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13 August, things are getting confused from that necessitated cellphone send-set.

I’m actually only trying to find a place to stick “British Invasion” notes; suppose I have to start some new file as that would be different from the Liverpool specific file, where shipping back and forth from Boston to Liverpool seems to have been just the tip of this iceberg. Oh, now they have some big yellow and black uniformed Hindu security guard working here. He’d “happened to” walk right at me when I “happened to” be in that little break spot I’ve sometimes made it to, but I hadn’t realized he’d be a new fixture, bad word, i take that back, a new plant here. I have alot of interconnected subjects, the iceberg tip’s being like:

Raphael and Michelangelo

Gardiner Hubbard and Alexander Graham Bell

the Beatles and the Rolling Stones for instance, that they appear to have grown plots of themselves to spring on us with the electric music.

what i’m trying to do is to gather the names of those others of the British Invasion to see who was where. I seem to recall someone, a scientist type, important in Birmingham history but it isn’t Huxley so who was it I’ll be trying to look for, but this is just to get this subject out of the way, there’s so much more because then there’s that national geographic sabotage article making fun of me via that Neanderthal mannequin, etc., that that’s turning out to be a deadly subject-set, and it does seem to be going back around to the John Lennon business that’s this british invasion part of it, for instance, where Herman’s Hermits came from the nearby and rival town of Manchester, England, where do I put that bit of info as i then try to figure out where the Hollies and other sorts of the groups came from, might have been “grown” in plots shipped from Boston’s same old same old Pilgrims and Puritan stereo-world-takeover Autists and Jomon buddies groups. I went to sleep trying to figure what the strategy in that 1980 Lennon assassination might or might “really” have been and right off I notice that he was killed in front of the building, that he lived in, that had been the setting for the 1967 Rosemary’s Baby book and then film by the Allen Ginsberg-family type stereotype-set member of that Ira Levin Boys from Brazil horror-hoax-reality author, and those seem to be the main ones torturing me and in fact also behind that National Geographic Neanderthal hoax-trick-set Neanderthal idea of reference and curse to me but then I’m looking into the photographer of the specific photos that I’d like to get a copy of and maybe that guy looks like the assassin and like a Stephen King horror-author too, that this “isn’t very nice” what they’re doing to (and off of) me, they’re killing the Earth and eternity, leaving eternity with just filth from the smithereened only biological planet that had gotten started, they are only retarded people, like babies or children that got off and merely require to be veered back onto a longitudinal track but they’ve made their own pleasure-oriented course for their own evolution, as parasites.

[Aug. 13, Tuesday, If anyone’s following anything, after my telling the clerk that I’d gasped because I was terrorized now the system (Jomon) arranged for a burly Hindu security guard today.]

August 14, Wednesday, the monsters trick-sent this cellphone jotto when they force-woke me last night but “disappeared” it to this outbox trick they do so that I’d copied it from there and pasted it into a new file and then jotted more or what that i’ll have to go look at now because now they sent it unexpectedly from the outbox:

Aug. 12, 10:50pm and the animals force-woke me, I could only have been asleep maybe 30 minutes.11:30p, something filthy the jew-director and its animal-pawns are perpetrating off of this horror-torture and I don’t feel like sleeping on the floor. There’s nothing worth doing this to me and there isn’t any point to it either. They’re just wrecking my nerves psychologically for ruining me.
Aug. 13, 10:30pm, monsters.
Aug. 14. 12:30p, I wish they were dead whoever they are that’re doing this to me. That photographer for the NatGraph article, I found new sadism, allusion to tt this is a big inside joke amongst the gratuitously-manufactured bums.He made a Dec. I think 2009 blog-post tt said it was a follow-up on the July NG cover story so I looked tt up and it’s about Angkor, = anger, sneak-allusion to that I’m tortured like this right now, 3 different tortures just to begin with on my Helen Keller and not-there “‘magic’ hologram” self., plus the sleep deprivation, that this anger at the invisible and unprovable is used as the Armageddon anger-excuse, that underground anger at my anger out here is their murder of imnocents’ cover-excuse, how they get nice/normal people “disappeared. ” Raptured.”
My anger is normal reaction to being tortured and the photographer, the secondary one, and the author, omit to mention that that’s going on. Also the cheapness of the sham points to tt all tt archaeology is similarly made-up hoax by similar bum-boys.
That cheapness is how they got Sierra Vista sister-named to Mountain View of the computers, that a lady had lied about the vote on the name’s results and just said Sierra Vista was the voted-for name. She passed recently, Nola Walker, and maybe was a “fraud-parent type,” maybe from the Siamese Vajiravudh, d. 1925 allegedly. But the system had aligned the 2 towns tt way in 1956.
The omission of the tortured background to reality is everywhere but I’m finding it in the Planet Trillaphon piece and trying to point out that the narrator says that the girl’s boyfriend had killed her by driving drunk and in the subconscious correlation from racial memory or what’s deep in the brain that comes out in this example-piece, it’s not there that the ancestor of the narrator had been stalking and then run-chasing the couple to off of cliff ledges, the standard operating procedure, with today the sneak-continuation of the “Armageddon” tactics, aided by lied-to mentally I’ll and b.m.-obsessed Mr. Film of the story, giving him the murder-excuse by saying other people had cut his face instead of tt he’d done it himself, because something was wrong already, something inexplicable, probably from the first trip across Beringia.
Today they’d made angry weird can-stomping semiotics to tt they’d done a big-kill for petroleum a making. All kinds of crap like tt at me today, except while working on the blog, then it was as though normal.
In this Small World After All they’ve built I’m looking to see if NatGraph’s founder Hubbard wasn’t the ancestor of most of the Beatle-type musicians and notice John Lennon lived and was shot at the site of Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby” story where all his horror-stories seem to be parts of “Mr. Film’s” Armageddon Plan, Mr. Film and Levin and Allen Ginsberg and the author of the NatGraph article all being of what i figure were the old Jomon culture. tt tt’s mostly where all this torture to me comes from. There was a “Son of Rosemary” follow-up novel and tt’s real-life basis might be connected to the fraud-family I’m in, but none if them lived in upper or lower Manhattan as far as I know but the devil-baby theme is everywhere, work with the director-bum underground, etc. In trying to look up about the assassin MD Chapman, — in San Francisco around 1986 a guy was handing out self-made flyers saying and using illustrations tt it’d been the writer Stephen King who’d shot Lennon so I always have that Chapman-King resemblance or underground-“shadow” in mind and checked his photos too and it seemed a resemblance between King and the NatGraph “Wilma Neanderthal” photographer, where the AAAS had bought his/the second photographer’s photos, so that that’s 2 Small World correlations, with actually tt photographer working on a ritual for killing notice of my pleas for assistance, and I’m in this same situation all these years.
Probably the biggest aspect is that the modern female compared to the Neanderthal take-off on me is probably descended from the Raphael colleague of Michelangelo, and da Vinci. They might even be the modern happy Stepford Wives, there are so many of them everywhere. She possibly looks like the producer of that Limitless! film I try to use as an example, and they’re likely similar to the Grossman-employee I’m script-tortured about, the Armageddon Show jealousy-accusation basis for torturing me. The photo I think AAAS bought is where the 2 faces are side-by-side compared, then the photographer maybe made one for himself tt’s on the blog’s announcement of the sale where the faces are back of head to back of head.
I get tortured for homosexual Raphael’s jeàlousy of women, sneak-competition against normal women for the attention of desirable/other males. Now they are “better than” normal females, side-by-side winner. “Naturally” there are many many women with the male brain in a female lifetime now. Before I left Washington I was always seeing a morning news show where they had that dichotomy, a team of 2 females where one was, is, a female this lifetime — looks like Bruce as Caitlin Jenner now, but I mean where they’ve been homosexuals generationally and then work out as a beautiful a seeming female now, replacing the ordinary females, etc. Sophia Loren seems to me to be a descendant of Julius II for instance. Ponce de Leon is in the mix alot too, like Raphael’s type.


