I Am “Infinite Jest”

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Ms. Y., Victoria

CW2Nason-please see the bottom of this file. — I’m starting to see a correlation between my business and the whole chronology of DFW …Ed Schieffelin, 1880, Tombstone, Arizona — Now I find that “Schieffelin” was a big name in pharmaceuticals, example here on my 1976 DD-214 that I’d joined the army from living on Schieffelin Place in the Bronx, after that Longfellow Avenue “French Connection” neighborhood.  I have to try to look into this next (7/21/19) HistPhBiblio.pdf  = I didn’t see them listed in this bibliography, 1995, and I’m not sure why it was a free download except it’d be how you find books to buy, and I can’t make it work elsewhere so I’m sticking it here for now…. Petroleum-family also, 1860, to check into now. …  Ms. Remus please check the file to you.] — [I’m going to try to type the Planet Trillaphon, David Foster Wallace, 1962-] — [Kenji maybe isn’t allowed to contact me.]  “Amy” – please check here. [Previously written:] I’m not exaggerating. I’d made some error, a trap-trick laid out for me, with that then-new Microsoft program with all those clouds — it could be the same one I’m using today for all I notice on these library computers,  

and the Revelation-Armageddon’s curse-payback to me was, somehow, that whole 1996 book down to the 2015 tv show based on the simplified version for film that then the “Limitless” story the brain-sellers thought up was. I’ll have to get back to this. I’ve been being held up in explaining my business by some detail I’d written off for but haven’t heard back on yet but should soon, then I’d spent all day yesterday looking for a nice illustration to try to illustrate that that guy  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow must have been one of these insane-system psychoto-psychopaths as I went to search-engine on him for describing this youth, ages 0-8, growing up on Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx that I’d had and I noticed that his old house-turned-museum is right splat near Harvard Square, and where Radcliffe had been, and that it had previously been a headquarter for Washington, George, and then that the Infinite Jest author and many others had been in that area and that that area and where I grew up had that parallel of there’s being a huge school right there, that I figure the same “French Connection” modus operandi had been going on with “Me-kill-angelos” -descended Longfellow as with then what I’d grown up with on the Longfellow-named Avenue. It’s all “It’s a Small World After All” micro-hallucino-interconnected. That Infinite Jest lethal video cartridge is the hidden-camera pornography that goes to this LURE that the system’s been running off of me for most of these last 6 decades. I’m going to try to re-find and install that “Nile” mosaic because I can’t say too much about this for fear of jinxing myself too soon. — The post title here, “I Am Infinite Jest,” is like an homage to that Texas Lady who’d not too long ago written that “I Am Roe” book about her Roe vs. Wade court battle she’d gone through. — The 1991 error I’d made was that when I bought a used PC the (IBM employee) had also brought a bunch of no-longer-needed 5-1/4″ floppy disks and then with those was a big packet of disks he started to go to take back saying that they were the new program’s previous or an incomplete version and I’d said to let me have them anyway, despite that I hadn’t actually purchased them, like my putting them into the computer to see what they were like was a copyright violation. There was some difficulty, where the clouds-opening came on but then nothing else went well, like that trying those (12 approximately) program disks was virus-cursing my whole endeavor. The computer had only cost between 125 and 225 dollars, me getting another one like that the following year when I’d become homeless, and then there was that 1992 Democratic National Convention in NY and I think that that’s when this making a clown out of me began in earnest and this Infinite Jest story, like a tangled web, started growing as a cover-up ritual. I’ll try starting this explanation over better when/if I get that other piece that goes to all this explicating.

I haven’t paid any attention to it but there is an odd little factoid that one of the previous generation of this fraud-family had attended Columbia University at the same time that Allen Ginsberg had, me figuring that that wouldn’t have any connection to all this but now I’m thinking that maybe it had, and then there’s a little more to that that I’m constrained from being able to mention more about right now….

I’m going to try putting the goat here because it doesn’t really go with the Bath Beach, Brooklyn horror LURE part of this but it does relate to the (new) sequel on the “Limitless” book that I’d just read about and the Limitless does connect from the IJ:

p.227, says he was beaten by a first-class mind.

