1/18/19, I’m going to start trying to make a Chronology of these different personal events around this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION the system is using me toward but it will take awhile as I fill in the relevant time-periods, at least a month.

1955, born down at NY Hospital for not any apparent reason then the Foshays back up to Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx, about #1450, then they moved to #1500 in 1960 I guess, next door practically to kindergarten at P.S. 66, but then after the “French Connection” scam in September 1963 they’d started busing me to some P.S. 121 somewhere else in the Bronx and then November 1, 1963 we moved to the north Bronx, 1871 Schieffelin Place.

1973- October, I got into the Army; to Basic at Ft. McClellan, Anniston, Alabama.

1974- Training at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio and then to Ft. Hood, Killeen, TX.

Veterans Day 1974 I landed in Frankfurt, W. Germany. I’ll leave this blank and skip to

Jan. 1978 I moved to San Rafael, California and then San Francisco.

July 1978 I met this guy who in about July 1979 started this Armageddon-scam onto me, alluding to that he might try to rescue humanity from coming decimation if only he could find any assistance with that. I’d asked if decimation meant cutting off heads and he said it meant getting 10% of a population to do a revolution, to that effect, and I’d said that as long as it didn’t involve decapitation I’d be willing to assist, based on that I’m single and could go ahead and try to assist with that, but now it turns out that that decimation really isn’t about much except the decapitation business, that that’s where the “geniuses” get their drugs from. Etc., that the whole cannibalism business is really mostly an excuse for getting the decapitation “materiel,” the system’s been mass-reproducing cannibal-types in order to increase the decapitating aspect of this global-system. (…the “‘Limitless’ geniuses.”)

1980-81 I transferred to and then back from UC Berkeley to San Francisco State University, majoring in Anthropology but having to leave school after Spring 1982 for lack of funds, and then I’d forfeited on the G.I. Bill assistance I’d been getting by not completing a degree, but I’d left the Bronx all plagued with this same “French Connection” and Ginsberg-type stereotype difficulties, lifetime-plagued. I was back and forth from San Francisco to NY most of my adult life and then in Oct. 2000 went to Washington, DC instead based on that it would be less expensive than NY and then got chased up to NY in Oct. 2002 and — skipped over the vision and voice business’s surprise “Armageddon Show” opening in Feb. 1993, and will have to get back to this. The double-spaces between the paragraphs makes it really difficult for me to make lists, all that unnecessary space, but this is to try to help newcomers to figuring out what I’m trying to explain about this Armageddon-Revelation, and notice how it’s really just about the “geniuses'” wanting more of their drug off of then using me as bait-LURE, which had started back when I was young, most likely in that north Bronx area, with the system already all over me more or less from NY Hospital, that Longfellow was just a plagued area as well as the fraud-family business from the Great Depression Bathgate Avenue 1930s situation, that I’d had system-types around all along, one of which I’d seen a descendant of just last week, a main lady-character from Longfellow, a descendant working at the Wal-Mart not too far from here, etc.

There were 3 trips to SF:



1994-2000 and I have to soon fill-in this 1994 area where I’d met this guy named Allan and he’d “lent” me $10 that I’d never paid back but it was peculiar, details like that he’d given me a pack of cigarettes I’d said I’d pay him back for and then he’d come back with another pack and a $5 bill, me trying to pass an overnight by sitting in that Carl’s Jr. on Market Street, Market across from 7th St. I think or 5th Street, but that’s the cable car turnaround, it’s by the Civic Center, I’d homeless met him there as though he also was homeless and I had all this Armageddon b.s. and invisible-torture and when he brought me the extra pack of cigarettes and the $5 I couldn’t really refuse the help and had raised the amount I owed him then to $10 and “coincidentally” hadn’t been able to repay that because I had that same c*** all over my head that I do right now, this “Ginsberg-type” and world-magicians doing their Armageddon this sneak-way. When I got my first welfare check Allan was in a park I’d had to walk through and had more or less wanted the $10 but he was with a girl that was a little bigger than me and with 2 to 1 I couldn’t take out the only money I had, the whole $174 or whatever exactly it was all in my pocket and I couldn’t take the whole thing out to find the or a ten if there was one because I’d been so broke and alone for so long that I couldn’t take a chance on 2 strangers against me with all this Armageddon “Show” going on, that it’s really the same thing then that it is now, that these invisible-torturers are parasites that are forcing the earth to be gotten rid of like an old bedbug-infested mattress in the old days. This thing with Allan though, it seems it might be alot bigger than I’d realized until just last week and it’s inter-connected with a number of these subjects so that it’s a little time-consuming to try to describe the Armageddon of this. Then I’d seen him 2 more times when I’d just spent the money I could’ve paid him back with or some such, but this, I realize now, was just a typical “magic” entrapment of myself, to where it’s “brewed” into a big deal that I hadn’t paid the guy back, but I probably hadn’t asked him for that first pack of cigarettes either at all, just wasn’t in a position to turn the “gallantry” down and I messed up because I didn’t know anything about that this is a curse-run system. This is too much to put in just the outline chronology I’m trying to do but not enough to put the breadcrumbs to a new file just for itself yet. It’s a subject I’m working on trying to get the pieces together to.

Things are bad; I’ll just stick this widget-attempt matter here for now:

25 September, I guess this would be the way to keep this update-area going. I’m still ill from all this dog-bite business and everything is just horrifying. I don’t like to have to say this but it’s that dumb little baby-picture I’d requested last spring that still hasn’t been sent to me that seems to be as the bottom-excuse for all this sadism-evil’s being slathered all over tiny nice little me. It would take nothing to get it to me but this “devil/Jomon” etc. seems to be riding the keeping it withheld from me for running this whole evil people-manufacturing brain-eaters’ global-system. — Maybe this little chatbox here will just grow longer and longer instead of just having a window whereby any interested person could just check for updates, in which case the lengthening window isn’t what I’m looking for. I’ll try to get back and straighten out some of all this tomorrow but mostly I just require a human contact or friend or person or partner for this universe rescue-attempt.

5 Sept. 2019, Thurs., I’ll have to try “talking to myself” here for awhile…. Now I’m headed to “the doctor” or e.r. about this dog bite, hoping I’ll be okay.