5/12/17 Jury Duty summons

#267, 5/12/17)   Jury duty… .pdf, it’s like I’m walking in toilet garbage and now it’s like the courts are trying to prevent my being able to get there and through 2 weeks of that, big circus, big circus because nobody is more desperate for some remuneration than I am so that I doubly have to try to get that accomplished and hence the big circus impetus, the underworld putting all obstacles on my every moment of every day, I’m dying of poverty, and now this. This is at the big E. Barrett Prettyman court house and I’d stayed at the shelter 2 blocks from there for 10 years, was their neighbor the whole time I’d been being invisible-warfare tortured like this from 2005-2015, plus I’d run errands to there back in 2001, bicycle deliveries of court transcipt paperwork for one of the horror-employments I’ve only ever had. I hand-delivered my response to the summons and the line to get into the security check to get into the building was the same as the line to get into the women’s shelter at this “inferno-dump,” Inferno-dump, that I’ve been stranded in for the past year, same as when I’d been stranded near the court houses, in the Judiciary Square here, they did the same sort of “tricks” that the shelter-girls have been doing at this place so that every night I have to wait to be about the last person to get into there rather than this sneaky-pushing that seems to come from the girls’ being run by remote-control from the underground under there. Then I got into the building and there is some small historical display about Judge Prettyman and I’m thinking offhand that he looks like P.T. Barnum, James A. Bailey’s circus-owner partner that I’ve been saying seems to have been heavily-involved in the Bronx, building up this underground in the Bronx back 120 years ago and so, so that here I am feeling like I’m in Bailey’s Ringling Bros. circus Armageddon-making all these years and I get this summons and it looks like Prettyman looked like P.T. Barnum so that I’ll be taking Bailey’s set-up to Barnum’s tent, really, and I’ve been all alone with all this for about a week, I haven’t had any human-type contact in years and years if ever. Because I have to go to the jury duty and then wait a few weeks for the check ($40 a day plus transportation stipend of $7 a day,) I can’t even try to go anywhere right now so I decided to finally get a D.C. library card for using the computers, getting 70 minutes instead of the 15 on the quick-computers, “Express,” that I’ve only ever been able to use here so far and right off the bat I was descended on by these loony-goonies, I don’t know what modern-day people think that they are but I feel like I’m trying to ambulate through doo-doo anymore, doo-doo inside and out, the internal torture and then this about being unable to find any human, and the brain damage subject, and right off just because I came over to the machine, equipment, to use one for the first time here some strange guy is doing this adversarial-type bit as though we’re some sort of combatants because he got a seat opposite this computer. I have nothing in common with anyone I ever see out here and I’d been handing out these flyers for years with trying to get assistance to this — and they laugh, end of the world, it’s a harumph, like it’s a funny cliche to say that, I had a girl laugh like that this morning, like she’d been fore-told and she mentioned oh yeah about the book of revelation and was laughing. With her the “thing” was that the system is trying to drive me nuts with seeing these faces of these “offspring-descendants” or test-tube babies or culture-plate babies, — look, this adversarial guy is typing at about the same rate that I am to drive me nuts so I’ve got to quit — the underground remote-control is likely “running” him because he just finally quit doing that. I’ve got some cleaning up of these files that I’m trying to get done so I’m going to have to quit doing this because the guy thinks there’s some hallucino-attachment from himself to unconnected to anything poor little me out here all alone. It’s so bad I’m thinking that it’s “God,” real-God that wants this planet smithereened in order to get rid of these parasite-Autists, parasite-brain damaged hiders, and that they’ve really long been at a war against God, that that’s why they are under the ground, they’re camped out away from God, like Road Runner and Wiley Coyote sort of a relationship, God trying to get them and them beating God all the time and the only way God can change the situation is to lose the whole planet. — I feel a little