5;30am, the “Jomon” molest-forced me awake and then I guess reminded my brain of their curse-wishes “holiday” terrorism where the animals/Dr. Frankensteins wish what they want onto the victim, tt tt terrorizes me so bad tt I cdn’t allow myself to think of it and now as it invisible/unprovable gloamed over me I recalled some of yesterday’s curse-tricks and got terrorized I’d be stranded in this slaughters underground area and went to make a note on this file and the computer-tricks started and when I got back from the restroom they had the Y2K-logo photo in an email to send, me interpreting tt tt was their wish onto my generational millennium, further working the terror so that all I can think to do is try to figure how to get assistance out of here, this hole in Houston. The thought of “next” trying to reach a VA group in Sierra Vista occurred after I left the library and the cellphone search-engine is down right now but I’ll try to look into that when I get back there but, VA is both targeted by these vampires hiding behind my little self, like the system’s Joan of Arc scam this torture is, and is full of the system-stereotypes who might be dangerous. There’s the VA itself and then there are various groups around it. There’s one if those various groups groups that is probably working this current LURE. I wrote to their director and only got a mental health worker sending me emails, any such of which are terrorizing to me. The director seems to be of a stereotype that I figure is a “classic Autist” type. The head of VA seems to be a “staircase #1 type” and I’m like surrounded by those here and around the 2015 car-hit the bums had all perpetrated onto me, so there isn’t any point in looking for assistance there. They’re like that Korean that was in the news alot 2017-18. They’re up at the top of over the jomon-headed publishing group that has the copyright on the 4 books connected to this serotonin-trafficking and from one incident and now a little bit too, like hints or clues, I’d guess they do the distributions management, are major “connections” maybe between the under- and surface ground. Of Earth. — There was one of those staircase #1 types that had tried to kidnap me once and also maybe haunted the whole area of the Bronx. The fraud-parent is the staircase #3 type.

4:20pm, Aug. 14, got cut off again on this computer terminal. I don’t know if that has any effect on any of the “spyware.”

Now again at 4:50p on the 15th.

21 August, cellphone-jottings:

midnight, stupid filthy jew never improves.20 Aug, tuespm, the swine are crawling all over every part of me. get off of me you swine.
10pm, I am covered by so many piles of s***. they keep playing “computer games” and 3 times just now are so much on my face caused me to bite my mouth insides while trying to eat. the jew and goons have been cursing my food and appetite all summer, trying to sneak-kill me and it’s become a heehaw tt I haven’t anywhere I can go. the jew is milking this fraud-family hoax torture all year over the probably phony death situation-bowel movenent (in place of sitcom) and the annual birthday, loading it up as the day’s Armageddon Program theme; it’s become tt each day is something any sane person couldn’t stand for, the animals’ sneaking their world-murder through this way, the jew-devil continuously trying to brew its Armageddon off of the fraud-sibling’s not sending my baby picture and making “show” with all these strangers — the animals trying to crescendo these dog-shrieks at my face in excitement over this mass of b.m. wasted time further. I’m afraid to sleep in the bed as the jew seems to have been spreading the LURE underneath here. it and-or they, shudder shudder have me pointlessly molested every day anymore and of course I can’t guess what strangers are told, then the jew,’s like an animal for any thought about this “Infinite Jest” assistance from the fraud-sibling — the animals out of control again just for mentioning tt set up. — I guess it’s because she’d worked for the telephone company, that she’s “run” by the Bell-Hubbard descendant masse reproductions or “devil.” It was already a situation from that 1960 or 1959 housing authority application for the public housing that the Longfellow Avenue fraud-parents had gone to that interview for just the few days after that photo I now had requested had been taken, tt apparently it seems tt living in public housing victimizes you to the Jomon “devils,” insanely greedy brain-eaters. Additionally then she’d worked in/for their biggest gimmick and, apparently, they never let go, believe you owe them, are owned by them, etc., is why this is an Infinite Jest standard “trick” -set onto me, the jew like rabid to milk this pettiest of circumstances.
,1:40a.m. , b.m.-jew molest-forcing me awake torture for its Armageddon and LURE “‘magic’ show” exhibition for the animal-boys it seem, forcing me to recall to look for a copy of tt Vincent gray. toilet and urime and voyeurusm get the jew excited and tt’s the opposite of what’s wanted so I try to calm the excitement as it and-or they press on my bladder. — and tt’s probably okay bc it sounds — actually its been unendurable toilets choreography each morning anymore, and tt’s always a tactic of these molest-force-wakings, and now they planted a script of 2 of the rooms here’s having various strange males, most notably the room next to this one with some different black-haired boy stereotype or another, lately seeming to be a skinny Salinger a donation type or another, the jew getting excitement at how exciting all this s***-torture in a vacuum is. I figure the swine force me awake for the purpose of late-night toilet-oruented hallways encounters with the strange males and I try to avoid that and anything the jew might find exciting. The bowel-dogs have started with the s*** oxymoronic phrase. Then my mind automatically thinks, Drop dead, garbage, about 500 times day before yesterday, Sunday and Monday too probably, Saturday, Friday LURE, etc., drop dead, drop dead, get off of me you diseases murdering me. What I’m going through in real life never affects anything, my health torn by these invisible Ginsbergs all or at any of the time. The slightest vulnerability and the dogs try to sneak-pull my pee out in public or choke me with a note of powder way back in my throat, etc., just any garbage always to be on the guard against all at the same time. I always want to describe tt these Jomon and Autusts had probably killed their own females for food-use and then “moan” that they’re unfairly deprived of relations, so they’re rapists and voyeurs, rspe then watch to get excited again developmentally disabled brain-eaters. in fact they might have woken me for this cellphone typing for their LURE entertainment struck purposes so I didn’t want to but this is some bit variates sic from the babysitting position, is standing in the corner by the door before the gorced-pee scene.
2:30s.m., I’m back but now if course the parasites won’t quit molesting– the jew used to quit bothering me after the forced-toilet but now they’ve got these filthy dog-female cartoons encrusted all over me sadism and they’re just crusted and singdongg away after toilet and sneak-resuming the horrifying molestation, ready for the further horror when I try to lay down and they do worse all over my privates as usual, as it’s obvious tt tt’s all tt’s ahead now, they don’t exist or have anything to do w my tomorrow or necessities, just s***-singing the s***-phrase into my face, me sayg bowel movements die die die. — The filthy “jomon” ruins everything on earth, as trying to protect from the torture is impossible.

