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Usually I first check the “About” whatever website I’m looking up to see overall what they’re about and the one that was around here I can’t find lately, maybe it’s on the bottom menu or in the background somehere, so I thought I should try to make a new one in case anyone “normal” ever reaches this blogsite somehow, (GHM= “God help me,” which I’m afraid to think because the underworld has all different interpretations for everything.)

(7 July 2018, maybe the biggest thing is that that 1962 “French Connection” crime-scam had involved me into itself and that’s still why all this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION is my problem. See the file at the near-end of the Navigation bar but it’s all messy because I seldom get a chance to work on this. Here’s the main photo on the scam-crime:)(


short version, https://binged.it/2meQhr2

(building I’d lived in during 1960-63 and in the background the big building is the school I’d gone to but in Fall 1963 they had me bused to a school I still don’t know where it was, P.S. 66 and then 121, but then we moved in November and I went to P.S. 111. There weren’t any streets to cross from that 1500 Longfellow Avenue, Bronx, NY 1046- to that P.S. 66 I’d been in from kindergarten to 2nd grade, then to the 2 other schools for 3rd grade.

I was born in 1955 and grew up in the Bronx till I”d joined the Army at 18 and went to Texas and then over to W. Germany and then I was in college for awhile and mostly I’ve been homeless and trying to support myself as a nurse’s aide but now I see I’ve been a “ghost prisoner” here all millennium and I haven’t been able to work since 2005, except for two horror-days last year that I’m still trying to file for a possible income-tax EIC return on, but I’m so distraught by all this ghost-prisoner “Armageddon Program” that’s fulfilling those book of Revelation prophecies every day that by the time I get to touch bases with keeping up this blogsite-attempt a bit and feel better then in my stomach the time on a computer is up and I can’t yet figure out how to download the booklet that came for normal citizens with the tax paperwork form, I’m supposed to try to quietly look at that and figure out this income tax business. I’ll try to spend the next two days quietly trying to get to and get that done somehow, that they sent me something saying there might be $500 to that for me but I don’t even have cash for the stamp I’m going to try to buy tomorrow for writing to them that I’m still working on figuring this out exactly because I think I probably am eligible for it, which would mean I’d have to buy 2 stamps, one to say that and one for when I’ve actually figured this paperwork and math out.

kathleen j foshay resume– Watch out for trying to call up this resume, that it’s in Microsoft Word and I just called it up and was afraid I’d lose being able to get back to the whole blogsite in trying to get back out of looking at what it is in Word, something I’d typed last year but I’m all by myself and there’s no way I can get employment or do anything better with my time than this and trying to distribute emails till someone assists me or I finally start collecting Social Security and can get a bus ticket, GHM.

Foshay Tower – again, be careful, in fact be careful with anything connected to me. I think that this is only amusing but the Great Depression had followed the opening of Wilbur Foshay’s building in August 1929 and I’m always worried about all this, that crashing everything for the other people is what that Revelation is all about.

Wilbur B. Foshay photo– there’s a note that John Philip Sousa’s Foshay (Memorial) March or some such was played for the opening. I haven’t heard it but had looked up about it as best I could and some say it’s just a temporary re-titling of the Washington Memorial March Sousa had written, a homeboy right here and a strange one at that, part of all this Revelation-takeover as far as poor little me can tell yet.

Here’s the only pictures of me I’ve got so far but be careful because the underground global-system uses me as a LURE for killing-off the normal people, they spread lies about me since back to 1978-79 that poor destitute pack-mule me is trying to “save the world” and I’d never guessed that these drug-addict bums were doing that, hallucinators from intaking human brain serum “LSD” or whatever other all and slang names it goes by, Clear, See-through, Sunshine, etc. This underworld of Autist-system bums sits underground and makes believe all these lies to make an audience-gathering “show/program” off of jokes about and old pornography of and voyeuring on impoverished hardworking me out here and then the people get disappeared and they’ve been pulling this crap back decade after decade but like full-speed all this millennium, right through to today, without interest in ever quitting from doing this off of me, so I’m stranded with always having to wake up and try to figure who I could try to contact for assistance. I’m so overloaded with this summer Tourist Season now that I can’t even get things like this and the income tax out of the way so that I could try contacting anyone, everything is just indescribably bad. I finally realize that these Autists own the whole computerized world for their way of living, but I’m trying to explain all these years that the Autism has to be acknowledged and real-world worked on or the human race is going to be extincted from this developmental disability that’s kept the big secret about. Finally I’d noticed recently that the thing called the Sylvian fissure on the left side of our brains is actually a scar from the healed injury from prehistoric days that had led to this Autism disability.

