Summary: 6/9/16-May 2017 and other logs …..

12/5/17, — This Summary 6/9/16-May 2017 file appears also to have been disappeared by anonymous parasites. Also they knew I was coming to the computer today to work on this disaster and would discover the missing files and then the underworld simultaneously does all these internal medical-tricks to create anxiety and dizziness and they had some act at the computer to my left where one of the bums that look like the fraud-parent was ostensibly helping some friend and then a stereotype librarian joining that act as I noticed the missing car-hit file, all to create a hallucino-pseudo-reality world.

It’s possible “the computer boys” know all about how come my files got all zinged around; it might be that they just don’t like that I had “great-great-grandchild files/pages” and so they’d removed the “parent” file or what I do not follow how this has happened. Here’s a photo I took of the screen, the Navigation bar, yesterday:

12/4/17 Navigation bar error

Assumably I’d copied the Summary 2016 file before the anonymous vermin disappeared it, but it’s copied into a pdf file and isn’t the same situation, leave my stuff alone. Whoever they are haven’t anything to do with my situation unless we’re all winding up in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Plus they seem to be this Consortium of the “Babar boy” Ainu-types with the fraud-parent types with the San Francisco Clown/Aldous Huxley types. That Aldous Huxley-type SF Clown who’d played this trick-script on me back in 1979 might be a “donation” from some other Aldous Huxley type, named Chris/Christopher Wood, whose family was involved in some big retail store in London, me just noticing the similarity in a photo with the guy called Gerald Heard, a friend of Huxley’s but I don’t think that that guy even was Gerald Heard. All those “brain-eaters” “LSD” -afficianados, LSD-believers, that was before they found out there aren’t grabbable riches in space, they were riding high in their superiority belief that they’d soon be fabulously wealthy from the space venture. Then they all “took dives,” like Lenny Bruce, in one way or another to avoid creditors when the space results kept coming back negative, and then in July 1969 or shortly after they got out of quarantine it was obvious that those moon rocks were just plain old rock, no silver, no pearls, nothing edible or salable, but they started this big “Godfather” -theme violence-bullying, and in this post-spacerace confusion I got out into the Army when I turned 18 in 1973, and the “mind-reading bigwigs” took to doing this deviance off of me. Whoever is “manhandling” my blogsite get off of it. Those Ainu/Babars were born originated into the psychoto-psychopathic Autism situation, innocent babies but always covered by these psychotos, and their thinking has nothing to do with real reality and I want them off of my business. Let me look for a picture on that too:

This one I couldn’t find yesterday when I’d gone looking for it. I have to try cleaning up the front page mess and hope these “Consortium” of bums bums stay off of my business, please.