29 June, 2019, Saturday, I’m still constrained from being able to go into this too well right now but at least I finally (I think,) found a PD (public domain) visual aid to go with what I’m talking about, that big, thick fiction novel. I don’t think Wikipedia would mind; I’ve looked all over as much as I can for a way to show what I’m referring to. I’m waiting on a copy of his and Costello’s book, “Signifying Rappers,” which is mixed with the constraint about being able to discuss this more fully yet, this long life of curses, etc., for that cursing me is how the system’s pulled off those book of the Revelation’s threats, etc. And that they’re really going to force the planet to destruction just to get them off of other people.

Wilbur B. Foshay, 1929, Minneapolis, MN. Photo from a book I think was about Prohibition in Minneapolis, I’ll have to find my notes on it but one photo is easily the fair use provision.

Melvin Weinberg of Abscam:

The Armageddon monsters have frozen my attempts to send photos to here again. I guess that’s a sign of how useful the material would be. While I’m trying to work on this here’s a photo of 1906-09 U.S. Attorney Genl Chas. Bonaparte, (1851-1921): https://images.app.goo.gl/SMgKGVMQPcTtanbf7 == Click that on for first a photo of the Abscam “Sting Man” Mel (Melvin) Weinberg, 1924-2018, that he must have somehow or another been descended from the Michelangelo Buonarroti and did all that “Abscam,” the short article by film reviewer Vancheri being great.

Add Robert Goddard to this. Who was that Chicago “Mafia” chief nicknamed Moonie (ck Sam Giancana,) and Harley Procter.

That “Abscam” is all inter-connected to me and this sneaked Armageddon in that it was some ritual cover-up for doing hidden camera pornography of me. It’s a teeny bit difficult to show due to all the cover-up with the politicians’ being caught on hidden cameras but I’ll get to it as I’m assembling what materials I can. Then this guy Weinberg, from the Bronx as were many of the Abscam personnel, looks to be connected perhaps to both Wilbur B. Foshay of the 1929 Minneapolis Foshay Tower, which one of my fraud-family that looks like both of them, had told me was a con scam, to get the people to  rent offices, open the building and then abscond with their money, the rentals non-existent. The law had only charged Wilbur with mail fraud for some reason. I don’t know how much biography I can find on him, to see if he was in New York for inseminating alot of those Bronx people, like Mr. Weinberg, then born 1924, and whoever inseminated for his birth he was always that “him-kill-angelo” Michelangelo insane type, according to this 1981 “The Sting Man” biography on himself I just got hold of briefly yesterday. The author of that and the main “f-group,” f b i personnel person were the “Shahan-666-Pill-grim boy” type. The main agent just passed about 2 or 3 years ago. It’s the same “St. Christopher and Christ child” duo as from the Ghent Altarpiece, Weinberg and John Good. Now nobody cares what I’m trying to explain but their mass-reproduced sneaky types’ working together with the or the other brain-eaters/serotonin dependents, is how the Revelation is being snuck through and they’ve done it off of this lifetime of abuse to me, such as that “lethal entertainment cartridge” of hidden camera pornography of me, and their sneaking through of this world-takeover global-system of and for themselves is going to result in the planet’s dying from themselves’ being parasites and they do not comprehend or care about that. One of John Good’s obituaries said he has a brother in Dallas. His parent and 4 of his 5 Bronx siblings had worked for the f b and i group, that is a stone wall against my communication attempts. Their local hq in Washington has upwards of 30 antennas on top of it that look like syringes they’re requesting to have filled, has alot to do with that I’d guessed as I’d had to walk by it many or most days while this 24/7/365 invisible-torture uses me as the Revelation-gimmick. They aren’t sending the photos I’m trying to mail to here, one suggesting to me that maybe the attitude is that I’m cross-eyed and so that made it okay to snuff my life like this but that’s omitting that the cross-eyedness comes from the underworld/underground invisible-tortures in the first place, to use me for their “French Connection” serotonin-trafficking world-takeover business. I have to go look for more back-up material on these subjects and the days are all spent looking for more that they prevent me from communications about anyway, etc. Then I’m also adding that the line of these guys might come from Charles Bonaparte and maybe Harley Procter, and then there’s Robert Goddard of the rocket-development also. Con men trying to get rich quick so they can have the planet and heavens to themselves, and then I’m trying to get material to show that the “breed” like Michelangelo, all the Ghent characters likely, despised natural spirits, and had probably had the vacumn cleaners developed for sucking spirits up off the ceilings, is what Michelangelo was really doing claiming to be painting up there. All images of that ceiling are owned by a Japanese company since 1964 so I’m trying to search out real old images, adding them to some Marvel comic image of Trojan-era spirit world to try to show that when the prehistoric-invasion of the Autist-psychopaths began spirits had had to cease developing space and stay close to the Earth, trying to get the murderers to quit, winding up hanging around building spirits and then getting sucked up so the Autists wouldn’t be afraid of them, always yelling for them to quit hurting people.

