— I’ll put these pieces elsewhere after awhile but for now I’ll have to plop this “Apotheosis of Homer” by Ingres, 1827 here for a bit, in the figuring that from this relief sculpture the Jomon were supplanting the original “Homer’s” type of people. They may have basically been of the “Trojan” people. Ingres is one of the Stereotypes to watch out about. Click-on:

File:Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Apotheosis of Homer, 1827.jpgIngres’ Apotheosis of Homer

Below, Mantegna’s Triumphs of Caesar: described at URLhttps://www.royalcollection.org.uk/collection/403958/the-triumphs-of-caesar-1-the-picture-bearers — painted from 1484-92 all of them altogether. I figure that this follows the invasion, which I guess is after the Domenichino’s St. Nilus/Otto III. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less. It’s at Hampton Court Palace, maybe in its Orangery, in the Royal Collection. They have a nice website but I don’t want to run into copyright difficulties. hampton palace, royal collection. — albright-knox gallery in buffalo it looks like the email is supposed to be from, and maybe where this captioned one also is from. 1- The Picture-Bearers:File:Triumph1-Mantegna-picture-bearers.jpg2- The Bearers of Standards/the Statue-bearers:File:Triumph1-Mantegna-picture-bearers.jpg3-Bearers of Trophies and Bullion:File:Triumph2-Mantegna-bearers-of-standards.jpg4- … File:Triumph3-Mantegna-bearers-of-trophies-and-bullion.jpg 5?… Wikioo.org - The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts - Painting, Artwork by Andrea Mantegna - Triumphs of Caesar 5It’s Wiki Infinity

This one’s the elephantsWikioo.org - The Encyclopedia of Fine Arts - Painting, Artwork by Andrea Mantegna - Triumphs of Caesar 2https ://www . albrightknox . org /artworks/1891478-captives-series-triumphs-caesar

it should be in there somewhere, where I got the Senators panel from, the Triumphs of Caesar







9= this is the Caesar, and he looks just like Oswald Avery! I’ll try to find a lighter-colored version and straighten out the above and missing pieces, learn more about it.File:Triumph9-Mantegna-Julius-Caesar.jpg


(the Parnassus-mishmash disaster moved to here:) Parnassus, by Mantegna (1431-1506) — details only

It’s the offspring, not the couple he’s threatening.

The dancer is pointing to the hole in the arch, holding that dancing ribbon in her other hand; it looks like she’s signing to someone off the canvas.

I guess this semioticizes the throwing incendiaries, “Greek fire,” at the kid, that is most of warfare now, missiling them, kapow.

Mantegna’s “Parnassus” detail of the “demon” and the baby.4/4, the kid’s got like some sort of a long flute or pea-blower in his hand, this isn’t a good copy of it…







top-left corner detail.

I can’t lighten this image unless I crop and lighten and send it from the cellphone off of a whole copy, but it should be lightened a bit, the smoke or clouds above the “demon” character. Maybe it’s supposed to semioticize that in the cave there are the “Autists” or the Krakow staircase-growth Autists, voyeuring on the nudity, not any too differently from today. I think all of the people in this painting and the “Pallas Chasing the Vices” sort of a partner to this one in the Louvre, were grown by the “Joseph ‘Lepanto’ Nasi” (1521-1579) semi-mythical-seeming person and ovary-begetter that it seems like all of this play-directing global-system way of taking over the planet all or mostly all comes from.

So far this is the only copy I can find. It goes with the Mantegn’s “Parnassus” painting just below here right now.







Detail, bottom-right corner of the “Pallas Chasing the Vices,” by Mantegna, Louvre.



The guy with his arm on the horse and this one in the similarly-fuzzy because of my camera’ being like bottom-line, look like the same type if not the same person specifically, this one having breasts, and the headband he’s wearing has “Arrogancia” printed on it, the guy they’re carrying’s has “Ignorancia” on it and the guy holding “Ignorancia’s” chest has the Italian word for Ingratitude printed on it, Ingraziado or some such. The look like the three characters in Raphael’s Leo X portrait, which I’ll spare us of right now.

