Suburban Hospital

After jotting the above quick file/post before going out I then got purposely run into by a car, real lightly but I’m frail and had quick fallen down and was okay but they loaded me into an ambulance and I woke up a wreck in ICU a week later, on Thanksgiving night. Around 18 months later I got a copy of the police report and saw that “the case” was about some (alleged) different accident, probably with a lady who looked like myself, one block from where the ambulance had just picked me up. I haven’t had a chance to look at this material since then. I got a copy of the hospital papers or most of them and it’s on the Navigation bar somewhere if anyone would ever assist me with this disaster, and my main difficulty maybe is that when I’d scanned the pages I’d written at the hospital it was nearly the first time I’d scanned anything and it came out bad and about 45 pages of the 500 or so seem to be permanently gone, maybe I’ll find a few here and there but the continuity is messed up with that. I’d found this newsletter of theirs not long before I left, there 11 weeks altogether, a Johns Hopkins hospital right next to the National Institute of Health. As with everything else I’ll be trying to straighten out these files: Suburban Hospital part 1 Dear Potential Responsibly-behaving adult in CRRC-“V.A.,” MCCH or other place,

Everyone is afraid of the decapitators so “everyone” agrees that my worldview is incorrect, that we’re being driven to TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION by this top-secret decapitators’ system. Lately I’ve been trying to point out that there’s something wrong about (place’s) founder, (name censored) and now in the hospital I notice a resemblance around the eyes with Joe Fuca of the 1961-62 “French Connection” narcotics scam. This photo, in the 1/26/62 Life magazine issue, was probably a curse onto then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. — The photo caption reads: Joe Fuca snarls at camera and police, following seizure of heroin hidden in his Brooklyn home. On kitchen table behind him are plastic bags containing narcotics and weapons retrieved from ceiling of his basement. (New York Daily News photo) —  [He was the parent of Patsy (Pasquale) Fuca of the Brooklyn part of the “French Connection” “heroin” scam and Tony Fuca of the Bronx part of the French Connection scam that had used the suitcases I’d been set up as a child to have been playing little games seemingly by myself with, with these same “Jomon ‘magicians'” crawling all over me back then  as have been increasingly using me for this “Revelation” Armageddon fulfillment. — they gave me a little more time for trying to work on this file now. The picture is in an issue with a cover story on Robert Kennedy, with a nice-looking front page picture so that all the clan was sure to be going through the issue, and opposite Joe Fuca’s little picture, before the Bronx bust was done yet, there’s a photo of Audrey Hepburn dancing (maybe doing the twist, I don’t recall specifically,) with her husband, Mel Ferrar I’m pretty sure his name is. Hepburn looked “stunning” and that film “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” was likely out around then and I don’t know what else of hers but the whole thing, including then the car hit, is all connected to that these “brain experts” are actually (like) “retarded people” who are addicted to getting high off of people’s brains and are doing this decapitating as the global-system and teeny me is alone with it and back in 1989 I fell into a trick-set that got that “psychiatric” label put onto me so they could do this lifelong using me as LURE-bait because the psychiatric label will get me “disappeared” and no one will ever know the difference.]

p.2, “King” Rene, Rene d’Anjou, d. 1

Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480

Most of the similar types probably came from lines of “Rene’s sons” of the early Renaissance. He was mostly in Avignon, France, downstream from Mrs. Kennedy’s Bouvier relatives and upstream from the narcotics center at Marseilles. When her relatives heard she’d become First Lady they’d tried but failed to be able to reach her, presumably about their generational top-secret slavery to Rene’s old underground. The 1961-62 “French Connection”

Nov. 22, 1963 swearing-in aboard Air Force One. From Jack Valenti’s ____ memoir.

narcotics ritual was invented toward keeping all this secrecy going on. (I will try to make these click-ons for the photo captions.

p.3) That is now-famous entertainment mogul Jack Valenti, picture in the Air Force One’s lower left-hand corner, taken [fair use] from his memoir of his White House days, and a similar-looking person’s picture slightly above and to the right. In its little-seen color version or some other picture of the swear-in judge from earlier that day you can see that she’s wearing a brown sweater with polka dots of all different colors, like blue, yellow, pink and green. LSD was very legal and popular with rich people back then and polka dots were maybe a reference-code to help throw Mrs. Kennedy off-track as to what it was that was going on. I was thinking that CRRC’s leader Mr. **** might be related to (censored) or the (late) comedian Buddy Hackett or to Joe Fuca, the parent of the French Connection’s main American characters, and I’m asking for an amnesty from the group’s hands all over my life, forcing me out to Kensington, and to Deanwood, and now somewhere else.


From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc. Caption has to get filled in here: Record haul, etc.

This looks to me like my fraudulent-parent (censored, probably “Mr. Foshay,”) as the French Connection ended in our old neighborhood in the Bronx, and those are (3) suitcases that I’d been led to play with, before they vanished I guess for this ritual-scam photo. He and the agent look similar. Finally one day in 2004 I found my way out to the old neighborhood, from the Bronx zoo approach, and was surprised to see an ancient-looking one-room synagogue. “Jesus-types” like this “Man In Oriental


“Man In Oriental Costume,” National Gallery of Art.

Costume,” (NGA, gallery 48,) keep the criminally-insane types placated by thinking up system-ways for them.

[Now I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the criminally-insane, thinking up system-ways for the developmentally-disabled Autists, that I haven’t gotten to yet in this write-up attempt.]

Mrs Oswald Marguerite

Book cover photo of Mrs. Oswald.

Briefly I want to mention that Mrs. Oswald and Mr. Foshay look similar and few people know that Lee Oswald had spent all of 1953 also living in the Bronx, as a 13-year old. The lady who wrote this book was married to someone with this type of face also, the writer named A.J. Leibman or Leiberman. [Leibling.]


p.6) I’ve started a new way of trying to describe this TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, that our solar system had halted evolution as lost-in-Alaska cannibalism drama-scenes had started in Prehistory, some time before the so-called Trojan War, which was really a mass-immigration of long-lost New World people, whose ancestors had accidentally extincted the dinosaurs, by egg-smashing in zealous competition for the hallucinogen-laced mash of flowers, mushrooms and toads the adult dinosaurs brought back to the nests for the hatchlings, and the humans who felt overly-comfortable in the nests, who’d been developmentally battered by the trip they shouldn’t have gone through with.

