– I’m “paranoid” about giving out the URL, putting lots of WARNINGS that it’s a dangerous site because the system really comes from brain-eaters that use me as a gimmick for LURING people to “disappearance” traps, to put it briefly and euphemistically. Only if I got assurance you wouldn’t give it to anyone else or spread any of the material could I send the URL, though I’ll keep in mind to send it when/if I got the site cleaned up and better-organized. I think it isn’t safe to have any involvement with it or my (old-aged) self. Etc. — However I am direly in requirement for assist in that nobody I’ve given the address to has ever told me what they see when/if they had.called it up, that people might get “re-directed” to a warning sign or a sham-hoax version for all I can guess as nobody’s ever discussed anything about it or much of anything else with me, I’m like a ghost-prisoner who’s finally gotten to retirement social security age. If you somehow felt secure from the underworld and wouldn’t let anyone else have it because of the overall sensitivity of everything I could send it.