I’ll have to finally try to get a look at files on this Mantegna artist. Last time I’d looked I’d thought there’s a resemblance to the guy in the cloak behind the Lucrezia/St. Catherine figure in the “Dispute of St. Catherine.”

… plus there’s separately the factor of that “Chancellor Rolin and the Virgin” Flemish painting, maybe by van Eyck or one of the others, and then with this one it’s actually a mural in a “grotto” somewhere a little south of Rome, I think it’s said to be by Domenichino. Somehow they’ve got it in a painting here, that I guess I’d found after all my papers had been lost in 2014, through the search-engine, and then I’d taken a photo of it. I’ll look it up again soon for more details but the main one seems to be that that little boy appears to be a slave, this crew assumedly arriving on a beach somewhere and headed for Rome or otherwise doing their world-takeover, that (allegedly) being the Emperor Otto III that the little boy is getting the hem of, and he’s being greeted by Saint Nilus, which I’d figure to be connected to the system’s work around the Nile River. The guy with his arm up on the horse looks like the “Lenny Bruce-type” to me, so then I’ll include the (famous-to-me,) detail from the Mantegna’s “Pallas chasing the Vices,” long in the Louvre now….

— In fact I’m thinking now that maybe the “Palestrina mosaic” is connected to this Domenichino, and I’d like to pause and try to find a copy of the grotto mural as opposed to just going by this what I guess is a painting made off of the mural. The Palestrina mosaic would be a big deal if what I only suspect, from merely one day of trying to research-look at it a few years back, is that it’s been desecrated to camouflage that perhaps it was a description of the invasion of these system-people onto regular unsuspecting normals living a little south of Rome, is some famous tourist spot. I went to search-engine look up this Palestrina mosaic piece and there’s an inundation of saying that it’s all about the Nile River and I hadn’t particularly noticed that when I’d tried to look at it some years back. What I’d noticed seemed like shadowy lurking figures streaming in behind the normal people’s backs, to do this world-takeover they’re still always silent-sneakily going around and jumping everyone they can behind the back for…. All the experts swear that this is about like a tour of the Nile and I think it was perhaps a captive’s trying to make pictures of that they were all sitting around as usual where they live there and this sneaky invasion took place. A little like John Steinbeck’s  “The Moon Is Down,” 1942, that the bums just go around the world like that and that’s how we’ve gotten to like this today. — I’ll have to check the 2 big lakes not too far from there, Lake Albano by the Castel Gandolfo and Lake Nemi. — And the St. Nilus mural is in or from Grottaferrata, Italy, slightly north of those 2 lakes, same area, all just south of Rome near the popes’ vacation house.

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata has several courts, which lead to the famous portico designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, with an arcade of nine bays supported by slender columns with Renaissance capitals. — Of the abbey church consecrated by John XIX in 1024, little can be seen in the interior except the mosaics in the narthex and over the triumphal arch, the medieval structures having been covered or destroyed during the “restorations” of various abbots in commendam. Some fragmentary thirteenth-century frescoes were revealed in a partial restoration of the church in 1904 to commemorate its novecentennial, when it was made a Roman basilica. The mosaics portray the Twelve Apostles sitting beside an empty throne, evoking Christ’s ascent to Heaven. Domenichino‘s frescoes, commissioned by Cardinal Odoardo Farnese in 1608, can be seen in the chapel of St. Nilus. Annibale Carracci executed the altarpiece of the Madonna with Child with St. Nilus and St. Bartholomew. — The modern portico protects the ancient façade; the marble portal with a mosaic above it, an example of Italo-Byzantine art of the twelfth century. In the interior is a baptismal font supported on winged lions, of the tenth or eleventh centuries. Noteworthy also is the Romanesque campanile (twelfth century), with five storeys of tripartite arched windows. — The library of the Abbey, which contains some 50,000 volumes, has a paper conservation Laboratorio di Restauro, which was entrusted with the conservation of Leonardo‘s Codex Atlanticus from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana; the library houses writings of St. Nilus and his pupils and a rare copy of Alvise Cadamosto‘s collected travel accounts, printed in the early sixteenth century. — Pope Benedict IX died and was buried in this abbey.

ck st john the evangelist had been exiled to patmos, i hadn’t known there’d been an official exile of that specific disciple….