I mean that after those’s descendants met people like the Trojans and tasted normal cooked meat they couldn’t get enough of it and, lost in the back-and-forth trek they began setting fire to the weaker of their own kind, the women and children, and the spirit-people who’d begun ranging out and exploring space were forced to come close and try to intervene, but the Old World peoples had cooked meat and so the long-separated and developmentally disabled New World people wanted all the same things as those others had. Nature couldn’t birth new creations into the sadism and so Mars and Venus were left as is and “the Asteroid Belt” is probably a broken planet from trying to tip the planet to warm up the ones lost in Alaska, to how our axis is still crooked. 

While it seems like everything is okay with the sun’s seeming to “rise” every morning, the billions of Asteroid pieces are also orbiting the same way as us year after year.

[former] V.A. Secretary Shinseki

Secretary Shinseki of (censored (Mr. Kane’s)) inauguration of this CRRC (Community Resource and referral Center,) comes from what I figure is the #1 generational-slave type, maybe back to the so-called

(former ambassador) Richard Kerry

“Trojan War,” which is never told the truth about. This one is John Kerry’s late pater (father.)







p.9) Petraeus and father,

Young former-General Petraeus with parent.

Similar is Ret. General David Petraeus recently CIA director, where these good-parent type slaves are system-forced to raise system-selected embryoes.

Conversely, good kids’ embryoes are put into uninterested-parent or worse families, as in my own most-horrifyingly inexplicable sadism-situation.


Paul Eugen Bleuler, 1857-1939, Zollikon, SW


The doctor who invented both the terms Autism and group-of-schizophrenias was similarly a small-sized generational slave, trying to carefully describe the cannibalistic ax-murderers.





fraud-parent type

p.10) “Schizophrenia’s” been changed to mean just anybody whose beliefs or worldview disagrees with the system-people’s.

This person here is obviously one of Mr. Foshay’s offspring and there are thousands of them all around plus I can’t guess how many different types of hybrid-lines and grandchildren lines that don’t look so obviously much like him. They seem to be preying for my ovaries, for mass-reproducing brain-eating victims for themselves, personal slaves.



Young Bishop Shahan, 1857-1932. See Stereotypes section.

Montgomery County also seems to be full of descendant-offspring of Bishop Thomas J. Shahan, d. 1932 at the Holy Cross Academy. He’d come from Connecticut when he read about the new Catholic University of America’s opening and got a job there and founded the next-door Basilica.

I’ve been seeing these alot here, including early on the day I’d just been hit by a car and wound up here in the hospital and now refused return to the Safe Haven. About then days before that there was some scary-ritual nearby, in the (supermarket) parking lot there.

(pp.12-13)) The MCCH case manager has been playing tricks on me with these offspring of (Mr. Foshay) and in one of them there was also an offspring of Bishop Shahan involved, as a driver named Farouk. I don’t know much about Bishop Shahan’s type but (Mr. Foshay) and his seem to love the unprovable curse-system and I’m sure the one that day had cursed my luck with the housing voucher. I shouldn’t have let the case manager make my transportation arrangement but she called just as I was about to dial her number that I was going to the housing-voucher event, and I’d always told her how horrified I am by these “real” offspring of Mr. Foshay, that they never speak but behave oddly and seem scary to and for me. (period is missing on the text=unusual.)

I’d first seen one of Bishop Shahan’s offspring in 1978 when I’d moved to San Francisco and one of his partners had seduced and then never spoke to me again, a bad situation, and one of the people in Kensington does seem to look like that partner’s type.

Unprovably, I do suspect that the British warlock known as “666,” Aleister Crowley, may have also been an offspring of Shahan’s, an early one.

These offspring and their hybrid-lines seem to be a big part of the “everybody” who disagrees with my worldview. In (Mr. Foshay’s) case I’m sure this “top-secret” decapitating for “LSD” and hallucinogenic narcotics in whatever other forms and the sadism’s other forms, is always going on.

p.14) In 1964 a guy who looked like the CRRC’s (_____ ____) or Buddy Hackett had tried to trick-kidnap me and I’d told one of the girls at school and she’d told the teacher and the police came out to the apartment that night and asked me about it. They asked me to draw a picture of the car and I couldn’t do it, still couldn’t do it today even though I can

recognize it, and Mr. Foshay told them that I make things up. Later I was called to Housing Authority’s police station to look at a guy to see if I could identify the strange male and this was a tall, thin black guy with nothing in common with the pudgy, short, white male.

p.15) As I write this I realize it was likely the same guy a cousin used to point out was masturbating at the local movie theater.

Mr. Foshay was defending the guy and the 2 types seem to work together, as with the large number of (Mr. Foshay’s) type at the CRRC. (I’m just noticing now it’s the old address for the Department of Employment Services.)


I’ve been walking-on-eggshells afraid of Mr. Foshay since much violence against Mrs. Foshay in 1961 and before that he’d called me an actress, meaning an insincere person or liar. There was probably some little underground-type trick or another every day since I was born. I left the family apartment in 1973 for the Army and my few visits to his house have all gone badly. Since I’ve learned about this “brain-eating”

p.16) and ovary-stealing I’ve been especially or personally terrified but I’m never able to find anyone to assist me. All of my communications seem to have been being confiscated all along, nothing nice or normal-like ever reaching me. I’ve tried to get Witness Protection but they were infiltrated and sabotaged by this same “pudgy” type back in Rbt. Kennedy’s day.