Here’s something the John Good personnel wrote-up on the Abscam, him in the small group-photo at the bottom of the 3-page pdf that I believe is PD but I don’t want any difficulties with anyone so it isn’t a real link, just how to get a link to this write-up: https: // cdn . ymaws . com/socxfbi . site-ym . com/resource/resmgr/HIstory_Committee_Articles/AbscamJanFeb2015 . pdf

I’m sure it’s the copyright provision fair use to quote a paragraph from the Robert W. Greene, 1981 biography on Mr. Weinberg, “The Sting Man,” published by Elsevier-Dutton Publishing Co., Inc., 2 Park Avenue, NY NY 10016; page 96, about his conning stories: For still others, the story was that Abdul was a lavish patron of the arts, both classic and pornographic, and was not averse to purchasing paintings, jewelry and other items that were hotter than his native desert. At times he was also described as a connoisseur of sex films so tawdry that Behind the Green Door in comparison would look like a Walt Disney production. — My point is that procuring “lethal cartridges” for the money-gushing clients was a or the major point of starting the Abscam, disseminating pornography was important to the “St. Christopher and the Pill-grim boy” types, for financing their serotonin-interests.

They let the photos through, 5 I just found, but I’m looking for one of John Good to go in this spot here and can’t find one, and then there isn’t one of agent McCarthy, maybe because Weinberg had asked him off of the scene and Amoroso got his role. Etc. The moment has really passed for these things now, I’d wanted them hours ago. Let me check.

The usual Abscam hidden camera photo. Weinberg is on the far right. I forget right now who’s next to him. Agent Amoroso is on the left, then Michael Myers, one of the targets, holding the envelope of the bribe. (This is PD, – I got it from a Wikipedia or Creative Commons file.)











Wilbur B. Foshay, 1929, Minneapolis, MN. (Checking, photo from book about Prohibition in Minneapolis.)




(From CBS Inc.)

My point was/is that in the book, on the page, it seems to me to look like he’s looking a little cross-eyed in this particular photo. One could say maybe I’m a little too defensive but it’s likely far worse than I could invent, this “Infinite Jest” onto little me specifically. Enlarging the photo further makes it seem less so than when it’s small like on the book page. Again, I don’t have strength or time for playing around, this was a Bronx group because I’d been being plagued all my little life and then something like this “Ginsberg-monster” had trailed me all along like to right now, when I’d gone into the army in 1973. I was expected to return to here from being stationed in Germany in 1976 but I stayed an extra 14 months, and on and such with micro-details that the system-“Autists” simply wanted sex and pornography everywhere and had been behind my back doing this hidden-camera stuff and then I run into the earlier mentioned constraint that is messing up my timing with being able to discuss this well enough right now. It’s time to leave the library for tonight as well, nothing done except looking up this Abscam business for illustrations. I’ll put my work file here in case there’d be any real-life person trying to follow what I’m talking about with that these “bums” are using me all along for what is headed for real-life TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION to put an end to their parasitism. This guy is made out to be some kind of a hero, in that film, which, coincidentally or It’s a Small World what, Bradley Cooper is also in, as well as the “Limitless” film about the serotonin dependency.