This is a “selfie” with the new Lifeline smart cell phone but I had to crop it to cut out all those nice trees in the background because this criminally insane system we’re all in thinks that a tree represents a person so that that bunch of trees would be like all the all the bums that live off of poor little me’s being underground-used as a LURE-gimmick, they do anything to get people into their kill-areas, put on comedy then pornography then melee brawls and release bio-warfare, that I call “slug-pneumonia” because I’ve caught it all the time when people come back up here after the innocent normal people victims’ gotten sprayed with it and left underground to turn into petroleum. This has to be openly discussed and worked on in this “advanced age” or modern age or anything that we’re in. There’s a different -looking picture from my DMV-ID card but that’s “magic” made to look that way to go along with the lie-stories that go to this marathon “Armageddon Program” the bums all make off of me because I’m always forced to be trying to look for assistance, because of that fraud-family I’d grown up with. The underworld people think “parent” is a job-title and not necessarily a biological title, so that they’re never liars. This goes on and on with the “twisted” global-system of the brain-damaged brain-eaters’.


(8/10/16 — I want to go read Florence Sabin’s letters at Smith College and this torture will likely make sure that I never get there, which reading those would likely lead to simply wanting to find the rest in Denver.  I want to figure out how she could (possibly) have written that biography on Mall without a word about his wife and at least one child they’d had, that I suspect Simon Flexner had engineered that but it looks like Sabin was “loony-goony” to publish that with no mention of Mabel Glover Mall, from the Glover family here in WDC,  that that was all a big sabotage on Sabin the same ways that everything’s been sabotage on me, and I think that going through those letters to that sister of hers would have redeeming social value as much or more than what otherwise might be done but this all is only really for the Armageddon that I’m being put through and nothing for redeeming social value of any sort whatsoever, just for the system’s world-takeover live described in that book of Rev.

— An early file-practice I’d made was titled, “I’m like a ghost-prisoner, maybe worse.”

Here’s “The Stupid, Crosseyed Girl,”  re-typed:

The stupid, crosseyed girl is basically what the Armageddon-making Program or exhibition like I’m a circus-freak LURE calls me. If you get one of my letters and want to ask the underground if you or someone could assist me they go into their rage act and not to bother them about the stupid, crosseyed whore or slut or whatever anything negative they generally say about me to anyone that thinks anything is okay about me, the rage being the Armageddon-gimmick on top of the gimmick of using unawares me like this.



https://universerescuekathyfoshaywordpresscom.wordpress.com/id-card-photo-of-me/ this one seems to be a duplicate, there’s one with something teeny different I’m looking for but might have to give up on.

#136, 4-year old me being framed for this

0119_001.pdf  The child’s expression does not show any such thing because that was me and I was set-up to get a picture of me looking conceited but it didn’t work out so the system called me selfish and it was all the opposite of that, I was trying to teach the strange little “plant” how to play checkers, you can see that those are checkers, not blocks, for instance. And it was a Housing Authority appointment, and more to this I’ll fill in later.

img 20170705 205534
img 20170705 205500
img 20170705 205444
img 20170705 205422

(After the Bronx “French Connection” Longfellow Avenue neighborhood the nuclear family had moved to the north Bronx, Baychester Project, Schieffelin Place, near 223rd Street I guess:)

#229, (228th St., Baychester project, Bronx; from an old letter) 2nd neighborhood I’d lived in but they just cut the computer off and it makes me nervous that I hadn’t signed out and they’re always invading here and using this blogsite for tricking people into this horror-LURE, that actually had started at this Baychester location in the Bronx, but I’ll have to quit for today now because I’d send something here that I’ll try again now and then I have to get back to the shelter or I’d be sleeping on the snowy/cold street, really, and I’m too old for that right now.pdf, — plus that J.H.S. 142 is John Philip Sousa Junion High School and I’d gone there, around 1967-69. The P.S. 111 was Seton Falls Elementary. Cardinal Spellman was likely connected to Sousa, maybe an “offspring-descendant” or whatever they call these “made” or “grown” underworld-fertilized humans, that Spellman might have been Sousa’s offspring…. (May 12, 2017) — I don’t have time to crop/edit these photos of that same page right now but will do so soon.

img 20170712 165304
img 20170712 165410
img 20170712 165321
img 20170712 165348

#137, Tragedy in Tucson : the Arizona shooting rampage / by Aimee Houser.

On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 4:47 PM, Kathleen Foshay wrote:

I was trying to send the note that this book isn’t on the shelf at the Library of Congress because that seems to be the only copy around. I lost all my belongings except a few papers in 2014 so I was trying to replace this picture that’s on page 36 of that book because it shows what a farce we live in and how this book of Revelations with its Armageddon is being done off of this “Nemesis” problem that I have. It’s really disgusting. Somehow behind my back the system has been and is doing all this made-up garbage with the “made-up” people grown from the reproductive matters of this bizarre Bronx Zoo-area fraud-family I’d grown up with and while looking into that Jan. 2011 assassination-attempt on Rep. Giffords and the massacre that had happened along with that I’d run across this staged-obviously photograph where this girl looks to be taken from my ovaries, I guess during a “D&C” I’d had in early 1970 and whatever they grew from that that then they got ovaries more and grew her or else she’d come from a “D&C” I’d had in 1978, or maybe they really have been collecting ovae from pap smears too, but they have this poor “abortion-sherd” I call this disembodied-ovary fertilization “grown” like sea monkeys people, on a pro- I’d guess abortion picket line and then being heckled by one of the growths from the fraud-parent, and it’s really sick to see that so I’m looking for a copy of the book. Have to sign off.