I can’t yet find a pastable copy of it, uncopyrighted or PD, but here’s a link to a good site for getting a good look at it but I give up for today on this right now, can’t prove anything.

http ://romeartlover . it /Palestrina2.html == these people have easy ways to get in touch with them in terms of asking for a copy of it from them or where they’d gotten theirs from but I’m too tired right now to even think of such an obscure thing when I have so many to get to, list of letters to write on these various topics that’s getting longer each day and I don’t have any energy. Let me save this and check to see if this copy of a PD photo of Felini has yet made it here, “the bums” only putting through certain of the photos I’ve been trying to gmail to here this week and I’m sure I  wouldn’t be able to get through the notes I take on the cellphone when they’re too much to bear alone like this, etc. It’s really bad with all these “garbage-boys'” gearing up for a big LURE off of me because one of their holidays is coming up this weekend, next Monday, all these garbage-males, like with this suddenly I can’t get this Felini or some this or that other photo or chore through, constant piddle-frittering away my lifetime time they’re doing more than even they had been all these years. I don’t know why this complaining is here, it’s just all too much for me. Back to where I’d interrupted to try to get this Palestrina mural through, but that whole area of Italy and this mosaic and that mural-set at Grottaferrata seem interconnected with this invasion by the brain-eaters:

— the “Chancellor Rolin and the Virgin,” vice-versa, by van Eyck or Rogier van der Weyden.

The Virgin and Chancellor Rolin (Rogier van der Weyden maybe.,) detail.

The guys and the peacock in the background down below are important details.










I’m having some difficulty keeping track of toward describing all this, that Michelangelo and da Vinci seem to have led to Bell and Watson and these computers. First thing I’d have to try to check is da Vinci’s vitals and where he was and see if it matches the meeting of Bell and Watson. Regardless, this Nasi-type “demon” character appears to be cursing and threatening the youngster. The youngster seems to be “cherub-like,” the type that often have those angel wings and do have them I think in the “Pallas” other Mantegna I refer to alot, use as an illustration for this whole mess of me at the bottom of the “Armageddon” and world-takeover and belief that in killing those “cherubs” the Nasi/Autism was killing the normal space populace, that those were humans learning to break gravity under their own human power and instead of “Nasi” invaders started war against the normal space-populators and it’s mostly off of this oil/petroleum use as a weapon and then “energy” to replace the normal way out into space. Etc. This is just a wrong- or opposite-headed direction. Then my “spiel” or thesis is that I guess it doesn’t originate with the “Nasi” or “Jomon” type but that they were misled by invaders (from the New World, the dinosaur-extincters,) with the Autism, that the Autists had instigated into the animosity that doesn’t have any substance in reality, had told this island-bound people made-up cover-up stories about the situation on the mainland in the Old World.