Abscam — The photo is like a one of a kind in that I’m thinking/saying that it’s idea-of-reference to the “lethal cartridge entertainment” that the Abscam was largely or mostly about, to that it wasn’t too illegal since I’m only a crosseyed girl that they’d done that to. Then I’m saying that they’d started cursing and underground sitting on me to work against my eyesight, like they still do nowadays, doing ritual-tricks to allow them to “shadow” sit underground and lean against the outside of my right eye. I think they’ve bent my nose a little in doing that also so much all these years since I was about 4 going on 5, which is the photo I’m waiting on and can’t describe all this too well without, the set of photos taken for like a rehearsal for this “failed photo” to frame me for conceitedness because I hadn’t looked up during the set up, the usual “Kindergarten” photo I mention, that they’ve been plaguing me since back then, circa 1959. I’ll look for it tomorrow.

from the “Kindergarten” 1975 Compton’s Encyclopedia article, with the photo credit to YMHA Nursery School, this 1959/’60 photo sneak-tricked off of me, uncomfortable standing there waiting for the photographer to move along as I hadn’t agreed to a personal portrait photo, just that I was also in the room they’d seemed to be doing some newspaper story on.

There were alot of the early “Infinite Jest” tricks being played on little me there.

July 2, 2019 —

But for today I want to try to get this quote down and then move along. Mr. Weinberg gave an interview in 1981 while he was in Pittsburgh where he said that the good Lord had sat up there and told him that He was going to make him a con man. But then he goes into insulting politicians instead of more about this understanding with the so-called good Lord. Abscam I have difficulty quoting anybody that might be assisting with this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION in this feeling that it’s like validating themselves and that that’s like validating the extinction they’re working, making. But it’s like there was just a decision-conversation with the Ghent-type “God” system:

Ghent Altarpiece’s “God” figure

When the Ghent Altarpiece was first made he was said to be the God figure and later it started getting called Jesus, with Mary and the Baptist on either side, on the top row when the Altarpiece is opened up. I’m also trying to find the old quotes of Allen Ginsberg at Timothy Leary’s near Harvard saying, mostly to a telephone operator was quoted, that he is God, me thinking his type came from this type of the Altarpiece’s types that were mass-reproduction stereotyped. Also a word that the f-group had really started with Stanley W. Finch, me saying he was descended from law-codist Theodosius II, who I think is an obvious Autist example. Then I’m dealing with Jimmy Carter’s 1976 interview for Playboy magazine with Bronx-born Robert Scheer where lust notably had come up, that that presidency seems connected to the IJ onto and off of me but there’s alot of checking on details and I’m really supposed to be writing letters toward getting anyone to assist me out of this LURE-situation, which will get bad for me because of the upcoming holiday, the “Jomon/God” like salivating over this LURE-abuse excuse.

— I found a 1969 painting by Picasso (1881-1973) that seems like this “Infinite Jest” gimmick to me but I can’t figure how the copyright business on showing it here might go. I found it on a site called Painting-planet dot com but they don’t say anything about how to contact them, and then it’s only otherwise at pablopicasso dot org and that’s seems too complicated for me since I don’t have any cash or ways and means of paying a little for a 1-time use here. I’ve found 3 different titles for it but there may be a large number of similarly-titled similar paintings he’d done. It’s called Kiss or The Kiss or This Kiss; the one with the blue and white stripes in the right background. I did copy one of their paintings for a research-work file and I don’t think there’s any fair use difficulty with that, that they’ve got the only visible view of an early vacuum-pump in a Russian 1776 Dimitry Levitsky painting of  a Ms. Molchanova, Ekaterina, as I’m going to try to figure how the system had learned to vacuum/vacumn stranded spirit-people to make this their planet for themselves like it is now.