#126, the stupid cross-eyed girl, (formerly the “don’t be scared…” file,) pdf=2016 ID-card photo

new ID-card photo.pdf, 5/13/17, it occurs to me that in my recent warnings it’s been a long time since I mentioned that the system gimmicks off of making me the stupid, cross-eyed girl role-playing character in this Armageddon Program life, that that’s something to bear in mind and watch out for, as they gimmick on getting an “audience” of “supporters” for oblivious me alone out here and then they start this pornography and insult marathon for gimmick for killing as many normals as possible, is the main or big Armageddon-gimmick, you think she’s nice, she’s a stupid cross-eyed girl you’ve been supporting you moron, to death with you… and that sort of horror.

7/9/17, this was a DC DMV ID-card photo but it looks 1/2 as much like Rose Blumkin (file #1 with Vajiravudh,) as the Maryland DMV ID-card photo which must have been a big set-up, for the photo to come out looking like Rose Blumkin. Then I got this one and it also looks like Ms. Blumkin alot. The underworld- or “magic-” system just has this ulterior motive all over my life, to use my life for their cannibalism global-system no matter what.

They’d had me sit in a chair I guess that had been prepared for my visit for the ID-card and the picture was just “magic-done” and didn’t look much like what I’d looked like that day, in Maryland. When the card arrived I was too ill to care, only glad to have any photo-ID card after so long without any. Then the card was actually stolen when I’d woken up in ICU, but I don’t have time to get into that right now, just that it’s probably in a file now of the group that had had it stolen. I didn’t report it because I wasn’t sure it wasn’t somehow back at that shelter and when I realized it was gone then I got a call saying the group had it and I was too sick from them to want to hear about anything at all so they likely just still have that hideous-looking card.

#258, Please, Let’s Get Kathy Foshay Out Of Washington … pdf

#256, Catch-23 .pdf, Catch-23 is that the system can’t wait till I’ve passed and then look into my work, the way they’ve gone about stealing the whole world, planet, that that standard operating modus operandi wouldn’t work because the Autism is a real thing and you have to do real-life in treating it, not just get away with sneaking around like the usual way. Besides that I’m unable to work on the latest “suspectation” that I’ve found, that I think-suspect that this town was sabotaged by a particular person who’d just passed allegedly at age 84 I think in 2009, a drummer named Louis Bellson but I can’t get to the “LOC” library quickly enough in trying to check on this suspectation to try to verify it yet, just going by one picture I’d run across about 10 days ago, one of those Cultural tourism signs they have alot of here that I haven’t seen since I’d found that “French Connection” in the Bronx photo in 2014 with that Lenny Bruce-looking “Tony Fuca” on the far left, figure #1. Bellson looked just like Bruce and like that guy “Fuca” in the photograph and Bellson was born just the year before Bruce so there is obviously some close connection but I can’t check further on this yet. I might drag myself to the LOC tomorrow but it seems better to wait till these “holy days” are over with and my health’d hopefully be better and his wife was Pearl Bailey and she’d written 6 books so they all should be checked before I could feel I’d checked everything possible before blabbing about this and because of these holy days I’d run into a problem with having to keep those books on hold, the way the timing on that works, so I’m pretty “antsy” about this. I want to find out where here they’d lived, Bailey growing up here and having a few addresses I’ve come across before but where was this drummer, as this underworld system goes alot by doing like Indian drumming to the death marches, like that Bang the Drum Slowly baseball story and some cultural thing the Autists have, and I’m sitting here in what seems to be the Biblically-prophesied Inferno-area, so I’m trying to find out where they’d lived here.

I’m fond of this and putting it here for no other reason:  Posted on October 29, 2016#159, copy this De Bron magazine 1934 cover picture, from, History of the Royal Dutch Shell (petroleum company I think the title is) — A few examples from the RDS’s history book.pdf

#219, housing letters pdf

#219, housing-attempt letters w most illustrations removed for use elsewhere, 91-p pdf, 1/19/17, I’ve just got too much nightmare to be able to follow-up on any of this and am just stranded in the same old position-set here of doing what I can toward trying to make contact with any “normal” responsible-adult type that the system wouldn’t torture or kill to prevent that contact, and everything is just a nightmare of trying to damage-control this horror and finding a “normal” living-space is secondary to trying to get the system to cease this “Armageddon-making trick-LURE” for killing all the normal people so that the Autists can own the planet and play-pretend till the Earth is gone. Etc. So I just packed-up these papers for while I’m busy with this.

#283, M.I.A.