better now. A new big thing is that this Rama VI Siamese Vajiravudh I’ve been trying to explain that I think the fraud-parent that I have “viz.” the French Connection problem I’m alone with, etc., that, guess where I am, right where I suspect that that book of Revelation Inferno had been planned for, it just seems like that to me anymore, more or less new this past year and haven’t spent but the nights here but since the main library had closed in March I’ve been spending more time in this area and keep seeing these tourist sign boards they have around in this area that all have the starting sentence, “When celebrated composer John Philip Sousa walked these streets, people called this Capitol Hill neighborhood “Navy Yard.” Finally I conclude that Sousa was a “fellatioist” and he was “walking the streets” to drum up business in that for the people-manufacturing then that has this fraud-family I’d grown up with all around me now as mass-reproduced faux-population. There was also some connection with that he’d composed a Foshay Tower March but realize that the system and it’s Plans aren’t copasthetic, that that book of Revelation was written by “nut-cases” to put it politely, by brain-damaged brain-eaters, drug addicts to human brain-eating for getting high off of, so that the system is saying that Wilbur and/or William Foshay in 1929 hadn’t paid Sousa for the music and so there’s been some problem, but there’s no guessing what the real situation was, that that sounds like it was only a normal business deal but I feel like I’ve got John Philip Sousa-Vajiravudh-fraud-parent and thousands of copies of that face everywhere all over wherever I try to go and stealing my whole life out here from the hiding places in the underground, stealing any proceeds to this, that that’s how this “Armageddon Program” has been working all along behind my back, not just with the fraud-goon-descendants if you, “you,” any reader I Kathy might actually have, if you could follow any of all these horror-complications. I suspect that Sousa, whose father or fraud-family male parent, had been Portuguese, which goes to this Line of Demarcation 1492-claiming all the Americans real-life situation this seems to be that the system is doing. I suspect that Sousa had been descended from a Flemish guy called Guillaume DuFay, b. 1397 I think I just read on Wikipedia, and died around 1470. I think the line went to the character symbolized as the Quasimodo Hunchback of Nortre Dame and then to Dr. Frankenstein’s Igor and whoever all else then to Sousa’s being born here in the 1850s right nearby to where I’m sitting and that he’d traveled and “donated” extensively with one of those donations going to the Siamese Chulalongkorn, the main Siamese-king character-operator in getting the global-system put together, his name worth remembering for if you were trying to disentangle to back out of this throwing away of eternity for the human race and this planet. So that Chulalongkorn had had this Vajiravudh as a son and I suspect that he’d faked his death and sneaked to Italy then New York and the Bronx and was “matched” with an ovae from this Rosalynn Yalow from Warren Buffett’s friend Rose Blumkin, to create this fraud-parent, but these “round-headed” guys like that are all over the place and the furthest I’ve traced this is the early musician DuFay, then with it in my mind that they were a people that these “Armageddon-masters” like the “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait and etc., the “generational-slave #2” types, weren’t able to get rid of, that those had sort of a symbiotic or such relationship with the Autists, and so they were incorporated, but I’m only guessing and have got all this brain damage now I’m trying to get illustrations for haha because that’s ridiculous in that these people are all brain-obsessed brain-eating narcotic-addicts for brains and trying to research the subject is like daring them to think how much more of that they can get off of the human race. — 5/13/17, it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned that I’m in the “stupid cross-eyed girl” role for/of this Armageddon Program by which the Revelation threats have been getting done, in a long while, so I thought I’d do that in file #126 instead of trying to start a new one. While that was occurring to me something “Armageddon Program” horrible happened this morning and then I had to think how to fit in about this “retarded” problem with these performers all all always all the time all over me but unprovably so. One of the characters has been getting out of