== So now I have to add this negativity that they’d funneled me into having to make when I got to here this morning:

August 21, 2019, Wed., the (invisible-) -torture is going wild, having me all trapped like this in Houston now, on my retirement social security small monthly income, $643 for rent and food and everything, allowing not any extras except I managed to get — one of the sniff-dogs just slipped by my back of my head, all the “planted” peoples the “Armageddon Show/Program/-making” keeps around me, always someone named “Ashley” they keep around me, which somehow is like the name of the place that Michael K. Deaver had gone to go into “Recovery” at before he went to do 16 years’ of volunteer work at the DC homeless shelter while also making millions in other ways. The animals are too all over me this morning, is how they’ve done this world-ownership they more or less have today, I’m particularly small so it seems an obvious world-ownership to me but if you’re less-tortured than I am it might not be clear that the animals have monopolized everything, and then they’re just going to (continue to) sit on the earth (Earth) till it rots if it doesn’t like it, etc.

The brain-eaters are especially excited I have to write about Alexander Graham Bell and his family’s telephone company, they’d had me torture-kept awake most of the night so I’d be in real vulnerable shape right now while they’re torturing me while I try to work on this blog but I can’t reach my notes about subjects other than themselves because they’re too closely feeding on my skin. Get off of me you garbage-devil. I guess they want me to send the notes I’d jotted last night, cellphone-hunt and pecked in self defense-attempt. They had a big Hazardous Materials fire truck #22 shrieking one of their doo-doo phrases they know how to make behind engine or other noises, sound wave-parasitism, on taxpayers’ money but they pretend they are all the taxpayers anymore now because they’ve killed everyone else, many times over by now I guess. They only want to make trouble for their Armageddon off of me; this is the Armageddon Program from their Armageddon warnings in that book of the Revelation, chapter and verse 16 it’s mentioned, the armies of the this and that all congregating turns out to be on me more or less and they’re only insane like that Don Quixote battling windmills syndrome, they just argue amongst their relatives and boyfriends in order to catch and kill uninvolved people stuck in between themselves.

My notes are that I have to find the address for the Bank of Mexico about that Diego Rivera portrait of Edsel Ford, I couldn’t find the address anywhere last night and it’s very important I get that mailed off for. It’s in the Detroit Institute of Art and they said the copyright went back to the late Mr. Rivera when the late Mrs. Edsel Ford passed back in the 1970s I think it was, and they suggested I write to the Artist Rights Society in NY and I finally got that done and they haven’t replied about if they do or don’t control the copyright on that, when all I’m doing is a simple fair and even public domain use of the portrait because there aren’t many pictures of him available, and, especially anymore after all this time of thinking about trying to get the Permission to post his depiction here on this blog for the Stereotypes section, it’s possible that I “come from,” am offspring-descended from Edsel Ford’s type or genealogical line of people. Even though it would be fair use and nobody on earth would care that I’m showing the guy’s picture, I’ve got this Alexander Graham-Michelangelo “Jomon” monster-world feeding off of my life for their — get off of me you garbage. The “Jomon” primitives-turned world-thieves live off of anything I try to do so that they might get hysterically angry that I’m doing a Rivera copyright-infringement, ludicrous hoax since I’m about the most infringed on person ever, and they might use that for their anger-fits that do the Armageddoning, so I have to be especially careful about anything, unlike this wreck I especially am this morning, really worn down by the 26 years of this “show” off of me. Therefore I’d looked again for where Rivera’s estate might be that would let me know about the copyright on that Edsel Ford portrait in Detroit and it turns out that it’s the Bank of Mexico. They have a website but the technology didn’t work when I tried to fill out the Contact about the Rivera business form, it just got stuck. Now there’s one of the ubiquitous “Jomon” or “Jesus-type” boys doing a mouth-trick noise. These harassments are around 250 a day again, like they’d been during most of my years in Washington that I’d left off with looking into posting a map about last night, but “let me” I always use that phrase, keep jotting these few notes about what I’m trying to get done before they I could start this for my day, with this torture all encrusted all over me.

== It costs a dollar fifteen for the postage but the stamps are fifty five cents each and so I would require 3 of them just to reach Mexico City, and even then it’s scary that I don’t have a return address. It will be a waste of fifty cents this way, with 3 stamps, but the post offices are so terrible to me because of this devil on my head. — Above in these milint files I’d tried to put the little mention by Gardiner Hubbard about their post offices, his. They must have donated embryo-materials to be grown into its employees. When I go to one this torture is like at home against me. It’s better for me to waste the fifty cents than go through the stress of trying to run any of these simple-seeming errands like getting a stamp or 2 for the dollar fifteen.  What else do I have to do, this is so tedious, to describe my situation to these Bank of Mexico people, since Rivera had painted 2 depictions of Edsel Ford and the bank might feign lack of understanding — I have to make a copy of the black and white example I’ve got. To do that even I’d actually have to sign out of here first in case something happens while I’m the few feet away at the copy machine.

Solomon Salinger, 1887-1974, JD Salinger’s male parent. There’s a photo of him in Salinger’s daughter’s biography of Salinger but I can’t find any of the other biographies yet, there aren’t any in this branch library and they keep the whole History and Reference floor downtown locked up, the whole 3rd floor with the Biographies and Literature sections; I’d guess it’s because of this intelligence-ruination holocaust that the “Jomon” have been doing off of this Armageddon Program invisibly sneaked off of little me alone out here, that that library knows this invisible torture circus destroys books and therefore put the most-important books off-limits till I leave or get hospitalized so I can’t go there. Then also the senior Salinger’s photo hasn’t been coming up on the search-engine like I’d expected it would. In retrospect he looked like Henri Deterding that I mention alot here but didn’t specifically recognize the faces’ looking alike when I’d looked at the daughter/granddaughter’s biography, had only noticed it was like a familiar-looking or stereotyped type of a person, similar to Sidney Gottlieb, which brings me back around to that Edsel Ford business too, that Frank Olson of the MK-Ultra business was likely “made from” or offspring-descended off of this “Brave New World” people-manufacturing way of life the system has turned the world into, Olson likely made from Edsel, and then when I was 3-4 years old I’m been told a whole bunch about the car named Edsel for not any apparent reason except toward this Armageddon is all I can figure, told that Edsel wasn’t any good and nobody wanted the car, it was a “lemon,” and on and on and I don’t know anything today about cars let alone back then and in thinking over all these things all the time it’s started to seem like maybe I was “made from” Olson is why the system persists in doing its “brain-hunting” for its drug-ingestion of serotonin off of little nobody me. I don’t think Olson had actually been the person that had been found dead on the sidewalk — in fact I think I’d worked a couple of days at that same hotel then in 1992, Olson’s body said to have been found in 1953, but I suspect that that was a cover-story for wanting him for use in the space program underground. I’ve been trying to show through example of that 1998 “The Dark Fields/Limitless” book-film-tv show fiction that the serotonin-abusers aren’t copasthetic or reality-oriented and I’d read that a sequel that pre-dates the events in the novel has been published and that it deals with that MK-Ultra business but I know that anything the system says is just its own made-up and propagandic material so I haven’t looked into it at all yet, but now I am a little curious if they mentioned Olson at all. Unfortunately for me there’s very little information I can reach because I’m all alone and it’s all system-controlled and the system’s always dangerous for little alone me.