M.I.A. .pdf I don’t know how to explain my situation without further jeopardizing my safety while I’m still in this situation. I’ll try to make a “District” of Colombia” new menu-item, but that isn’t even the immediate problem but all the big-paid phony “intelligence” is, which is what I can’t describe about to stay away from that local address for me for, no normal person is going to be allowed to reach me, that I’ve been here for nearly 2 decades with this same TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION letter-writing and flyer handing-out that I’ve been doing, but I don’t have money for flyers anymore and what could I say to anyone I already know can’t help me anyway because you’re also only here too, etc. This “M.I.A.” file comes down to that it’s some odd-but-true likelihood that I won’t get the federal EIC refund on account of that their records show that I was reported missing back in the 1980s so they ignore the name now or some such, that people get away with saying or thinking anything because I can’t defend myself alone like this, like a ghost-prisoner that doesn’t really exist, is the underworld’s attitude, which by the way this Alexander Graham Bell I’m getting new information on, that all those vision and voices and underworld what-not largely come off of his work, his work with/for the deaf likely largely a front for figuring communications from the underworld to their people out here out, etc. The M.I.A. is that some fraud-relative that I think had come from the Aldous Huxley line of the operatives had contacted here that I was missing in the ’80’s but it’s just that I was/am broke and never get assistance to speak of so there wasn’t anything to talk about, people don’t want to hear from broke people so I was out of touch for alot of years, about 7, from 1983 to 1989, and that actual troublemaker’s phony interest in poor little me might be the cover-excuse for that I sit here broke while the gov’t ignores the “messy” because I didn’t have the instruction booklet only thinking of the possible return at the last minute, refund-request because as far as they know I wasn’t reported to have been found. The reason that comes up is that one of the girl’s here’s name is those initials also and day after day, twice a day generally, I watch the girl carrying on and off the shuttle-bus to and from the former morgue-shelter at least 4 bags and a big wheeled cart and you can figure that there’s no real reason for carrying all that stuff around, that it has some sort of the ritual-significance to this “invisible” Armageddon Program, and it occurred to me that perhaps she signifies that I’m classified as being missing-in-action from that phony-relatives report back long ago and I’m sitting around trying to get assistance without realizing that I’m considered not to exist, that some identity-replacement is sitting in my life, which luckily isn’t the situation, because this identity-theft business is a big one all around me that I’ve noticed. I’ll put something about that in the ICU menu-file soon. — Now I look up on the search-engine how to get a “SafeLink” cell phone and it turns out that that same shuttle-bus company also does the SafeLink phones for homeless people. Plus the SafeLink is done by the Tracfone people which is like the only phone I’ve been able to use because I don’t have an address or job for paying bills by so on and off this millennium I’d been able to get a Tracfone but when I’d tried to get a SafeLink I was just told that I couldn’t have one, only some other company that also does those “Lifeline” phones, and that only had that 443 area code, which is weird, too peculiar, Waterloo, Maryland, where the food storage and Ringling Bros. and I don’t know what else only is out in that lonely only crossroad, and I never got any response to the hundreds and hundreds of flyers I’d distributed with that phone number on it and, — the charger disappeared when I got to that “Mister/Mother Teresa” place, and then the company wouldn’t send me another one or replacement phone and I couldn’t get a SafeLink one I figured because I’d had that other company’s and that account was closed down completely I thought would help and now I’m in an emergency situation for a lifeline phone and it turns out these people I see twice a day most days are the same place to get the emergency phone from. And when I stood up from this computer from finding that out the guy across from me, again, is one of what I’d call a “Thunderville-type” as opposed probably to just an “offspring-descendant of the fraud-parent,” wearing some glove like seems to be a new sign being used around lately, and when I went to sign up for getting back onto here I got sent to the same computer seat and the Thunderville-type is getting a good scene in, on a last day of a month especially, as the Armageddon Program goes.  — I make a poor joke that I just found out that Ira Levin had been born in the Bronx but I don’t know where in the Bronx yet, him the author of many scary books, looking some like Alexander Graham Bell et al. too, like The Boys from Brazil and the Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby, which’d starred Ms. Farrow, Mia Farrow, could have a connection to this too….


May 20, 2017 — I cannot find my Menu anywhere, I don’t even know what this file has to do with it; I’m panicking. The WARNING is that I’ve got system-goons everywhere living off of little me in this Armageddon invisible warfare that’s always been going on all over the world and to please not try to contact me unless you feel sure you’re safe from the system, the whole underworld and global-system of itself, that’s the main warning, that they’re totally insidious and not to trust anything because they live off of tricking people and I’m a major gimmick the brain-eaters have been lifetime-using. They’re brain-eaters, drug addicts who will do anything to stay high by killing anyone they can get their hands on, turning any evidence into petroleum and such, do not trust anyone that says they know me or anything, please, and I’ll go back to trying to find this whole disappeared top part of my blogsite here now.