control for sneak-performing off of me because of this “holiday” tomorrow, and today she did a scene after I’d walked about a block’s worth away from the (former morgue-) shelter of somehow yell-screaming at the ten or fourteen girls waiting for the shuttle-bus that I usually take but not on Saturdays like today usually, just yelling like a maniac at the usual ladies on the line. If it wasn’t this “Armageddon Program” but real life I’d have walked back to find out what on earth she was doing yelling at anyone, but the girl is like insane or insane to perform and I can’t get involved with any of all these “tricks” that are done around and to me for this Armageddon-making so I’d just ignored it and thought maybe I could find out from someone later but really nobody ever says much of any English with me and I probably won’t be able to find out much of anything, just that the girl had “gone off” and was ignored by the stranded standing there and having to hear that ladies. So I thought that that could go into this new, for personal odds and ends file #126, the stupid cross-eyed girl, but it’s always a real and right here and now difficulty that should be mentioned as I’m supposed to be in that fancy court in one more month for then two weeks and this insane girl is trying to get the presents that the anonymous show-makers give anyone that does a trick or whatever onto me, but there’s another aspect also, that the girl looks like she’s “playing” the role of what I call the (1978-81) San Francisco-Clown character that had tricked me into this Armageddon Program, had done acting onto me that turned out to be for this Armageddon Program to be able to be done, a guy that I’d gone with. Then there’s the possibility that that girl might could have come from one of my pilfered or otherhow distributed ovae’s having been fertilized by that guy. It’s also the same as an Aldous Huxley or even Charles Lindbergh lineage then fertilizing any of the girls like my type, but I should mention that big problem, that like this shelter girl that guy might be insane. — I phrased that badly but was on a short-time equipment and had to sign off, but it’s a big problem; I don’t like to take up space with so much right here under this file but it is an overall problem, that I’d trusted the fraud-parent and found out there wasn’t anything “legitimate” in the normal senses of words going on ever, that I was completely wrong about that person, then with the 1978-81 “San Francisco-Clown” I’d figured it was “only” taking advantage of me but then I’ve been learning about this big “union” that the brain-eaters seem to go by of themselves, upholding their right to do what they want, to get high like that, and today was the first time it occurred to me that that person that had tricked me into this “Armageddon Program” fiction, by this girl’s behavior today and recently, that that boy might actually perhaps be the girl’s background or bio-pater or whatever the lingo and that perhaps she’d inherited an insanity that it hadn’t occurred to me that also might be going on behind that. There was another “Aldous Huxley” type named Chris Wood from some fancy store-owning London family that he went to California with Gerald Heard who I suspect was actually the faked-death son of the Shell company founder, the son that had allegedly passed in WWI but perhaps became Gerald Heard and then Heard and this boy Chris Wood were friends with Huxley; the point is that Huxley was into this Armageddon Program real deeply now that I’m learning about the supermarkets under the Mojave where he was during WWII and on, and how much of this “insanity” might then he and wherever the San Francisco-“boy” that had tricked me into this been, in that Huxley might be attached to this “Jesus father and son family-lineage” for all what it seems, which is my 3rd problem, with this, director, the “Man In Oriental Costume,” file #6 here at the beginning, type, is that kind of insanity with this Armageddon Program seeming-director over this type also, is my question I’m trying to deal with, again on the Express short-time computer, that I’ve trusted those other 2 types and have similarly given benefit of doubt to this “generational-slave #2 type” but maybe, like with the girl’s exhibit today and recently, there’s just something deeply wrong that isn’t going to go away or be re-thought, re-assess the situation, is just insane like the other 2 seem to be perhaps, etc. – 30 for now, kf – May 21, Maybe Judge Prettyman had looked like the actor Charles Coburn that had been the doctor in King’s Row?

