log 9/2017

8 September 2017,  they are all over me, the system-bums. There isn’t any excuse and I can’t keep up with the troubles they’re continuously making up to do to me. Then they’ve got this “character” at the “inferno-shelter” that’s named Smith and was going to start a new job yesterday and I got “trapped” into having to come back to this detested library-branch to avoid going to the maybe-worse altogether other choice and then today I had to come back here to this same one again because yesterday was so bad I’d forgotten to re-charge the cell phone and there isn’t really anything left to do anymore without it, I don’t even have paper. It’s so awful, and I’m just trying to think by opening this file, having uncustomarily gotten to send 2 communication-attempts off today, but it might be that the 2nd one was only because I HAD sent the first one, so a piece of my email was released in case the system might get “caught” in withholding something, as it was from Smith and I’d written to a different lady at Smith only then to find the note from 8 days ago now suddenly there. Monday was the holiday. Tuesday I came to Shaw on g.p. but it was so bad that with the rain for Wednesday I felt too unhealthy to take a chance without the UPO ride back to the shelter and had had to come here, this making 4 days in a row now. Also, customarily, all of a sudden the place’s gotten quiet and normal now, now that I opened a complaint-type log of my days. I’m going to try to find if there’s anyone that would care that black hair signals brain damage. — No, there isn’t. What can I try besides cosmetology? There isn’t anything I can try anymore for assistance in getting out of that horror-hole catholic charities place. Then I looked up Shahan, Thomas Joseph, Bishop, 1857-1932 and it’s worse than I recall, that he was actually the president of the group that became catholic charities, not just one of the conferees on the subject, it’s really bad. He might also have been the pater, fertilizer, for Benito Mussolini, it’s possible, because he was at the College of Rome during that time period. Think I read something about him in Berlin too. But since I’m all by myself it doesn’t help to get new “bad evidence,” just makes things worse for my ability to function all by myself, trying to ignore everything and get sunshine and good nutrition, no more of this indoor-typing, and that isn’t working because, I’m just a homeless refugee-type in the gutter except for my little time doing this anymore, that there just isn’t anything anywhere. Brain-damaged people sneak-took over the world, really. Then it’s like, did King Casimir or didn’t he simply steal that Wawel Castle, was he a prisoner in his own castle or a trespassing thief and from the patterns I only see these underground/underworld people have zero actual self-abilities, they are all brain-damaged developmentally disabled people sitting around underground high on brains figuring how to steal everything they see and they don’t actually create anything of any earthly value, even their s*** pollutes water, etc. Then I’d looked up procter & gamble’s address because I couldn’t read my handwriting and saw this voteblue thing they’ve got and it’s some armageddon-type from brooklyn they’re having some sort of multi-million or -billion phony battle over a board seat with and there’s no point in me trying to find a sober adult look into the world’s situation with that being what’s going on there, like Smith’s moving the library i’d be trying to read in and pretending it hasn’t anything to do with this revelation-armageddon circus invisible that suck-lives and supports its global system off of me. There’s some “Rico” theme too that I hadn’t given any thought to or noticed it much till it’s all too much like this, that the French Connection neighborhood was in a Puerto Rican neighborhood and I guess that it’s P.S. 66 that I’d been in till I got bused away in the 3rd grade, from kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3 years I’d been in P.S. 66 and I guess the kids were mostly Puerto Rican and put that together with this 2005-till-now “Rico” theme and that after the French Connection/Longfellow Avenue neighborhood there’d been that my “first boyfriend” was Puerto Rican Cesar Romero and then also there was Harry Tirado in late high school/joining the Army days boyfriend, that that’s a big theme I hadn’t noticed as this Armageddon off of me seems to have been started in that P.S. 66, goodness, I’m not kidding, somehow I’d thought about that kindergarten game “musical chairs” business the other day, somehow that had come up as I’m mulling all this and then that there’s this unintelligible “Rico” theme. What I figure is they had some big deal under P.S. 66, which must have included or includes people-growing because the neighborhood “became” all Puerto Rican people everywhere where it hadn’t been according to what I’ve heard/read here and there, but when I was there my nearby friend, “friend,” who’d informed me all about Jesus by the way, had been Puerto Rican and it seemed just natural or “endemic” to the Longfellow neighborhood, so I’m figuring now that it’d come up from under that area and I’d been moved because — there were terrible plans for me, all this horror if not the full book of Revelation, but that 2nd neighborhood was a nightmare-creation development world-takeover. And they had that Hebrew Home for Retarded Children, Mentally Retarded Children, and I was thinking I should look up and see if that’s on the search engine, it might still be functioning, let me go do that…. It’s some big social services place now, sco.org, with an interesting brief history summary but nothing about that specific property, but it’s not the same group anymore.

the 11th so I’m trying to be careful but right off I’d been set up to jam my re-charger in with 2 guys’ at the plug-in at the Shaw, where I guess I was supposed to wait since I’d likely have all day and now the phone’s charged and it’s 12:30, I shouldn’t have done that, etc., sort of a “situation” with my findings getting worse and worse, now that Mendelsohn and the Getty oil family and thence Kraepelin et al seem inter-connected, maybe one and the same more or less. J. Paul Getty was born in Minneapolis 1892, that’s about 4 years after Mendelsohn.

