The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2001-02 “Chandra & Levy” phase of this “Armageddon Show,” and, The Armageddon “Program” is repeating the 2003-04 Bath Beach, Brooklyn LURE off of me scam — And now reprising the 2005-2015 shelter-to-library shuttled “Armageddon Program”…

August 2019, they’ve been sliding in some of the tricks from that May 2001-2002 time, but now when I look up to see to try to find an illustration for the chronology I’m trying to make on the sidebar it turns out that I’d known that girl’s bio-mother and I can’t sit here in this vacuum and write libel-slander type things about these contemporary goings-on in this dingaling gestalt the bums have made. The girl’s bio-mother worked for the character I call the SFClown who’d “hooked” me into this Armageddon horror that’s made out to seem like it’s a joke but it’s how the system has been accomplishing those Biblical and other world-takeover threats, the insane “Jomon” defending the developmentally disabled compulsively lying little black-haired Autist feral-boys’ modern mass-reproduced selves. The girl’s mother was like the Magenta character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and they brought that act to Washington underneath me, all this “Armageddon-Abscam-anything marathon” LURE, by which the Revelation-threat/promises were carried out, so far, that there’s always fear of worse, as these are just insane people who don’t want to get caught and punished or even lose anything, etc.

Federal Home Loan Bank Board Building, 1928, 320 1st St., NW, WDC; the Bureau of Prisons is there currently. Click-on for CCSA4.0 citation.

Ms. Levy was working there as an intern when she’d disappeared in May 2001 and the search went on for a year and ended very badly. Here’s the 2008 write-up’s address: washingtonpost dot com/wp-srv/metro/specials/chandra/

I try not to be obsessive about thinking I recognize people’s stereotypes but the boy arrested and later released does possibly look like he could be “from” one of my fraud-relatives, that that’s some possibility…. While she’d worked in this building the big homeless shelter was one block over on the right and up that street, 2nd and D Streets, NW, but I’d gone to some small shelter and sort of avoided this area until 2005. What I mean about the ampersand there is that the crime-story sounded like double entendre for this Hindu-Jomon “‘magic’ show” invisible-torture set to me, and they’ve been making signs that that’s what they’ve been putting together again here lately. I found a little more on this “Breakshot” business but it’s similar to the contemporaneousness’ libel-slander about the “disappeared” Ms. Levy so I can’t add it to the bottom of this file yet. Also they seem to be repeating now part of the repertoire of this marathon exhibition of/off of me that they’d used when I’d returned to Washington in 2005, so maybe I can slip that down after the bottom of this 2003-04 scam off of me in Queens and Brooklyn:

(June 23, 2019 mention:) One time the “Jomon” was gone, from around 14 August 2001 until February 2003 I guess it was, as today is just terrible, (June 23, 2019,) and in my usual anymore begging for it to get lost I recall that it had done that disappearance without any explanation for those 2-1/2 years, meaning that that could happen again probably real easily, could vanish right now or at any time without any noticing until that it’s been gone for awhile, me reflecting around 21 August 2001 that I hadn’t noticed it around for awhile, the affect of an ectophasm that this is like. Then I sat down here in this downtown (Houston) library but all the standard “s***show” tricks are all over anything I do and there’d been conspicuously someone carrying a chair to the computer the computer had sent me to so that I had to indicate that this machine was reserved for me, but did tell him he could take the chair with him, and then the whole set up was to make me uncomfortable that maybe this guy in the next seat over then is one of the fraud-parent offspring-descendants so that I’ll feel uncomfortable and that’ll make the gimmick by which the “Jomon” and company do the Revelation-Armageddon off of me, etc., standard gimmicks all day long every day. I’d wanted to add something to this file, about that in this Oct. 2002 to April 2005 trip to NY that the VA hospital in Brooklyn near this one particular “Bath Beach” temporary job-assignment that had lasted for most of a year, me somehow having gotten a VA credit union sort of a banking account before I left Washington, some special deal I’d heard about and went and deposited my saved-up paychecks from another horror job I’d had, that the VA had wall mural decorations of or from Etruscan culture, which seems pretty unusual. This morning I was thinking that maybe these “Jomon” had learned from the Etruscans, an older culture in Italy, how to LURE animals as a means of hunting food, where “Ee” means food or thing/s to eat I guess in this Autist-world coding they have, Ee- trus’ — as in trust, to trust, and -can, that food trusts the can and goes into it and gets trapped, E’trus’can with some food or such inside of it to LURE the ee. I was thinking that perhaps this “consortium” of the Autists and their Jomon friends and whoever else was in the early invading groups had learned to trap animals for food in that way from Etruscans and then extended the concept to say the Etruscans themselves and then to other people, is how this LURE off of me as an example might have come to be this disaster that it is that is bringing us to the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION while the “consortium” seems to just be having a ball, that they’re laughing it up with the same delight that they’d seen the Etruscans have when the Etruscans had trapped an animal that they could then provide food from, like, Yay, yay, party-food to live off of for one and for all now, yay, yay, — as most of the Etruscan murals seem to depict happy-happy people chasing birds and fish as the main motif.