5/21/17, Sunday, I figured out what happened, that on Friday I’d seen a way to move the MENU item/page/posts around in what order you’d like them so I went to do that on Saturday and the capability to do that was gone, the program-area just disappeared, so I just fiddled with whatever and somehow an “UNCATEGORIZED” was suddenly there on the MENU and I clicked it and the whole blogsite itself came up as though a single file! I thought that seemed dangerous to mess with and tried to delete it from the background-workings but couldn’t find a listing for it and my time ran out and during the break it occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to send copies of the whole blogsite around instead of the single files through email like one can do, like, send a copy to Rockefeller University which used to be where Florence Sabin had worked, and send one here and there was on my mind when I went back to this after the break and I called up the MENU little round front-screen button again and everything is gone, like it is now except that when I signed off I realized all the files could still be called up from the bottom/foot of the blogroll first page screen anyway. So I figure that whether it’s WordPress or the people underneath these computer areas or this horrific fraud-family “shadow” underground problem I’ve especially got they’d been playing around and in doing so the UNCATEGORIZED file had gotten onto the MENU somehow accidentally and the only way to erase that so that I’m not sending the whole blogsite around to anyone anywhere who’d read this stuff and maybe get into trying to assist with this real Universe-future rescue-attempt, was to erase the whole MENU-set and so it’s gone now. I’ll have to try to figure a way to alter the front heading-title to change to check the MENU first now.

24 May 2017, somehow in all of this about that Uncategorized unknown title’s popping up and leading to a whole copy of this blogsite I found a right-there-in-front-of-your-nose way to do that same thing, that a whole copy of the blogsite is always with any of these files I might email to someone if you press the blue-lit “kathyfoshay” sends you this button, then not only the sent file is on the screen but just the whole blogsite’s front screen for whenever the file got sent I guess, doubt that it would also have the updates but there’s always some chance with these “magic” computer abilities. Trying to figure who I could send the blogsite to led me to the new Chief Executive. I’m so scared of the “authority” that those people and anyone all has over little me but it takes any whim by one of those and my whole future gets dictated so I’ve been trying to quietly reach assistance and it simply hasn’t worked, like I’d experienced yesterday while trying to put a new WARNING file onto the front MENU, there are at least ten thousand “copies” or “offspring-descendants” from underworld science fiction test tubes of this “guy” that has poseured as being a non-fraud-“pater” and those bums have been terrorizing me since 2010 and the hospitalizations started in 2014 from the shadow-world goings-on, that it’s an unspeakable horror-science fiction thing I’ve been and am going through where those guys are unknown-entities between the ears, — I left the fraud-family apartment in 1973 because they just aren’t any assistance toward me having any sort of a life and there’s no understanding, comprehension of how they think except that I’m viewed as some sort of a thing, a chattel, that’s owned and done whatever with and to, really, so the guy scared me even though it’s “only” some stranger always only minding their own business and not-doing-anything, and it’s ridiculous that there’s this atmosphere especially since I got the library card last week that those, “Thundervilles” I call them as a nickname-reference, think — and maybe they have been all along too is a massive problem for me because nobody ever speaks to or contacts me, please please don’t think any lone individual is immune from insidious underworld sneak-attacks to all over their own lives, sucked away. Okay, that’s 2 different of the personal problems I’ve got, 1- that perhaps this blogsite was lifted off of me before even the car-hit, because I never get any human contact or response and only one sign that I’ve ever had any reader for any of this, and, 2- the ludicrousness of say if that guy yesterday was doing some ritual where he was taking-over the blogsite unrealized by myself because it’s all from the underworld, that I just keep working on it and they just keep converting it to their version of my blogsite and intercept any readers interested in contacting me, but specifically by these “Thunderville” stereo-descendant-offsprings. Obviously no universe, the universe, is going to get any assistance from an insane person’s stealing the blogsite. That’s 2 different problems, God help. Then, it also connects to this sending a copy to the new White House resident whose name I’m afraid to use because just like that he might on a whim hand the blogsite to the Thunderville-type and get me locked up for the rest of my you-know-what, too scary for me to be able to put into words. Trying to stick to the subject, I keep putting the page with the picture of the Run-DMC music group into these pdfs because DMC appears to be a specific Thunderville-offsprung-descendant copy type and lived only a 20-minute walk from where the new White House person had grown up and lived, there around Jamaica, Queens, where I’d happened to wind up in in late October 2002 and Jam Master Jay Mizell was killed, shot without any explanation. Twice I’d gotten accidentally or from a ritual really mixed into the funeral proceedings, once walking by the funeral parlor with people and cars all over the street sort of where I’m superstitious now to walk “through” groups or be included-into anything because of all this invisible end-of-the-world warfare that’s all encrusting me, and then I was on a bus that got into the traffic jam during the funeral’s procession. “Walk This Way” is maybe that group’s biggest hit and to me it represents a LURE-song, that kids are being misled and they go to disappearance, and the new Chief lived right near the group and I’m routinely bother, annoyed,  terrorized by “Thundervilles” that look like DMC especially lately I guess. There are probably quite a few other “big donors” whose offspring-descendants many of these people are instead of the specific fraud-parent but the whole type of person comes from some sort of a family tree that feels that it owns me, makes the situation even worse. And all this just because I got trick-stuck into some strange people’s little “family” set. There’s likely some connection to things that were going on in “Renaissance” Italy, Rene’s sons’ Italy-time, with this type coming from maybe the Sforza group or some friend-group of there’s whose name I can’t recall right now. Sign off now.