“V.A.” was actually started for the “developmentally disabled” types of the so-called Trojan War, as they have always been the warmongers and want to be fed and housed when they’re not actively being paid as soldiers. The Old Soldiers home in D.C. is a good early example of that. The people who made the arrangements were of the generational-slave #2 type, Appotomax’s (S.C.) Robert Anderson and Mr. Riggs, helping Genl. Scott.

p.17) During the Civil War the spirit-killing process of embalming was begun.

I figure that when we pass and our bodies are laying still the oxygen and other gases that are in our blood cells begin to rise and re-compose themselves into our spirit-bodies, and draining the blood for embalming makes that then impossible.

Like the brain is full of hallucinogens, I think there’s some specific chemical that gets released from your brain and into your bloodstream when you do an “altruistic” good deed, something just to help somebody else with no ulterior motive, just niceness. The system seems to make doing that be impossible so that people don’t evolve those inner-spirits. Space was meant for those to be populating everywhere, and now it’s barren.

p.18) I’ve got around 10,000 details of the many different aspects of all this in attempt to try to prevent the all-extinction, TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION, and this with the CRRC and Safe Haven is the first time since 1993 or so that I’ve been able to use a computer, the system’s made it unavoidable, so I’ve started trying to put all materials onto a little “free” blog-/website. Because of the no-cost it has the long URL that has to be typed before the search is called up, of:

If the system was any legitimate (censored) would be called the (censored) Search Engine after its inventors (censored and censored) and not the baby-sounding odd name. (Blank/censored?) reminds me of the Bishop Shahan and (censored) looks like the main character of the Basilica’s “Creation” and “Judgment Day” ceiling paintings, said to be done by B(Bancel) LaFarge. [They were done by some lady, I saw a signature on the Judgment Day one that matched the lady’s name, about 1959 they say she did them. I don’t know why her name’s so difficult to find, or had been.]

I’ve only seen him once but (censored) had seemed ordinary, now with MCCH’s “2016” program but then-Cath.Char’s director over the John L. Young part of the Federal-City Shelter at 425 2nd Street, NW, where I’ve been from 2005-15. I didn’t know how he could not know or care about all this horror onto me. This is how the prophesied Armageddon is being made to come true, but it’s very tedious to try to explain all the details to strangers, to have to start from scratch, so I’m trying to get things like this onto the website so I could just refer people to look up the different subjects there.

Similarly (censored) was in charge of the library that I’d gone to nearly every day and now she’s in charge of American University’s library that I’ve been trying to use a little bit lately. Do these people get threatened not to listen to me or do they think that the “top-secrecy” system is a good thing I can’t figure.

I wanted to try to describe a sabotage-trick the “case manager” had helped with but now I can’t find the Maryland DMV-identification card it’s about. I can’t say that it was taken from my wallet because there’s the teeny chance that I’d somehow left it in the room at Safe Haven, Kensington. The hideous-looking picture is connected to what I figure is (censored) lineage*, but now I can’t show you the 2 pictures side by side, the one super-imposed over my ID-card photo. I also didn’t yet see the street clothes I’d been wearing when I got hit by the car, 11/19/15.

* and to billionaire (censored.)

I’d like you to consider I was possibly raised by the person who’d assassinated JFK, while a little person, a normal, like me, can’t even be sure that JFK wasn’t in on that his own self, a hoax for de-spiriting the populace as much as possible. I wrote (censored) to ask where he was that day, just because it is a possibility that should be checked out, but he has a preternatural-type temper and it’s dangerous to have to be blunt like that, that I don’t recall seeing him in that time period. And I think that everyone should get off of me and let me look into this and the researches I’ve been doing and now the contacts with female astronomers, and male, that I’m trying to explain this solar system viewpoint to.

People think (censored) is the experts but they were founded for getting the “developmentally disableds” into space for claiming its riches, the group’s largely coming from Berlin with slave-Wernher von Braun’s doing most of the work. The rocket fuel, as with gasoline and the other petroleum-Goo products, comes mostly from melted people. Please let me keep trying to get us out of this.

Here at the hospital they’ve been idea-of-referencing this large girl from the Federal-City shelter who’d seemed like some sort of attachment to this “Armageddon Show” people-disappearance and pornography LURE off of me. I have no idea what anybody but me is ever doing. Maybe “Virginia” is a sister-version of some guy I’d had an embarrassing incident with, like with the Bishop Shahan-type’s partner, like is a curse onto me for that mistake. Everything in my life has been entrapment. The LURE-abuse probably started in 1964 on the excuse of underground-watching that there were no more kidnap-attempts, and it led to the rise of a fast-food hamburger chain there. And by doing this “Virginia” referencing the system makes believe that I’m somehow aware and accepting of its activities, spreading the blame to me.

12/21/15, Monday


I can never fit in enough details: (We are all on this drug economy now.) The “French Connection” was an acted “magic” ritual to camouflage that LSD comes from brain “juice,” brain’s liquid chemicals, was hiding that behind the conspicuous white powder. The white powder of the heroin and then cocaine was actually from nuclearizing people’s bodies in those cyclotrons that were invented while being slave-forced to get the system-people into space.

I could explain everything to this girl framed in that 2003-04 Abu Ghraib prison scandal and she could help translate but I can’t reach her or anyone. (note #3 generational-slave type.

Then it’s important that I didn’t want to be involved with CRRC’s (censored) when MCCH’s “case manager” called to arrange a meeting because of the “camera” sound, but the girl had said the name (censored) and now (censored censored) sounds like that that Maryland DMV-identification card’s hideous picture may have been used as “underground” evidence that I should be gotten out of sight, where it is a trick-done photo. And there’s a possibility that (censored) might have sold me or future rights to me to that kidnaper-type* back in 1964, the hallucinogen-abusers mostly coming from the genes of Rene d’Anjou, d. 1480, who may have gotten the ovaries from Joan of Arc and then had her set fire to. The Internet-web makes him sound good but he was the ax-murderer.

* & (censored) type.

12/22/15, Tuesday, I’ll have to explain more about this CRRC-VA horror-business.)

