I just Contact-form submitted this to a/her talent booking agency: Ms. Shepherd might like to read my blog and consider contributing to the attempt to rescue the future from the present system. She could have a great percentage of anything brought in from her assistance. Please forward the URL to her. (28 August 2019.) She seems to be real difficult to get through to because the system keeps it that way, keeps her out of “politics” and social much anything, maybe because she’s infectiously nice. Like maybe so was Marilyn Monroe.

I’d tried to get in touch with Ms. Shepherd 3 years ago and I’d had the impression she was older than she is or I’d have made more effort last year, tried getting something started before now as I think she’s been deprived in “social work,” work on society, and we’re really going to extinction, and that she’d be good at fundraising for this, whereas the system doesn’t let me have anything, I’m just a gimmick and ghost-prisoner as they roll this Armageddon sneaked through along, etc. I have to sign out but am making this note on the off-chance anyone might try to check after my little note today. I’m really supposed to be now trying to reach potential contacts in Arizona because that’s the place where the largest problem-set is outside of the system-base which I figure is way hidden, — which reminds me I was supposed to be trying to describe that that c. 1590 Rabbi Loew had made the “Golem,” and I’m thinking, decades now I’ve been figuring this, that the system is way secured under the Siber-Mongol border, and “Gol” and “MonGol” and jail is like some obvious connection there that I’m supposed to figure the words to, tomorrow now I guess, that I can only get to library computer terminals, etc., but they do have public library use at this “milint” library, that it wouldn’t take much assistance for me to be able to rent a place nearby and use their “milint” library in a way of trying to reach “milint….”