about anything except what I write down about in the UniverseRescue blog, can’t figure how all your good writing quit abruptly like that. Those “kim-guys” are all over the place; I call them the staircase-being #1 types, in reference to a Polish group-portrait ala Dr. Frankenstein’s handiwork, and I was too chicken to mention any of what was going on in 2017, — and right now they’re all over around me, in fact. I guess that they’re big in the distribution part of the system as a main role, not that I should be guessing like this about how come you haven’t been adding new material. Nobody talks to me, the system keeps me in like an isolation-vacuum, etc. It’s dawning on me that this is the “inferno-age” that the insanoes have been sneak-building while ignoring everything normal, like that their space-venture showed that they haven’t much reality a connection, and I’m working on evidence that their ancestry had destroyed the dinosaurs by breaking those”s baby eggs and other large food-animals by cliff-running, but they’re running me to pointless exhaustion and I’ve been hardly able to keep trying to get anything done lately, getting nowhere with trying to figure how to get myself to that “milint” fort in Arizona, as these computers were set up by the insanoes for their world-takeover/”Armageddon” purposes, etc., they just have the whole world tied up, etc.

Oct. 9, — I don’t know if you’d want to receive stuff like that in your email. I can’t type too much in the hunt and peck on the cellphone but it always goes into any of the “controversial” subjects, due to that it all comes down to that brain-eating situation that’s all over everywhere anymore. I’ll try sending this to the 781 now, and the little PixiSafe would be the easiest way to reply I guess. It’s a shame the “Pages” like that the Lance file right now is don’t do the Comments, and then you could just reply like that. I could set it up to be a Post at the very bottom or in somewhere with the other ones and then the Comments feature would be available, instead maybe of the email. This is on the Navigation Bar of the UniverseRescue right now, the next to the last title, between Visions and voices and ~~ — ~~ — ~~ the dogbite files.

Chris Hadfield was born 1959. I think maybe he’s your “type” or stereotype, then there are a few others. I’m going to have to read the Wikipedia article myself:

English: Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield, attired in a training version of his Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) spacesuit.
Author NASA/Robert Markowitz
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October 27, 2019; Also there was a co-worker in the Army named Ted but he would have been a little older than me and then you by a few years. I found your file on the “social media” but there’s nothing for this year.

Oct. 31, now they’ve got a guy that looks maybe like you at this boarding house room place I’m renting from, like a scary trick of normal-type guys’ being LURED to there by this Armageddon goon-circus Program the brain-eaters have marathon been doing under wherever I go for the decades now, morphing it as excuses for continuing it, etc.

— I don’t think I’d mentioned that there’s a St. Bavo, Ghent, painted character like this type/your type, and who all else, John Wilkes Booth, then to some of the Bolshevik-types. I think that the big Chicago hotel-owning family had been started in the U.S. by one of your type but I don’t have much ability to get much information like able to look at a photograph of himself, just saw maybe a glimpse once and it just seems that that was the founder.