Besides the Michelangelo-da Vinci possible partnership then down to Bell and Watson, that recent book by the Wu Ming group in Bologna, “Altai” is alot of maybe mostly about this (alleged) Nasi character and it’s description of his famous aunt starts the book off with her latter years when she has white hair, which surprised me, I hadn’t pictured her that way, had thought she was dark but now I’m thinking that that fits into the Bell-Watson Michelangelo-da Vinci template for this partnership that I’d guess is still ongoing because I see these bright white-haired guys like Watson all the time all these years and always have bad experiences right afterward. For instance one day one had come bicycling toward me as I went to start a day and after he’d passed by everything had taken on a negative affect, everyone was “shooting a curse” at me or was a bum in some way or another, etc., everything had gotten dark. One of the most annoying things that I’m even aware of was they’d done some scene of getting to a photo-site I was headed for just steps ahead of me and afterward I saw I hadn’t gotten a single good photo showing what I’m trying to show in the route from Siber-Mongolia to here by water: I guess this is the best example I’d gotten and it isn’t much good. I saw one on the search-engine but then I couldn’t find it again. It’s the street map of the world and its seas at 8th and Pennsylvania, NW, Washington’s Navy Memorial, the Granite Sea, I forget the designer’s name right now. The Watson-type and its “Stepford Wife” -type or whatever else their female partner type is had done some odd ice-skating -like swerve gliding right in front of me and the whole perspective had gotten skewed and all my photo-attempts came out lousy for this important point of mine, that the Autists had snuck over here by going from around this Lake Baikal area, that sickle-shaped Lake Baikal there, and up to the Arctic Seas and then over to the St. Lawrence River here and down into the Great Lakes and they’d “planted” most of all those “native American tribes” to attack the refugees from their wars onto Europe and none of us know all where else they’d been tearing up to take over, etc. Also, when I’d found this room here there was one of the Watson/Sidney Gottlieb types had done some one of their semiotic/ritual-types of a scene on my walkpath, to do with dogs and-or getting run over by a car. They always seem so smiley or friendly that I can never take seriously all the harm these Armageddon-people really mean. Also there’s that Watson had gone into ship-building and those had made alot of money in that war in Spain in the 1930s and then of course his company had grown even bigger for WWII, and da Vinci is said to have done weapons work I’ll try to look into, and, for the partner, those dark Michelangelos (m’ kill angels,) had then become like the Erich Mendelsohn architect and I’d just found a good write-up on his work for incendiaries in WWII but I couldn’t get a photocopy yesterday, a book by Mike Davis has just 2 pages I was trying to get a copy of but I’m too old and weak for schlepping books around libraries anymore and I had to leave it. Mendelsohn (and all the Bauhaus, but Mendelsohn is the specific big trouble,) had come over here and done a government project in Dugway, Utah for Standard Oil’s making war-incendiaries. The Davis book is Dead Cities, about 2015 maybe the date on it is, the 3rd and 4th pages of the 3rd chapter and I couldn’t get the copy to try to describe how bad that guy was to the whole 20th century’s way we got to what I’m saying is eventual earth-good riddance, parasite-infested earth, etc. Recidivists. I did send off to Chicago for a permission to use that photograph of him and Mies and the 2 others. It’s really fair use considering his work for the government and the reason he’s coming up is I notice that “ribbon” that that pointing dancer is holding behind her back and it reminds me of what he’s doing with something similar in the photograph.

The Watson-type did some disgusting huge medical “trick” to me in 2009. I was always catching this thing I call the “slug-pneumonia” but the other ladies in the shelter hardly ever seemed to get it and I couldn’t figure how to keep it off of me and went to the shelter-complex’s health clinic and instead of the regular doctor there was this friendly-and-normal-seeming white-haired Watson-looking type, his name allegedly Dr. “Presenz!” like Presents! it’d seemed like he’d said. When I went back the next time it was like a kid in age-comparison who claimed he was the same doctor as the previous visit, same name. (I have a photo of this type but I’m not sure where it is for inserting it right now will get to it later.) Besides the other horrors that had transpired the following month I started waking with a terrible taste in my mouth, October 2009. I recall now that I’d put the only finding I’ve gotten, because that horrible effect is still there every day all these years, and the one result I’ve been able to get back on sputum samples to any of these hospitals is enclosed or put into the previous post I’d tried to do or had started on Watson, the name of something they’d managed to find one time that might be what this horror is but it started when I had gone and this Dr. Presenz, (the spelling on the prescription tube or bottle, what they call those regular pill-bottles, which I should know because I’ve worked in pharmacies twice but not filling prescriptions, but putting blank labels on them once, pill-bottles maybe they’re called, those dark-amber regularly-used pill-bottles,) had been the doctor. All kinds of problems come to recall. I think I’d brought a letter for the regular doctor-character that had a page on the drug-addiction to those bufo-toads in Australia that had a photo of a doctor of Presenz’s type but darker maybe and what I figure the Autists largely look like, which is in the bottom-right of the other Mantegna, maybe I could insert that later also. This terrible taste in my mouth starts each day off horribly, it’s disgusting and I have to spit it out as much as I can during the night, is similar to the curse-affect of that bicycle-riding one that time, where perspective is distorted to all negativity, and then while these vacuum-cartoon hologram-effects are eating me alive as I gain consciousness too, etc. Watson’s autobiography, Exploring Life, about 1924 or 1926 it was published, is full of research-clues on his “reincarnation” possibilities, toward explaining how we got into this global-system. The global-system seems to think computers and maybe all electronics and electricity, are like Diego Rivera had thought of machines, that they’re as important to life as anything else, as say air, as necessary for living. I don’t know why Watson’s type is so adamant for the system’s world-takeover; researching da Vinci’s early life might shed light on the question. Watson says he himself had been ill-educated. — I can’t find that quote but you could read about him by looking around at this site, I think it says he’d founded the society, on their home screen: https ://sites . google . com/site/ thebraintreehistoricalsociety/thomas-watson-exhibit-opening

