Don’t be scared, but …

This blog is really only looking for the attention of medical-type professionals but I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s been able to have any contact with me, the system seems to have just been sneaking around telling people not to have anything to do with me, so I’m 64 now and realize that the system is going to wear the planet out from themselves eventually or sooner and getting more desperate to get things done to avert that. Right now I’m trying to get myself to where all the communications and military intelligence are in Arizona and I’m stranded without monetary means, etc., and it doesn’t seem like anyone could really get through to me unless they happened to know both Houston and myself, — I was in a real positive mood till a little while ago and don’t want this negativity here, even though I thought this might be a good picture for Halloween. Also, please don’t spread this blog-address around, it really isn’t safe to have anything to do with me till after I’ve gotten some assistance, it isn’t for young people, etc.

Oct. 28, 2019, this photo of me is an odd one, from the 2016 ID card. I don’t know how come this UniverseRescue address is listed two times where I’d only wanted a click-on, I’ll have to keep trying to figure how to better do this. This blog isn’t really safe because this is how the underworld tricks people, please don’t mess with it unless you’re somehow safe from the underworld brain-eaters, I have nearly countless sneaky parasites that live off of LURING people via my sincere attempts to get assistance against the bizarre and mentally ill underworld and the social mediae or however it’s pluralized don’t want to get involved in any of what’s on my mind, etc. I have to sign off, only able to use library computers and they’re doing the closing announcement now.

Oct. 29, There’d been — WARNING isn’t clear enough for the social media page, I have to straighten out something on there and it’s time to leave again and I can’t even recall — I was going to send a cartoon-like image of a Troll as a warning, then maybe somehow printing on it, I am a Troll, I am an i-i-island, like the s&g song, and click-on that and I could explain that my business isn’t really meant for general public because I’ve got all brain-eaters, smiling, normal-seeming people in the brain-harvesting industry that live off of scrutinizing what I’m doing so they can trap normal people for their brain-harvesting, that this isn’t any mild or any happy-ending hoax or prank or anything, it’s how “crazy” and brain-addicted as being drugs for themselves people are taking over the earth, had written that old Revelation Armageddon threat and this off of me is one of the main ways they’ve been doing that, and, one of the parasites had come and sat next to me while I was working on this yesterday but I’m preoccupied and barely notice what strangers are doing till I notice in retrospect sometimes and that person was doing some sort of a ritual semiotic to that they run these computer-things and probably my cellphone too behind my back, have been doing identity-impersonation of me for decades after LURING people to learn more about what’s really a satanist-petroleum and brain-harvesting industries’ trap, murder-trap, holocaust-trap, etc. As usual I’m out of time and have to quit and then I have all this free time just walking to and from the bus stops and whatnot until tomorrow and I think about useful things I could be doing and by the time I get back my days get wasted away quickly like today went into looking up about this Golem business, if you check the first post file after the usual WARNING/S one I keep up there. But this isn’t going well with me using the social media already and I don’t really know who any of those other people with my last name might actually be or what brain-eaters or people-hunters might be hiding behind those files, and I’ll have to get a library book on how to work this social media file.

Nov. 18, November has been terrible for me, but I’m still working on trying to improve all this. I’d love to hear from anyone real. — December 11, same thing.

Me being framed age 4.

Kathy Foshay 2017

ID photo 2005

In a hospital 2018.

Kathy, ID-card

Kathy, ID-card photo

Don’t be scared…











Jan. 6, 2020, I’ll put these into better chronological order soon but right now I feel so awful and have to try to get alot of other little things done, just wanted to update this a bit.