Old Siam Pieces

Old Siam, Rama VI Vajiravudh, et al: Vajiravudh (check also John Philip Sousa to Siam?) Rose Blumkin pics.

1/17/19, I don’t know how anyone’s been seeing this obscure file I haven’t yet worked on till I just cleaned it up a little now, but I’ve got 12 comments on this already for just this year so far. Maybe WordPress had automatically deleted the 2018 comments I never saw because I have all these other difficulties in trying to figure out everything, etc. This file is incomplete because I can’t quit to explain it well right now: I’d noticed something peculiar about old Siam and it led to thinking that my difficulty with the fraud-parent might have to do with his coming from a combination of Vajiravudh Rama VI’s sneaking into the U.S. and this Mrs. Blumkin old friend of Warren Buffett’s who’d passed in 1998, born in 1893, in Minsk. In trying to learn about Vajiravudh I learned alot about his (alleged) male parent Chulalongkorn, posthumously titled Rama V and he’s very important to all this global set up, was very active. Then I started learning more and it’s possible that old Siam was a big part of setting up for the Armageddon against us over here, “si” “am,” maybe being that “si/see/c/curse” and “am” perhaps standing for Americas. The main historian, of that Chaiyo! book, had seemed real peculiar to me, I can’t recall why offhand right now, that some of the information was mixed up or incorrect or such, like it’s a joke, and then further back, before Rama IV, Mongkut the king from “The King and I,” “Anna and the King,” before that major character who might be akin to JD Rockefeller here, the Rama III seemed real dangerous from the start of the research I’d gotten and then I never got a chance to get any further than just one good picture and getting his name straight in my mind, all my chance for researching any of back then and there was gone and there was alot to it, books that are real hard to find I was getting closer to. There is a recent biography on the present Rama of Thailand but it doesn’t have an index so it was all too difficult for me but I think the system had done alot of its set up for this there, how we got into this present-day situation, which I say is like we’re living in crime-world practically, now I’m noticing, in addition to all the previously mentioned parasitism-problems, etc.

Rama VI, Vajiravudh, d. 1925, Siam.

In looking for things via the search-engine I’d noticed this round-headed Vajiravudh old Siamese royalty somehow and gotten the idea that my/the fraud-parent might have come from that source and I started looking into this subject a bit. Notice that bright-white sun coming in through what I guess is a window on the lower-right, that that bright-white blob seems connected to Vajiravudh and then it’s also similar to that similar in the “French Connection” photo:

From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc.

In turning the blog around it occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned this part of my situation above in here yet, so I’ll have to go back over and see about filling this in here or in some other spot, but then later I’d also gotten a little chance to look up about old Siam and it seems like it was a big system-operation going on there, alot of those old royalty used as prototypes and then descended to people all around us today, and some horrific thing with a strange (fraud-) -aunt I’d had that’d seemed like Chulalongkorn’s wife’s “natural” offspring, and such as that, and then an unfinished peculiar co-line of thought around Omaha: (Excuse the mishmash:

Rose Blumkin, b. 1893, Minsk

The photo and caption are from a biography on Warren Buffett and I can hardly find anything and this is the first chance for me to get to this Vajiravudh file for trying to clean the mish-mash up. The biography credit will be found soon, it wasnt the biography titled Snowball is all I can get right now. My thought back in 2015, just before the car-hit, was that my fraud-parent might have been “created” from a combination of Vajiravudh illegally immigrating and getting matched up with Mrs. Blumkin and-or closely related of her business.

Vajiravudh and Rose Blumkin pics .pdf, 21 October 2015, but then I’ve learned about Rosalind/Rosalynn Yalow, Bronx nuclear physics Nobel laureate that looks from Blumkin and might be where the fraud-parent had come from. Ms. Blumkin was connected closely with Warren Buffett, originating from Minsk, 1893. — 5/18/17, now I’ve got that John Philip Sousa was born and raised around this Washington, DC waterfront that I’m near, and he was likely on a tour that could have come into contact with Vajiravudh’s pater, the Peter Paul Rubens’ type-descendant of Chulalongkorn, retroactively named Rama V then.– I guess nuclear physicist Roslyn Yalow was from Ms. Blumkin’s ovae and might have been “crossed with” Vajiravudh to wind up with the “fraud-parent.” (9/7/17)

— I’m going to re-type this, from 8/20/16 and just loose on the upper-Menu, the “Royalty theme,” and Siam, — For reasons of being stuck having to try to look into everything possible I’ve come across this idea that the fraud-parent I’m referring to’s ancestor might have been this Rama VI Vajiuravudh who’d allegedly passed in 1924 or 1926, a “Warrior King.” To make it further-fetched sounding I think that that guy, ditching his old life because Siam was running out of food for all this entourage and himself, had gone to Sicily and assumed the identity of a guy that then immigrated to New York and allegedly got killed in 1932 or 1934, Ferdinand Boccia, but I think he’d then become an underworld “Shadow” character. I’m trying to explain that the system is based under the other side of the planet and Siam is like a straight drop south from that area around Siberia, where I’d made that map of. Besides that it seems that “Royalty” is a regular system-paradigm but it’s because the Autists and then their “Neanderthal” and other buddies have developmental dysfunctions and to get them to quit decapitating the slaves like the Jesus father and son said, Just sit there and let us take care of everything and they go and they set up these phony thrones and order-giving slavery of others, and then let the Autists come and preside over what’d been created, royal house after royal house there’s that pattern, and the same with businesses and anything else, just sit there and be entertained and we’ll go do the work for you, or else the system-people would have just snuck-around sneak-decapitating from place to place without this what of “civilization” that we do have. Also on that line I’m likely to have been, through Florence Sabin a lab-worker, illicitly-descended from the short Queen Victoria of England. Most people around anymore are likely from some such mass-reproduced line or another of phonied-up royalty-world. — added, that now I’m realizing that many of those Siamese royal Ramas and their queens have been mass-reproduced to be all kinds of people. (straighten out the grammar later, and I’ve yet to fill-in about the Rose Blumkin business, etc.)

Vajiravudh, Feb. 1925.pdf— Nov. 14, 2016, allegedly Vajiravudh shortly before he’d passed, a photograph. Again I’ll have to backtrack to find the “Fair Use” credits or what to this.

Vajiravudh_ Rama VI.pdf— Oct. 1, 2016

That leaf behind the right ear (likely) represents that the type just wants all others to “leave!” get lost, disappear, go be a refuge or drown or whatever but get gone. Then those, to my figuring because I’ve been trying to find assistance for decades to get out of this horror-situation “perils of Pauline” I’m always in so I’m always trying to figure what the problems are and how to find evidence that will be convincing enough for anyone to get up and make a change into my situation, so I’m figuring that what’s “invisibly” going on around me is that around 1934 this guy that the statue here is of was secretly planted underneath the Bronx in a people-manufacturing “Brave New World” -type situation, and those “roundheads” are all around me all these years doing this secret LURE that rids the planet of normals and replaces them with system-types. kf

JDRockefeller.pdf, John D. Rockefeller in 1933 Siamese Kingdom Exhibition book

(Since, “Chaiyo!” is the old Ed McMahon cheer on the (old) Johnny Carson late-night television variety program I’m thinking there might be a connection there.) Below, seated second from left is the famous Chulalongkorn, parent of the Vajiravudh. Now, trying to turn the blog from old to new posting, I recall how I’d gotten onto this Siamese subject, via the GWUH hospitalization, that one of the doctors I’d afterward tried to look up about had attended Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, so I’d started learning about King Chulalongkorn, (posthumously called Rama V then.) It seems he was part of a “spawn” from some same background with Nicholas II sitting there 2nd from the right, and I think with Aldous Huxley’s father, Leonard Huxley I think was the father’s name, and then Aldous’ brother was Julian Huxley, like a self-evolution believer, a belief that man has to evolve their own selves, maybe because nature moves too slowly or the smaller-sized males have less opportunity otherwise or some such was the 19th-century thinking, or such.

Chang and Eng Bunker, born 1811, ligament between the ribs, Siam, Chinese fisherman father, ck d. in North Carolina.


Ngor Pa, photo probably taken by Chulalongkorn, one time when he was recuperating from an illness. I found this in a book about the teak palace they’d built, will get more details later.

Siamese admiral.

Jimmy Carter with Admiral Rickover, 1900, Poland – 1986, Arlington, Va.

The Rama VI Vajiravudh made a huge tour of the U.S. in 1903 I think it was, when Teddy Roosevelt was president I think. He visited like in factories all over the place before returning to Siam from school in England, Cambridge, and I’m sure his ejaculation had been spread to all over the place, reminded of that Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry now with that about the JFK assassination paperwork in the news lately. — The Internet says he was born 1913 in mid-Texas. The pictures of him look alot like my fraud-parent. (I’m so bad off that I’d written to him from the hospital after the car-hit to ask about his whereabouts at the time of that assassination but really I don’t ever get replies from anybody. I’ll try to type a copy of that letter onto here somewhere.) The government/s ought to assist that I could try to sit to read and figure to explain this Siamese “royalty” business.

John Philip Sousa played some big role in setting everything up and he’d looked like some cross between the Nasi-Allen Ginsberg-type and the fraud-parent type, and one of the last things he’d done, having been born near the Navy Yard in Washington, DC and travelled all around, then he’d played at the opening of the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis. There’s some music that I haven’t heard but read is really another copy of some better-known tune, the Washington March or some such he’d retitled the Foshay March. That makes me notice that there’s been some odd character around recently who had looked some like Wilbur Foshay, the builder of that building and then the Depression hit and he’d absconded or some such, that that was what my fraud-relatives had called it but maybe it wasn’t absconding with the rent money and was just the government’s mail fraud charge that he’d perpetrated, and then he’d wound up doing Chamber of Commerce publicity work for a place in Arizona. I’d gone to John Philip Sousa Junior High School, #142, in that strange north Bronx area.

Vajiravudh’s (1881-1925 (allegedly) paper at Oxford, 1901, on the War of Polish Succession: /archive . org /stream /warofpolishsucce00vajirich/warofpolishsucce00vajirich_djvu.txt — and also the Wikipedia entry because it was some big complicated to-do, then they had that Congress of Vienna.

check page 66-67 and the early photos of Princess Kanlayaniwatthana, 1923-2008, in this book of his letters during the 1902 visit to Madrid for the Spanish Coronation, all kinds of royalty there for that: https://archive . org/details/spanishcoronatio00vaji/page/n13

1925 3-part lecture to Wild Tiger scouts on religion/s: https: //archive . org/details/cu31924022930204/page/n6

https ://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Mahidol_Adulyadej = 1892-1927, d. in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Prince Mahidol was the 69th child of King Chulalongkorn and the 7th of Queen Savang Vadhana. His mother also adopted four other princes whose commoner mothers (Chao Chom Manda) had died; among them was Prince Rangsit Prayulsak, later Prince of Chainat, who became a very close friend of Prince Mahidol during his childhood. Later in their lives, Prince Rangsit would play a pivotal role in Mahidol’s career, and would later be appointed regent to one of Mahidol’s sons, Bhumibol.

https ://en . wikipedia . org/wiki/Ananda_Mahidol= 1925-1946

An account of the death is given in William Stevenson‘s The Revolutionary King, written with the co-operation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This account exculpates those executed and suggests that Ananda Mahidol was murdered by Tsuji Masanobu. Masanobu was a former Japanese intelligence officer who had been active in Thailand during the war and, at the time of Ananda Mahidol’s death, was hiding out in Thailand for fear of being prosecuted for his war crimes.

It is clear from Stevenson’s account that Ananda Mahidol could not have killed himself, either by suicide (as is sometimes suggested) or by accident. He was found lying on his back in his bed, not wearing his glasses, without which he was almost blind. He had a small bullet wound in his forehead and a somewhat larger exit wound in the back of his head. His pistol, a Colt .45 given him by a former US Army officer, was not nearby. The M1911 Colt is not especially prone to accidental discharge; it will fire only if considerable pressure is applied to the safety plate at the back of the butt at the same time as the trigger is depressed. It is a heavy pistol and awkward to use by an untrained person. It would have been almost impossible for Ananda Mahidol, a frail 20-year-old, to lie on his back and shoot himself in the forehead with such a weapon. Had he done so, the impact, according to forensics experts, would have blown his skull apart, not caused the small wounds seen by many witnesses. Stevenson writes that no cartridge case was found, and subsequent inquiries ordered by King Bhumibol, but suppressed by later governments, found that the Colt had not been fired.[8]

Another account, which concluded that Ananda Mahidol’s death was the result of suicide, was explored by journalist Rayne Kruger in his book, The Devil’s Discus.[9]The book is banned in Thailand. However, a website[10] by a Thai writer has provided a summary of Kruger’s arguments, and it links to other material about the death. Kruger, who had unprecedented access to members of the inner circle of the Thai royal family (although these contacts had to remain unidentified), drew the conclusion that Ananda’s death was most probably an ‘accidental suicide’. Thus, said Kruger, it appears the sad, most likely accidental, death of the young king was exploited for the purposes of a political vendetta, and that three innocent victims were executed to maintain the façade.

Paul Handley, author of a biography of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, wrote that either suicide or an accidental shooting by Prince Bhumibol was responsible for the king’s death:[11]:77-78 “I have no idea whether Ananda shot himself or was killed by Bhumibol, the two possibilities most accepted among historians. If the latter, I clearly term it an accident that occurred in play”.[12]

Bhumibol, 1927-2016, King for most of that time:

English: Portrait photograph of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand
Source Bureau of the Royal Household, Kingdom of Thailand
Author Unknown


Public domain

This image or media is now in the public domain in Thailand because its term of copyright has expired (details). According to Sections 19–23 of the Copyright Act, BE 2537 (1994) (translation), works which meet one of the following conditions are in the public domain:

  1. This is a photographic work, audiovisual recording, motion picture, sound recording, or broadcast work, and at least 50 years have elapsed since its first publication or it was not published within 50 years of authorship.
  2. This is a work of applied arts, and at least 25 years have elapsed its first publication or it was not published within 25 years of authorship.
  3. This is a work by a pseudonymous or anonymous author, and at least 50 years have elapsed since its first publication or it was not published within 50 years of authorship.
  4. This is a work other than described above, and
    1. Its last author died at least 50 years ago, or
    2. Its last author died before publication and at least 50 years have elapsed since its first publication, or
    3. The author is a legal entity, and at least 50 years have elapsed since the first publication of the work or the work was not published within 50 years of authorship.
  5. This work was created or commissioned by the Thai Government, and at least 50 years have elapsed since its first publication or it was not published within 50 years of authorship.

To uploaders : Please specify the kind of work, date of first publication or creation and other useful details.

Significant I’m pretty sure is the French architect’s old group CIAM.

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I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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