Now I’ve come across this old 1961 photo of JFK where some peculiar in-laws of Mrs. Kennedy’s sister (censored, Lee Bouvier [1933-Feb. 15, 2019,]) appear to be setting a curse onto JFK, he and that lady being made godparents to (censored, Lee’s) daughter.

I’ve also recalled a girl from around 1968 who’d looked like MCCH’s (censored now, l.lions,) who’d set me up for falling into a swamp while being watched by one of those guys that look like CRRC’s (censored.)

I really should get assistance getting to a shelter through MCCH’s Crisis Center, as Ms. (censored) just told me I was formally discharged from Safe Haven back last week. Please help!

from Lee Radziwill’s “Happy Times” photo album, 2000, page 81.

photo picture here, says, from page 81, Happy Times, book by Lee Radziwill, 2000, Aug. 1961, Westminster Abbey, something that’s illegible and then what looks like Cardinal Spellman. I think her baby daughter there’s name is Caroline but I can’t read the godmother’s name, and I think that that’s her husband behind and to the right looking over.

12/22/15, 2p.m., This is just getting closer and closer to the “railroading” I’ve always feared, now trying to find a number for sending a copy of this to MCCH’s “Zero 2016” program director (censored) because he’d been director in D.C. from around 2005 to 2010 over the section of the Federal-City Shelter that I’d been stranded in trying to get assistance in this same letter-writing way and I’ve learned since that Catholic Charities was largely founded by Bishop Shahan, d. 1932, of CUA and then this local there Basilica, and I’m so desperate now that I’ve contacted the Cornerstone Montgomery’s PNP Chuck censored, psychiatric nurse practitioner, which is super-scary for me. I met him at the Safe Haven.

It sounds conceited and it’s also unprovable but my long-time biggest fear is that the system has got a modus operandi of locking women away, especially on phonied psychiatric charges like I’ve unawaredly had on me, and using them as exhibitions for ejaculation-collection and people-disappearance LURE “entertainments.”

I’ve been used as that probably since 1964, only aware of these things these past few years. The “conceited” part is that I think that that is what had happened to Marilyn Monroe. The system-types had surrounded, cursed, and disappeared her. I suspect she was disappeared to the V.A. hospital not far from the fraud-parent’s house. The “Jesus/Jew” slaves like pictured on p.4 as the “Man In Oriental Costume” portrait at the National Gallery of Art, Constitution Avenue, DC, think up these ways of placating the captors, like by all the masturbation-is-“water” theme.

“Perils of Pauline” pattern there’s been some big new interruption, by this “case manager” girl, just brought out about 15 more pounds of my papers when I’d specifically told her about 3 times that I can’t use them at this hospital, please to only bring the DCHA housing-voucher from the top dresser drawer. Instead she’d brought all the papers from the second dresser drawer, that I’d asked for back a week or so ago. This wound up with me asking her to take them back, and also the previous bag of papers with them, which puts nearly all my papers into one untrustworthy basket now, and she’d asked me about this CRRC-worker who’s just popped up now….

Also there was a (censored) idea-of-reference in this scene with the case-manager girl. I’m waiting to see what happens to me next as this CRRC-worker is the “psychiatric nurse practitioner” that’s been all over my business and she was saying that she’d check with this Dr. Garg with the idea that I could perhaps return to the Safe Haven, which bizarre background I haven’t even begun to touch on in these notes yet. If — and I’m overhearing a little bit now — that or whatever not-too-bad was arranged for I wouldn’t have time to be able to jot about it, I’d just be back to trying to use the internet — nope, the CRRC-worker says the doctor’s wording isn’t good enough for the Safe Haven.

In my case I’m always kept monetarily-broke, and I’d gotten this phony “schizophrenia” -label from this pattern, with my life always watched and made this underground-voyeurs’ entertainment out of. While I’m trying to get this of my business across on paper the system is busily ritually idea-of-referencing that it’s getting ready to take me involuntarily in this psychiatric system-railroad, things like a stretcher outside the door and last night they’d had a nurse call some big, uniformed storm-trooper-looking guy to ask if I was okay because of this theme-trick with the low-oxygen level and I’d quit using their oxygen because I’m trying to get back with my belongings at the Safe Haven, where they have cigarette smokers. They’ve been doing these “other-world rituals” involving this generational-slave type on the next page: — These illustrations are from Mark Danner’s book on the Abu Ghraib business, Torture and Truth, 2004. There’s a copy of it here I just found out about and will try to check tomorrow for how he credits the photos. I figure they’re likely PD. These are said to have been taken with Cpl. Graner’s camera. The whole thing, as with the whole system, was like a farce though, all the parts of it are skewed. The place is so bad that it’s likely that being inside the (American) jail was a great way to get decent food, relatively speaking for how on earth that part of the world can live in all that rubble, all desertified scar right across the face of the earth that everyone makes like doesn’t exist, from the western Sahara/Morocco area straight east and north a little into and past the Gobi area. Etc. My belief is that the photos were only given to the higher military police group that they were because the “whistleblower” was really trying to spread the pornography of the scapegoated girl that was also all on that slipped-in dvd.

Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib

Abu Grahib 2003, Gus (Alt. text area)

Abu Grahib 2003, Gus, (caption area)


[These photos are from the book by the guy named Mark Danner, 2004, Torture and Truth. I have to look this up and I assume that the photos are PD because that was all on military time. Few people seem aware that the girl was a clerk just hanging around to spend time with this boyfriend that had seduced her away from her husband before Iraq. Abu Ghraib Graner is supposed to be a copy of that “pyramid” photo, with a different girl.]

These guys here I don’t know what they or other people call themselves ^, they’re the #3 type of generational-slave. I’d forgotten to mention that in the first print-out of this letter, mentioning only that if I could speak with the Abu Ghraib/Grahib* scandal girl holding the strap that I think she would/could help me to explain all this.

[Note 3/3/16: I only realized she has tatooes all over her arms; there must be some way she was tricked into that!]