1879 map, southern Brooklyn. I put the blue dot between where I was working in the Bath Beach neighborhood and the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital, where my ATM was. Click for the larger view.

[Previously written:] Bay 19th St. and Cropsey Avenue was where the assignment, assignment-horror, was, and looking it up now on the map I notice I’d walked by a petroleum company store on my way to and from the assignment, that turns out to be a big, multi-merged, national group. The whole thing had been a set up I’m realizing as I’ve been going back over that Abu Ghraib scandal, that that CACI interrogation group had only arrived there in August and the MPs with the girl that got blamed for it I think had only just arrived in maybe late September and then the torturing had started by late October, while I’d been told that the temporary home health aide company I worked for had an assignment for me but I’d had to wait 6 weeks before I got the address to show up at then on that Columbus Day weekend, where as usually you were given the address the same day you were told about an assignment, etc., that it was a bigger rigging than I’d realized now that I’d learned about the “petroleum” business in 2014.

This is meant to reference the 2009 book, “Breakshot,” by Kenji Gallo and Randazzo V because it seems it’s very inter-connected to all this Armageddon “Program” off of me.

… the bums had linked Wallace to this TPE-bringing Armageddon “Program” through that book, 1990, Signifying Rappers,* so that’s why the link is there, even though this is out of chronological order, the previous week now at the bottom of this: C.A.R.P.

… Kenji Gallo has got probably the best example of a “Julie-male” photo that I could find, it’s probably the one the system is using to oil-well-torture me by lately, as with this morning. Then “Gallo” writes all kinds of useful description of the sadism but I think I figured out what the biggest gimmick of that sadism is but all these contemporary subjects are so dangerous for little me without any witnesses or contact person ever… In the case of the “Breakshot” book, the author alludes to that as a police-person the Julie-type guy might be going to give the guy a fellating as a turning-eighteen present, might be how that goes. And then, say, 20 years later the guy finds out that the (retired or what) fellator now has “grown” many copies of the now-38 year old guy, dependent young males and females that might be sadistically killed or tortured if the now-38 year old doesn’t obey; that that’s largely how this whole global-system has been getting away with all this “strength” of itself, taking reproductive matter and raising young for blackmail/sabotage purposes, you can’t do anything if they’re threatening to kill/hurt others, especially if, surprise, they’re from your own body, have your face and look like you and you’d have to be grateful that they’re being fed and housed at all, and such like that.

[*I put in a request for the book yesterday, should take about 2 weeks and I can get a look at it.]

That’s the ooze, that I have to try to describe that “conceptually.” Goodness forfend, on a lighter side, that’s likely why in the “Limitless” novel Melissa had married Spinola at all, to get those — negative, that’s another aspect, not exactly the same blackmail purpose, that’s an aspect where they require victims for their brain-eating, is slightly a different reason for trying to procure people’s reproductive matters, “eggs” and sperm. They require victims for all their anthropophagy desires too, the cannibalism, the brain-eating, the petroleum spending-money, etc. — I guess I lost the explication for this trio here, that it goes with the April slug-pneumonia horror, and I’ll move it to somewhere else soon but leave it here just because it does come up in “all this.”

6/8/19, Saturday, they’re doing h*** to and off of me. Big point to make is that the elderly lady turns out to have been one of this “Shahan-666” stereotype types of people, all along, that she was there as a planted sabotage from the Revelation- and 666- and EXTINCTION-bringing system types, etc.

Then, the following year, I wound up stuck in winding up back in Washington and was down near the Capitol then for 10 years, from May 5, 2005 to April 2, 2015:

Letterhead I’d been using on my many flyers and letters for assistance from about 2007-15.

That to the right of my old photo says, They all live off of this LURE, me meaning more of less that all of that area was, and radiating outward from there then, that this is how the prophecied Armageddon was being sneak-pulled of, off of me being stranded there, like I am in Houston now, same modus operandi of the parasites’ (global-) system, etc. In 2014 I found out about this “Bronx-French Connection” -industry part of all this.