My point here is that that Bureau behind these 2 is the bureau where people generally keep their “stash” of feel-good drugs and that the word bureau is therefore system-slang talk for their stash, for the origin of  the federal bureau of narcotics for instance, which I think was still extant when the “French Connection” had happened to involve me, that that’s where the “stash” for the government is kept account of, how it’s doing. It’s a different perspective from what I’d gotten told about what government is about that people working in such bureaus have. These 2 here I think I’d gotten the impression about or had read were on a ship heading toward here. It’s included in the book jacket for “A Fool and His Money: Life in a Partitioned Medieval Town” by Ann Wroe, 1995, about a town near Conques, France, Rodez, is how I’d come to notice the painting, which seems like it doesn’t have anything to do with Rodez, but she’s in economics and obviously knows alot about this system.

3 July, Wednesday, it’s always twice as difficult for me when there’s any of the system’s “holidays,” double the excuses for doing this feces-mentalitied LURE off of me, any of the LURING people being sub-human mentality to perpetrate, etc. I should be putting this in the C.A.R.P. chronological file but it’s always this real life aspect of everything that creates difficulties for me, encrusted by cartoon-heads’ machinations all over and off of me. I’m supposed to finish up with this inter-library loan book on the architect Philip Johnson today but they threw me off with the scripted-tricks and the forced-choice of seating tricks to where now they’ve abandoned their positions and I’m not sure that I care to continue sitting where the Armageddon Program arranged for me to be sitting. I’ll sign off and back on I guess.

— I moved the one chair over to where I likely would have sat again this morning, and there were/are 2 set ups for this Armageddon “Program.” One is idea-of-reference to that Picasso “Kiss” painting I’d noticed yesterday, that the system had “helped” Picasso go into making that theme after they did that Chicago 50′ untitled sculpture that they call the Picasso and I call the Dinosaur, that it’s a ritual for making believe that the dinosaur extinction by the developmentally disabled humans had never occurred, unveiled along with that “Puff(,) the Magic Dragon” song back then, then into the — Why am I kissing this crosseyed girl? right as the system got concrete evidence that they weren’t going to be getting rich off of the space venture after all, the moon rocks’ delivery’s findings, and into the “gift from Rome” that the Watergate hotel was and the break-in, that I say was connected to this curse onto me because the Bronx fraud-family I was/am from had lived on Bathgate Avenue there and that Bathgate Avenue Market was likely the system’s moving from under where that “Limitless” novel’s protagonist and Allen Ginsberg had lived, in what had been called the Lower East Side but then East Village and now “Alphabet City,” around 10th St. and Avenue A, Manhattan. Etc., that then I’d escaped from the fraud-family and I’ve had this secret-underworld invisibly and unprovably all over me about every day since, pursuing their Armageddon threats to where that’s a done thing but they won’t let go because it’s all just insane-thinking, they’re never going to be finished parasiting (till there’s nothing left.) Since they’re crawling on me so bad I’ll type here the letter I was finally able to make and mail just now: Dear Ms. R.,

Please acknowledge receipt of this note.

I want to go to Sierra Vista because I’m all alone with how the system, which comes from insane people, is killing everything eventually.

It must have had a big entrenchment in the Bronx, NY, and followed me out when I’d joined the Army in 1973, then making a LURE-gimmick of hidden-camera pornography of me disguised under the Abscam scandal that I’m guessing now got mixed up into the Carter Administration’s Energy crises, getting some sort of presidential approval so that I’m left in a ghost-prisonership like this all these decades, not any contact with anyone normal or useful to reality, the insane system heading us for TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION eventually out of all this. Please don’t make my situation worse but contact to assist me with this. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay — “Ms. R.” is the editor of the magazine for “milint,” Fort Huachuca. David Foster Wallace had been near there, in Tucson, when that “Broom of the System” had been published and there might be some connection; never any intentional puns from the system’s bizarre double-language. On the way here I saw that the church to the front of here has new messages on their electric sign, this time flashing about One Nation under God and that’s an example where the system “baits and switches” normal people’s definitions for their own, where normal people’s God becomes the system’s “God:”

This is the “God” character from the Ghent Altarpiece.

