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See the “Older About File” for the regular stuff but it occurred to me that it’s important to get it noted that I’d lost all my paperwork in 2014 when this trick-hospitalizations pattern was started, that I only have material I’ve been able to find and re-collect since 2014 that I’ve been able to get onto this blog but it all still exists and thousands of times more than that, that just because I only have a little of it all here doesn’t mean there’s only a little “evidence” that brain-eaters have been ruling the earth and that they come from an accidental brain-damage situation. Also there’s that I’m kept away from anything useful for toward getting this blog made presentable for trying to get anyone influential to assist with getting the earth out of this, which I figure really is toward the “TPE,” TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION.

I’d quit using the term “blogsite” because when I got to Florida earlier this this the underworld had me wind up looking like a log with dead leaves all matted in my hair and such and I was intimidated thereby from using the term I usually use for this blog.

In 2015 I’d only had a few minutes for trying to sign up for this WordPress free blog offer and figure out a title for it and I didn’t know which punctuation was and wssn’t okay yet so the title sounds a little ambiguous but it is about trying to rescue the real Universe, but the catch is that I can’t do anything with these underworld-monsters destroying my life so that I also would have to be rescued in order for there to be an attempt for the (real) Universe, me just realizing now that the system had also claimed that word for themselves, that they think their “God/s” run the Universe for themselves, etc., so maybe that’s one of the tricks, is they’re making believe I work for them and their book of life “E Pluribus Unum” selves.

My latest selfie-attempt, Dec.-Jan. 2019. I’ll be cleaning that mirror soon to try to upgrade the attempts. Etc.