That guy that ran the telegraphy shop, making telegraph apparatus that Watson went to work in and then Bell came in to get some work done on his idea, the employer’s name was Charles Williams, Jr., 1830-1908, the first one to get a telephone installed, his pictures seem to have a similar nose like mine, where underneath maybe someone had taken a knife or sword and cut straight up that middle part that separates the two nostrils, that I have some tiny indentation there and notice that most people don’t seem to have, which I’d thought everyone does until all this face-comparing I’ve been having to do. Maybe he was a big big patsy they’d done this underground-scam off of.

in Midland, Ontario, by Fred Lenz, 2001; photo 2006 by Tango7174, click-on.


Now I recall, because somehow the title of this is the slightly confusing, “Ste. Marie among the Hurons,” where Ste. Marie refers to the Jesuit school there, but now I recall that the guy on the left is of the big “Julius” I guess stereotype that’s also inferred to largely be the St. Mary character too for some reason-set or the other. I only have 2 examples of that, but one is very big and recent, where you wouldn’t guess that “Mary” is actually one of this “Julius II” I guess, that pope that was depicted in “The Agony and the Ecstasy” opposite the Michelangelo character, doing alot of his artwork for that pope, the 2 of them partners. Regardless, this mural, and you could look up for better images of it with alot of housing behind it there, was found as I’m trying to first learn about Le Moyne College and it’s in the Lake Ontario area and that’s a big deal to me on account of that its St. Lawrence River was a main way that all this Armageddon world-takeover had been done; I mention it in the click-on. For the Polish-Autists’ St. Otto to go to Syracuse’s Le Moyne College seems connected to the sneaked St. Lawrence River route way of stuffing that northern area with all those imported wrongfully-grown “tribes” of people passed off as having been native to the Americas, people from under Siberia because they’d invaded from here in the New World and then had invaded the Old World and found to camp underneath the Siberia-Mongol border, then how to sneak over the north of Europe and back around sort of then to here again, over the centuries and millennia of this. I’ll be working on trying to get the pieces of this chronological-type set from the Praeneste/Palestrina mosaic to the Polish Otto III and then its journey up to the NY-Canada border. And that Triumph of Caesar should be in the Art section, such as it only messed-up is, on the Navigation bar. I don’t think I’d had the time to get all ten of the pieces but maybe I had. It’s “Caesar” character looks just like Oswald Avery. By “giving” the paintings over into England might have assisted the system in getting themselves infiltrated into England and declaring themselves to be the royalty there, and similarly giving the paintings to Syracuse might have assisted in getting the Autists to this country from their demolishment of Europe, then they’ve been demolishing here. Also, the St. Lawrence River had that big making it into a Seaway project that had just been completed when then the system did that “French Connection” scam that it involved me into. Instead of the ships that were being used for drug-smuggling’s going straight from Marseilles to NY Harbor the Seaway had then detoured to Montreal and then to NY, which was some big deal for the system at that time.

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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