In fact it looks like the type of the “Jomon” that’s in the Picasso “Kiss” painting, distinctively similar they all pretty much are I guess, things so bad I’m barely able to keep track of anything. I’d gotten this book on architect Philip Johnson for some erroneous thinking about what his partner John Burgee looks like, I’d thought he was some different stereotype, less distinctive or what and before the book got here I realized he’d looked different than I’d been thinking, me under the impression Johnson was some kind of a “hero” in normal people’s sense of the word, and that his new partner had been forced onto him but it doesn’t look like that was the situation all, as I’d also been mistaken about Mies, the same sort of a believing that Mies was a wholesome normal human who’d been system-tricked, etc. However of course Johnson was/is very important to our now-situation for all that architecture he’d done nearly the whole 20th century and I just haven’t had any reason to be looking at his architecture right now though, haven’t been able to make time for the book but “hate” to send it back without trying to get hold of some of the content anyway, so today’s the last day. I open it up and see he’d done a big building in Berlin in 1993 that’s near the “Checkpoint Charlie” there, and I think that that’s near Mendelsohn’s “Columbushaus'” area, which Mendelsohn might have played a big role in getting it bombed out during WWII, so that now I guess I’d have to try to locate the 2 points via this Maps application “whose” company name bothers me, that g******e word, reminds me of how the system turns people to petroleum so I don’t like to use the name. In fact this setting me up onto computer in 2015 had had me trained so that that’s the only operating system application I can figure how to work on, that internet Explorer never working easily for me. — This is taking all day, just a brief look for his buildings particularly (here) in Houston, but here’s this photo with the partner in the miiddle, somehow calling to mind guess who: nytimes . com/2010/08/09/arts/design/09archive . html = I can’t make “links” because of the controversiality of the phrase “brain-eater/s,” that nobody would care to be linked to that.

Jimmy Carter had written a fiction book, “The Hornet’s Nest,” about the revolutionary era, published in 2003. I just want to mention it for now, not go into the details of my interpretation of a connection to the ho-stage crisis of 1979-80 that would be forthcoming.

Similarly, because it’s about the end of the day and the libraries are closed tomorrow so I have to close now, I want to get mentioned that this being crosseyed business seems to have been forwarded by a neighbor-lady friend of Mrs. Foshay’s, some system-curse, but that her maiden name was/is Petrucci and I was thinking that, considering her stereotyped body-shape, that maybe Petrucci and Patroclos might be connected. I generally blame the “whole Trojan war” on that little Patroclos/Patroclus guy, and this neighbor-lady seems to have been descended from that demon-like character in the “Parnassus” painting by Mantegna that’s in one of the posts not far down below from here. Additionally there’s a blonde-looking version that comes up in some of the “Infinite Jest” and exoplanets probable cover-up about. I’ll be trying to get into this more later.

5 July, I’m having difficulty illustrating this type of a stereotype that seems inter-connected with “all this,” stuck on this detail right now, a stereotype I haven’t been able to describe much yet, figureheaded by the “Anthony of Burgundy” the Great b* type more or less I guess, but then connected to the above Patroclos maybe and to paleontology and all these TPE-bringing horrors onto me so that I’m remiss in trying to describe that I don’t know if they’re a or the whole separate stereotype or are “only” a hybrid off of the “Jomon.” Confusing, but I’m working on it.

Anthony of Burgundy. (1421-1504;) click-on.


Nicaragua; Sandinistas returning Eugene Hasenfus; from a biography on Ronald Reagan, I think by Richard Reeves, ck date.








Amazon-area autists; probably from Noel Chagnon’s study of the Yanamamo people of the Amazon, circa 1970s.


Altangerel Perle, Mongolian paleontologist; photo from Michael Novacek’s “Dinosaurs of the Flaming Cliffs,” 1976,, taken by Fred Conrad, likely of the American Museum of Natural History in NY, where Novacek and Norell work.

This is the “type,” like Dustin Hoffman and Pablo Picasso, that I’d/I’ve long thought to be the “classic Autists” that had extincted the New World dinosaurs and then trekked to the Old World and started running the people off of the cliffs there and other types of this Armageddon world-takeover disappearance of the other types of people but when I got out of Washington and see all these of the “Shahan/666” type of people I became unsure and think it’s possible that these small-sized Autists could perhaps be only one of the hybrid “types” of people off of the Armageddon-director type I’ve been calling likely of the “Jomon” culture of people of old Japan, as with the longtime usual illustration of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, “Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” portrait, on the right here below:


Jack Horner, Dinosaur Lives


Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk, NGA, by either Flinck and-or Rembrandt, bought from the Hermitage by Andrew Mellon and donated to here circa 1934.

Notice how the stereotyped dinosaur experts are on each side of Beringia, as I’m trying to point out that they have the subject of the extinction of the dinosaurs blocked off from inquiry by their system-types’ selves. The question is, Is the “classic Autist” or “Anthony type” I call them after the Anthony of Burgundy, above, a subset of these “Jomon” or were they evolved separately in the New World after errant forcing their way to there long ago. It’s conceivably possible that these “Jomon” were the type who’d forced their way to the New World, the small “Anthony” type being only then some “science-created” subset of this type. I believe that these had directed Picasso to make the untitled 50′ sculpture in Chicago’s courthouse’s Daley Plaza circa 1964, and now I’ve noticed this similar-shaped mural had been done just before that and by one of these “Anthony/classic Autist types,” too coincidental to not be obvious, at Pomona circa 1963.

Mary Ann Sullivan’s Digital Imaging Project’s untitled Picasso sculpture from the rear.

Rico LeBrun, Genesis mural; click-on for Pomona College license.

But it’s the same difficulty, where I’ve been thinking that these as pictured below now, “the Lenny Bruce-type” and like in that specific “French Connection” difficulty that I have, were of the set of the “Anthony/classic Autists,” but then I came across the photograph of the famous architects and I’ve thought Mendelsohn was from the “Jomon” type. Link: Erich Mendelsohn, 1887-1953

The “666” type might have to do with projected-hopes for how many people they could grow out of an ovary, giving the young growths numbers and working up to that, with the partner-type I call the “Shahan/666s.”

Drummer Louis Bellson, from the M St., NW, DC Cultural Tourism sign.

Close-up of Tony Fuca from the usual “French Connection” photograph I use because the fraud-parent is in it.

Mug shot of Lenny Bruce arrested in Florida for impersonating a clergy for raising funds for a leprosy clinic, from his autobiography/memoir, “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People,” Playboy Press, about 1966 I guess, will have to check the pub. date.










From the same biography on Admiral Rickover, photographed with Jimmy Carter and I’m not sure of the year though it might have been 1976-78, I’ll try to find the details. — I found a copy of the page with the caption. It reads, “President Carter inspecting the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) on 27 May 1977. With him are Admiral Rickover and Captain J.C. Christianson. (U.S. Navy)

Photo of a Siamesse admiral; I’ll try to find where I’d found it. — It’s captioned above the photo: Phraya Rajasongkram (Korn Hongsakull)

On a different subject, I’m trying to check on that possible “presidential approval” for doing this to me, using me as LURE-gimmick-bait for a trick for gathering unsuspecting people and then “disappearing” them into the lowest common denominator of our hydrocarbon make-up, disintegrating us to our hydrocarbons; I think I usually use some other word for that, dissolving might be a word for it. Previously I’d kept these photos — you know, I’ve got monsters all around me all the time and they’re pulling a standard disgustingness horror day off of me now, always making this more difficult to try to do. I’d kept these pictures because it shows that Admiral Rickover had had some sort of Siamese involvement, whether he’d known that or hadn’t, and then I’ve been reading that Carter had worked for the Admiral up in northern NY, where the Admiral’s big project was, Jimmy Carter 1924-  the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. For things that go together like I’m trying to point out, Barnum & Bailey “Greatest Show on Earth’s” James A. Bailey had named his house in Mt. Vernon The Knolls and he must have generally been driving through the Bronx many days to get to and from work at Madison Square Garden, and I think he’d done alot of this set-up for toward the serotonin-procuring, as with the gory death of the elephant Jumbo, as an example of then having his brain to “experiment” on. Here’s a collaged photo I use:

“Man In Oriental Costume” and James A. Bailey compared.

