Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx was the first place I’d lived and I’ll try to describe what I can recall that would be pertinent to this “Armageddon Program” parasitism by the global-system workers that had occurred there and then in these other times and locations, to try to see if this might simplify comprehending this that I’m trying to explain, etc.

p.14 of 41; p.2 of 5 of my first letter to the Maryland State Attorney’s office, this page an enlargement of the photo I’d found in a 1969 book-account of the 1969 narcotics bust-set in Brooklyn in the Bronx that was used to make the 1970-71 film “The French Connection,” where finding the book in 2014 I’d noticed that that person marked figure #6 on the far right was actually what I came to call my “fraud-parent,” the photo taken in the Bronx near where I’d grown up, was 6 years old at the time and had been used for playing with those suitcases as though that had put some lucky charm on them to disguise that “the Brooklyn and Bronx-French Connection” was really about hiding the trafficking of brain-serum behind and camouflaged by the conspicuous white-powder “heroin” the incident is claimed to have been about, where really it was far worse than as though only the heroin part of that same industry, the brain-serum and its trafficking, that I’m always trying to get assistance about while it’s still using me as a “good luck charm” for its global self. Etc. (The photo doesn’t have a specific attribution for who the photographer was; the whole incident was a ritual for expanding the brain-serum trafficking industry to what it is today. I wrote to the publisher and my use of the material falls under the general Fair Use. provisions.)

— I’ll fill-in this better later.