Then it’s looking like Bishop Shahan had likely patered 666-Crowley but also maybe Mussolini. Crowley spent alot of time in/on Sicily, circa 1920s mostly I think. I brought the few photos I was lucky to get — they’re cutting off my time again, oddly, because they’ve, “they’ve,” been ordinarily re-upping it for at least 2 sessions in a row so i figure it’s part of the “new holiday” finaglings/strategy, me just lucky to be doing anything, maybe they have me sitting at different terminals so their different sub-world/underworld workers can crawl all over my head more evenly-distributedly.

get me back to my normal front page please! 9/15/17 kathy foshay


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UPGRADE NOW DISMISS MESSAGE — Oh my goodness, — i guess it was the goons, the goons under the Shaw branch library, in this, under this area, the Bronx or Siam or whatever fraud-“family” cretins, one of those as ape-poseuring to take credit, i lost the whole blogsite and — it wasn’t any joke, to do that to me, the whole night and morning and i barely made it to here, the doo-doo boys pulling out my sphincter muscle god help the earth because i’d gotten, a pair of panties yesterday, so help the planet earth over that big, to-do, so the doo-doo boys were trying to inaugurate the new pair by pulling the doo-doo out of me. i hadn’t been able to eat anything but i’d been trying to eat this ridiculous chocolate cupcake that has all this thick plastico-creme or what on them, from the supermarket i got yesterday and had stored outside overnight and it was too much trouble to get the package open and i was just glad to be outside of the morgue shelter and didn’t bother to eat anything at all and the upo driver was one of the “fraud/ape” big characters and i was only going to go to Rosedale today but out of nowhere last night i started i thought to comprehend this about “static” front page, god help us all, so the word “static” is like — a decapitation-allusion in the underworld-babytalk Autist way, anything like “at” is somehow babythink-associated to decapitation, like “Attic Greece” so I looked up Attic Greece and it’s just that whole area around Athens, but last night i decided i couldn’t bring THIS to the Rosedale unsuspecting quiet neighborhood branch and decided to do the usual and come over to the regular downtown-ish Shaw place with this looking into using a “static” front page for this blogsite and i sat down and looked up attic greece and then started looking at the static theme-pages and something clicked-onto a save where it wasn’t me because i love my blogsite and am tres leery of coding, that coding-glitches could mess up everything and i wouldn’t switch over easily but this is one of the say 100 choices and i only luckily happened to find it, its name however being EDIN, where those first two letters are the fraud-parent’s name so that isn’t pleasing, and then one of those was poseuring all over when my blogsite got changed to this horrific thing for what’d looked like permanently till i kept experimenting and luckily hit on this same “theme” they call the set-ups or templates. I guess i’ll keep looking, now that the trauma is way over with. 3 p.m. nearly and time to go, what an awful horrible yucky day. i did hear from smith college on the sabin papers and they want me to sign a form but they did something a little oddly but they mentioned that the first ten pages are free and the form did correctly say that i want four pages from 1933 so i made a dashed reply that i’d like the other 6 from her trip to china to mary and gave the dates and send the paper back, but what a wreck i am, the whole blogsite’s a wreck and that’s the way it was outside of that big trauma and trauma was the thing to avoid is why i’d come to this shaw with that shrieking building noise they always make the whole time i’m here, and nothing really got done except getting the email back to smith just now and then if they add that it will likely be monday before i get it back and they want me to sign and return it should take not any time but we’ll see, and now it’s a different lady i heard from, i think parker and then first was eleanor is her name. i can’t get anything constructive done today and have to haul myself like this back to the upo waiting-spot without anything useful done on the blogsite or toward me getting anywhere, i did get an envelope from the social security but i haven’t been able to get any quiet or privacy for the procedure of first opening the seal and then letting it air a little first, etc. yet.

9/26,  tuesday, haven’t used this in a long time i guess, the log, as that was back when i first sttd noticing this about the alternative themes. Today however it’s all really bad for the armageddon-torture usual sorts of the horror i go through. i started a file on hallucino-system and sat here for five hours doing this and that and took a break and all the torture-tricks are all being done. They’ve got a renewed theme of using this Aldous Huxley/SFClown b.s./stereotype/script all over me again that’s merely added to the fraud-parent horror and the shelter-girl characters b.s., etc., but the sfclown has another “lookalike” of that type or what that’s like huxley, that wrote a book called Future Crimes, about crimes through these computer-useways, and i’m afraid that they’re idea of referencing exactly doing those LURE-crimes off of me anew with this asshole-type, today again now, and putting that inane “Ashley” girl at the night-shelter into the dorm room near me along with the horror-performances that has been doing. the ashley-Aldous-type might even come from the DCHA voucher-lady, who might have come from the fraud-aunt-freda character i’d grown up with and that fraud-auntie might have come from huxley, and then to this creep doing this horror-parasitism off of me being in this horror-LURE by which those book of revelation and other world-takeover prophecies has been getting sneaked-through, etc. -30-

9/28/17, thursday, i guess at that it’s the babars, playing all over this blogsite and my life, crawling on me at all times anymore but especially it seems at this shaw library branch, thrashing and bashing me around like they’re some kind of real-world experts, seems to be the “theme.” bowel movement all through my body and brain to force-manipulate me into some position where i’ll maybe notice something to do with this wordpress programming on the blogsite, some new way i could be doing things or another, thrashing and bashing me till i maybe stumble into something simpler than the way i’m doing it or whatever that then makes this assinine ignoramus building-noise they always use at this branch get to emergency-pitch shrill shriek as though my inner-panic over what’s going on with trying to work this blogsite is attached to this shrieking sabotage-trap noise which i think translates to a slaughter-area, for them to speed-up the slaughter process, wake up, it’s an emergency out here, phony excitement, phony excitement, the whole Armageddon program has always worked on that gimmick and they set this branch up espececially for that, so then i get a problem on here and internally panic and now this shriek gimmick-noise is unhealthily unlivable and that’s for everyone within earshit, not just me, and it always makes me so sorry i had to come use this branch but they’ve run me out of almost anywhere even to stand in this town, nowhere to pee, nowhere to do anything except go to food stores with the food stamps and be used as the murder-excuse in under those places also. Whatever you goon-boys are get off of my life.

The psychology is that you don’t even want to have a blogsite.

First they stole the whole internet and changed it into these “paths” that people can only learn to be on in order to use the computers. The system-people have done that with everything, stolen everything that anyone has ever had on earth and “mine” claimed it for themselves. So i couldn’t learn to program and all these years later i haven’t any choice but to use this program and they’re frigging living on top of me from the underneath-world, that it isn’t livable. There cannot be a planet conducting itself like that, god can’t have the earth. it’s eaten alive by parasites. you parasites have got to get off of me because i happen to be the millennial “show” for real, an exhibition-victim i happen to have gotten stuck with and i have to have a livable “show” or there will wind up being no earth because there isn’t anything except parasites on it anymore, get off of me. (24 years i’ve been repeating that same simple starting principle, put on a viable exhibition as long as this happens to be the exhibition, for the millennial big-deal for the system.)

This time it was that it was time for me to clean-up the footer-widgets because they don’t work in the new “theme” that i’m otherwise about ready to start trying to get moved into so i cleaned up the widgets and then i put the one called Meta into the inactive sidebar and checked and the log in/out was gone also so i went to put it back in and it’s gone from everywhere as though i can’t log in/out of this at all anymore and eventually i found that there is/are other ways to do that but i’m being forced to do that by being thrashed and bashed all over the place because these parasites know that i got out of bed after being invisibly molested all night and will have to try to clean up the footer when i get here and i’ll be looking into seeing, my plan, if i could reduce the number of the lines of that and instead maybe wordpress has phased-out the meta altogether or some such but i’ve got these crap-boys all over me 24/7 and they’re yukking it up that i’ll discover eventually their other ways of doing the log-in, maybe updated ways or what, but, get the (blip) off of me, that’s unimportant crap compared to the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION because we have feces-boys that won’t get off of other people. Get Off Of Other People, Get Off Of People, they have Autism, they hang, they stare, they suck, they chew and they crawl, all over you. From prehistoric days they have that though, this is the 21st century, etc.

1:25 p.m.,  “they’re,” the computer/library/global system goons, are “playing”  all the usual moron tricks to destroy. They just disappeared the back key while i was trying to look up about denver, have a guy ranting next to me and a fraud-fam type across from me trying to get annoyance-attention from befraught me.

9/29 1:15, now they’re doing some nonstop-cellphone-talking dirty stupid routine at the shaw, just a machine-gun-mouth because maybe i took a wrong seat that’s pre-designated here. I HAD to come back to this same horror-place for some typical last-minute change of plans because it seems worse to go o the southeast branch or the rosedale branch, these 3 being the only easily-reachable ones unless i want to spend half the day walking to and from. This routine is obviously on purpose and i’m trying to figure if i should change the seat, if that would be the best thing to do, etc., but that’s “pandering” to retarded-garbage from the underworld “secret” system. Now the character took a sip of water from an uncovered cup so that i now had to ask that he move it away from near this terminal because uncovered cups are strictly forbidden around books and then these computers too of course, etc. The problem with the log in/out is still a problem.

9/30, the animals are killing me with this “takeover” of me trying to use this system, the computers, i’m all infested with these underworld-parasites.

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