Check Cheese Import Assn. of America site. CIAA. September 30, 1948, Sol Salinger w 4 others and a counsel inc’d. — His photograph is said to be on the site but you’d have to be a member to get to that part of the site. One younger image of him makes him look like perhaps the parent of Lenny Bruce’s parent Mickey Schneider, the image listed as “Sid Salinger,” or on Sid’s site. But I’m going to have to forget it today. The photo in the granddaughter’s biography of her father has his father looking like, I think, Henri Deterding and I don’t know why I couldn’t recall Deterding’s name when I was looking at Sol Salinger’s photo, but I’d have to put the 2 side by side. Then it’s some possibility that Sidney Gottlieb, born in the Bronx, might have “come from” Mr. Salinger. I have to move all this I’ve jotted so far today to where I’d left off with trying to reach milint, which is where also I’m supposed to check on Salinger’s company from the Fort Holabird now, 12th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Division he was assigned to.

Then I have to check Wikipedia on and around the subject of “jonesing,” what the symptoms are said to be like in correlation to this about the David Foster Wallace “Planet Trillaphon” short piece, short story, short contribution back in 1984 where I think that that “Bad Thing” is the jonesing that the prehistorics had gone through that had led up to this “Iliad” nonstop war against the other peoples. Then I’ve got this “Jomon” that is always “jonesing” for more and more brain, is the Bad Thing working through this invisible imprisonment carrying this blob of mindreading sucking garbage all through me, the filthy things criminally and insanely doing this, off of that Ghent Altarpiece set of nuts that “Limitless” -ly think they’re so superior to “nobody” other people, primitives gone amok under the influence of their developmentally disabled brain-damaged Autist invaders from having killed off all the dinosaurs by egg-smashing in the New World, that the 2 types got together and the Jomon are insane for their world-takeover on the excuse of doing it for the Autists, like the narrator in the Planet Trillaphon story that tells the boss “Mr. Film” that the high school kids had cut him with a knife, where he’d only hurt himself in reality. Etc.

Then I’m supposed to check if I could still use VA housing assistance if I was in Puerto Rico.*

PD photo of Vincent Gray == I can’t find a safe-enough from harassment over copyright or slander-libel business copy. I want one because in 2004 there’d been a “character” that looked so much like then this guy that became the DC mayor in 2010 or 2011 that it might-could even have been the same person for all this “Infinite Jest” all over me. In 2004 the person who’d looked like that was the doctor of this lady I was assigned to do home health care for but the lady was one of these “666” breeds and was just doing this Armageddon and I’m always impoverished and stranded wherever I’m only lucky to have been able to find myself and I can barely ever do anything about these stranded-predicaments, the lady like synchronized to go with that Abu Ghraib scandal being brew-haha’d up in Iraq with that little Lynndie girl as the scapegoated “torturer” when she was actually the victim of a bunch of the different stereotypes, millions of the parasite-boys living off of that and it tied to what was going on with me and me stranded then in Brooklyn, down near Coney Island where this had started from more or less in 1992. So I’m always looking for a photo of Gray that also looks like this “Dr. K.” of that lady I was trying to care for’s. But it was just a joke, and it had also involved the telephone company. Which is what the torture is so rampant about on me this morning, them and their anything makes them “go ape.”

And check on a new one for Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the big Jomon, where this brain-eating “French Connection” business had started on me on Longfellow Avenue and looking into the connections off of that, there are alot of inter-connections, like that it was a Puerto Rican neighborhood and Longfellow was a brain-eater that looks like the Bells, and then Leon Troksky in 1918 had lived about 2-1/2 blocks from where I’d grown up and had this c*** start on me when I was living on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx till 1963, 8 years old. Trotsky maybe had brought over “spawn of” Tsiolkovsky. Just yesterday I’d looked at Trotsky’s chronology, where had he taken off for NY from though. They’d gone to Helsinki and then Paris I think, him, Lenin and Martov there in Paris but how did Trotsky then get from Paris to NY, I’d just read whatever that was yesterday and can’t recall it now, thinking that he’d carried over somehow “seeds” from Tsiolkovsky that grew up from the Bronx underground and became the people like Ira Levin and Allen Ginsberg and Chaim Potok, EL Doctorow, and who all else, that then followed myself out of the Bronx, lived off of me virtually every day from about 1960 and then followed me out of the Bronx when I’d joined the Army in 1973 and are just all encrusted on the inside of me right now, the retarded animals.

  • This about Puerto Rico I look up and they have those little Wiki-questions and one is if you can use your VA home loan in Puerto Rico and the answer says that there’s not any down payment….

US Interagency Council on Homelessness

2:42-ish they cut me off again, have to go try to find this lost material now, re-gain it. Nobody in their right mind would sit here and be molested all day every day, I’ve got of course to make some change in this situation but there’s seemingly such a chance that it would only be for the worse not any matter what I try to do or where I’d go, like 2 possibilities at most, only toward Fort Huachuca or to Miami and then San Juan. I can’t go to Fort Huachuca area without a contact and there isn’t any point in my going to Tucson at all, like as though I’d go there to try to still be making contact with the Communications Center itself, could do that from anywhere and Tucson’s too far away, it would only be foolish of me to find myself there like in the middle of nowhere for me. But again I can’t sit in Houston as this gets worse and worse. I’m supposed to type up about my “dual-difficulty” of Oliver North and this fraud-sibling I’ve got, that I was trying to contact North’s Freedom Alliance group in 2013-2014 and all these hospitalizations started and in retrospect it might not have been just from a single source but a combined agreement that I should be gotten rid of might have contributed to having all that horror befalling on me, the combination of North’s annoyance, or his partners’ too maybe in general, that I was writing and telephoning them for assistance with this unprovable Armageddon horror and also that fraud-sibling I’ve got, there were 2 ladies at that first hospitalization who’d looked like her and in retrospect maybe these retarded mindreading Jomon “guardian angels” with privy to people’s thoughts, — something terrible is going on while I’m trying to type, like maybe connected to the “cookies” business because it keeps saying about advertisers or some such, now it quit — maybe these “guardian angel gods” and other titles I can’t recall right now, what Aleister Crowley the 666 had called them, masters of the world sort of some title, had taken the fraud-siblings negative wishes for myself because of the French Connection business I was always writing to them about and taken North’s group’s similar write-off of myself as justification to start ambulance-abducting me, so that I’m really not looking forward to having to write to the Huachuca commander….