[* Somehow the bums play tricks on me with spelling of words or names in this case, that I’d learned the spelling when the newspaper story broke in 2004 but then I’d been trained somehow to think my spelling of it is wrong and I’d written alot sometime with the misspelling. 4/2019.]

It’s difficult for me also to explain this because it goes into that the #2 generational-slaves like the “Man In Oriental Costume” on page 4 here had originally been living on Japan, then were “discovered” by the developmentally disabled warmongers and their partners and taken prisoner. Returning to the island/s eventually they sound these products of the rape their women had been through and they made the offspring into this liaison-type between themselves and the captors, making them the 3rd generationally-enslaved type.

This is just what I figure has happened and I’m sure they’ve been told all different kinds of stories about where and why they’ve come from, their role and beliefs in the system.

I call them Babars from their time as Babur in India and it’s like “babe-ours.”

They’ve had one or two of them around today, idea-of-referencing being hitmen, like if my little freedom is re-gained and I’m back on the streets, or on the internet, again. One of those had exchanged looks as this CRRC nurse-character left this room after she said that CRRC will cease assisting me from here on in, agreed to that with me, except that I’d fallen for this re-hash of last week’s Safe Haven trick and as she left the room and he went by in the hallway I’d added that that’s unless they could get it worked out that I could return to Safe Haven, where somehow all my things are still taking up that whole room, so that that last-minute comment maybe threw that eye-meeting contact off a little.

It’s an impossible system worked out by all the different kinds of victims.

Not only have I long been terrified of this involuntary confinement horror, but there’s also now this whole new pattern of, it seems, moving me around to key spots like a traveling circus ejaculation and holocaust-LURE while they are manipulating my life toward probably that V.A. hospital near the fraud-parent’s house, the science fiction-like horror fraudulent-parent I’ve just been learning about little by little since I’d come across that photo in the book about the “French Connection” scam, in August 2014.

Photography was all invented by the underground slave-prisoners and its used in any way that will further keeping the decapitators quiet and placatingly entertained, all kinds of trick-photography know-how is standard. So this photograph that I think has (the fraud-parent) and the 3 suitcases I’ve used in it was part of a ritual for camouflaging that LSD comes from human brain liquid.

I’d first noticed this hallucinogen-theme in 2006 and realized that that was probably what was odd about (the fraud-parent,) why his eyes always seemed like stone walls to me, that he was generally usually “high” and thinking about other things. Then I realized about this “Brave New World” type of ovary-stealing to grow people from and that he wasn’t an actual parent to me and I wrote him about these things I’ve been learning in long letters about twice a month and little by little it’s become this horror-situation.

(Censored) says he has nothing to do with the “Armageddon” mentioned in Rev. 16:16 but I realized recently that that’s because he’s of the “kings of the world” that the Armageddon-author is going to war against. Then I’d have to explain old Siamese royalty crossed with (censored’s) acquaintance (censored) born 1893 and passed around 1990.

Then (censored) -subject could lead back around to that hideous and now missing MD-DMV identification card this MCCH “case manager” girl had helped have trick-created onto my life.

Also, with the Bronx and “French Connection” themes and traveling circus 2015 has been like, traveling holocaust-LURE circus, there’s that Mr. Bailey of the Barnum and Bailey and Ringling Circus early days was one of the generational-slave #2 types and had regularly commuted from Manhattan up to his home in Mt. Vernon, Westchester County, going through the Bronx twice a day perhaps most days. There’s no guessing what he might have been involved with in the Bronx Zoo area. Then the Foshays grew up around Bathgate Avenue before moving up north and then south and then north again in the area. Then the censored have been all over this CRRC-V.A. theme all over me this year.

There were 4 brothers. I know almost nothing about the oldest one. Maybe he and Ronald Reagan’s father, Jack, were of the same type. The second one turns out to be hugely involved behind my back, his offspring-descendants do, in all this LURE business. The third one looked like the Civil War’s Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton [sometimes I’ve seen it Edward Stanton, I don’t know why,] The youngest turned out to be my fraud-parent and seems to have maybe countless offspring-descendants all over the place, like pictured and describe on p.10 here.

In April 2014 I was phony “ambulance-abducted” from the Federal-City Shelter at 425 2nd Street, NW, 3 blocks from the Capitol where I’d been stranded since 2005 and spent 9 days at George Washington University Hospital, where Reagan had gone after being shot at in March 1981 outside the then-Hilton hotel, me begging in writing way and to the doctors and staff to be released and when I got back to the shelter all my thousands of papers had been thrown away.

I somehow eked through another year but this April, coincidentally on censored’s birthday, I’d become so ill that I couldn’t walk anymore, all this underground “magic” sabotage causing me to have about 25 pounds of water-weight from my belly to my feet and these “homeless outreach workers” had the police pick me up from the street and take me to Washington Hospital Center instead of taking me there their own selves. The water drained by ordinary water pills in about 2 weeks but then the shelter refused to accept me back the same way this Safe Haven has done, saying that I’m too medically-ill to be in their place, and there’s nowhere else I can find to go, the same as now. In fact today the social worker told me there are 3 choices, 2 of them at the Federal-City Shelter and a similar place here in Rockville called Progress Place. The weather was still too cold last April that it seemed that I’d get rained on till I got sick and I could only get social work help if I signed into their psych ward, so I did. Instead of social work assistance I was just locked in and the psychiatrist demanded that I agree to work with the V.A. people, who turned out to be this CRRC group.

CRRC arranged for me to spend 2 months with this Veterans on the Rise group’s housing in the Deanwood section of D.C., to be followed by 6 months at Safe Haven, which I thought would be in Silver Spring, not Kensington, during which time I had to apply for this housing-voucher and then find a place to rent that HUD and DC would pay for, as well as the V.A. was now also in-on this housing agreement, which I’d told DCHA last year that I have too many LURE problems to be able to rent just anywhere on my own, am always looking for a responsibly-behaving adult to assist me with this TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION-bringing Armageddon-making LURE situation I’m all alone with.

