Colleges and Universities

I sent gmails to 2 of the universities in Houston so I’ll try to start putting material about this Thackeray and Dickens business into here, and then, really, the “mysteries” go from Dickens and his “Mystery of Edwin Drood” last (and unfinished) story then to the likes of Mr. Rice who’d founded one of the universities here, and then from there to how I’d gotten “ghost-prisonered” here now, but I’m just starting this area and this is a place-holder till I can get back to these subjects and that won’t be able to be today yet, I just wanted to get the file started.

1/4/20, Saturday, to a lady at UH, but she’s likely retired now: Is there anyone in Houston or UH that could assist me with disentangling this story to show that the “Melquiades” type of people had invented this global-system and it’s taking us to total planet extinction because there’d been prehistoric mix-ups where they’d been island-bound and then discovered  by a developmentally-disabled long-lost type that had extincted the dinosaurs and Melquiades’ type errantly built this global-system to give the planet to the dinosaur-extinctors, by genociding other peoples, like the “Buendias,” and I’ve long been as a ghost-prisoner kept out of contact with normal people, is why I’m trying to write to request any assistance now. I’ve been keeping a blog for the past 4 years but I don’t want students or irresponsible mass-creations getting hold of what I’m trying to get across because the Melquiades type uses me as a LURE for their genociding of the normal peoples, but if anyone could be found to quietly go over the story with me it could do greatly. (202) 459-8618 is my cellphone number but I don’t really ever hear from anyone but am frantic now to in particular discuss this 50-year old story, please.

I found the Macondo Writers group and their email and sent this: I just found the story and I’m certain that the Melquiades character represented the insanity that built this “global-system” we’re in and that it’s taking us to complete extinction unless it gets unraveled and explained to everyone, similar to the genocide of the Buendias. I’m in Houston if you please know of anyone who’d like to look into discussing the seriousness of this with me but knows to be careful, of course. I’ve been able to keep a blog for a few years so far: and I have a cellphone number I could give but also I guess everything is controversial. I only just started reading a few stories to help me get through this winter and am not familiar with any of Garcia Marquez’ other work yet. I have to warn that I virtually never hear back from anyone, that the system seems to intercept all my communication attempts’ returns. I’ll be trying to study the book, realizing just last night that a key is the mention that JABuendia had been a tobacco farmer, so I’ll be trying to look into all that background and those shipping companies of back then, etc. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay