2 November 2017, Ainu

These monsters played another “trick” with one of these fraud-parent-faced horrors that are always skulking around me, where then this computer got stuck while I was quick-looking up something before closing this blogsite for the day so that the whole thing turned off on me, as though these fraud-parent-things are running my blogsite as their LURE-scam behind my back. You can see that there’s something peculiar even in the way I have to type the WordPressCom twice instead of just once, and that was good compared to that they’d offered me a URL with typing it 3 times, that everything is made difficult for me, all these strange males always creeping around doing tricks like this, so that I have to worry about the security of the blogsite, that this is really how the system’s been sneaking-through the Armageddon off of me all these years, sneaking around behind my back about this writing even to myself all these years and then the other horrors. I couldn’t sign out and hope that isn’t a security risk to the blogsite. Then they’ve got a sign up here asking if I want the pages restored and I never know what will make my situations worse than they already are, etc., just try to ignore things I don’t understand, like that, as I try to check how this had looked and it’s some other game with giving me a signed-in onto already screen.

3 Nov., like nonstop-feces more than usual, plus the 1st ssfund was actually and unexpectedly through the mail after all somehow, no date as to when it was received but it was there, so the parasitism is higher for that reason in addition to all the usual reasons, making it a disgusting overload for me now and this whole upcoming weekend, this being a Friday.

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John Batchelor1854-1944

John Batchelor, 1854-1944