(p. 41,) One of the bosses at this Veterans on the Rise group turned out to look like the offspring-descendant of the Foshay-son #2, as had all along one of the main staff at the 425 2nd Street, NW, Federal-City Shelter.

These people are nearly impossible to recognize because their skin color is some dark shade or another usually, like the guy on page 10. You could guess that that’s from the ejaculation’s being used to fertilize black females’ ovae, and no one will listen to me that the whole skin-colors business comes from “experiments” with petroleum “goo” and coal-tar dye by centuries-ago German slaves’ being “scientists.” Then the developmentally ill people overran and packed Africa full of dyed-dark people, and the coloration is probably refreshed standardly, like a brand on some people and a disguise for other types.

Someone dyed-dark from the Foshays had been working this horror-LURE off of me all those years near the Capitol and now here was a similar offspring at this place in Deanwood and I had nowhere else to go. Plus there were 2 people who looked like they might have come from my ovary-eggs, and all of these same system mind-reading and manipulation tricks.

Then at nearly the end of the 2 months the CRRC people finally let me see this Safe Haven place in Kensington and I said I didn’t want to go there and CRRC said that nobody would force me to go there but in system-talk that means that a young, little “nobody” social work girl was the one insisting I go there without any other option. Someone from the Veterans On the Rise office drove me there and there’s this big “LDS Temple” sign and he pulled over at the Grace Episcopal Day Care center and asked directions of a lady who’s of one of the system-stereotypes.

After I was at the Safe Haven for a few weeks I realized that the director and one of the girls were like (painted black) offspring of the wife and daughter of the Foshay son #2, also, like the father in Deanwood and the mother and daughter in Kensington, I’d gone from one end of a LURE to its partner.

This is the place I’m still trying to get back into because I want to continue what I was doing regardless of this horror that’s all always unprovable and goes on no matter what I try to do, like with this idea-of-reference to my fraud-parent, Foshay son #4, from the case-manager girl today.

Briefly, it looks like she brought out what (the fraud-parent) used to call goof-gifts, little inexpensive things like say a tube of toothpaste wrapped up in fancy holiday paper and fancy bows, like joke-gifts, where I asked her what she was talking about about food and she said it was my snack bars from the Safe Haven cupboard, but they looked like fancy gifts. I realize in retrospect that that’s how (censored) had been cursing my personality, that I was just a goofy-type girl. The case manager kept proffering 2 of the little packages at me and said that those were the replacement gift-cards for the 2 items I’d filled out the MCCH form saying I’d like holiday gifts for, for a total of $100 for each client homeless person. I’d just been told that I could go to this Progress Place and that means leaving at 7a.m. each morning until the shelter reopens at 7pm, same as the 2 choices at the Federal-City Shelter he’d given me, except when it’s the hypothermia freezing cold out and you can stay in instead of being outside, so I thought the gift-cards would be useful toward finding things to do during the daytimes till I can find a place on the housing-voucher, and I had to go ahead and accept those. Then the CRRC nurse’s stocking was turned down, since I’m trying to get myself disattached from themselves and the V.A.

Before I noticed that the Safe Haven director looks like my “fraud-aunt #2” I’d noticed that the homeless client looks a little like Bridget Bardot (sic, Brigitte Bardot,) the French actress, and had mentioned that to her, and she’d said thank you, recognizing the name right away, except that this girl is from the Central African Republic, where maybe French is the usual language. I thought about how I have a cousin, fraud-cousin, who looked a little like Bardot also and little by little it dawned on me that this girl here is probably literally from my own fraud-cousin’s genes, and then I noticed the director’s resemblance to fraud-aunt #2 and realized I was being ping-ponged from one Foshay illegal-descendant to another by this CRRC-VA group, setting me up for phony psychiatric disappearance confinement imprisonment by surrounding me with these strange illegal-made people.

Suburban Hospital part 1 , pages 1 to 46, which looks like this I typed and photographed here below, because then the pdf has a bunch of out-of-place pages:

(p.46,) I found a picture of my fraud-cousin [“fraud-cousine” now] on the web/internet and would have liked to introduce them to each other but this girl appeared to have no idea what I was talking about and it seemed like she might have been directed to play a scam on me for asking for a picture of herself that I could show/send to my fraud-relative, as this LURE under wherever I go seems always to have involved pornography, so much of it that no one could care what I try to say or do for my own purposes, they’re just inundated by this “Hidden Candid Camera” disgustingness “show” the underground’s been doing since around 1964.I’d thought that my fraud-cousin looks like a Bardot-ova crossed with the Dalai Lama with that big smile of his, but then maybe he and Ms. Bardot’s father are similar types.

This is all I can do for now, that it’s very late for a hospital and this emergency’s schedule, is 11pm.                                                                                                                   46

The next 4 pages are missing, pp. 47-50, Dec. 23, 2015 a.m. I’ll keep looking for them.

Suburban Hospital part 2 = 51 to 99, 49 pages

(page 51…) … helping me to keep the abortion a secret. I don’t know what had really happened with his consent, if my ovaries were even left in my body.

This is why I figure that Mars and Venus had died-off as nature couldn’t continue creating new life that would only become victims to the “developmentally disabled” and sadistic cannibals and extinctors of the dinosaurs and different kinds of megafauna meant for our diet, you can’t bring babies into that situation. The whole underground area was always watching and I was getting set up for one sabotage “boyfriend” after another, all of this the “Armageddon-making show” specifically, as this “brain-eating” has become the way the whole economy is running, the underground drug sales that seems to be merely a by-product of the cannibalism, which is claimed to be a necessity because the dinosaur extinctions and all this is kept covered-up about.

The social worker is looking into that N St. Village for me but I suspect that nothing will be okayed except whatever the V.A. and/or (censored) type approves of.

My idea is that this letter and similar type of verbiage could go into this website I’d started and I’d add the fresh research-findings as I go along.