5:35pm, now the jew’s animals have double-attacked me, 2 bizarre stranger “plants” doing their phony routines all over me minding my own business in this place full of long-time “regulars” around me, all the usual c*** that this “Armageddon Program” goes by, living off of bothering me the global-system world-ownership, etc., all these decades of this same old, same old and they sent 2 performing plants now at closing time and I have to go get the rent money and do some grocery shopping so this was the lead-up for this tour bus of them’s following and doing “show-program” wherever else I go next from here, to the — then they know whatever my plans are and if it’s a little unclear even I have to jot these things down for my own purposes, like mentioning that “the jew” always does this disgusting “Jurassic Park” act when I go to the Kroger’s and it’s worse even when I go to the other type of a supermarket I can only get to in this horror-state I’m in health-wise, age-wise plus the decades of this horror-torture. The first act was a fraud-family with what I guess signifies being a “show cart,” like the Hindus seem to always do. The Hindus with the country with the nuclear power.

8/22, Thursday, machine cut off again after about two hours and twenty minutes, not any warning. I use different terminals so maybe the different lengths of time have to do with that or the deus ex machinas’ sic. 2:40pm.

— I finally found a copy of the photo from the granddaughter Salinger’s biography’s and in retrospect Grandfather Sol/omon Salinger doesn’t look that much like Henri Deterding, if this is even where I’d mentioned that. Now I’ll try to compare their dates. Sol Salinger was born in Cleveland, JDRockefeller’s town, 1887. Henri Deterding, 1866, Amsterdam, and in this quick re-view of his photo it does look like they’d have to be side-by-side for me to have any slightest idea if they really do or don’t look much alike. I figure it’s fair use, that you’re allowed to reprint certain numbers of illustrations or words from printed/public materials, published meaning to make public, and it’s for a big real planeticide being perpetrated off of then myself here reason, that I’d have to lift this from Ms. Salinger’s biography on her father, titled Dream Catcher, published around 2002, before he passed. But first Deterding, and my mention that the St. Lawrence River was like a free-way into the heartland here through the Great Lakes, and I figure the system was always carting things out and shipping them in, shipping in embryos to be planted and taking away anything that wasn’t nailed down, etc., then making it easier by the Erie Canal, c. 1817.

Here’s a link to a copy of a portrait of “Deterding,” to be informal, from a site by a guy named John Donovan who may or may not slightly also look like Mr. Deterding, Sir Deterding: royaldutchshellplc dot com/1930/08/23/oil-painting-of-sir-henri-deterding-dg-of-the-royal-dutch-shell-group/ == it has all the Share-buttons and I never know if providing those means that you don’t have to worry about copyright violating so I don’t use them, but it’s a nice portrait only just the face part I think though.

Henri Deterding, 1866 Amsterdam -1939, St. Moritz, SW — 1938 biography by Glyn Roberts, photo by me; link to a 1939 book review if you delete the inserted spaces: www . jstor . org /stable/2125888?seq=3#metadata_info_tab_contents  Henri Deterding, 1866 Amsterdam -1939 St. Moritz, SW —  –    Deterding

Somehow his files are disorganized, there somehow being 3 and one won’t come up when I try to add its link. Now maybe a difficulty with receipt of a postable photo, “let me” go check.







Sir Henri Deterding 1866 Amsterdam – 1939 Sw.

Solomon Salinger, 1887 Cleveland – 1973 NY; from Margaret Salinger’s biography “Dream Catcher,” 2002 I think. Check the publisher.

I found the photo of this photo on a site that’s selling copies of the “Dream Catcher” book, Etsy. One photo on Mr. Salinger isn’t much to go by but he had sent J.D. to Vienna in 1937, and from there J.D. had gone to some pig-slaughter industry in north central Poland, the people he’d met in both places being connected to Mr. Salinger’s imported cheese business, Safir family and Oskar Robinson who I can’t learn anything more about just yet. I’d say that Mr. Salinger is likely to have been “from” Sir Deterding’s “donations,” which would make it an extremely important relation, Sir Henri being of course with the Royal Dutch Shell whole business. The reason I take a particular interest in him is through a fiction book by one of these “Allen Ginsberg-Jomon” types that seem to do the specific life-torture onto me and be doing their world-takeover this way had written, E.L. Doctorow’s (from the Bronx,) novel called “Billy Bathgate.” It’s allegedly about the 1930s era gangster called Dutch Schultz but I suspect that that name was thought-up for being code for the Royal Dutch Shell petroleum company, Bathgate Avenue being a place these Foshays had lived for some years till they moved to the north Bronx in 1939. I suspect that maybe RDS had bought some property there around Bathgate Avenue that was said to be Dutch Schultz’s warehouse but I can’t find an exact location on it, just that general mid-Bronx area maybe slightly west of 3rd Avenue.

Bathgate Avenue Market, Bronx, c. 1930s; WPA photo, Arthur Rothstein.

It seems all mixed together and now with the possibility that the Salingers were connected with Sir Deterding’s doings. That reminds me of another “clue,” I’ll try to go find now. It’s too taken out of context for me to get to excited about trying to show it to anyone but after all I think I might be able to reach some “intelligent” person in this way who could then assist with trying to get to the bottom in order to unravel this planeticide the primitives have perpetrated and largely through their petroleum obsession.

1934 issue of RDS’s DeBron house magazine.

Shell’s book— I made some error and all my write-up just got deleted, all that work. Try again: There’s a caption in light red ink on the lower left there, and it’s visible on the last page of that 7-page general pdf from their own RDS book, which I figure is fair use, I only photocopied 7 pages for my memory of the book’s sake, etc. In this retrospect, the way the cup is montaged with that acrobatic figure it looks like that’s a hookah pipe, there in the middle of the montage and next to Sir Henri’s face. The mother of the Foshay’s that moved from Bathgate Avenue in 1939 looks to me like Royal Dutch Sir Deterding’s then “Shell” partner, Marcus Samuel, and I went to check my files for a quick photo-grab but I’d have to scan through all the files so instead I’ll see what Wikipedia might have that might, etc.

This lady looks like she could have been a “natural” or “ova-“daughter of Matilda Foshay (1903-1973 NY.)

Marcus Samuel, 1853 London – 1927 Maidstone estate probably, Bearsted, UK my guess/recollection. This is a cropped photo from the big biography on him, I don’t recall where the material is right now, under the Oil section on the Navigation bar here likely.

Actually now I’m reading about his brother Samuel Samuel and he looks even more like my “fraud-grandmother” Matilda. There are better photos. Summer before last I was being “chased around” a convalescent home I was stranded in by a roommate that looked like she was made from this type of reproductive material, of Matilda’s but mixed with something else….

