Contact attempts …………

10/11/18, I’ve gotten a permanent mailing address but now I have to try to get it secured from this indescribable tank-rolling all over my life, the system-people do whatever they can get away with and I’m powerless and can’t prove that they just sit around and decide I can’t receive contacts from anyone that isn’t a system-approved script-performer.

10/4/17,* Don’t even try to think how to ccontact me, it’s really how this underworld-system has been doing the planet-takeover like described in that old “book of Revelation” with the Armageddon/wipe every tear threat-promises, that they were nuts with this “Autism” I’ve been trying to get assistance because of the system’s using me like this, I’ll post it on the front screen if it’s ever safe but right now it seems the computers have been being twist-convoluted to the system’s world-takeover purposes by unearthly-horror means, expansion of the unearthly-horror these “Autists” had already been, just translated or moved onto also using computers for their “people-eating” purposes and these bums all have been thrive-living off of using me as a gimmick-LURE for getting their hands onto and disappearing the normal males and other people. I’ve long been homeless and in a few weeks I’m supposed to be getting a little “ss” i’m afraid to even blab about my business and especially anything the system-parasites might go after to destroy, but the “social security” system, they’re supposed to be getting some old-age assist to me soon so that might improve things eventually but these system-parasites are always suck-living off of watching whatever i try to do toward finding assistance for myself, and this has been going on basically all my life as a separate issue from the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION reality, which I’m trying to cover in the “French Connection” file/s here under this “About me” subject.

7/11/18*, however, if you’ve read all these WARNINGS, going on to right this place I’m stranded alone in now, and somehow aren’t worried about the system’s snatching you or any loved ones for retribution, I could be reached at, because this is getting overload-lonely for me like this anymore.