I’ve never felt like a parasite for doing this library-book research and letter-writing because I’ve felt like the Federal-City Shelter is the only place a broke person could be trying to reach the government from and I’m doing the tax-payers the best that is possible, and the same for the whole human race and global-system. Mr. Foshay’s gifts of money, about $350 a year, I’d felt made him a helper, and I’ve been unable to find any other sort of cash. It’s unbelievable that a lone female, or anybody, can’t continuously support rent-payments, self-support, but it’s because of all these “top-secret” underground tricks, can’t find any way to make money except through the system’s “social security” and similar set ups, that I have no cash at all unless Mr. Foshay sends a gift, except that I could try putting a “Donate!” button onto the blog-/website, which I could do possibly as soon as I get out…. I have $10 left over from the $50 he’d sent in August for my birthday, but nothing more unless I get out of here and specifically ask or hint through a mailed letter or 2. He’d called here when I was in the ICU and I don’t know who’d told him I was in the hospital. For the first time since 1990 I got to talk with “my fraud-sister’s” 30-year old youngest of her 2 daughters, so it was a big relief to hear that she sounds fine. I haven’t heard her other daughter since 1990 either except that I think or suspect that I had accidentally heard her on a phone once, but that warned to avoid me she’d fibbed and said she was somebody else except with the same name, unusually. She’d sounded similarly healthy and happy.

I’d spent many years trying to write a book that she was being raised for an unnecessarily horrible future, like with little education or healthy good-lookingness. I’ll try to recall where all those papers had gotten lost from my possession.  In fact this pen might run out at any moment, that I’m waiting to see if I can ask anyone for a new one to use because this last one is all I’ve got. — As usual it was like an already-mind read set up with a or some little ritual scene around my question but this one seems nice and I’m always like completely desperate for the little items like this. I’d tried and tried to get myself to find a cheap set of pens when I saw I was nearly through the last set but I just couldn’t find them on a sale-special for 99-cents plus tax for 10 or 12, how I usually buy things and get along, but this is one worry off of my mind now. My notes made in the dark for today are nearly indecipherable. One new one is that this problem with where I can go is largely that this “traveling holocaust-circus” and (censored) offspring shadow-follow to wherever I go and largely threaten people to not communicate or deal with me. The (censored) place was all a set-up trap and additionally there was that curse from that “Farouk” set up, by one of those offspring, who was/is a main character in this set up. Besides getting my apartment-hunting cursed I got the impression that I was cursed with that I’m an anti-social type of person, that lie ritually said about me, rumor spread. The people under Kensington I’d guess knew that I was multi-cursed against being able to find an apartment/rent anywhere and there was/is a belief that I’d wind up being a parasite on them because I won’t go any of the suggested routes, like going on social security or to (censored) house in New York or anything agreeable to the system, that probably really has just been ready to hide me behind locked doors for a masturbation-LURE bait, for a long time, that they’re always manipulating toward that end and I’m always trying to find a responsibly-behaving adult about this Armageddon problem. These prophecies were said to be due to come true around this 21st century turn of millennium and I was generally aware of them and had copies of different versions of the “Bible” for keeping, trying to, an eye open for what the prophecies might have to do with our situations, and this is what those were referring to in the garbled and difficult communication-ways. So I’ve been left trying to find any “responsibly-behaving adult” to assist me with getting this straightened out, but the controversy has been used to strengthen and strengthen the underground insanity, “disappearing” the people who agree with me, as I move from place to place and then 10 years 3 blocks from the Capitol building and now this new bizarre pattern with the hospitals. I think I’d skipped to mention that the April 2014 ambulance to GWUH was purportedly because of this “low oxygen” rate problem. It’s been too complicated since I’d tried at that time to explain that the low oxygen rate inside of me comes from this same “Armageddon” torture onto me. They’d simply lowered the “HVAC” air circulation in the 1-room basically John L. Young part of the Federal-City 425 2nd Street, NW, shelter and then did the same in the main room or 2 that I used at the downtown (MLK) library, and the 9 blocks between the 2 places all have what I figure is an HVAC-induced low oxygen or air pollution problem, so that I went for a couple of years without hardly any fresh or sufficient amount of air. Then all of a sudden in Mary 2014 they had the John L. Young shelter “girls,” like me, all transferred to the shelter-part at the 2nd and E Sts., NW, corner, the Open Door shelter, and that was really low oxygen back where the beds were, though the front area is a normal amount of air. With my papers changed from a locker to underneath the cot I was working on them when I suddenly got called to the front and homeless outreach workers questioned my health. They called an ambulance and my oxygen-rate was said to be too low and I said that that’s because there’s not enough air back in the sleeping area, but my ankles were also a little bit swollen and mostly the outreach-workers were looking at a copy of one of these flyers I was distributing. I’ll look to check if I happen to have a copy of it — I do and will include the inexact copy from the 1 they probably had on the next page but in the meantime the “social-worker character” said there’s a place called Bridgeport that is coming out this afternoon to look at me as being a possible intake, saying it’s where Maryland and Massachusetts Avenues meet, which I’d first thought was out by the DC General former hospital but now I guess is right there near the Capitol and Library of Congress and bunch of places, some that I’d — here’s the print-out, it’s 700 Constitution, NE. Bridgeport. It’s between those 2 areas … not too far from 2 libraries.

March-April 2014 flyer.

3p.m., 12/23/15, Wed., That part on the lower-left about my “fraud-parent” was the final version but I don’t think this homeless-outreach team had had that copy. The worker said his name was Patrick and I had the impression the Outreach was alot because of that mention of the downtown’s St. Patrick’s Church, or the system had wanted it to seem that way so I’d feel that being psychiatrically-disappeared was my own fault for having written that.

— By the way, this social worker says that my insurance said they’d pay for me to go to this subacute-care facility, where I’ve barely ever heard anything about what “my” insurance thinks about about me or what company it’s turned out to be; this horror “trust” name the most recent one has/had reminds me of the “trussed” way (censored’s) offspring had seemed to sew up my chest area while I was sleeping last winter at the John L. Young shelter.