Speaking of fraud-family I should reiterate that the Witness Protection program was all infiltrated by these fraud-types, the “staircase-beings” from Krakow, and now that I’m thinking about that it had occurred to me that Pierre Salinger, JFK’s press secretary, that he might have “come from” Fiorello LaGuardia, where most of the people who look like that might have “come from.” Which was older, LaGuardia or Pope John XXIII, LaGuardia was, and LaGuardia’d passed in the NW Bronx where he’d been living. Then does Pierre Salinger look like the current head of the VA, the Secretary of the VA, I would think I ought to check but I don’t really have anyone to talk to to discuss this with. Pierre Salinger seems to have met JFK by writing on the Teamsters but the magazine went out of business so he was left with the unpublished material and approached Robert Kennedy about the Teamsters/Jimmy Hoffa and RFK put Salinger in onto a rackets investigation I think is how that might have gone, that I’d have to double-check what he was doing while his brother was still Massachusetts’ Senator. However it’s getting late in the day, etc., etc., I have to figure a way to try to write something without it’s just being in the background where nobody would realize how hard I’m trying to find some assistance and I just don’t have much time for much of anything for everything.

6:17p, they cut me off again. The first time it was after about 2-1/2 hours and this time it was about 3-1/2 hours since then. When they do that I feel like I can’t take a break because changing terminals is what I’m worried about in the first place, that “deus ex machinas” do things to and off of this blog, crawl all over my business of anything I’ve ever had or even think of trying to have or get, etc.

23 August, Friday, “they,” the Armageddon-director anonymouses, did a big Armageddon-putsch or are still doing it again when I have to leave here this evening. I’d been planning to try to send some gmails yesterday but hadn’t had time so felt I had to quick get them off today in  case I could catch anyone’s attention before their weekend starts, but the system caught me up into so much horror, a little connected to this illustration that I’d put here yesterday but hadn’t described why I was putting it here:

The Torture Papers; click-on for the citation, Karen Greenberg, 2005.

It was a system-curse-ritual — bums are doing one again, real sort of creeping up all around me here. In place of normal they have this other whole cultural-language that normal people don’t know anything about where everything is symbolic-representative rather than plain old normal and obvious or linear or anything. In this “The Torture Papers” 2005 1000+ page book the system was using that big compilation of memos or what it’s made up of as a substitute for my amassed papers on this Armageddon Show/Program/-making, and I’d lost all my papers in late April or early May. I’d set them down where I thought they’d be inconspicuous while I ran to use a ladies room and the boxes were picked up and driven off with before I could get back, inane horrors I live through, down in Marietta, Georgia….

So this afternoon, the library opening late on Fridays, I just sent off something to someone in Houston and one to someone in Sierra Vista, 2 ladies where I’m always hoping anyone would be whatever it takes to make a life-saving contact to me. I don’t know what the system tells people that on the few occasions when anyone has contacted me back that I reply and then don’t hear from them again anymore. To the lady in SV I sent a gmail that I’m sending a blog-post, the I Am Infinite Jest one, and I heard an automatic-reply back that she’ll be out of the office until into September, and the one here I realized that it’s more pertinent that I send this that I’m trying to make up to date on this current Armageddon Programming me to death, that long-titled one that they’re reprising the Chandra & Levy and then the Bath Beach and now the whole MLK-shuttle one from the decade of that in Washington, that that last one did sort of start with this “The Torture Papers” in that all my only evidence on what I’m doing was gone and I’d had to start over and then in 2014 the system “nabbed” all my papers again, the copies of the hundreds of letters I’d written to all around Washington and the notes from that 9 or 10 years of going to a library nearly every day trying to explain how the system only comes from morons that might even want to get the planet broken because they’re aware of all their retarded-animal type crimes. Today they’re gimmicking — let me try to send the notes I jotted this morning but I couldn’t explain the inane part yet:

Aug. 23, 2019, Friday, 10:30a.m., big rectal party, typical error I’d made off of this obscene poverty, tt all the Armageddin-bums have to do is wait and something bad will happen eventually.10:50a, asshole-inside residue filth, asshole-insides residue, everything the jew does is like that filth-residue, pollution all over everything everywhere anymore. The staged scene here should be over but I saw some normal-looking males around unusually last night and I never know what murders the jew is always doing to people not in tt revelation book of life.

— the inane part’s still coming, I have to sign off for today.

August 24, 2:15p the terminal cut off of me again. I don’t have time to get back to this yet, it’s about that Iliad-fixation, — actually history’s only been a continuance of that same Trojan “war” invasion by the dinosaur-extincting Autists joined then by their new friends is how I assume things had gone, that the new friends, the Jomon, had come in in the middle of life’s horrors and decided to kill the normals for hurting their new friends, etc.

3:10p, i went to take a break and they’re doing this invisible molestation to me, that it makes a person feel hysterical if they’re normal, and then there’s some new advertising all over the place here which drives me nuts on other sites but in my situation i’d have to “try to figure” because it’s dangerous for me to use that word that sounds like “one door” to the Herzl freaks living off of me, if it isn’t somehow some yet improvement. in fact i’m so desperate for any assistance i’d think to write to this place they’re advertising, some sort of a rural hotel in washington state, to ask about sponsorship to sierra vista for me for getting, trying to, the bottom of these fecesing of the planet-world to its death off of this feces to me as my only real example i can go by. i hate to leave on saturday without any contact hope, always alone with these feces torture. I’ve gotten stuck in re-checking that Abscam business for why Weinberg had gotten a 1971 — now for not any real reason the buns are turning this off after only the first hour and ten minutes, i have to sign off and quick-do the planet trillaphon and lots to get to yet today somehow.

I have to try to figure out what this is on Monday: brac 2005 05794

I have to mention that the invisible torture mostly does yelling phrases into my head and one of the regular ones is this pros-ti-tute i’m always hearing, like this morning while i’m getting ready to come to here, like it’s one of their standard themes for the day of this Armageddon horror they do off of me, which is getting really bad with throwing new “characters” for it at me again, a whole homeless-people theme is being purposely made, but as far as always yelling that at me as though it’s an accusation or epithet I’ve never done that, exchanged for money. I did turn around once and see someone throw a twenty dollar bill on the bed in a way that I hadn’t been meant to see it I guess, and this “Mr. Abscam/Film” had likely scripted that, but it’s never been true. It’s just what these filth-heads want to have be true I guess as excitatory for themselves and justification/s for this doing their world-takeover off of torturing me.

8/25, Sunday, I have to describe something about Fort Hood, back in 1974 I was there.

4p.m., this is super-b.m. that “they’re” doing to me right now, a standard “trick” to prevent anything.

8/26, 4pm the parasites held me up until to be able to get here over that monthly oxygen delivery, the jew acting like god-director because it’s a first day of school for the little illegitimately “made” tykes, unnaturally made other-people’s children than whoever they’re with, etc.