I found this in MarkAndJim.com blog on world-travelling and I left not what seems a contact but a comment, giving this URL with that I’d like to use this in the Merchant of Venice post, on Sept. 6, 2017, a Wednesday. I left the kathyfoshay2 gmail address also so maybe I’ll hear back from them and can use this great image of that. — next day, I had to get rid of it the way I’m plagued about anything, that I’m supposed to wait for some permission since it’s a personal picture one is free to look at but not necessarily take a copy of for your own use/viewing/publishing, but it’s a good one of Casimir. Now I’m trying to do this with the Venuses and here’s an extra copy from the WikiCommons that i don’t want to lose track of necessarily.
Venus figurine: Venus of Willendorf

Venus von Willendorf 01.jpg

9/5/17, Tuesday, now “the animals” are terrorizing me with these fraud-family faces again, disease being conspicuous so that it always scares me that they’re stealing this blogsite as well as these decades of all the mail and telephone responses to my begging like this for assistance that might have come in, it came into the system-goons’ hands, is how this Armageddon-making Program off of that original Plan per that book of Revelation, has been being snuck through. It’s just one ambush like that after another, the guy gone now, but if I hadn’t started this “complaining-writing” that stranger with that face might still be sitting there doing that conspicuous act-performing to get me upset. I don’t have any guessing ability for things like what all these different types of strangers are underworld-told to think about myself, I just know that this invisible-warfare against myself is how it’s wound up that the book of Revelation has been being played out. Ever since I started this self-defense complain-typing I’ve just been sitting here in otherwise quiet and filthing up my front screen with this c*** again now. I do not know anything about that fraud-parent I’d been put into that Bronx family with, it hasn’t got anything to do with what I’m talking about about the book of Revelation’s being written by someone with Autism, that comes from congenitally-passed brain damage that now I’m even having to try to explain must be within that corpus callosum, like the most major part of our brain I think it is offhand. This is really meant to be about that poor Princess Diana, then that “Mo./Mr. T” happens to be in the picture. I’d laughed to myself, what does P. Diana have to do with the brain-eaters? and thought about the picture and thought, “Oh,” right, the partner in that photo. Then I’m still stranded in a Catholic Charities overnight-bed place, which is the group the Mo./Mr./saint had “worked” for. I think they’re the con artists with the high-functioning Autism-psychopathy and its hallucinogen-dependence. They claim that “LSD/natural serotonin” isn’t addictive so they aren’t addicts so I can’t just use the verbiage of drug or narcotics addicts, can only describe that they are dependent on being high off of it in order to think the bizarre world-takeover aspirations that this system comes from, and if they’re sober all that fades away and they’re just angry because of the Autism. “Straighten out the Autism,” straighten out the problem, and now I’ve traced it to (congenital) lack of some oily-substance fluid insulator to the nerve fibers that must have leaked out of that hole burned into the skull/brain by their ancestors’ getting lost when they shouldn’t have been trekking over Beringia but nature doesn’t have tangible hands to just reach down and stop them from going after trying to catch the sun and, same as now, they were just persistent and forced their way up and across and got snowed in and have been angry and developmentally disabled ever since. I really don’t want this on the front page I was trying to get to getting rid of some of the repetition from having to do everything so quickly on; where can I stick this now. Here’s another one with that sort of the face, in fact it’s doing the same conspicuous act. I have to type about this c*** because I’ve been hospitalized so many times because of these underground “shadow” underworld monsters that these things are for the system, and it’s sitting there being conspicuous in a way or 2 ways or more that will get Kathy nervous. That’s all “the Merchant of Venice” has been doing these decades is running this horror-torture Armageddon Program off of getting me nervous and then I make some mistake or another. They’re doing this horror-act on purpose to make me like “hysterical,” the guy coughing and sneezing-like conspicuously all over the area, taking up the whole time I’ve been sitting here, some total stranger they underground- “-created,” “-fertilzed,” brought to life artificially to be Armageddon weapons so the Autist-psychopaths under the other side of the world could inherit the earth because Americans are nothing but garbage and they over there are really smart and superior, that’s how the “wipe every tear” book of Revelations works, and poor little me is how they’ve been persisting in getting it carried out, the same pattern as forcing their way across Beringia no matter how nature tried to get them to quit walking north and east because the sun rises and appears to look like you could walk to and touch it, and nature couldn’t explain that life doesn’t work that way and the early group wouldn’t desist and got sick and every day this same c*** is done to me no matter what I do or what reality is like they gang up and ambush me unexpectedly constantly, continuously, always the same tactics.