I don’t think this is the usual one but I’m really suffering the usual “invisible and unprovable” tortures. I’d had a head full of them when I got here yesterday to try to describe how the things these bums are doing to me now correlate to then all this other of the larger system-ways, but everything disappears except trying to do the necessities that I can get done here. They ruin everything.

Lost bird sign on my regular route from the library to the rented room.










Lost bird sign on my regular route from the library to the rented room.

Lost bird sign on my regular route from the library to the rented room.

Maybe this sign had been a ritual-charm-fetish so that I’d notice the David Foster Wallace books, or because there are connections between me and his business. They were up for maybe a month before I’d learned about him and then the writing part was ripped off right after that as I’d noticed the sign, usually not looking because the system is always putting “rituals” on my path, ideas-of-reference scattered around, anything to distract attention from reality to their hallucino-think ways,; “garbage-magic” I call it and so I hadn’t looked at the sign till it was being ripped off maybe by the weather, then these photos left taped up there till I finally thought to get a photo of this as one of the all-the-time sorts of “tricks” that “the bums,” the Armageddon Program director et al. play on me, hundreds each day these decades of it. A character in Wallace’s first novel is a cockatiel named Vlad the Impaler, and, Vlad the Impaler is a big character in this Ghent Altarpiece where the system seems to have made some announcement of this takeover they’d started in on, and then much of the petroleum system has come from Transylvanian fields, and also I’d had a cockatiel as an important pet. In that second photo maybe they’re feeding him Cheerios. When I finally went to look at it and take the picture yesterday I noticed how well-taped down it is and that causes me to think-suspect that the tape is a “magic” ritual for keeping my mouth sealed, would be typical for the “magic” they do all over me. While I’m saying that I think one of the regular “performers” or whatever this always is wherever I go are, got up and did a trick. That’s why I don’t have any choice but to try to get to “Ms. R.,” have to be working on that despite all the world of distraction/horrors to divide and conquer my attention. — Also, that Wallace book, now called “The Broom of the System,” got a new cover this millennium, maybe 2011 or 2015, with some sort of a “tattoo-art” drawing of a cockatiel like on the head of a broom, the broom maybe upside down — depending which way one’s using it, and the tattoo artist is from Brooklyn. I forget what Wallace’s working title had been for the book but had read that his grandmother had called apples the broom of the system, to clean out your internals. And the main character’s boyfriend has some phobia about having a small penis, which I suspect does have a place in “all this” that I’m trying to describe, per that “Disputation of St. Catherine” that’s in Rome, the Vatican’s Borgia apartments, and that then ties into this Picasso’s “Kiss” painting I’d just noticed.

Here’s a copy of that Sandanista-Eugene Hasenfus photo that says it’s Courtesy of Barricada. I’ll have to look that up, try to. Hasenfus might be from a subset of the 666-type.

With the pornography the system is/was trying to rip the fabric of this society. Also I’m always trying to find a copy of the National Geographic (from Alex. Graham Bell and his father, like, from me-kill-angelo/Michelangelo,) article, June 1962, A Sikh Looks at America, as that was right around the same time I was getting set up.

I have to try to find out what this Maranatha Baptist business that Jimmy Carter returned to Plains into, having left Plains Baptist Church and returned to Plains’ Maranatha Baptist. The word sounds Hindu of course, and might be connected to some of the mythology at Marathon, Greece, but basically it’s all the Revelation-style, Jesus come, come Jesus.

The words Israel and “retarded” I have to make notes on, and how maybe I look like one of rocket scientist Hermann Oberth’s daughters, the one killed in the (German) army in WWII, check on that,

Check on when Jurassic Park was made, because I’ve been hearing those roars like that as though from the “Jomon-type” on the book cover above since I left Washington but while there they’d played that movie at least once a week I think for years so that I was always hearing those roars or else some car-chase horror noise film was blasting in that shelter.

/science . kjzz . org/ content/285982/ arizona-stargazing-guide-observatories-open-public

— I shouldn’t have to have these things on a front page. I’ll try to continue this elsewhere: Ms. R.

3 August 2019: MI library

7 August: MI library2— I’ll try to start this soon.


CW2 Nason2

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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