8/28, Wednesday. This top’s a little repeat but might help for trying to keep this together, Cellphone send: Aug. 23, 2019, Friday, 10:30a.m., big rectal party, typical error I’d made off of this obscene poverty, tt all the Armageddin-bums have to do is wait and something bad will happen eventually.10:50a, asshole-inside residue filth, asshole-insides residue, everything the jew does is like that filth-residue, pollution all over everything everywhere anymore. The staged scene here should be over but I saw some normal-looking males around unusually last night and I never know what murders the jew is always doing to people not in that Revelation book of life.
8/26/19, Monday, s.o.s*** w the jew. I’m trying to figure if there’s a common ejaculator behind b. 1856 near Moscow Tsiolkovsky and 1860 Herzl in Pest, Hungary. The 4 Gabor females had come from Budapest too, and real influential in getting ovae thought of as being pearls (you could purchase or sell.) When I jotted to check something onto my list ‘Czeck,” occurred to me and tt’s Prague and Prague is Rabbi Lowe, the Golem-maker and Madelaine Albright had taken Hilary Clinton there sometime in the 1990s, which had seemed odd when I finally read about it last decade, photos of them at the cemetery, Clinton wearing a sweater, maybe like a little girl affect.
Besides tt everything is “lousy,” here, the main descriptive word I use if unsuspecting normals should rotely ask how I am. I can’t even jot my little list of things to check on onto here because I can’t ever be sure if these notes will email-arrive completely, etc. I’m stranded here in this typical (and LURE-) set up, the oxygen company game the “Rabbi-Lowe Michelangelo” is pulling. I’ve never known the monsters were doing some trick-,exhibition of me till 2004, I’m always just out here alone and don’t hear or see anything any different than (sic) the usual invisible tortures but over the years-decades I’ve caught onto alot of wisps of clues, only is all it is — tt Salem witchcraft trial phrase, blank evidence isn’t admissible, is all it ever generally comes to. The “jew” apparition had me forced awake st 1:30 and then 5a.m., after which I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so tt I’m tired and miserable waiting in this room for the O2 delivery, which has shown up as late as six pm, leaving nothing for my own Monday and resulting in the heebie-jeebies from being alone in this small space with the torture-repertoire, bag of tricks that might further be sprung on me on a Monday, retarding my week standard devils strategies all of the time, trying to kill me w tt caught in a rain inundation one again yesterday, 3 or 4 times this past month even though I’m always as much on my guard as possible. the trick is the internal invisible-torture’s being sneak-sprung at the same time, anxiety-attack symptoms because they’re (sneak- I guess) pulling on ropes like a harness anchored just under my ribs, is the main trick, not the happenstance rain and then thunderstorm. And they’re always ambush-pulling on my bladder, so I knew/know tt if I get upset they’ll tear at my bladder so I’d have soiled clothes and then what could I do, so it’s of utmost importance for me not to let their tearing at my insides to fake an anxiety attack get me upset, it doesn’t help to beg them to quit, they’re likely doing all that horror just by looking at me, them being in-sucking entities, just “cultured” to be in-sucking, especially with their eyes, like I figure they’re doing now, scheduled because I’m enpawned by the oxygen-gimmick where the jew, like the A. Ginsberg Jurassic Park type, pulls on those same “harness ropes” to hospitalize me otherwise, and I can’t find any assistance to get me out from under these monster parasites, parasitic monsters. The rain had started only one block from the library but I have to eat between getting —
8/27 Tues 11p, the holocaust-animals are beyond –/etc., suckg up this as forced-babysitting, the jew always conceited to be mentioned, sic. I have to finish abt the boy rushg over in the rain bc it’s a standard situatn where I can’t explain I’ve got the Armageddon a devil on my head, as reason for my odd behaviors like having to rudely — get lost! — decline his assistance, and then I can’t bring attn to anybody by like looking around for him later to apologize and say “thanks,.” which is even scary, tt the devil-jew twists tt to being oil tanks curse, tt I try not to phrase it, thank you, just the reference to tt we’re in their tanks-world as an adult fact. I’ll try to fill in I guess, tt when I got off the bus a block or so from the library entrance I turned to try to get some fresh air because it’s like the bus-jouncing pumps the air out of me all the time, and I said, which is the most important, to get air inside of me or food or to get to the toilet, before the rain starts, question mark. I walked about halfway and got under a tree and took the wrapper off the new umbrella to open it and started eating. putting food in because once I get to the library there’s not anywhere to eat and then the air conditioning will be like freezing on my torso -area where the sneak “low oxygen” torture is. While I was eating the rain went into deluge-mode and I could then only walk my few steps and catch my breath and realized I had the piss-pulling demons all over me waiting for a vulnerable moment to jump-tear at NY bladder and TT knowing tt inevitably then starts tt fear’s anxiety attack and these lying in wait monsters really might kill me so tt if I have to go slow and get drenched EET tt’s secondary to being pulled to the ground or either having my pants-skirt soiled with urine in the library then, either, so tt I was working like crazy to stay “it’s only rain” relaxed, and this drenched boy ran up and said Ma’am, do you want some assistance or some such, and I was just horrified what Hus presence might accidentally do to my equilibrium with tt A. Ginsberg-type devil just invisibly sitting at my head lying in wait to pounce-attack and I told the kid to get lost but then I always feel guilty for rudeness but can’t explain this Armageddon-Revelation bs to anyone and ppl like him are generally “selected” for scripts opportunities in addition to all tt, tt they send pawns at me all if the time so tt I can’t sort out who my be helping w a set up, either!

