This was the big set up for all this I guess. In the recent “Receptor” novel the protagonist writes-up a big essay titled “The Paradox of Emergence” and I’m thinking that could be like a system hoax-code for that a pair of Emergency Room doctors had laid the curses that then led to the all this that’s been all over me, etc., and various little “clues” and incidents and in fact I started delineating these time periods because in this library I sit in doing this all this past year+ there does seem to be a character that’s semiotic to some “character” from that emergency room I’d been assigned to work in as a medical corpsperson, a nurses’ aide type of work, that they use for this “show” that’s a secret from me in their I guess underneath everywhere places everyone’s got, that the character requires to be explained about because it’s one of the typical inane set ups these bums have been doing to me all my life, these invisible “magician” brain-eaters have and are doing, I have to describe first this one creepy thing and then there were a bunch of incidents in Baumholder that likely all went into this that I’ll be trying to get to. The only thing significant about that big place is that everyone comments that that’s where Jimi Hendrix had learned to play guitar, and not much else except Army-practice ever much went on there.