9/6, Wednesday and “the animals” are worse than ever. I went through about 100 set-ups to sabotage my teeny self to get to this (Shaw) library and the only positive note was that something had come up where this big granite map on Pennsylvania Avenue has come up that I could think to use it as an illustration of this world-takeover “process” that I’m near the end of here, so now I’m here and looking for an illustration and it’s difficult because I don’t yet know what the Pinterest is in terms of using pictures from there for here and I found a photo that’s about 1/2 of what I’m trying to make clear through use of this world-map they built on Penn. Avenue and 8th Street, NW, but when I go to where the photo is from it’s a “trippy” feeling, like that the system has pre-figured for cursing anything I or anyone else might think of for trying to get the world out of this extinction-system they’re living off of, — similar to yesterday’s finding the blogsite of Don’s Maps, that then I’d have been cut off from here if I hadn’t already signed off; I’d had to re-set the computer to start over in order to get out of Don’s Maps site then more or less, and, these computers are so rigged by the same, “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with the hallucinogen-dependence boys. I keep reflecting on how they haven’t changed since those “Venus of Lespugue” days, just tearing after and hacking to death a woman and her three children so they could suck her chest, maybe looking to cook the kids too, I wasn’t there, no one was back then, but they’re doing that same sort of pursuit-pattern to me every day and I’m like a microcosm for the earth’s situation. This blogsite gave me the creepy feeling that it’s from some of these “fraud-family” types that they’re a mobile “show” underneath anywhere I’d try to go, are all prepared with a counter-“show/entertainment/LURE” that runs as pseudo-reality counterpoint to any which way I’d try to turn. Also I’m having a new enormous problem of now it’s like a deluge-sea of the “Babar boy” type of the mass-reproduced generational-slave type. I keep trying to think what these “Merchant” generational-slave #2 types might be that’s different from my naive image of the situation. For instance, that I’ve all along thought offhand that they might be from a subset of the people who’d become black-haired that had gotten off toward and onto Japan instead of making the trip over Beringia, but last night I pondered that maybe they’d gotten astray from the black-haireds on a trek from the New World into the Old and off onto Japan, centuries or what going by before the types met up again. — They’re just killing me for nothing, sucking away on my trying to think so that I’d lost the next point when I’d thought of that I’d also need an illustration of the “guy” called King Casimir III the Great of Krakow, that he’d seemed behind that Ghent Altarpiece’s getting painted, possibly behind the whole “Jesus” business. The morning was so bad that I thought, Why have you forsaken me? Because you’re brain damaged, “Merchant,” or a different word that’s usually used that’s too controversial. My point is that there’s way more sabotage pre-planned, like this blogsite with the most useful close-up of this world-map that’s right on the street. I might try to walk down there and take some pictures soon, but I’m so beset that I can hardly get anything done anymore. — I’m out of time for today and it doesn’t look to have rained at all after all yet like I’d come to this Shaw library branch because of, that yesterday the “invisible torture” had me so ill I could barely walk so I thought today would be worse and felt safer with this shorter distance to cover than if I went to the other option library branch, etc. I don’t think I got a good picture of that Granite Sea street world-map yet, wound up looking at the King Casimirs.

— I’m going to keep this here for temporary storage also:  #281, a typical “trick”