— The reason I have to send this right now is that they’re making me sick now off of the excuse that I’d gotten drenched on Sunday, they do this sort of that pattern to me lots and lots of the times, keeps me unable to keep working plus I look awful till I get fully recuperated. What’s making me sick is mostly the “HVAC” air conditioning here where I nevertheless sit all the time that I can, even though it’s always this too-cold for me, so they’d gotten me drenched and I’m stuck in the air conditioning and with their bugaboo rituals always going on all around me they’re — and one of them just did another trick, like I was saying, always going on all around me. Then the psychoto-psychopaths believe their own trick-sets and make the making me ill come true; they always do this “wishful thinking” modus operandi, sit around parasiting the earth to its death and ill-wishing the “other” people instead of having normal lives of their own, suck live off of me while making me sick to my death at the same time. One reason they might not have simply had me killed off might have to do with who was really living in the Americas/on this continent, the east of the Mississippi before the Pilgrims and prior “discoverers” had gotten here, that everything about “native Americans” might be a cover up for the actual people who’d actually been living here when these crept in and took over the “real estate.” So I might be getting sick again. They force me to take generic Claritin pills called loratadine in order to ward this off and I hate to take them because this pattern is all how they’ve been doing the Armageddon, I don’t know what they think those syllables mean, LURE-at-a-din or what, claw-ri-tin, what they think but this torture loves for me to take it so much and I’m so scared of what these illnesses do to me that for awhile I was just taking them most days prophylactlically,  just to keep the “slug-pneumonia” they give me off of me, and I haven’t taken any despite that I have the feeling that they’ve been illness ill-wishing all over me for around at least ten days now, they’re generally ill-wishing but then they set in even more hard sometimes and that’s what they’ve been doing as they’re doing all these other invisible tortures also, so I thought I’d make a note about it in case they do do me anything like last April where all of a sudden and for the same patterns as this feeling of wishfully-thinking illness upon me they beset me so bad it was close to death, for not any real reason, just that they like to do it and alot of the time it’s for nothing except ugliness curses, then they figure, okay, how do we make her ugly for whatever the sin-charge was this time, and generally they use getting ill with that nasty slug-pneumonia, then it could be like six weeks before I feel normal again. — Now I recall too that I’d run out of the orange juice I’ve been drinking since April or the next assault like that I think it was when I started drinking some every day but it’s difficult for me to keep things to carry in stock at the room and I’d run out and am thinking that the grapes I’d bought yesterday and strawberries and tomatoes sometimes are good-enough substitutes for specifically orange juice, which I did buy 2 pint-bottles on Sunday because I could sense they were trying to make me sick, but, maybe I should make the sacrifice of the expense at this difficult time to go get some more of that tonight, sort of try to flood myself with it to get by this assault; it seems to keep them off.

8/29, Thursday, I’m feeling progressively worse as the system manufacures illness cells into my internals to fulfill some ugliness curse someone probably put onto me and the “synchronicity” timed to go with some big holocaust lock-up that maybe’d been going on last weekend so that then the system generally makes me “catch” the biological warfare “slugs” that feed on and grow in the body, etc., and my list of things to try to get done today is huge:

first I have to add the correction that I recall I’d said, (Please) Don’t bother me, to the kid, not the Get lost I could only recall the other day, but also

there was a similar-connected incident i think two days before that where I’d been caught similarly a block before the library in some demonic-seeming sudden inundation of “driving” rain, and I couldn’t move forward till I’d eaten some of my lunch so I was trapped there in the street with some nearby pick-up truck as a bit of a wind-block and another pick-up stopped parallel to where I was and a guy got out and offered me an umbrella and as a rule I generally refuse any “gift” on account of that most of them are “scripted-curses,” jinxed special for me and this Armageddon-snuck-through-this-way, so I’d told the guy thanks but I don’t want it, I had my little broken one keeping me half-dry and when he turned to go back to the truck the back of his white t-shirt had these ill-looking like claw-marks red and blue “stripes,” but like claw-stripes, down it, making me sort of mentally shudder what on earth that’s supposed to represent as coming along with the “free gift” of a huge black umbrella, and the guy muttered one or more imprecations to himself as he opened the truck door  that sounded like calling me a ho/hoe; this happens near-continually, that these smiling people will hold out a dollar or a ride or some such and when I automatically turn down a gift from a stranger they say — usually the word d***, which I despise because I take it to mean a curse against holding up this effort on behalf of eternity that I’m alone with, — some negativity or another at me, like, sudden total personality change, why would I want anything from a person who’s got a personality of cursing other people for, that that’s their true selves or their true mission in approaching me, me mentioning now that it’s such a running decades-long problem that I feel I can’t trust strangers, which of course you learn as a child, and in this neighborhood one of their main plant/characters is like some guy who’d tried to approach for kidnapping me as a nine year old, etc. I want to add those 2 additions to that email above.

check Utah for dinosaur fossils

Passover supper ingredients, Pa shov er, plus then that that’s connected to something I noticed in the Oct. 1964 National Geographic article on a Sikh’s visit to the U.S.

ck Encino

ck Coronado (ck Brutal Journey)

ck Bog down a vitch

ck Rama III and Elvis

add Ghent Altarpiece post and hide that Avery mess, that Triumphs of Caesar


ttrv, ed schieffelin

ck sla, Little

tracey remus

ck first husband

ck orson welles, viz Me-kill-angelos and Mel Weinberg

ck for tt Target photo

ck Olson/Oppenheimer

ck tt desert inn

ck Holabird


Dear Ms. Krieski or other there, I’m trying to get a contact with the fort and since I read about the naming of Sierra Vista in 1956’s vote I’m thinking I should have to visit but my circumstances are real peculiar, if anyone there could have some interest in scanning the blog/blogpost I’m about to try to send you a copy of.Sincerely, I’ll be trying to add updates near-daily but this long weekend will be difficult, etc.

I’m sorry to read that Mr. Robson passed. I’m thinking of trying to visit that area but I don’t drive and so couldn’t stay at your place, nevertheless gotten the idea to send a copy and going to try to, hoping that’s okay with you. Also I’m looking for background on Ed or the other Schieffelins of Tombstone, for the blog, but please read the Warnings I try to put all over the material. Sincerely, == After trying to reach the mipb again I sent a blog-copy to the SV Historical Society and then this one to Tombstone Territories camping ground.

7a89021eb53f3b9ebfcd745e35b77ace at hous dot craigslist dot org

Small room available for mature, responsible female. I’m a certified caregiver by trade will rent small room to female asking 300.00. Room and board would be 500.00 any personal assistance would be more. I’m clean an neat expect the same. Sorry no pets at this time. Can discuss meal preferences. Trying to eat and live healthy. No over drinking of alcohol, contract is needed, boundaries are set and have to be adhered too. Month to month contract to start. Either can terminate at any time. == Jennifer Lane near Carmichael == it’s right across from va services — posted about a month ago…. I have to sign off,

Sept. 4, Wednesday, I’m stranded looking up about those King Sister singers, on an on just because one of their husbands had passed early and i’d like to know how that had happened, not any other reason and i can’t keep reading about this old stuff, and looking for who’d sold their ovaries that became cybill shepherd sort of a nosiness that seems normal to me in these unthinkable times, etc. The guy, syd azevedo, had been born in brooklyn in 1915 and d. in hohokus nj when? 1953 i think it was. he was only 37 yo so let’s do a little math. 1915 to 1945 is thirty years, then there’s eight years, so i guess he’d passed toward the end of 1953 after his birthday. he’d worked for capitol records in hollywood. they’d had two children. when had they gotten married then. This has so little to do with anything and my whole day started late also, what a terrible day each day is for me in some way or another. i have to call the oxygen company so i’m going to take a break, i go through this each month as i like to call them to arrange for the following month right after each delivery so i get early on the schedule or else it’s a whole wasted day without any notice that they’re going to do that to me, infinite jest world. forcing myself to go outside for a break will help to get this call over and done with, i get resistance against any forward movement all the time from this torture. — ha for coincidences, genie francis actress was born in 1962 where the king sisters had worked alot, in englewood nj, not far from where the guy had unexpectedly passed in 1953, etc.

check Joseph Sterling Bridwell around Archer City petroleum/oil. d. 1966

Harper Collins Pubs published Cybill Disobedience