July 28, 2017, I haven’t had a chance to describe how those two weeks had gone, that I didn’t get called at all but it was sub-existence. There was one peculiar call so that I’d gone in there one morning but I’d forgotten to bring the summons to show that I had business there and they, the system, could have pulled a turn-away scene but didn’t, and that turned out to only be some odd “trick” for nothing.

#135, Looks like Autism’s Dr. ”Leo” Kanner. also.

Looks like Autism’s Dr. Lieb “Leo” Kanner. also..pdf

I’d left out the part about that it was Dr. Kanner who made Autism seem to be about “slow” and American children instead of the actual Autist undergrounders, Autist-psychopaths, like the automobiles were named for too, and automatons, automatically, etc. It’s likely from the “Otto” Emperors’ and their Neanderthal friends’ lines of the mass-reproduced offspring-descendants from disembodied ovaries. — 9/7/17, I’m trying to save this for working up to a file on the legal industry.

Me trying to get through like was so easy last week, but this is how the system is getting the Armageddon world-takeover snuck through, etc. See if I can try the autism picture-page again. There’s no jury duty again tomorrow: have to try to get a couple more pieces of clothing but anything around me is turned to Armageddon making tricks.

6/20/17, this isn’t bad for trying to get back to what I’d been doing. Then I just had the scare that these next 2 files had been deleted so that when I found that I’d just had some old screen somehow I was so relieved that right now that’s how I feel, just relieved to see the camera-sends are working again.  I just saw that I could get this blogsite on the little new smartphone merely by typing the first 4 words so that’s got me nervous that there are somehow readers whereas the only reader I’ve heard of of any of this is something called “fronaness” as a follower, and I haven’t seen or heard anything about anyone else’s awareness, which is the situation that this has been since — 1993. Now that I see how easy it is to call up I’m of course traumatized by what I see the system doing to me out here while maybe they’re encouraging unsuspecting people to read this real stuff I’m trying to get through about itself. There isn’t anything that isn’t terrible and against nature about this system that’s everywhere now, nothing positive about it to speak of, just con artists looking to have the planet to themselves and they don’t care how big they’ve been finding out that other things are, things besides themselves, as they discover more places the Autism just wants to be alone with whatever slaves they’ve “grown-created,” and can’t stress enough not to get involved with what Kathy Foshay is trying to say. I don’t require alot of readers or popularity of any kind, don’t want anyone to get excited about this ever because these Revelation author-people are smiling cliff-pushers and they’ve been digging pits for centuries for people to be tricked into and they’ve been using me for tricking people.

I have to address that “fronaness” business because maybe the blogsite’s been being “pirated” and re-written as a LURE, LURE being the big word for what I’ve always unknowingly been being used for back to 1964. “Fro” was a little nickname I’d had and when this follower “fronaness’s” name had been noticed by me back last year they had a girl around me who looked like a daughter of the girl who’d given me that nickname so that there’s some obvious connection between that “plant’s” proximity and that sole follower of this blogsite. The girl disappeared right after I’d been able to ask her a couple of questions about herself, — there is nothing that isn’t a “game” by the system around me so it’s pointless for me to try to speak with anybody about almost anything. I didn’t get a chance to try to find out what happened to her and the same thing just happened again last week or 10 days ago and I can’t do anything about anything, that almost always anyone I notice is fine somewhere else, same as I’d just move along and not be around anymore without mentioning it to anyone possibly, etc., that everyone’s in some sort of a bad shape or another I figure, etc. As far as I know I don’t have any readers and when I saw how easy it is to call this up on a cellphone I was sorry for how I’d panicked as all my photo-sends weren’t reaching here like they had been, but I’m in a/the unique situation where panic is the least of descriptions for what this is like, just don’t any reader bother ever to panic because the system thrives on de-spiriting people, another subject I haven’t been able to get around to yet, that they really seem to have used some sort of “scientific” vacuum-suction for sucking the spirits out of people, loosening them for being sucked away, because the autist-people have this ongoing war against nature since they’d insisted on forcing their way over Beringia and then got lost and sick, that they’d just played stupid about nature’s attempts to keep them back and then guilt-shames made them stubborn and that’s the difficulty-base with the autism. This picture here says, “Black hair from anger and confusion at being long-lost in Paleo-America is Autism’s main sign and symptom, so conspicuous that the world’s been turned upside-down to keep that covered-up. Dr. Kanner was Jewish from Autist-enslaved Berlin sent to here…. (illus. from Wade Pickren, 2014, The Psychology Book.) There’s only one good write-up I’ve seen on Dr. Kanner and I forget the title of the book, about 2008 by a Dr. Roy Grinker (“Unsttrange Minds,”) maybe his name is, who worked/-s at GWUH here. Kanner left Berlin in that big autists’ year of 1924, when they were all over Berlin, that architect Erich Mendelsohn was. Sending the picture here was just a test because nothing else had gotten through and I’d reset the phone, but then messages I’d also tried to send last night didn’t reach here, so I’m just doing alot of experimenting right now while trying to organized to get both a pdf and photos of the pages up here and then the explications, etc.