1/3/20; I have to type this from the CBS 60 Minutes book on “Con Men” where my Permissions information is somewhere else I have to match up with the pieces yet, but I’m sure this is okay under Fair Use, etc:

from page 94, … (charges at the time, including one for bribery.) The Sting Man was the chief witness against Williams and all the other politicians. More than that, he thought up Abscam, wrote the scenario, and made the initial approaches to the politicians himself.

Weinberg convinced the FBI [the f-group I’d only refer to these groups as being though, not preferring to use the names unnecessarilly, etc.,] to set him up as the business representative of a mythical Arab sheik who wanted to invest…” etc.


Mike Wallace interviewed Mel Weinberg sitting at a bar….

— Then I’ll be trying to get a copy of that segment where Wallace (d. 2012) turned with I guess a remote control and zapped on the bar’s television unnoticed in a dark spot at the end of the bar and showed some of the Abscam videotape, where to me it looked like he thought he was performing a “magic” or “magician’s” act, like a Presto! surprise, the second time that he turned the bar TV on. I think of it like ushering in the Inferno-age that we seem to be trapped in now. Also, in 1978 I’d started seeing a guy that owned a bar, — a little like the later Cheers tv program set, — and it seems possible that all these things were ritual-semiotic or what for how the system has been trending this Armageddon for its world-takeover (for the brain-eating Melquiades type.)