a typical trick .pdf, this is one of the biggest tricks that the “Merchant of Venice/Armageddon Program-director” has got off of me, that I’d been sort-of conned or slid into the life-way of drinking coffee every day and then I started into this shelter business in 2005 and coffee is like the big sin that I have and it’s a major theme in this whole ignoramus Armageddon Program, that it’s like a scene around it nearly every morning all these years and then I have to re-stock my supply about once a week so the next day it’s like double-the-trouble over the subject, that the system equates or “seems to” equate the stuff with decapitation and I don’t think there’s any bit of real-life connection between the beverage and that the narcotics-system owns the whole subject or what, that I was purposely, methodically, habituated to it and then it turns out that it’s got this onus on it and it has nothing to do with anything but I go through this all day long every day as though that whole say Abu Grahib scandal and its aftermath is my fault, all the decapitation-paradigm is because I insist on buying and having and drinking some coffee every day. I got habituated when it turned out that I was always an impoverished person and coffee and cigarettes are like a replacement for food, they keep you numbed-away from hunger feelings, substitute for normal nutrition off of which to go out and do normal life-things, help to deviate us from being healthy humans because the brain-damage is unhealthy and likes unhealthiness to be smeared around to everywhere so they feel okay in comparison. I’ve been meaning to try to make some file on this subject. I think coffee is just natural to where you’d exit Africa from, and I half-joke that the Autists had “fuzzy logic” because they’d sped out of Africa without getting from that plant, then they’d gone to the opposite extreme and habituated to hallucinogens in the New World, back in the dinosaur-age. This with these “coffee singles” is that they’re the neatest way to get instant coffee for my mornings, cost a little more but is less messy than spooning the stuff out of a jar for dealing with this shelter-way of life that I’m prisoner for the Armageddon-making to, but this “Merchant of Venice” seems to alter the products wherever I can only go to shop so that I buy things that it can use for this “magic-done” Program, and there’s only one store left that sells these so that I always have to go to the store near the big Convention Center downtown to buy this stuff, at $5 a box of 19 bags, at least once a week, using 3 and sometimes 4 or more on a real difficult day. I figure that alot of it has to do with that alot of coffee plants were imported to Colombia and Colombia rules the world of … I mean underworld under there, I can’t say that their overworld does any such as what I’m getting to, about that 1492 Line of Demarcation again then, that the Autists had started declaring that they owned the New World and they shipped those plants there and feel it’s their monopoly. A big figure is that lady who’d written I think that “Out of Africa” fiction-story, Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen, 1885-1962, that she’d had a big coffee plantation in Africa and seems to have been a major Autiste. I should compare her photos with people like Sally Grossman maybe but I’ve only seen the one of Ms. Grossman, on the cover of Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home, that I call “Beringiaing It All Back Home” since trekking back and forth between the Old and the New Worlds is how the Autism had gotten so difficult to get straightened out till where they’re taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION by force-keeping it a secret. Blixen’s coffee industry might have had some connection to starting-up Colombia’s. Then “the French Connection” might have been to obscure that the invisible-narcotics were coming by way of the coffee-exportation routes around Colombia, perhaps.

9/6/17, I got another set of these boxes to take a picture of only this time I’ll make the time to jot on the background paper what the illustration is meant to be about, which bothers me to have left it “up to the imagination” if taken out of context like it is, but I guess I have to wait till I actually take and send the photo before deleting this little file since it’s an everyday “difficulty” that “the Jew” thrives off of my having been given this both habit and necessity, that my body can’t haul these bags out of that swamp shelter area on just plain water, the “bean” is some grist inside of me for running the body that much off of, as opposed to without as the “Jew” would have.

Paul Benedict, the Jefferson’s British upstairs neighbor, born 1938 in New Mexico? passed in 2008 at Martha’s Vineyard, unknown causes, age 70: Following his graduation from Suffolk University in his hometown of Boston, Benedict began acting at the Theatre Company of Boston and performed with Robert De NiroDustin Hoffman and Al Pacino.[2] The article mentions that he’d been diagnosed with acromegaly, giving the large jaw.

c. 1938, Erich and Luise = i think that was from the Getty Images and it turns out that their “rights managed” means not to use the images unless you pay, perhaps.

BENEDICT-Mitchell M. Sr. MD, Veteran of 3 Wars, W.W. I, W.W. II & Korea. Dr. Mitchell M. Benedict of Stuart, Florida and Williamstown, MA., died on Saturday, March 29, 1997 at North Adams Regional Hospital, N.A., Mass. He had been a resident of Sweetbrook Nursing Home for the past five years. He was 98. Born in Argrigenta, Italy in 1898, he came to this country as a three year old with his parents and siblings and settled in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he grew up. He enlisted in the army during high school in April of 1918 and served with the 219 Tank Corp Battallion, Medical Detachment, in France in World War I. He was wounded by an exploding German shell on Columbus Day, 1918, less than a month before Armistice Day. He graduated from West Virginia University and received his Medical Degree from New York University. He interned at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. His private practice was in Yonkers, NY. In the 1930’s he was appointed Medical Officer of the U.S. Veterans Administration. In 1942, he returned to military service and held the post of Medical Director at Fort Monmouth, NJ until 1954. He retired and moved to Stuart, Florida in 1955. During his military career he was the recipient of the Purple Heart, The W.W. I Victory Medal for service at Meuse-Argonne, France and the W.W. I Victory Button. He was a recent recipient of the WWI Commemorative Medal at a ceremony to honor the 75th anniversary of that war. He was a member of the Martin County, Florida Veterans of WWI. Barracks #

for hitler’s youth see Spartacus-Educational.com

— I can’t leave without mentioning what’ll be bothering me after I sign out now that there was some filthy trick with one of those “fraud-parent copies” doing a bit of apologizing

for seemingly nothing and then another one was ahead of me for signing up for this and the clerk said the machine was down and follow him and the trick of first telling that terrorizing-faced fra

now there’s something wrong with the keyboard again. They gave me an appt. here for before the guy that was ahead of me on line and that’s one of these

fraud-family mass-reproductions, that it was like 3 guys setting me up for waltzing ahead to use the machine, 3rd time that scam has been run

on me lately and these bums think I’m some sort of a co-conspirator in the underground murder-system and that’s the furthest thing from reality.

(try to explain that sex is also practice for re-charging in the afterlife.)