With the flyer the big thing is my description of all the problems’ being due to Autism-psychopathy. The term has become too confused, Autism, that I haven’t even mentioned it herein. It’s confused because when Dr. Bleuler invented it in 1908 it had had way different meaning than the sabotage it’s being used for today and then my use of it also differs from his. It’s possible that he was even trying to warn about the new automobile phenomenon, that the problem-people he was locked-in with, generationally having to feed and care for and find brains for them to get high off of were fascinated by the round-and-round wheels’ going around. He’d only written around 2 pages or paragraphs on it in his book on his “schizopreniegruppe,” schizophrenia, other word he’d invented. The translation is incredibly dry and boring and took like 40 years to get to the U.S., so it’s suspicious how come it’d taken so long, that the work might have been tampered with or censored, and today we’re in this turned-around situation.

But let me try to get a few things mentioned as I might even be leaving here today soon.

Patrick and his partner looked at my swollen-slightly ankles and called 911 I guess for a fire ambulance and that worker said my oxygen was/is too low and I was put into an ambulance and taken to GWUH, luckily I guess rather than the other option or 2.

— I forgot, with all this this and that going on so far, that the month before there had been a forced ambulance trip, because of a bug a girl had noticed as I brushed my teeth way early one morning or late at night, — where the 10p.m. bed time doesn’t seem late enough but maybe it was. I guess I’d just sat in the waiting room waiting for daylight so I could leave, Howard University Hospital, and I’d given them a copy of the flyer. It had been spooky that the ambulance driver was one of Bishop Shahan’s offspring-descendants. The little bug looked like a flat or dying bedbug and the incident was obviously one of the Armageddon sabotages, a “magic” -done act.

So I’d spent 9 days at GWUH and they wanted me to go somewhere I could wear, have an oxygen portable tank with me, sort of like the set up now I guess. When I got back to the Open Door part of the 425 2nd St., NW, shelter the shower facilities started changing, they’d pulled out the little hand-held one near my area, where I’d found those useful for cleaning-out my breathing passages as opposed to how shower-water usually just comes down on your head. I can only recall little difficulties offhand right now, but when the John L. Young section was ready for us to move back into the only difference was the “re-modeled” bathroom and there wasn’t hot water again till maybe a few days before I was too sick to walk anymore, no hot shower water from August through March, and I’d just sort of gotten a little unhealthier each day, but feeling like this “work” I do is like a public service I was exchanging for the bed and board BUT the real thing is that I was being used for this same real Armageddon-making and LURE.

So that’s what my “breathing problems” really mostly are, general and specific from Mr. Foshay curses and ploys against my health, not a natural happenstance like it appears to be because I’d been a heavy cigarette smoker from about 1969 to 2003. I’d only been able to quit because I’d moved into one of these what turns out to be a horror-location and these Armageddon-tortures are always giving me this what I call “slug-pneumonia,” and I felt that if I didn’t quit smoking I’d be unable to breathe well enough to be able to make it up the flight of steps to ever be able to get out of the new rented room, the new set of strangers just watching and preying.

That was in Queens, on Dongan St. off of Queens Blvd. I guess it was, there being that 1 other main street, which name I can’t recall right now. [Continental Avenue.] And I’ve got about 3 subjects to go over, 2 of them having to do with the “royalty” theme, one the historical lineage-backgrounds of everybody or many of the stereotyped or mass-reproduced people, and the other about this “underground entertainment” that’s always being done off of me, comparing me to a “queen” type of some other female. It’s really a horrendous subject and it’s 4p.m. and I’m expecting these nursing-home intake people to come take a look at me, though it’s all rainy and cold out, and this is involving the whole subject of the “voices” and visions and such, where I live in fear of all those phony psychiatric-incarceration people and God help me those “medications,” so that I don’t really feel comfortable now that I’ve finally reached this important subject — & they’re hovering all over me, that this subject of the “queen” business is too titillating  for this horror-problem, a can of worms I can already tell I shouldn’t have opened.

Both those “royalty” subjects bring up that “fraud-parent,” this one being that it’s like a perverts’ subject of his (own) choice, and the historical one that I’m guessing he might somehow be descended from the artificially-created “Rama VI, Vajiravudh,” King of Siam who’s said to have passed in 1925. My so-far hypothesis not only has that a faked-death but then includes a stop in probably Sicily where he took on the identity of Ferdinand Boccia, the guy Vito Genovese had allegedly killed in 1932 or 1934.

So that is 2 faked deaths and then a “shadow world” living underneath NY and raising these illegally-made fertilizations, making them, to this figuring, and then that the ova for my fraud-parent might likely have come, in 1932, from that lady named Rose Blumkin or one of her offspring-descendants already, like maybe even Mrs. Oswald. whose birth year I don’t recall, just that she was born in New Orleans.

Small world, I’d noticed the Siamese royalty because there’s this dreadful “psychiatrist” at GWUH and I’d looked up his name and saw he’d gone to Chulalongkorn University and Chulalongkorn was the son of the Siamese king from that “Anna and the King” business, which is hugely unpopular now and derided to bring up, is a controversial subject to be avoided around Thai people. And in looking through Siamese history briefly on the internet I’d noticed a picture of one of Chulalongkorn’s 100 or so sons, this King Vajiravudh.

I think Chulalongkorn had been descended from one of the #2 generational-slaves, through the line of that famous artist Peter Paul Rubens, who seems to have been one of the biggest workers in getting us to where we are today which is still alive at least. The “developmentally disableds, Autists,” would have had everyone but themselves decapitated back around that Peloponnesian War. It seems like they’d had plans to use Sicily as a trap for everyone, but they’d just missed securing it by hesitating to start that’s Battle of Syracuse on Sicily, with Socrates’ friend or student Alcibiades’ being involved.

7p.m., I’m starting to feel like this and all the previous of this year but specifically this now was all planned-out by and for this lifetime “Armageddon-making entertainment” LURE abuse off of me. (page 67 I think this is, near the bottom.)

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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