Read, me making a note to myself for making a note to warn others, a website with, Joseph Fouche, Villain of the — on a site called headstuff dot org, I don’t have time to read it right now but it’s really bad. I’m trying to find out how the name was pronounced because I’d read somewhere recently it was pronounced like mine, Foeshay, and on the 1929-to-now Minneapolis tower.

6/22, I’d written to someone for a little assistance with this, on one of the phony copyright-infringement tricks the invisible-tortures’ been doing, that I finally got around to being able to write to the author but I haven’t heard back, about one of the photos of the (1929 Minneapolis) Foshay Tower. I’m really thinking it is attached then to this Revelation-Armageddon horror.

June 27, Thursday — One of the things about this lady-home health client is that she wanted the same breakfast and lunch every day, and then I think she didn’t care what dinner was, to the best of my just offhand recollection lately. I’ve started to think that maybe there was something formulaic in her choices, that perhaps those particular ordinary foods kept her healthy, as I’d noticed that when I only eat chicken and tuna fish that I start to feel weak and the system seems to take more advantage of me, and then it occurred to me that maybe she drank orange juice every day because it prevents things like this “slug pneumonia” that the system is always giving me so I’ve been making sure I drink some orange juice or the Tang product every day now in hope that the system won’t do that slug-pneumonia to me again. When I moved to this room here around 9 months ago it became too difficult to haul bottles of orange juice there, I’d forgotten that the little frozen cans aren’t difficult to transport, so it was out of  my diet, but now I’m drinking some every day in fear that the system gives me that slug pneumonia on the excuse that I haven’t had orange juice….

… Winding up back in Washington from 2001-15 and then 2016-2017 when they closed for renovation I was in what maybe could be called the Mies van der Rohe-MLK part of this, represented by an illustration I’ll go try to quick-find of the central library there:

MLK public library 901 G Street, NW, WDC; PD.

I got cut off, the time runs out on these library computers sometimes without any warning, and have to go look again for the citation on this photo, and also there’s a good donated photo but I’m always leery of the links to any strangers and I forget his Wiki username, some sort of a Machine, like Infallible Machine, — engine, some sort of an engine, named after the Charles Babbage invention. Difference Engine.

It’s the photo in this article:, but I can’t find the citation to the photo posted here now, from the Carol Highsmith Collection at the LoC, donated in 2010 to that by someone who’s name I can’t find again yet, George F. ___somebody. — This is not in any way encouraging anyone to visit there when the place reopens next year, just the opposite, to be aware of it…

I actually got a normal Permission on this photo, of (left to right,) Eric Mendelsohn, Walter Peterhans (check if that’s Peterhaus,) Ludwig K. Hilberseimer whose photograph this had been and it’s with his papers that this is from, and then Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, all meeting in Chicago circa 1940. It’s courtesy first from the Exploring Chicago Collections website but then they refer you to the big Architecture archives and their specifics I’m less sure on, where the Permission officially, through an email, had come from, the Ryerson and Burnham Archive I think is their title, and I guess they’re at the Art Institute but their title there I’m not as sure about.

I didn’t update whatever that caption-blurb is trying to describe but the citation is necessary and important, that these were the Bauhaus people moved to the States just before WWII started, that being Mies van der Rohe on the right here. Eric/h Mendelsohn on the left had been here in 1924, coming over with “Metropolis” film director Fritz Lang, and he’d done “Woman on the Moon/Frau im Mond,” 1932, the first big film about rocket-travel, as this group then was the force behind the whole petroleum-enabled space venture, then Mies had designed this MLK library and I’d spent most of this millennium there with this Armageddon unprovable underground “show” Program all over me and now the whole thing is being reprised, like “magic” shackling me just this morning as I got off the bus on my way to here and the panorama of the proverbial devil’s bag of tricks the various “global” groups are all having some party-affect LURE of unsuspecting normal people, is how that book of Revelations’ threat-set has gotten carried out, me always trying to explain that it has insanity at its base though, insane parasitism, which I’ve traced to having come from “brain-eaters” as I can’t find any other useful terminology for it yet, brain-ingesters doesn’t work, etc. Serotonin-dependents doesn’t work because we’re all dependent on our serotonin and the same difficulty with any of the ways I can think of to describe it, which is why I’m trying to use the example of the book, film and tv show titled “Limitless,” to show that they only feel invincibly important and superior as long as they’re high on the brain of others and it goes away when they run out of supply, which is what they’ve been abusing me for all of my six decades now, incorporating me into their LURE way of hunting and trapping normal people, etc.

Check Computer History Museum in Mountain View, (CA-Sierra Vista, AZ seems to have been made into a sister-city.)


About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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